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Information and Im 

Association for 
Management . 


MS303 -1980 











QO, Edison. fapers 



Thomas E. Jeffrey 
Microfilm Editor and Associate Director 

Paul B. Israel 
Assistant Editor 

Mary Ann Hellrigel Douglas G. Tarr 
David W. Hutchings Robert A. Rosenberg 

Editorial Associates 
Leonard DeGraaf John Deasey 
Joseph P. Sullivan Barbara B. Tomblin 
Alan Stein Jacquelyn Miller 
Karen Kozak Maria Antonakakis 

Student Assistants 

Keith A, Nier 
Assistant Editor 

Reese V. Jenkins 
Director and Editor 

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 
National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site 
New Jersey Historical Commission 
Smithsonian Institution 

University Publications of America 
Frederick, Maryland 

Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edison Company, 

Thomas A. Edison Papers 
Rutgers, The State University 
endorsed by 

National Historical Publications and Records Commission 
18 June 1981 

Copyright © 1987 by Rutgers, The State University 
Allrights reserved, No part of this publication including any portion of the guide and index or of the microfilm may 
be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means—graphic, electronic, 
mechanical, or chemical, including photocopying, recording or taping, or information storage and retrieval 
systems—without written permission of Rutgers, The State University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

The original documents in this edition are from the archive at the Edison National Historic Site at West Orange, 
New Jersey. 


Reese V. Jenkins 
Director and Editor 

‘Thomas E. Jeffrey 

Associate Director and Microfilm Editor 

Assistant Editors 

Paul B. Isracl 

Robert A. Rosenberg 
Keith A. Nier 
Andrew Butrica 

Assistant to the Director 
Helen Endick 

Leonard DeGraaf 
Alan Stein 
Jacquelyn Miller 

Research Associates 
Douglas G. Tarr 
Mary Ann Hellrigel 
David W. Hutchings 

Grace Kurkowski 

Student Assistants 
Joseph P. Sullivan 
Karen Kozak 
Granville Miller 


Rutgers, The State University of National Park Service, Edison 
New Jersey National Historic Site 
Edward J. Bloustein Roy W. Weaver 
T. Alexander Pond Edward J. Pershey 
Tilden G, Edelstein Smithsonian Institution 
John Gillis Bernard Finn 
New Jersey Historical Commission Arthur P. Molella 

Bernard Bush 
Howard L. Green 


James Brittain, Georgia Institute of Technology 
Alfred D. Chandler, Jr, Harvard University 
Neil Harris, University of Chicago 
Thomas Parke Hughes, University of Pennsylvania 
Arthur Link, Princeton University 
Nathan Reingold, Smithsonian Institution 
Robert E. Schofield, Iowa State University 


William C. Hittinger (chairman), RCA Corporation 
Edward J. Bloustein, Rutgers, The State University of NJ. 
Cees Bruynes, North American Philips Corporation 
Paul J. Christiansen, Charles Edison Fund 
Philip F, Dietz, Westinghouse Electric Corporation 
Roland W. Schmitt, General Electric Corporation 
Harold W. Sonn, Public Service Electric and Gas Company 
Morris Tanenbaum, AT&T 


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 
Charles Edison Fund 

The Hyde and Watson Foundation 
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation 

National Science Foundation 
National Endowment for the Humanities 


Alabama Power Company 

Amerada Hess Corporation 


Adantic Electric 

Association of Edison Illuminating 

Battelle Memorial Institute Foundation 

The Boston Edison Foundation 

Cabot Corporation Foundation 

Carolina Power and Light Company 

Consolidated Edison Company of 
New York, Inc. 

Consumers Power Company 

Corning Glass Works Foundation 

Duke Power Company 

Exxon Corporation 

Florida Power & Light Company 

General Electric Foundation 

Gould Inc, Foundation 

Gulf States Utilities Company 

Idaho Power Company 

International Brotherhood of Electrical 

Towa Power and Light Company 

Mr, and Mrs, Stanley H. Katz 
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 
McGraw-Edison Company 
Middle South Services, Inc. 
Minnesota Power 
New Jerscy Bell Telephone Company 
New York State Electric & Gas 
North American Philips Corporation 
Philadelphia Electric Company 
Philips International B.V. 
Public Service Electric and Gas 
RCA Corporation 
Robert Bosch GmbH 
San Diego Gas & Electric 
Savannah Electric and Power Company 
Schering Plough Foundation 
Texas Utilities Company 
Transamerica Delavat Inc. 
Westinghouse Educational Foundation 
Wisconsin Public Service 

A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 
filmed are the best copies 7 
available. Every technical . 

effort possible has been 
made to ensure legibility. 


Reel duplication of the whole or of 
any part of this film is prohibited, 
in leu of transcripts, nowever, 
enlarged Photocopies of selected 
items contained on these reels 
may be made in order to facilitate 
research, — 



REEL 54 


D-80-021 through D-80-035 
("Electric Light - Edison Electric Lamp Company - General" 
through "Mining - Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company") 

1880. Electric Light - Edison Electric Lamp Company ~ General (D-80-021) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
business of the Edison Electric Lamp Company, which was established in 1880 to 
manufacture light bulbs. The original factory was in Menlo Park. The company 
later moved to East Newark, New Jersey and in 1881 changed its name to the 
Edison Lamp Company. 

All the documents have been filmed. 



a i eA id 1 AL BH Sal ce ar nib CE aS BL on Rae ne NE, 

bed “cans fp hier ak MA ACA A ep Se ene OE a eet ea deo le ay a 


a) Filly 186 



. btu jek Fue, |e ® )8§ 0 
J endestand Vert yore 
are wv need of a Abeer Paerbateng for Pe 
hae, pitt, wavtitig re 
mpeg ered 

and tert tomdred and evintg pure fre — 

teak feck ore bathe flror Phere wv ale 

Ug Cellar. tv fprt.celtar, Sb ds pre tt Fhe 
| thee burl, pie adalat 
\ bond vir peled forme totirm Gh, Shas 
oe age of aberat Liiva hemedred. ard | 



Yea GF ae ttle te ceive fe Pe ome. 
. Ya ve 4G 
Oa 45 Bmegisgs 

Se Git Yellows’ Halt Association, 

Oda Felows' Hall, 
Cor. of Crand and Centre Streets, 

lori S Hae. Wri Ps ys 
) Va of ee 

nice OD var 4 ecle. Ader. om frac 
Oe ay ee 
Conte fh Pando Gal you, f/ 

Soont led 

a nS oo Labrid aaa. wikis iin ataae 


Felpy, 23” 1640 | 


yi 0 

skip bw bes 
path ale Lure, 

i Sows He Association, 


Gdd Fellowa' Hail, 

Cor. of Grand and Centre Streets, 

mS Maw Yash, DG st 4S 0 

SH bcm 
| ta 
a Zs yous 

ve eee? bn Clirrt2tnnt- een ens 

Coe (Suton) 62 2907 Meter 

, Hild Fellows’ Hatt Association, 


Qd@ Follows' Hall, 
Cor. of Grand and Centre Streets, 

AMiee Yash, Mav A WRO 

Hs ens seal Goh et thd Mea E Spagna Pee aie Soe ea Lee c Hed Ree BHA O Reacher gieeige 

: oN 
sos Ary hy C24 to Se 

paths Mek 2-0, 

| Las 
a ae Spe 

Z Gattis ot 
iG hie ao bad 


ie ! ond, Backus & Co,, Stationers, Detroit. 

f, of (ia first part, for and in consideration of the sum off 

‘bargained and sold, and by these presents do....... grant 
sere resrrenee oxecuto , administrators oy assi 

belonging LAL a ae i aE py, 

and now Imo 

possession at, 

To Have and to Hold the same unto the said, part/Jof the second part... 
administratrs and assigns, Forever. And the suid A 
heirs, ©: 

f the first part for..Z< 

utora and administrators, eee nd agree to and with the said party. .of the second part, 

Aree executors, administrators and assigns, to Warrant gnd Defend tho sale of suid proporty, goods 
and chattels hereby made, unto the said part. f the second mie A074 executors, administrators and: 

assigns against all and every person or peySots whatsoover, _ 

E88 a hereunto set, 
F Lflickins y thousand eight hundred and _ eigh 


Zt, - 
Ai Sthbnin. A eh yy 

Tipesty: you leecole, To teritee. duck, 
A Hipite, foe Pipe Yor! dove 
HOTS een. eee. tothe a Pedr 

1GITOR gs 

x ay i x 
+3 CITOR eR. I OS 
aR Gieéer —_ es Dot AL 
TOR OT 65: 
r b 4, 

X <a a: i ase i, 

oT areas age 

Nassau so 

i oe 

Ci Yoh Get lh SEO. 

On Gc 

— ROBox, $689. 

JO ge 

frnglet oh — 

we track abnt¥ate Ala, — 
ey e/a 

Sten ay teapot 

yy, C, Naglad con 

Preatdent Vica-Prealdont t Saarotarys 

: THE 

ae loan le? 21.2 MB 
Pan , | hago aia AD aterrgeard) 

eee fefrccd Pp ed: cael : 
; G aeceft te wtade ro Ses, SLO ee 

Bis x LE Bowe, 
ea brrbivseeliz tet fiperd dene . Je oF. 
Vie a LE, ple es hdlgd ey ae 
pippidaimat Creeley fot nll ae biel 

Crreltcke C5 ho Gi lerrrtco ees ad ye ene Mes 
heat lh , ae cae ees, tlt, ee) pees a 
oP ee CecertaeitLD ce ae CLT ee Ay a nner es Fos: 
Airll G Gree Arvibls y Ae we-te- Pn pies ee attra, cru 
gigas aed kia 

aus rey biel, 
c os Yheortteavir 

pasts Verteumats EY Sie 
(1e¢2) J 


TT a Ss 

= free tt, olefrrt, (tlre, 

POLED rene pee Ly jeer efeane 
+ Quay 
VAAL y Pree : 

FPPO Fie tans ; 

ow THK ! 

| Wages In Manutieturing Ine { 
dustry, Manufticture of | 
Gtitts and of Coke i 

Expert aut Spretat'Agt | 

Wien ra ee rh, 
Koo " 


i a sete fol ane 

Hic; tau te eee 

Ahaleh, wh"  egpen, 

rare ad eA a 


ee a ao tte /: 

BE See fm 

07 THe Ft fee ow silat 

we ‘ . ; o Ps 7 ay P , 
hal AEC 4 ON ie 2 Aan fF a SCRE 

Pepartment of| the Anterior, 


Pittsburgh, Pa., Neus 2 LIE, 1880 

eden ne bean hewn tec eeeny 

a vA pole 
ay 7 Ml 0 hhatla 
a PE BPD be CE Hak yet 
. 2 


a “ct. Olr. a om ee PN a elt. LC toto a ase a ve hat. nage wo, 
q ao 

y ue tO Ce 

aa OO leh hol wi ve 

2 2 ee 
op Le - AML SL oS er OL CftE 

Aan A Ze Cha fee feet we aie 
teaver te ch, Bf thn O 

no 4 ang! a 5 
; Wi ' . Y) t 7 ' 
i v s . * a 
7 va : ee ‘A ie LO WN. SOAP A ee ee 
iy oy, “ at 

¢ wv 

t CPi et. “ae fe peel: ae ie el, ae fetta ll fer af 

[DECEMBER 15, 1880] 

é le, ¥4) | 

a FeO, 
Paes CO pole 

ee Co aAdte! | 
a : é 
Bee 7 se} 

ion : 

bs yore. tA ~ rca : 
: me Ge et beens, Aun 

awan : sun? se Pees 

Se nye nay yee enn €& ay a feast: C. ewe (ni00 Lrnee 

ON SOTO Borges Se < i : Mog. 
| : ofthe MEA) Co xk ett ‘ = celhn oll, 
FR dimes Jala’ at So 7 lies uf 


Wer teg if oe ithe! Oo phe eg 
G 7) nm Conersseneny w or 1 tbat 

a re 


does e 5 20a of Ne ‘| Ca k SONA i 
: nO eee 

n F hg Bes h , tohreb CO- ae Pen cae i 
i ay RA be cf AC sy ‘ad oan hens h. lt Pa | A 
pie , 
“ ; : Chas. ; thea Cc Hee. vilen oe ae - ‘of i 
a A ' € at are es. c Ch ’ toe fe , 


two AL Coe? C A a e Coats a fun ty A es na f- 

| ; , ie neta Oe 
Cs h Tits oa. 

be U-@ vy Ca ee = | e 

an: pp f Ana oa oy “Q SO Ane 

CAO ea 

a O08 UL Ou. Beers rs ACR an os 


See w-orleg ae “e =e 

WwW th Ne cee to- eae tho 

¢ CEP 

We a arena a ra = = 

g | 

12 x : b | “AL does, 

Thos, A, Edisony, + is, \ e QO 
Chas, Batohe: lor, sas Pike i 

. Frangis,R, Upton, ; [ } os 
awa: . Johnson, a ne: D nN 2\ ’ ~ 

3 A ceri: Menlo Park, N. J..-2% a 1188 fy | 



‘ mee , 

as ee’e! @ PEO, BE mn Op 
fe S C S j 
MO Hie Mt obese —_— 
; Ce i aan ‘ 
Legs ee hee bese Le CCa fin : 

fe a : { we fle oe caer e “sy 7 
4 ’ 5 ie 
Ce Pe FOL EL OOO YO er bt. (PFT ce/e ett ye Beer 
7 gs 4 / 
Cee bw Keaea a7 he it 
. Si? 
ee oe We OO: 

a fe ~~) a o 
Lot C0 6 eb: ys Ca CEG LRA? 

a a DD hci fe oe Cu, PE COOCCF2 EL, Li, 
are. Y ee 
CIECEO Co ry- Aetebe. V6 aw ce ; 

re eee = aes F000 ae ole en 1, Bete p C#U 

: ‘aoe é 
ve hee fa Gl Ais y. OLB E et of PUL, eae 

ae ¢ 

(PID B 6 ae 3 wn CLCLE) fO2C? 

ee tk 

ey / Wore Cand as 

aw AG cf 

OF 5 wei Lets. Cc. A220 66 ce Leb (Poe pee ZL, He, 22) 4. fe ve we 
: - 

yl? pl ey af. : a s 

JVC} Or (OO. patos eae LE ORL 

by a ) / a 
wey “Le 2 Gye ver Leeeeed aa Fa forvece ie la karn~ 

An eee a ee arceb, Ce Cee beintetes = Oaery auP dil 

“Ke ca ae (neve? 2 ees Bier Fe durffrseceet. 

LA? ce adie ee. we Age cul alton Ce ues jf ES 

Calg Sup Peeks t eens. Carley ‘ 

7 Af aoe g 
ee 42 ft. Cee7 fu. Lopote Heviebieten bull fi. 

CL. (Plmeve cage | Pull: Aad. xy hee A dte Epo MP btey Suns 

feck obec, cubadeedined by Th: Auapetn, AP theres, 
a £9 eo OMe he Shes. VIAE, Ge, hag al. Ae 

fae, c Dee Sika: ome 00, Osclf be hab tf. OG 


fen perce. Gar MELD, AAD ene, Zo. (Pra are sae 


* it: f + * , 
Pte egy Abbi MATTE 40. G? 


SMO / : yea cht Auer Oe Pe: yi“ Lerwvel™ eat. 

SALY LEI uot ooae DIT E, ; 
Lh ice ee Tae ay Dee Oe cy me 

Jee pour lod CODA Vie a prisicral Wl ee 

Z ae ae PURSE: 

eee Pe Ve pip ae 
LS) Py? Lies 

ee a tg ee 

SSA Seta ar i eh Bs a ce oa ile cl nee calelinia be abel ili 

Lie Leap pallig. ling | | 
Shah Ufescek obi haa 00g PS 

59 feat bug eaok- a (pred © 
& gh Bik tp fy tng 

£ ra Bie 

Lge p 

‘Ldiok im wsngh Penpagen | 

c fe Lanek MELE ft ag ot oO 

1880. Electric Light - Edison Electric Lamp Company - 
Accounts (D-80-022) [not filmed] 

This folder contains bills 
miscellaneous tools. 

and receipts for tubing, rubber goods, wire, and 

1880. Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company (D-80-023) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
business of the Edison Electric Light Company. Some of the correspondence deals 
with requests to see demonstrations of the electric light at Menlo Park. Other 
documents concern underground conductors in New York City. Much of the 
correspondence is by Calvin Goddard, secretary of the Edison Electric Light 

All the documents have been filmed. 


sib ascii bo 2pclahitatn 9 Fee Cabin 

* Nonvin Gamxn, Pres, 



R, St Gatraway, V. Pree, 
EP, Fabnns, Treas, * 

C. Goppanp, Bect'y pn : 


co New Yo 



‘This Compan; B hegeeet eet and DELY vane messages only on conditions, Ilmiting ita lability, which have 
Deen assented to atouty ee pine 
‘Erato can beg Foatded ae ati Famasaare back to fhe oan ding atation for comparison, and (be Com- 
rere ih tranam! lesion Na by tee aa bolo? ron ated Bisa rier 
inane Mises UNRER RATED ‘ESM AGH a5: alee 7 req! conditions 

| fern frreench Lough 




pay TRAN RANSMITS acd DELIVERS messages only on conditions, limiting ils Uadliity, which have 
been. St ied ts yy the sender atthe Mowing m 


only by repeat ga message beck to the sending station fo deepal and the Oom- 

sank pein sot bl ol taal jablo or verrutas yr delayein traneniaaon oF eel oe re pom ‘ 
UNREAL ED MMESUACE ab, vared fie tt tye 

A Ry BREWER, Boo'y. 7, wu Li 




i Seni abcd Gace ait beak tn a sia ek Ge hala tte ial Bde bine ed af bad 

pia to ibe 
tranem| ealom 0 pe olive cI 

llowine meere 
isn ts tla cir ag 9 Fa 
y will nat ho! a 
‘a essage fs a1 Seams OE aod tad 
yi B REWER Oy. ae 
——$<$—— SS 



i ih SN tebe ete nt iti sae 

ah eran ees et iS Ma ba a as a el eae 

Broadway and Prince St, 
New York, 

HENRY CLAIR, Manager, 

New York, Sony £& 18% 

D Grentr tn te Ree An, Grtelarg 
& Ligue of Eattery, 4 ange 

fim. Wkea& Fa geet tok fr an 

Broadway and Prince St, 

New York, > 

HENRY CLAIR, Manager. 

pie et 

New York, IS 
of Shan Centr 

ha UL _ Bl na_~ 

A lio! al praid Cl wncte Boy fe 
Gloag és eccaudliue Yen 
jo zz wl Gangs Shctelealy: C4p bit! York hdd, L. 4 2. ASLO 

LU fh Yeiliyp, | 

Micinn Diu Lovevte: 
& gon pod fen Ma Secuset/ A 
ies ea a a2 
ie anh y 
sie ia al a 
| ‘CL 


New York, Yl 18% 
DQ. Basin frag me 

Seon Frerk : 
a. Gobdon Mem 2 feu 

foe | Yt nce 


* fascne oS or an qgtteanen, <m~ ae Cn 
~~ Chi =o + ORwe <2. sn Zi Grane 
# . an 

ey. £02 Ser ena, Worn-G <P fun GRer- 
Game «. Oe Man 2 Go nZineate o« 

| ‘B.A. EDISON, - 

Menlo Park, N. da...22ceneoty 

ee ROYAL . bites 

ue » ‘  Fowedish & sVorwegian “aN ( 

| . ; oo , od eu York, he ar 2k Lb 18 bo. 

an OL4L 4 
hake Hea A Z 

ane ft 

= é 
they . 
Pion ya 
“ _ etd, *' 
: yt “20 
en Ue is 
fun ne ce : 
toes : | 

pe ai is Nenad Nasi bic CAs sat aaa aetna ani 


Ah  Guwiel, Mir, OP GLON g bw 
POBox 086. 

C yeas DL, he 

aN i ek SA sh AS gy tcmneyagiramupsoagisaadichivhes 

PaLBRL, ‘Treas, 
jOvvARD, Bec'y, 

bRoap‘erngie 2 “i ; _" 
Pra dite ue bee i as 

ne is eg mgt te pancet op % ‘ 4 
Lece ta lt/ POF | 

AL Ail ok re | OG 

nh oF mee | 

lib legA t Af bed 

Levee dty 


un aioe 2 

te Co zi 


a Fic a aa ee eae ee 

| 7a TO EAP COPA | 

Krrors.c4 net amelt eres ani ne aTessace ‘back to the pen nates, tation for comparison, a! ind the Com. 
roigitat not bold fevain bla Inv siearser de mnteston o r dal allvaryo f Ue srepes ated Blonsa, unter th 
SL UNREPEATED MEGHAGT s nd Ie je de Hivered by requestof (he aender, the condition 

“AR. "BREWER, Beo'y. *  NORVIN GREEN, President. 

Dia SD aio 
Johan K.Vorter. ele: H ome ee OCON OME, 

Grosvenor B Lowrey. 

pens ee Seen: —fterneys Oat ne I Mes td oy, Gut 

Chat Hanels Stove, Se 

Geo. S.Mamdin, : 

Win. L.Porter, ve a ee a TT eae A Od eae heh, 

P.O. Box 1836. ne a JUNE-19,--1880,—. 4, 

My dear Edison: 

i would ge ont to see you to-day, but think it not un« 
likely that you will be coming into teats I intend to go on Mon~ 

I inclose memorandum of points handed to me ky Mt Mann, 

at my Bow as the SOmnaEy of his Fane ‘to me in a conve rsa~ 


tion which we had a few Haye AgeO« Kr Mann, you remember, was 

eS is 1 

Sawyer’s RBETAB ES and now represents the Sawyer Company, whatever 

i ‘ 

ie es name isy with which he saysy by the Ways Sawyer has nothing to 

“Yo. He sent a gentleman to. see me eoveres times, requesting an 
se . -4 . « as 

Ss tatosv tems MnA Che at tats Ir gave hin, tell ing Rime howeve r, that 

‘I was not personally inatrueted in the state of the art so as to 

be bi @ to sonureasce cick assertions or Claims eat -he mi gh make ; 

that I would iiera tne, Listen to what he had to aBy: and request 

him eitctrens ‘to reduce it to writing that I might submit it to 


yon Mr. Wilber and ir. paeereen if it was thought best. He eonk 

me this Paper sometime A806 but 1 have neglected to send you a 

oor ” ied 

COPY, erensnel I sent one to Wilber this woeke Please read it o- 

a ‘ ‘ 

ver at your leisure and then you ait tend me ahether there a4 any 

occasion to Fepey to ite 

a have & a plan in mind con ed ming the railroad, which will 

I band osdasets a sum of money sufficient to wet up an Elect ric 

highting: scteEAee in the city of New York. All this I will dis~ 


cuss with you next week. 

One enclosures 


nencpendan of Points Covered by Patents 
owned by the Electro~Dynamic Light Goins 
PREY. as follows: 
The Patents for Lamps principally relate. to 

farts bree 
aa) incandescent lamps and they cover the methods of SRO B SRE and 

mek, Posts 
lat dead | making tight the glass in which the Lamp is placed; the 

h a 
t aft ; } errr of bringing the conductors through the alls of the 

iiss the means of Rs the light~-giving fe eeian of tte 

aap. ‘and preventing, radiation.of. pare of. the 
ena ace ak 

ol Fheough which conductors _pass_and where. Joints are made; 

hy v sl ad th the use of Sara Potassium ¢ and gther supaiving., agents, and 



' a Fagents for the removal of carbonic acid and other acide; the 
| Hat. carsh § means of purifying and een the atnosphore of the fap. 
on desCribe in our patents the use ‘of doubl e~ 
Btohess for eHien-ae underst and Mr. Edison has applied fob 6e 
taken patents, and sever the use of platinum Roides for car- 
: bons the heating up of the carbon and of the glove dedue: 
the proses of filling and’ exhaustion to drive out oceyl ted 

the proces of eenauating the ack and filling with a 

i purified atmosphere} auivone of purification and exhaustion: 

i cee see ath amir : 

hot ( i v the means of sipposiiug the eaapnregel within ahs lamp out of 
re . 

contact with the ah aee to prevent beabages the const ruct ion | 

H : . Ole. : 

Glow A~Nes of the ed in all its SO nayee inCluding apparatus for feed= » 

i OOO A A COCO A OL + ! 

Bee agsi oi 

Khel LL3 *7 ing up, in case of breakage or eoneumpt tony. 8 eee one carbon. Oe | 
: a | FT Og ee A 

eet rieets nee? Se ahaa wanes a taser: ; 



| a | Switches for Lighting the Lamp, covered by 

very broad claims, vhose general purpose is. to turn @ Current | 

' wv, = 38 om , eee . oe . . Ff . 7 | 


\ “4 ; ue EE ge 

> slate ee Ler vol. ~ofch Mn vt 
gels wet fegh $6 We 
oe 377 
WR La fue Ph. Tonves er fs we 106 
F whil 

of pu Sgtregaty ance the tp preserving the continuity 

dof the Suncoast so that Lamps ee ready Lighted or in circuit 

lund kesfrren ty device, connected with the switches, to prevent the Co m= 

aa ae | Phetion of a lamp’s Circuit when there is no currat to en= 

probs lz a 

i 0 ergize the neue and which after an interruption in the flow 
2 Lew 

of current prevents the lighting of the cap until it has bea 

(ire Ce 
fe Vie Nace brought into a condition of ea a8 against an ebiornet 

he Tikes, 

flow of the current; fine _turning of ‘the curr é t into the 

Mn [Ant Ben Ganps. Eradualys oF. t too quick p/n eaeon 

ln tans 

paren ee SS 

ON Peete ane ne i aga as et 4 

tion of Dee dS HaBCe enEe one branch of a Cirtuit con 

curras tly with the renova of @ resistance from pperher 

5 / branch of Ene circuit; in “other words, the preservation of 

eqpet combined resistance in circuits qhile the Constituent 

resistances are being Vareedy in order that the flow of cur- 
| 1 

bene may be cpueareed aad kept eqns ete while portions of the 


curra t are diverted in different Hreaenes to different Lamps 

groups of pantps or aoGert tery an apnapetue for the safety of 

Lamps aguidat an abno mal flow of current, broadly, *In an 

electric Lighting eyenen an SERoiatus onorgized by the eee 

pe flowine in, euch eyetem which, when there is an ancora’ 


Chivas Cev? 

Oph burt 
a ; 
j er 

flow of Current ina pare or. parts of such BYSx ene PONE aL AT, 
pas Oporet ee to disrupt, Bre eonnecty or aria the eLrait 

‘of such bart or parts; evOEERE: broadly. the use of elect ro 

magnates as such safety devices and Boba BEY Mr. Ediaou: 8 

shail not be Meraeted by the Lighting of other lamps; a safe 
Y -_ 

a AS ec AS ra te matte 


ae a. Aust 

rare we 

”: pine portien of” current showing the time during which any. Lamp 


/@8 an i under our pateste: A re Bustos for the 

Current, covering an indepentent electro magnetic svi teh en= 

-ergized by the Gaeranty aa automatically, -upon the o¢cup. 

ence of nee MHenE 6 of., electrical Condition in cirCuity or 

: ci revits, supplied, to allow of a | Corresponding change in the 

qvantity or mpEeReDty of the current ponereersae The use of 

dikeedent forms of Beers tanec? including widey thin metallic 

conductors and ares dades different PECs sue apaLeee in 

fi padiecar material ry 

ae electric meter energized by an infintesi- 

been lighted and giving the total result in PARTE te and 

and to “the: Eeneratory constituting also an autondtie: ayer 

of regulation. 

The systen of lamps in whith the lamps 

are intended to be opened, when ayer: Besegeary to supply new A 

t mas tesee 

carbons which can be done. at a mere nominal Costs and the 

my a ied ” 

*amp itedl®, dadddend ot of: the glass pila which Breer cs 

” ' 

any is all fastened to a single pLeee: of Bases or metaly as 

the case ‘nay ‘be, which constitutes the stopper ‘of the glass 


This Company, through its application, is now 


‘in interference with Mr. Edison in an application for the 

. a | Horse Shoe or sereehee form of carbon: and for Seyner nade 
i re 
ao al 
Sek ve i em wood, paper aha other Aiwae eiharates used in an eet 
Wht aoe Rs 
\ e 
\P uated atmosphere, and before Nr Hadise” commenced the study of 
Na } Electric Lighting, we had used numerous lamps with ea rbons 
% hal of such material in atmospheric vacua and in vacua of other 
‘A | : 
4 sy wf gases sueh as pitrogen, hydrogen and nydro~ea rbon. 
al o ‘ ay 
a Ag, t do not like to point ovt particular hings 
Y yy we ; 
wk a in which interference and i peewabne litigation me, nese es 
a van 
i) wv it is plsseentor to say, and I believe, that the co mbina- 
v i ; ' 
\4 ' tion of the two systons of invention ‘cover “substantially 

all that is of value in incandescent electric lighting, and 

much of the electric are eaenEsnes and that their combina~ 

tion would render. bach stronger and mo re valuable then eith 

er Can be alone. . “There are quite a waneee applications in 

Po ' 

the potent Office, now pending, to whieh I. do not nen at 

Cnet to refer, but which i it will be daducn to 
say render stronger the position of the El eet romdynami ¢ 
"ight ‘Company. , There is eine a patent owned by one of the 
members of the Company, _ cove ring ith important principle in 
the donate ction of ‘the ay and an entirely new method of 


vereang glass ‘together with snatiaey solder, eon it is 


oxpected will be used in aid of the Electro-Dynamic Light 

Gotanaey; and ‘there is also an | Elect ro-Dynami¢ Machine Coy 

‘ ie i aS i ‘ a 4 Sit . 1 

ering new principles, of great promises 

— Gs 


. bas) Alem, — 
74 SE Sacarses 


ee Qadir 

ae, TIT mee mama pee vagy MT 

ne re nee O. ayer 
GY i ey 

. D) 
Cobelorio, Lnvres bre ee 
/ if 
W 4 
aap ooeible ton ac PS ltee 
cold, cycol heG Whore for 
OO Tat of Ot? SUE: Wl Lita, 
Lic we Toes betie wrod MIC) 
§or Ce wet ee. Vi 

if Ut 
Marae gi 


Baie Offices uf Went & Auerkarly, 

P Povad Lovact (Druvcl Builiing { 

. Rockwoll Kent. 

Jos, S, Auerbach, , EY 239 T7884 i 

Tho at t-Ciee on, 
base EEL, eee Ke sae 
fom Lee eres? 4 : 

corn ft 
u Cz he kreyer. wr ee ter At 
tO ok wr EL tke Kt Geert Po rey oe ath, 
Lear Arrugurne th Ry ttn thn af 
OCLOD FRU, Co dbuig : oe oe a ee . 


‘This Co: THANSMITS a nd 2 LIVER: PTT si its . 
> MME Me aba ge auentl ty tatoo es TuERo onemein ee 
and the oCoanpany wil n Sl Rens apt ay repost Tors OF Galaga gag tie, fen F dlivery oF eran 
“This messago ia UNREPEATED nEs delivered b of the nder 
thoe la psttage In an ma ne anaes eae 
aR, BREWER, § 



WW . 


ie ane bce” eakwem 

Ha Ofttves wf Lent & Ausrkach, 
, 2 Bond Yoweot A Drool Building) 

Rockwell Kent. 

. Jos.S. Auerbach, ; Nobo fecky Aa cee 
: (Qizile S . 

Se _ T : - = 
DATE OF | _ NUMMER OF + | NuanEn or. a 

ee La Lrark F WRK His 
7p rriids pa spreratin Fore’ 
. WPtoi.. | . selt Play E Genanw 
ne PT here |. oe CHO Dicey 
Powe | rho ee Vaden €Q, Siete 
Dec, ee ae VEAL LSS oe : 
. er oh lacs, to. J Fi “LE Lily es) 
Leb ov ee ae 7 (4 han Ae Ser 
PL AC Codloledyg Hon 
a Lacs otire Alien 
(ive Lf eae 
Do LAC erhas vafoertas/ 
hs 2¢ KH. owe Lae S. 
od EOF MA 
! - 16 Ab Ye fees ; 

pa aan 

ahve. CAeafvad) 
yg “ao g 
/ Be a Cel. ee Celers~ 
: a phe Cts eoee) 

C £ slit 


1 OF 
1 LOE 

¢ vt 

LEAS ona Va, epertias 

FG A 2 Sey 

week O (hag 

4 eA keller ae 

is acl | 

Te | fie | 
| +a ; ott 


he wpe bs a Ze. | 
in o Gita a 
halle ae Ps 

[Ath x he Y ho 
Keb sud et 
Fe | 

a fees op Pate Spo, A ne ail le 
4 % 
tal AE, hm folio eo a 
+ ee Ae on 
oe ee : gy 
te : sad woth he ; —_ 

f wtih, IE 

ae | a 346 Pou 

eS BEAN : 
eB aN New York. aa) Se 

at tpg 

Hee cw tctin 



— ef age es vo nNew Yok AY VG ae 
; \ 

Gr. d 7 zs , 
~~ % Sek ° a i 
: Percy or 

oats oe er 

LiayT Co., 
Noxvin Gunex, Pres. 
R. MM. Gatraway, Y. Pres. 
XP. Fanunt, Troas, 
° Q, Goppann, Sec'y, 


et @, 
wharill . 
: . Woot 

| A A Poh 6” /h bo 






Sassi RA eh Atal ict h ato ids 

a Ne SIE LE SAA A aS td lil ath in ugg dwaSD asia 


Vclawveg Mix Chey hat boc adefs 


’ fhe oe a 



one Ci vis 


: a 
Blank No. 1. 


is Company TNANAMITS and DELIVERS only on conditions, iim! Mts 
which hava been assented to by tnorender oft follovingmessaye, 2 OF Contltions, Umlting its Nnbltity, 

Errora be d jt back to tho sending stat! ison, 
spb Sarpy blue OES? ac aa ated hay tn fo somparisan 
‘bla UNRE! vy pry th 
tho seals tpossare pias fou PLATED MESSAGE, gud {3 delivered by request of the senior, unter 
A. R. BREWER, Seo’y, . NORVIN GREEN, President. 
Dated. — 188 & 

Received at MENLO PAl Nig 

ee A. Solace, 

Pike ovde a 
Hh Gre Bolero Aree 



isa i SB Dec tN iin tt oodiaTA neces han okr gd ar ataesit 

st ai tc inunitas isch om Meehan ria cit ee TE 



Blank No. 1. 


This Compa: hb earth and DELIVEN®D mressag 8 Only on conditions, limiting its Mabilit 
wae PrOre Bega taser guarien anethet ant yby Foner ig A meso eae ‘ the al station ine om ee 
bol a io ce 1, 
gil the O« Company’ Ril ot hod itsclt Mt iablere for errors or delay dn transmission or dolivery of Warepoate ot 

men rposaage Ia if) fo OU NNEFEATED MESSAGE and {3 delivered by request of the sender, unter 

ALR, BREWER, § Bao'y. x NORVIN GREEN, President. : 
rmet LC stots Bod iu Ene | 
Recetved a_MENLO PARK Ny 

dieu. be bet ore 
Mes Oblecte and 
Bef Leas fa heli , 


Jf pron el 


Law Office of ; aera 
Daniel H. Chambartain, s > ae ee is 
Watter S, Carter, a 
Sherburne Blako Eaton, Chamberlain, Carter & Eaton, 

Willlam B, Hornblower, 

Eugeno H Lowls, 

346 Broadway, 

" New York‘#% 
: «tit 

NOY Css ba, 

re HA evens Pree, i‘ 
: Veo Rr - 
i 4 , 
t ee een ee ae Mayor Goctow owls me fe Poy tayo AA of tw 

an AL by heute u- em Jlomowrow— cta-Aa_Rach an - 

an COMA Ge eee ee ee in a kKinn eon 1 velser weer 
Leodaca ee Sowpony, WA 4eO, es ecto COE ae eer 



He COL | ae Rete 
; a 

SU ioe EIA FST Ces eich iis Alii ey a ZAM Bigs veining d pire 

soli It, Vorier. 

Bator OTe i ae Dove LA v Sh urs 

| Grosvenur I! Lowrey. 

| aa OG Mer vue aye a ‘~, OOTY AS aA Latte 

| aes . . Agee Sf iad: Ye Hae Yrls, 
Ses. a 
ae Otte 28y1 890. AE 

Those Ae coma Esqe 

Dear Sirt 
Yr bowrey directs me to enclose to you 4 eurieed draft 
oF his proposal for a new contract with the Edison AEOO ORS bight 
Company. This is intended nae to suggest eas than to be 
eeopheas as an. and he has aacioadd a copy of the Babee fopeth= 

ar with ¢ a copy of this letter to ur. Tracy Re Edson and ur Calvin 

Goddard . 

Yours truly 

N. Ae Fanning. 

AGREEMENT male this day of in the 
yearl880, between Thomes A, Fdi mon, of Menlo Park, New 
Jersey, party of the first part and the’ Rai 9n FBlectrie | 
Light Company, a corporation created and existing under 
the laws of the State of New York, and hereinafter ealled 
the Company, party of the second part. 

WHEREAS the parties hereto did, by an agreement 
duted the Lith day of November, 1578, enter into mutual 
engagements tor the purpose of carrying On experiments in 
respect to the use of eleatricity as a means Of produe ine 
heat, light and power, to whnien ssid syreament this is 

AND WHERFAS said experiments have heen since the 
date of that arrfement and to the present time conduc ted 
by the said Fdlaon at the expense and for the interest, ard 
beneLit of the Company, Sor which purpose the Gomnany has 
furnished the funds provided tor by said agreement, to wit: 
$50,000 in eash and also the further sum of 270,006 or 

AND WHERFAS the experiments heretofore ard now 
being carried on have covered a mush wi cer field of 
perimént and observation thay war originally 
to the reat henefit and am@antame of both 
required and is likely to require Larger 
than have yet been paid, as wel] os more 

parties aon tae 
sur.s OF money 
time and effort: 

And Whereas in the eourgs of such invéstigations 
and experiments inventions have been and are likely to 
b@ made whieh the parties are agreed should of right be- 
lorig to the Compary under the spirit of the said agreement, 
whether embraced strietLy within its terms or not! 

And Whereas in view of the premises it is deemed 
desirable to provide more funds and a method of carrying 
on the work of the Company in a manner more extended than 
heretofore as well os to.fix wi th as much certainty ay ia 
Possible, tie ripnt: af the parties in respect to any and 
all inventions, directly or remotely cOnnectéd with tre 
subject of using electricity in the manner ahowe déseriued, 
Which may have been made or perfected or may, within the 
period hereinafter named, be madé or perleated by the s2id 

Therefore It Ig Agreed as Follows! 
1. The agreenent aforesaid, except as directly or hy 
imp lieation abrogated or modified by the terms of this 
agreement, remains in fall ftoree and effect; all. its pro~ 
visions are hereby made spplicguble to all the inventions, 
improvements or Letters Patent which are the Mbjeat mat~ 
ter of this or the snid first agreement, 


2. The Company shall be entitled to eluim ond eemand all 
inventions or Letters Patent therefor of the nature her 
described or intended 2 to 
fected by the 

day of Novembe 

be, Which may be made or per- 
said Fdigon within five years Prom the 15th 
r 3880, and shall pay the expennen of pli 


experiments necessary or useful in the opinion of said 
idison and euthorized by the Company tn the making or 
perfecting» such inventions, 
&. This agreement, as well as the agreement to which tied el 
iz supplemental, shall be adeened. to apply to any and ail | 
inventions or Letters Patent for means, methods, devices 
or @ontrivensces of sny and every nature whatsoever which 
relate to or affert in any way the application of © lta« i 
trisity to the produetion Sy any meane or in any manner 
ot either Light, neat or power, goo al sQ any ame all ins 
ver tions or Letters Patent. for makirg. or produging tne 
meang, arenelez, devices or contrivances aforesaid or any 
Art ar parte the Foor for manufacturi tke sare; arm 
tor gorryineg on “Ser convendenee or cconemy the art or in. 
sineso Gf produsireg Light, heat or power by or through the: 
ver of sleatrical eurrents oF electrickhty ag a mile aQoeney 
or united with other meuns or aments: it neing understos af 
however, that as te all such imrertions as are eupuhle of | 
uses other than the above described the Company is to | 
Lis e the said Féison to use the sare i: tis own bu~ 
viness as amanufasturer of articles whith are not. appli- 
eablea to the uses of electricity for light, heat or power, 

4, The Sompavty agrees, in adlition to the $19,000 nr. 
‘ hao bb ooeddd first arrsement and the awaounts whieh 1 
heen suppiied subsequertiy to the expenditure of cate 
790,000, being in the whole, to the present time, the sum | 
of about $70,000 a further sum which, adding thereto the | 
par value of the shares to whieh Mr, Fdiwn is to he per- 
mitted to suhseribe as hereinafter provided, shall, to- 
mether with the $70,000 aforesaid, avourt to tie su, of 
180,000, to be used inksbout the business cesarihed in 
said Liest amreernent under the supervision of its Roar 
of Directors and to isme therefor its certifisate of in- 
d@éntédness, payoble in five years from tne date thereo? 
(with semi-annual interest payable out of met earrin, , wet 
any ure mude, and not otherwise) which certificates spall 
be redeannble at the option of the Company at any time 
before maturity on giving sixty duys' notice, by public 
advertisement in one of the daily newspapers of principal 
airenlation in the City of New York, with the privilese in 
the storkkolders to exchange the gane into the capital 
stock of the Company at par et any time withir ane month 
after notice that the said Conmary in ready to inuke men 
exchange, end for the purpose of providing stock for wiyr 
share, the Company apreeg to pronure a vote of its 
stockholders for 2 lepal increase of the cupital stook of 
the Company to the fk) grount off480,000 for whien ins 
ereuced stock suid Edison shall he permitted to sukssaribe, 
a part consideration of this arreemert for 

sharés and to have the sane issued to him in the same 
Mancer as is dont to holders of said evertificates of in- 
Am sted above déscrihed, 

5. The seid Edison aprees in nonsideration ot the pre~ 
mises to aecept in Lieu of the annual royslty provided in 
the sixth clause of the aeid first anrenment. a percentage 
a * 

ot per cent. on th® pimss receipts of the 

to exceed in any one year the coun 

Company, not, however, 


| named in said first agreement, said persentage not to pez 
1; to ueerue ttmtil tha Company shall have paid the $50,000 to! 
the original subgerihers to the cash capital and the Y100,, 
000 to Mr. Fdison as provided in said first agreement: and: 
enall have paid to its stockholders a yearly dividend of | 
ten per cent on the Capital Stock of the Compony, and pro' 
vided further that in oase of assipnment. by the Jormany of 
its entire intereet in the Letters Patent or inventions o¢ 
gaid Madison to any othtr Company, provisicn shal] Le made | 
to secure to said Fdison from raid Company a1 equal snount. 
per ainven by way of percentage upor the ineome of said 
Company after the payment of the $50,006 to the original | 
sunseri bers to stock and the $160,000 to the said Mai von 
ae abové provided of «© like dividéesd tc its etocknolders 
and with a like limitation of the amount to be paid to 

said Bdi gn, ! 


| "hicensssoi" omitted on last line and "Fdiwn Electric 

|| scontract" inserted before "by the." 


AMENDMENTS to the AGREEMENT between The Fdi on 
Fleetric Light Co. and Thomas A. Mdison, Chas. Batchelor, 
Francis Kk, Upton and Edward H. Johnson. 

of the printed copy 

The party of the second part is changed to "Thos. A, 
Edison, Chas, Ratchelor, Francis R, Upton and Feawurd H, 
Johnson, co-partners in business under the firm name and 
style of The Edison Lanp Co. 
The changes oeeasianed by this oceur throughout the agrees 

Nines 9-12 ine lusive are omitted in the written copy. 

Section Ili is changed as to the first six limes hy 
substituting therefor from the 12th line of puge 4 oF 
written copy to the 27th line of perme 6 inelusive, ! 

The Lact clause on this page (heginning at the word "and" 
(on lust line) has “after receiving from sales of lamps the | 
amoUnt actually invested in the business of said Lamp Com- 
pany and whenever after such amount ig received" inserted 
in written copy hefore "the eat thereof" on pape 4, lines 

Pape 4, 
Line 17 <e, “Together with interest at the rate of 6 per 
cent per annum upon the amount of money actually invested 
in the business" inserted between "shal rT (Let word Line 
17) and be (the next word). 

Light Company in the manner hereinbefore specified” sinsti-~ 
tuted for it, | 

Pape 5 Omitted, 
Page 6 First eight lines omitted. 
Pape 7 
Line 20° "Licensees of the” omitted and "or any of then" 
Line 21 %in the manner BEverneenors provided for" inser. 

ted hefore "The Lisht Company. 

Pape &. 

Line 8 "and the terms of this vontract" inserted pafora 
"in view,” 

Line 14 "The Light Company in accordances with the notices 
herein referred to" inserted before “and acting." 

Line 15. "to ecmply with covenants and agreements of this 


| Page 9. 
| First line omitted. 


2! Line 15 "provided the notices herein referred to are : 
piven" inserted before "to fail" and "of standard Lemp s 
‘needed for actual consumption" inserted before “any one- 
‘or more” omitted, 

Page LO, 


feet laue § Line 11, 14 and 13 omitted partially. 
line 19 "after reasonable notice to do so" inserted after 
GQ f "Company. iM 
Mage Wet Hy | Line 22 "put the Lamp Company shall not perfect any rights 
; acquired under this contract af the light Comp any shal1 
‘tail in giving the notice required herein" added to end of 
Section 8. 

‘ Page ll 
lente z 

Line 1 "to the sane extent as if they were Originally in- 

Buc f | cluded herein" at end of line inserted. 
x%: as tine & "Lamp Company or any member thereof" sanstitutea 
A eee "Faison or any of his associates above named." 

rt, OL 

Page ae | ‘Line LL omitted "or any member thereo Psi pstituted 
14 - 4ee 2/) Line 14 *provided it or they ean reasonably d so without 
,detriment to its business interests" inserted hefore 
'*Prompt Notification. " 

Seet ion 10 omitted. 
| Page 12 omitted to "In Witness Whereof" ke 

Pages 19 & 20 in the written eopy almost 
hentirery different from the Last page of the printed econy 
“ yas to construction &e. 



New York, October 30th, 1880. 

The annual ‘meeting of the Stockholders of the 
Edison Electric; Light Company, for the election of 
thirteen Trustees to serve for the ensuing year, 
and for the transaction of ‘such other business as 
the Stockholders may deem necessary, will be held 
at the office of the Company, No. 3 Broad eee 
New York, Thursday, November 11th, at twelve 
o’elock, noon. , 

“The transfer books will close at 2 P, M., Nov. 

aw is 
Ath, and re-open at 10 o’cloek, A. M.,-December 

dst, next. 

By order of the Board of Directors. 



da Nae | 

as 8 BIOAD ST., (Drexel Building) 

New York, October 30th, 1880. 


Referring to enclosed notice ofa Special Meeting of the 
‘Stockholders of this Company. to be held on the sai of Novem- 
‘ber next, for the purpose of voting upon a proposition to increase 
‘the Capital Stock of the Company to aiaect enclose herewith 
a proxy to vote at said meeting, which please sign and return in 
“the, enclosed envelope, that if you cannot personally attend the 

‘'meeting your stock may be represented thereat, 

Very Respecttully, 

mo Your Obedient Servant. 

a3 -. + @ GODDARD, 


will be held ab the office of the Company, Ne. SI Broad 

“tod Yale E oll, 

“) {SBROAD STREET, (Droxet Nultding). 

New York, Oct, 30th, 1880." 

of Special’ ctleeting of the Sochtoldes of Uo 


Sheet, Wew Yeh, on Tuesday the 30th day of Movimlbet, 
al 12 0 clock noon, fe the fey Lobe of voting ty ton a fitohose= 

ton to tnctease tee Gaapeital Shock of the Gompany Z 

“ F480,000. The folls will be gfen hom 12. 0 clock noon, 

Tracy R. Epson, 
E. P, Fart, © 

; James H. Banker, 
R. L. Currine, Jr. 
H. Vittarp, : 
J. O.Greex, 
R. M. Gatiaway. /. 

‘A Majority of 

9° “% 
Oh Fie les oe 

rans cackerrn is 

‘ia Don. to PSP AON rer | Leh A DY2. 

to) i so : : é — ; 
: ‘ : ; Ze 4 floy (880 
SNF a La Meee tne 7 
. we ea RG Co hel Say 
“Hi e Prat wentincat K xetrres (yon f° 
: a ca eee ae ee oe aa Joafccn ae 
| en gues. ¢ Pio fo fern 


gn ashen satan 
‘ Re i Ay . 
Hira pe ete 

ry SLPS Fie 


te " 346° Broadway, 

i “thee vou, AOL Megas 

re og \ 7 

Blank No. 1. i 


This Company TMANSMITS and DELIVERS messages onty on conditions, Mmiting its Uability, 
‘Which have Deen assented 7 Ay ee Renter Of the Following message, to tho sendin; station for comparison, 
a3 io 
gad 1tho n Company wil not Aid iuclf Niatlotor error or ‘feinyain transmission or delivery of Warepentod | 
the frossage Is 8 pn UN LATED AGY, gud js dellvered by request of the sender, under 
4.R. BREWER, Boo'y. NORVIN GREEN, President. ' 
—————————E——eeeeEooEEEEoEoaoaooaaooooooooaoEoaoo—eE = 

Received at MENLO PARK Nd . 


ae at a ce 

Blank No. 1. 


This Company TRANSMITS and DELIVENS messages only on condltons, limiting its Mabllity, 
high heya been auentcd oo Re resener of wre a tae cage bask to the sending station for comparison, 
ing 2 
and tho Company will not iia itself likicter orate or deloys in transmission or delivery: Of Unrepeatod 
This message ii UNREPEATED MESSAG delivered b; uest of the sender, under 
the conditions ‘tamed above, Bead iis 
AR, Beo'y. NORVIN GREEN, President, 

Received ot MENLO PARK NG 



oe ¥ 


e ; 



EA Atent afte aw Orel 




< - 


Blank No. 1. 

This Company RMANSMIYS a 8 messages only on conditions, Uniting its Tae 
HFTOr can bo be gun ied feo sae eee mh regent t rot betalering siege to tho sending station for comparison, 
and ramen. sean bo guaruel al Mteelf at hati efor orrors or elays in transmission or delve ory Of Unrogoated. 

i ‘UNR! TED MES a E 
the oT poten | Hh fo un EPEA’ SAGE ond fo deliverod by request of the o sender, under 

. BREWER, § Beo'y, NORVIN GREEN, President. 
Dated CL 1@*e 188.0 

Received at_ MENLO PARK 

5 Saar | ea a ER MecEEseiier 
thon matteae ae med’ above. 
' A, R. BREWER, 


2 ned 

Where totes = 
Zs: _ eternsh eel & Arner, 

a Saee lo ee Oe 

essage is an-UNREPEATED MESSAGE and ba delivered by feqadnt’ of the sebor: under 

| pe aerenge. 
Zp (0° Db Gli eae” 

/8 glacol. Wy ee 9/2 VIM, 

7 EG * | 

sp Eaaiainsd ails iste plce inks wikeab dh kisitbanek sityk wands Uae nas boinveice sat date tay hae aae as 

\. 4 
at * 8 BROAD STREET. & 
., Nonvin Green, Prea, i Tatts 

oe RM GaiLAawar, v. Prea, : : me gt a Ree o 
’ EP, Fanprr, Treas, i ia . 

es ©, Goppanp, ect'y, 

EEF ARIAS eas tines 

Bee A SALW oa oes 9 NY ee SENS Nate 3s HE Stat ahs 

adwey, a a ae * ‘ | 
New Yori, A ke lac s880 

pk, x Bie Hi x fb s 
pte ag> 2 we webu ye ae 

A bow Yow ase 2 ox 
oy aa ru tle ey, 

a —. 7 FA Aut te 

en forgo _ 

Peg Mint i llr : 

es Peis 

dice Nib shee iO basa hs rude Panebpdoma Aina SS puciy apart, a oe : 
lik bos dah Coa A Ud eA rin aN hd Poaiud sUicie PE YS ee Se eR Se RE ETO PCR spe ae? “ 
2 see taidiccisi sb. Sih taco adie MN ak clidtia et nates 28 iid a EN a ol Ne A Be ial a do A al iE lee Ua 


a . ‘ + 
ee . a « ee a * es 
ae aie : x : : ‘FP, 
‘tf: 2. - 7 : . J deg 
joe ff * ! ao 2 é * a wens “a aa 
: . : Sebo te, Genet ot Pook ffs rant 
*. Seer apes en ao at 

‘ ae 
a ; A: 


7 .. 7 - © Ps toy . ‘5 id 
ce sea a gy agai gr se oP ake 
so". iE te et ere oe ie. fa we uo ox arama ea e cS 
it ee ee eer ners ae 7N 
Be SaaS 2e 8-8 Bit aus BPG Sse ee ey : 5 in 
ae ion pees oe 2 . Tepe Bet : : 
2 oe ” Fe Ss, Oh ale Se a eee ” 
2 “ ; é Z 4 C : a8 . * 
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| u ror tee ‘3 . Q-. 

i . 4 
i Blank No. 1. : : 


———_—_—_—_—_—_—_— eee 

pany TRANSMITS and DELAWENS mossages only on conditions, Hmiting its Mabllity, 

in assontedt to by the sender of the following mossage. H 

and tbe seat eh wet at esan ay repeat 8 or deings in pa ay lng station for rfomparison, 

the ey Tnesaago is an NREPEATED MESSAGE and is cuyares by request ‘of the sender, ander { 

A. R. BREWER, Beo'y, NORVIN GREEN, President. 

pata Lee P2ey, slo 80 
Recetved ac MENLO PARK NY 

Gh. Te ht ca eee 


: oh Py here : a eae Sy | . Ave 26 Hep 
5 (Naor hee ae noe : 
GWA 2 

os e we fa Tone a 
. oo “fe Ae as. wae 

At - 
4 an sd ale BB 
: A, sete GEOK a 

ecg e. hs aetna tay a aah iad Osa 


— . 





dint nb gee 
Y ae oe 


An. ule fibwld ~ 

Yok po hy J bo 
De wae sae 

NK Aeewd ys 

pitw Ce. ae, ta Ke, 2 



a aa ee ma 

The Gold and Stock Telegraph Co., 

Tarrytown, Nov. 28th 1880, 
My dear -Edison. 

The luck seems badly against me in 
respect to going out to see you. You kuow perhaps 
that T have been confined for more than three weeks 
to the house, except last Monday, when T went to 
New York for the almost single purpose of visiting 
you on Tuesday; but on Tuesday morning T found it 
Prudent to got back @S s00ou as possible, and T have 
been ib bed until yesterday (Saturday) evening. 

Now T expect to. be down town again this weeks 
. T have various topies to diseuss’ with you, *— 
Maxim ) “Tt is a good ddaxinh aot to crow until you 
are Bue of the woods;. and all t have to say 
about Naxim. T am informed that Dr. Lugo says that 
more hae io" yeses ago he had exactly what Maxim’s 
patents describe in respect to the use of hydro cars 

bon, and és I understand from Nr. Kent he proposes 

how to ask fora patont in precisely the language 

of Maxim 

SE ia ode nl aera iis oe 

Fabbri. ) I enclose a copy of a letter from Mr. Fabbri of 
| Fabbri & Chauncey, and a copy of my answer, as the 
i shortest way to explain that subject. Ne will no 
doubt go out to see-you about Tndia, and we must 
‘put that mattor straight as soon as possible. The 
same should be done in respeest to all the other coun= 
tri OS. 
Fatonue ) T am anxious to have Eaton in the Board, and 
“ hy intention was to propose on the day of the elec~ 
tion thet he should be olected in the place of a 
gentldman who has but @ small interest and whose 
; Presence there is of no importance; but on Rloetion 
dey IT was sick, and could not do so 
There isa little bit ef small jealousy about 
Eaton ih he Board;' shiefly on the part of one geu~ 
tleman with whom it is puroly technical. Te does 
not like to hone of Nr. Baton’s being consulted about 
. anything, because he says Mr. Eaton is not officially 
connceeted with the company. Probably you and T real- 
ize more fully than any body else, that some one is 

needed who will give his entire time and brain to the 


Copies of two letters. ) 


business. now on haud. My first business when T get 

out will be to see how a vacancy cau be made and T 

must ask your co-operation in getting the Board to 
elect Eaton. | 

| Goddard ig a little sensitive about Fat on 
going in and does sot, T think, take quite the right 
view of the field which is to be occupied 

T have asked Howard Butler, who is now stud~ 
ying law, to come into our of fice and make a special 
study of infringements as collateral to lr. Wilber’s 

T think you desired to retain Caust en Browne 
also, and T am in favor of that, now that we have 
funds for such expenses. 

What do you think of retaining Storrow, the 
Bell. Telephone mau? 


I hope I shell see you about Wednesday. or 

Yours truly, LE 
) pes aon 


aS a a anata 2s bs Aa esta aie sedednds Wis Merictnle Speen eas 

a Coulas 


Menke Fark WP. x8 
Mec 13 1% | cee 


| dafan 
My cceupotons Rene prevent wet? 
me Prom Trduriq de meefimgs of 
the Goand und 3 hurk char, be | 
“fon She cnténests of he Qo Mat.) 
_ dhoufd gresiqn oo y, dunecker i 
it ou dhoufd ofeck aa 
pia 3 Eaten eee place, / 
ig fave greot confidence m™ Moor... a 
Lotone copay aud: 3 ho: nok | 4 
| douct uke Coad’ ui ff eemeede, He | 
_propucly of baba! naming: 
Wee priate wae e. 

| Eusiness vn Ge made more eaty | 

ve ds evadiens SRe 
fadtsietdan cmd Pow Mee 
ou ma enR Rark 
Jo The Glison Rectirs Lig RME pots Sat Pon. ee place af 
, {| Coen evevt Shere need Ge no 
ottached Ja Re office 
when notice, 

ae : 3 BROAD sr REET, gud 
Nonvik Gneex, Prose Neu Sark, QE LM ee 1S 
hy ROM Gansawas, V, Pres 0,” i . . 
BD, Fanon, Treas, 
OU, Goppany, Bee’y, 

_ aptat Cain 

Aeareee ae by 5S &. heli « ccotelreen ect” Cis Hed 

ot ‘Gye : Le , sorb rbice brevig XE 
he aay AVN ee (Dass Lreniney 



. ene a fA ae Rg ae 
? 3 BROAD STREEY. Oe a-7-pp ALBTS ; 
» Nonvnn Gnas, Ire _ New York, LOL VALS S195 
Ty, M. Gatuaway, a Drew. ™ Shee ye 
FY, Faom, Treas, + . fy tant : 

ee Set. ae Ke. Biber roi Cairne 


COM AME hat thle duh ov 24Rk: « 1p. Qo Maine eh 
- gti 

' ndinicue, eae Pots eae cha tg ‘ik a 

©. Goppa np, Heat's. « 


Korn foboeh se wert, | 
| Phessttent ofthe Berd pill clown are, ; 

Cot ; 

Via fi ee piper Jae uple, hgh 
Me Gh ype. 4 /viesdecl ahy Leading Fal Zt role, +) 
Get Tie padiags ofa mdoteclioie ' Fahey fe-rrigt = 
ee iby. 

fiedijrisa Zee year a a ae “OD. thes 
Lo errs, Teak. te weadsong 0 alte 3 "4 
wz pur IPbidscred, g ori hede we Sere ayy: ee Cee 4 
be Pas Bey yy fe Yicerngfage, wowed Piety sloop, erat abe Z 
oral} Aid fagie J, tity cata RO feel ag 
Pra Pe Le dB ake drdigne Mate See vt Xievicg, Ge EUOVIE ES 
eae nad ASSIS hE cape erteore D opr | 8b “tnrale 
Lig nic anad Vitae AIL 4. -IVADAL Malti agh theity a“ veel, 
cheayely Mae Bi cvcetee proiditias Jake dilete Mid 
Celine, BOEME Y 4, Neberifere hte. ff by birdy eekly 


He Rice ay Chet Leos€: Ceve § Ads DAA € FREE, 
d< hed, tig hie co . bree le, Rectd? Leo, ized - Ee. & jets Bes 

| sn dea cial ey aca 21K. ee C Kei AE (HE MT A byuten) 


New Fork 

Bee R tine ena Bat Vancaeliatio’ 
f ) pbecrvien ae Cpa Aae. @ Eieg, OPULCEL ht WWE ANACLAELE bd: ; 
: PRO Deen veh UEVRE VOL 0? Ce 7A. Meee - See ct 
pelos: Bregucnt  elidlirleance. Ge Pe Jlicek 

Te o, vance CA hanigerg,’ of - opie DVUCQIOA K. Orre= Y 

Pirveré.27 LAAVE Ct [lire & eo oy haa cl Sa pot 
: Sipura Lal. Oued eng hE 
(ley? 2 heals vate the te. Opeciaency 5 Eo 

papery, Pi sornethrn ong DICONL, 4 
1G Newranca tle. cb flea Site Hoge ae 
Nhrieec Le Ae Ie; fleabed 2 eZ 
| VEEL ng ira Tae Che, Scei LE; a 
ee Wat bot aro be: fie % Efe oot 
¥ at cane, ay, cohort Cl 

i o New 0 ee 

ceed. oa? Hixaleri Aa a nigek 

y Parlance aa 7 hie. Cee ah 

Jotun K.Porter. ; QP peu ce a Love TU. gu, Die 

Grosvenor B Lowrey. 

Geo, Wales Soren. H, 

siarnnaanatile: Mets iad 2 Wie WMA Mais al. oF 
Geo. S. Hamlin, 

Wma.L.vorter. Ae! Ds Goad Me Nok Gurhe 
P.0.Box 1836 

SBagtmebsiieee De ee 16, 18Ns ~r. 

fy dear Edison: 

Some one said in the effice to~day that you. were going 
to light five hundred lamps on Sunday night. If ‘there is to be 
anything burning on Monday, I should like to come down with Mr. Na- 
varro and his friend, Mora. They are new it correspoudence wi th 
people in Cuba and are proposing that they should come on to see 

the light for themselves. There is a strong inquiry from Cubay | 

and I should not be surprised if that would shew a profitable “busi 

ness sooner than any other countrys Be : 

Very truly yours 

Pp z oy ? oe G7, 

Jotun K. Porter, ’ ¢ “lis, SS. Ve we LOTON Co. Le be, 
Grosvenor It Lowrey, 

Gee. Wales Soren, 

i LG . 
niet aceite , Wis CUM op “ ute Md Al . Sates 

Geo, S.Hamlin. 

| Wm.L.Porter. *. alee So Motil Sh Mei uke 

P.0. Box 1836, Dees 17, 1880. 44 

My dear Ellison? 

Z shall sot prosent your letter of resignation ag Nr 
Fabbri very strongly objects to your leaving the Board. His ox 
pression was that “Edison’s name is a tower of st rength to us, 
and if he never attended a meeting, it would be a great loss if 
hig name should not appear at all tines among the names of the Die 
resin?’ As soon ag the matter wag put to me in that way, I | 
aaktous I saw it in the same light. q, therefore, mugt ered up 
courage 5, 46 to a aee, PERE CCOT who has promieed to resign. 

The reason I did not go to him perese: was that I have hai some un. 

pleasant busi ness wetatsans with him and was afraid he would have 
theeghe me actuated by some- spite to hime | 

We yestenlay organized and filed the apitetes of assom 
' ciation of the “Edison Fl OGENLO Illuminating Company of New Yo te, : 
| under the Boner 8as company act of this state, stating the ob 

Jeet of tho. aeanaguinen to be to illuminate the streotss aCe " 

—Fas « We have to state this as “the object in order to perfect a 

Legal incorporation, but every fas company hag by law, after it is 


| Ooganized, the right to turn itself into an Electric Light Conm 
; ‘ : . 
| ‘pany, and we have prepared a long ordinance to be submitted to the 
| . . 
Common Council if wo are so advised, granting us the franchise to 

slay down wiros over the entire citys 
- Iwas teld yestomlay that Mr. Hyde claims that they carn 

oe i 

See 2 
| : per horse pOware The size of the eanductor yas not stated. 

- .— ma Ke their lamps fer ten cents each, and that they can burn ten 

Ss ~ 

Yours very trul 

TP. Av Rdison, Esq. 


New York, Dece /§ 71880. ..., 

Dear Sir: 

I shall be very glad to see you, with other membeys of 

Aceeue 2 oo 
the City REY PERRENDS at Menlo pels on wepday evening -art— 

; “k 
sag to witness an exhibition, of Electric Lighting and also 
ples Fi CrErS Vi 

the various operations Heh being farried on in my Tabotatery 
en ee ee on 
and shops, wi if ay tents adapted to ordin~ 
a COMM Ad ok 

ary domestic, use. 


This is in, no sense a public exhibition; howexer, but 


every facility eas tas afforded to invited guests to see all ‘that 

is involved in the manufacture of the lamps and the production of 
the lighte 
The train leaves Courtlandt Street Ferry at fe! 30 


of’elock and returns from Menlo Park at Gi%o o’ clock. 

Very respectfully yours 

Grom lomear > El fehl Le 

To ae Es 


ey : Bes ne ke 
Jol K, Porter, “ he, lik: OME ia OCH Gs 1 SOO; 
Grosvenor Lt Lowrey, 
ee = Mer CHE as Vi 4 ps MW. iy ee 

Chat Hraucls Stone, 

Geo. S.Mamlin, 
ale es Broad Lew Neate Yoh. 

Win L.Vorter. 

P.0.Hox 1836. . Fy eee A dowajp * ee) 

avd Sh jee 
of es Ste fees Qnolvex. tafe : 
jibes and er bi ies EMOTO 

Sexcelers wowed. ete Che eels whbeotclttt 
Cdsemtle,. Cd Cd perdae Oe , GB elect Gy 

Lid ernfrretont Cecberetd Ptéee-titeler” 

‘Cagettieed thot- thee Congpaney Aoctl be MS IGEN 
ch, Gr are aneutect Cfatbefiore, G&G omeel the 
ther Aiselores aC gH y Ge ov Mornay LILLE 

208 wiel AC SLE? v4 

OLed pce iy Spd 
€ A Long, 

+ Leank No, 3 

unavoldable int 

And thle Cam; ‘heraby made the agent o 
sage averthe f any other Company w' 
Correct the trao¢mlaslon of message: 

A. R, BREWER, Beocrotary. 


pany, that sald Company shat! not be Hable for mistakes or delaye ln the transmlealon oF Gslivery, 

Send the following message, subject to the above terms, which are agreed to, 


Blank No. 2., 


Is C 
want haya been 

fon ta Sener marietta eet a nee een ite, pores s 



axpratan} that | sxauanp by contract In writing, stetlog 
If tue regular rate | at the following rates, 10 adiit(on to the 
age and this Com+ 

tha arent of 

Meesages will be 

zi ed at messagi 
and iho Oompany Wil not Hold Itself lable oe errofe oF slags in Canaaiedsn ey cle ae ee 

jons named al 

tho Zl fpessege is io UNREPEATED MESHAGE aud fs delivered by request of the sender, under 

lolivery of Unrepouted 

NORVIN GREEN, President. 

U charge for repaated 
for a 

bilabet tree delive! 


4 amount of risk, and payment of premtum thereon, 
‘Mysdages, Vis.1 One per cent, 
ay greater distance, No ems 

fe Company anit! tha same are presented’ 
edeage fe seul to auch office Lb; 

ete, ‘i 
tht ry mite of ibe termtnad 

jn cipher or obscure messages. ofice—for dallvery at greater distance, a apecial charge will be made to cover thé cost of auch 
fthe sander, withaut Habliity, tn forward apy mem dellvery. 
iy ‘Tha Campany will not be Itsble for damages in any cate where the claim (a not presented tn 

a to any point ot the Hues of this Compeny can be writiug, within elsty days after sending the messaxe, 



Menlo Park, N. rae ee 

age , ag, 


eee ttt ates atime giant tag gear tee ans 

. . a ; , C Ls Ye, 
Solu K. Porter, Date Lowrey. OTOH vs « Oia 

Grosvenor [Lowrey 

ees es a iG Wher “nteeya CF eae 72) MO Sutte 
Cha? Hanes Stone. ie 

Geo. §.}tamlin, 

Win.L.Vorter, dey : .- Ay os Broal Kw, Hee Yahi 

P.O. Box 1836. , aan tL Of. 18504. Ate | 

My doar Bai sont 

I dasa thig norning I was’ ‘going to draw the Tanp Nades 


faéturing Contract, but when I. tet down to it I was reminded that 

I had previously found ryself lacking in proper information and 

| d that I had sued you t the eet: ‘time I was at Menlo, to make an onthe 

line draft of it for mee an you do thatt By impression, is 

: that the sembany sauaee give itself away upon ‘the Hanntasture of 


its Lamps by putting it out of its powers in case it stowd be 

' dissatistiog, to make ‘them for itself or for éthe re to ma ke thome 

\ The’ ‘best which can be done with sueh an arrangement is to make 

it te the mutual profit of each party to continue the Brimndononts 

You wall vonennan Mr: Godda plan of an adjustable statovo! pri- 

ness by wigan you were to havd-a larger pro ees of profit as the 
i ad 

out to the Gompeny went downe Sug fan sar that Seuee m® ye sat~ 

isfactorit} iad any one elge probatly and I will: ask him to do 4% 

and: edt send it £6 yous 

rire. Oidindias wad Heformed. to-day to the Law Committee 


of me Hoard of ‘igstnwa ang goeg over antil Rast meen Perhaps 

we shalt pet get the franchise pom this Board as their time is 
so shorte | 

Very tmly yours 




| Te Aw Edigon, Esqe 

PO Blank No. 1, | 


° Tule Company TNANSMITS ‘and DELIVERA Incenages onty on conditions, lmlitug Me lladlity, whlch have 
Lean assented ¢ 

10 by the wonder of the foliawing messa: ry A 
ba ‘euandod agabuat “eay by rape inns jeesare back to the sending stalton for comparieon, and the Com. 


Xerors can ating a Ta 

peng att) Hot hold Itself Hable for errara or tolaye In tranesateaion of delivery of Unropeated Mes: 
iia mesaaye [i Jo dell 

named above, 

A. R, BREWER, Boo'y’ | *  NORVIN GREEN, President. 

sineae th 
worod by requestut the sender, under the condiitons 


Bureau ef Lamps aud Gas, 

Room Mh, Sitges, 7A onder Se 
Aer Gob rvinken 27 ft 

SE, tee: , Sa.0. poe ot0y ipamt of Das boy (LIA, 
; ta dited 
Ae AOR LP Od Porc oly A we foat. Katong fet treet Poeocediae te EK Méat— y 
Arne, Orel Porvcdat, ty lh My. Lglle. Serus an, Lorre | 
Vee | ae ein Pe nay 
: 540 ad a Ca scibias hoes fam ganotl ipelan ola ok, aac, Ra A ee 
HCH, Yas fot Berle d Lhe Problor. of ors Farcamctsacunt hapht: 
JA scsgire frp ea try Popped fo Us Dacor Te er Daisrn topes, 
Pvt le Peet LA. Le clererren Poroccls Be lipo lion ae  Ditastleee. 
: Lyjkts, Ok asia egpracrnts cs ey zag fe Ze Dora eomeloasoii feel zs 
GA pyetin, LE Ling Le anibom fin te bam Mth maby 

GH, ores Big Moen, ST 



| ho arp Dyce Lee Ss As Ds rors ONE ek ; Mh, Prevrmebeor af Loern fey 

we tatiatetn, GE. ye aan aabeeee phy ; tink Lhe ae ae 

Colne lliae fey Orin, 4 ih ban sheaioy ace Rey Cofocce ai comes. 
6f Bewrtadticann pla, Prrrute Rigid ye tpn Bs eee Base op oy. 
Alfaro, Creel On 2B ial Ciiny Lee esate aw: og Korine 

Ore Ea, pe gee gr Ee Oe . 

ibn on bacaaitet hag 0 Claomnipllion, apf thas Om abs on Bespin rp 
7 ae oh Lebel “phe heaak Hird aay tthe. Mos 
lta Poin, be x Bis: Zz 
cy, ae Corn, Cok e7, Lhe, Kore. ght, Daigo aie Hae 
oe es bike be tn, Mew rian tie, yiypes 
boy Vea grtitete, tle We 
Me Lote. 
Sep es AS bol, 

eA CaS i EAL SA RUE ia NCI ad a gh om lish do wa pedi wkd iW bo iced 

fo Nonve oo cs 
| coe way, V, Drv 
io Na, E 

oe a pra 

he Apes ised ml Li Sah tyes ig hapten GaP EA a gaa toni icin oa Si msgid) abate is wine niacely aes D gay 

po ee 5 dl FO Ses semen 9 = try 

is THE EDISON. ELecTate. tai “0,, a 
; a BnoAD armen, 

: ": Mommy Gneey, Pre LS Tee ae anc Cf ‘1980 
i 2, Mi Gatraway, V, Prin, ; f 
» Treas, 

7B, Faun, 

“ape ee vl, 

Meets veil e ssa de 
soe kes, 

CL: PEt: aie. QQ aya BE YO andar 
foie De EVEL: Lo | baie. a “ALAEA 

a fs *: gt Scan, 

teat tg ge Piven npr ode. Le 

he L. ne Sey nie ee Chin pee: 
oy on His cee ines vigurig: ; “gf : 

AY sig 

cd nee the tea de SS 5 

= pong a ake as ares ee aay te, ge 
Bend ie PEO VICE aS, SUI ads, pevisitle, 

ve ey Ahad gecte, ac Satis ficlibiy rr 
bs Zh te, Gnicwbive: Coprvrutlea- Carol by él 
Be forederlect, wae ie aieivg Ces ti prrcbbecl, 
Dy a een es! Beare. Beores ee 

T GO., 



egy ntact mie 


¥, Bre 


Nonvix Guxen, 
M. Gatiaway, 



Se a Bes Sh, Pate ga a et NA i 


ni : £ : 
Errors oan bo alnat only by back to tho sending station for comparison, 
th apa creat old Hteclt latte tee erretc or ne ee a delivery of arepoated 

thew Hicssago {4 an nee and is delivered by. Fequost of the sender, undor 
Rk. Beo'y, 







| reo fay 

Fb ctgoel 

tes pe oe gs ; 
Whig Awe Ei ae 

Ze ge ese 
sate ha 

a dsc at yrar ts : ao ‘ . 
iG ayn. ie oa Cone “nai ee dae a 8. weed a 

We Godel 

1880. Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Ltd. (D-80-024) 

This folder contains correspondence, articles of incorporation, and other 
documents relating to the establishment of the Edison Electric Light Company of 
Europe, Ltd. Formally incorporated in New York in 1880, the company held contro! 
of Edison's electric light patents in all the countries of Europe except for the 
United Kingdom. Related material can be found in D-80-026 (Electric Light - 

All the documents have been filmed except for duplicate copies of 

Sinte of Hew Lark, 

| —— Gt-10 
At is hereby Qertified that an congenial conlificate ow 

the formation of a corporation tn the clade p- wae anda... 

tebelily conponvattons, under the corporate name pf _ 

Nak pled on the office of the Seovetany of Stale, 
eerler Chapter 644, Laws of 4875, entitled “Ln act 

to proude lor the organization and vequlation of certain 
ou We A | 

Cusinedss comporaltord, 9? O70 CLE Meh CALE Nem ae 

—— 1880 and that the follouling 
ca a true and cormect copy pf sata onegunan conty sabe 
[the dane haning been compared uth dad onegenat) 

and gf the whole thereof. 

ie a se 
Stat of Meus dirk, 

ye 2 ; i cs 
Culy aud County of Nu Vor) — i 
| Ay Sanwa 16 (@auren aw 
[.celigor! aud pussaink of Irvingley oh Khe 

| Sae of Mowers, Nobint K Ouctling | 

| Mrberk g © ulluly Sanur » dud Wallin %. 
Outling, who ww Owtally Steoidwl aud 
i ahs mt of (hv utiy ok Mua Yord) im thy Salo 
| Macdorks aud Stretton 2 Cheeffens 
| a eileen! ual ttot tn of Mints Ste! “an 

Me 5 lat Of niw-$ vrocy: Co Yerehy Contig 
| ) 

[Phat LU Wir woe) ve Yornv see orberaition 
funded Sy vereveviene Of ani Lok of Khe 
Lugia! alii 0K Kae Plate rg Aa Gort, / 

| biticted “Ow cof hb brovie for thes 
| wo alin Cd (tg ulation af Gerla 
‘OTL Yon Lr fest alse “ Unaud une 27; 
878, Qued thy él adailirnul Shout — 
aut ann cdalery Kou fs OUON Lar prrétun 
vi hua Se pla of Omit Ai abelilip 
Companies Yortrridd~ for by Ha thuiliy thed 
Grelum af-var wer OF Jur 24 1775 aud 
Aeerrdtong by, un una Leary OR ANS. 
provtowne bferw acd cov clo ferelh. best 
ft) 08. Spthory , to wotts | = 
_ AP yjati Phe.g ars OF LR Yornb rd! 


ea a 5 ire do" "My en Eerie) 
Sug Ab Crmbrmy tf Suxepe! Samiti 

bcend } dtu aby colo tft propped! 
luvprra. lr dud thy ralwu rf lo Cetamuod 
tty by Jeopeetirdy SA A cereciauny) ; 
bs Aeraling , dillerg cra Leaeneyy dy Luvs 
lof wuevlione aud abpanatun for jrocucing.| | 
Lg Me feat or (pri by clechecouly , cued 
Sy oltina Patenk nf Cectopran! Girintiiew: She 
for y, dud hhy dong ef vlceh eur Cusirwag 
Wo bo incidental Shy aby Cele lind Betouruas 

ee ee os 
ud Hy. lrcatily og Mey Feenwoe Of gl, | 

iy prvpre.e Ceprietel La fi th v Chuefly 
at Ahy uly rf d Lud York, Le Khe Sale | 
L nf Meurer, uk reloo. 11) Beceas Crumbiraco | nee 
Of Curtofae te) 2)7they ty TULL VY for 
Hf Lely Mu o brecl. “afaorr dat oy Aany of 
es mn 
= Seng She Laptal Slock Kf Yh Garo= | 
Hc lorye ere rs ly he) Care prretligr 
oe. oo a 
SI runth,, Shy. Tuvatiercf-o Karus of. 

ohh DAN apctal OME, do Te Cnasek 

es LhbN. ay lucalign DRARS. irda 
havin af fcee Of Mw oropoad Crrfooreiter, : 

bo Gish um. Mal Clty af Tew Gork) tn Hel q 
(O20 og Vas dle, aed 

| 0 & lu Movil Vee oe thy par vate 
re one one Rumead Qouart Lakh. =|. 

VE a er RS see ae satsls 

: eS ey ee we 
iat Lk), Do location Ak SAY Lbntinepal 

| Fue vac of fect OK Ks (bre osid Grpreraten 
bo de dy un PAu Ck af “Pew York) int So) 

| | os Malt of Flew MN rrkh 

| Oth Shy nips ef Shey pr0= . 
[yoroed , Crrbaralirn) oo i ky F401 Years. Lf ) 
| or LU MUD orheecnk wwe Aad § /ureel 
| Oth rur hauclo ak phy bly of nee! 

[Phi maaelecnth) Many fc anuaoey “nN He 
yea /§ 90, 

rare AL Curie 
Mi) & ¢ a 

| : . me — 

| | ; — Erenttey K Shui Lu ffen. 

On jhe ill aay of Soruniy | 
wm A hy plod /8 60, befor AIUS Cecurmually Gru 
Qaontv.S A. antins WK Ouutleug Oe. en 
Outline yn aut mm KR Culling, Sd wr 
devially Gburornatly Waanra aut arm. 
MF pw li hu the dam’ Wewrw eoviked 

in Quad tors wosculid Ay Sorsgeneg Crdcrnneens 
an Muy Owveralty aero figped bau tha 

USS, atdeshatn’ 

soning aN A RS ae 

r Fae oe nat eet ce tnt i erent creme ones te gam set 

Mey le culid ; Ake fore rau Lresbiirquny F ‘ ; | 
ws or hy “bruirpovoee MMarwen ap enilirnel, aed 
MMs Sait Janu Nautir RK Cutlixg, : 
AK Cuthisg Sr dud OPK (Creede / Gtung : 
by iu Plverally Lily Our , Cd ever | 


for Verret? deprs and bay Med arrhd 
ome af vig ning hy forcqoong / Cortifeoale 

Yiwas and Por jw ow Mlgon! ited /La= | 

“tilunk of Av tate tk Pew Gort, 
| Naurdoeph oer | 
Saal . | Volavy (ruber v | 

! : VU. Co, 

Stale n Mawr) a 7 7 | 
_— | Oty Cowritiy ff Vioussth } ae . af 
: eee er), /7. rll Gig yofporuany 

| ) hy ya 16 80, Lifer’ DW Goueun ally Apopia | 
po Sictlen & Ohuffen ub an. Sonora ally. Are bus, 
Numnil mw b by thy wndivitual dered 
7 iv land who bocewid fA forsqoug envTrvemee 
dud. aennrrteclged Kat Ru woeediid Miva : 
: for My Ws au Pounpiiaee Mun Dwiliowpo 2 | 

Aud it is further heretry Certified, rat upon the pling of : 

sae said Corti ficate, of which the foregoing is a, true and correct copy, on th 
Le BOY Of eal MMMM hc AMA nn 1880, as aforesaid, a, license 

eT it j is : furtlrer Trevelry r “Cextifie od, That upon the filing of 

said Certificate, _ which the foregoing is a. true and correct en UY, Om an - 

persons named in and who made and uohnoveledized said certificate, 
empowering them as commissioners, to open books for subscriptions to the 
Capital Stock of said proposed corporation, at such times and pluces as they 
might deternrine. 

wd_a verified record of the proceeding gs of said commissioners, having 
this. of XK O4AL Unum LB8O. been filed in the office 
of the Secretary of State, containing a copy of the subscription list to the 
Capital Stock of said proposed corporation, together with a copy of the 
By es jor said pr epee lc ae oe by the subscribers to said 

_dlivastors 4 

(being the number pronase i in Ws said By-Laws of said proposed cor- 
poration) were also chosen, whose names as further appears from said 
eerued, record of. proceedings, filed as aforesaid, are as follows, to wit: 

ez ye lox ihe 

| Bow, Shevefore, I,. Gia ZAAVA @) ) kre d. Ll scoretar y fof State, 

go Jereby certify t i sae cor 

w Ooclvoon/©. 

is fully organized in accordan 

oration, to wié :... > 
apter 611, Laws of 1876 ; 

and that, gl the provisions of said act have been duly observed 1 in the 
or. ganization of said corporation as herein above set forth. 

e¢ with said act, ch 

Witness, my hand and the seal of office of the 
Secretary of State, ut the City of Albany, this 

: - Mfrty~. Heceetary of State. ; 
: PLP aad reerrdel hiv 22, IBS aud agacer mths hy regen 

narid Chunuuthe ty ame, Comer 2. bored _ ft 

Sb ihi nia Ui si Cals 

State of Hew York bane 


VS have comrftared tha ales ay of Cor eleficats of aSucorfioration i 

auth the tccord thereof, temarneng cn thes in cn Boot entitled “~Zibccotd of 
. ‘ Incortfroratians,”? necrnabor LY 6 a oe PA te otoby elif the eo 

ee ape ee 

i : dave & te a cotter’ hansoreprl a ae and of th ee auhe ale oo Ss 
eS “ N4 

} y 1 

} : i 
1 7 e i 
an ; wey i 
H H Pa Res ne) ; ot 
; Secratary of State. . 
‘ : 7 


‘Thie Com; TRANSMITS and DELIVERS mess; 3} lablitty, which ha: 
Leas empany a. Aander of he lowing imueer Messages only on conditions, imiting Hts t 7, vo 
inet only by re 

Errore cen be guarded ipeating a meseaxe beck to the pending tation for comparison, and the Com- 
ill not bold Itself lable for errors or delava tn tranetiseion or fellvary of larepoated Mos.agen. 
WwW . Treltesase lean UNREPEATED MESUAGE and (a delivered by request of tbe sender under tbe conditions 
YY % named 

or | 
PyOches ance ptoe: 
k ; 
FE : 


rapes il a aaa me, OO 

Menlo Park, N. 1 Paeet tei | 

T. A. EDISON, — 

Wrtling mrt Anant . ; | : : Pra d wutte , 
& edi, Gan Devin aoesod of ae . to ' is 
_ hehe Miowg OMe (5 Ce Osu Can "ie Ue: eae ‘ 
ibe wii) ij ae we Miho fa licgli 

ane te 
oe eC hs AEG A. aye WM: 

[ts ie ble practi 

feat ee ee 

OB futhe aeigeke. Pr a 

‘A peeking of the oubgerive 

mt th ead Got 


mn Wleetraa bairpht Cor pany of Birpope, bab tbat, 

wWhtlo byte dot tha Sobpany? a ofPie , ah lo.. 

ah doclalesk Pe P.ecftr Lna adeption ef Bv-luns fop said co poe yile 
LLON, and the Hleetion of Dirsetors thoraof. 

poere York, Aeeombor da, 13. depos Uy Panker, 

3 : be eels yk men Robert Tl. Uutiine, : 

or aa Sig!) of Gy ad —  fobort fe. Suttang, Ins 

2 i 
ag ue Bae, io te BH Walter Ge Sutting, ae 
ane ea 
of tad rar cer er * ” ool 
‘ : oteckion he GeiPtip, 27, x 


oni gloat pss. 
4 a 
Thopag Ae THasen, hupbo Pari, Te Je. coy, 

mamoy Ue Thanteor, Trevdne ton, te” Ve 

heekton te Griffins Penlo Park, Ne» J. 


Chandos Pataheioer, Fanle 

“Ve the Sutting, Dai UVitth dves, fe Yo. 

F oy ge wore vm eae ty ate te Ni 
We Sanortan, (25 cash ath bes 

cis £8 a Buta & WO, Yh. 
. doh. Forter, ad WFC, 3 dae OOO Mt. Go CHC, 
Grosvenor B Lowrey. 

ie Geo,Wales Soren, . a : : Pe Me 
Gace niucls Sisie So Nt “ ee W a al td al. D>: 
, 17 snd. 4. tod York. 

Geo, 5. Hamlin, : a lye? 
P.0.Box 1836, ea ae Lh 22, phe. 

Win. L.Porter, 

"h ipa aim, : ce oe # aps Ahr” i 

a Hae y one Par. we one ty “7 

eae 4 | Rcheol ae Be - Vueibiacn far Oca tees: 
, Che fuer Serie: e lg ptt ine Cel 

Vout ar eer “Dah — Abele CLAS 
keen Ao ae 

ns ea We Ag ori ? Se a 
vos aS Art fron fr wae By fio eaa™ 

New York, December 27th 1880, 

A meeting of Pee Directors. of The Edison | 
 Elestric hight Company of Europe, Limited, wild be held at the | 
office of the vompe ny at No oe Vattee Street in the City of 
-New York, on the 29th day of pecenuer instant, at 1 of clock P, Me. 

: By order of one: President, 
A Stockton L. Griffin, — 



Web ihetied ta diadal wastes cede, 

forter. ae . bi Oh, fo lotr’ v4 Pia y AY Ge: 
BLowrey a 
i a7 rnp WT nll Lin oe 

F Bend “Cc, 
Wit. L.Vorter, ee Fy a. 3: “het De AMO Ahi 
oe i 5 . i 

P.0. Box 1836. a aa eS 

wee. eae, pore 

Asef Aisrecrns @ Begereera Hreweci — ar 

| Jutact, Pen flor frre te deape: ape 
Lag tie <Phect. tree oS 

Pi God, Becemter 30 Mia 

the Cowteg f jae Z 
ss Sas tae, 
ane aaly pom ionrs 

gi eeitewt 

eo ome ey 

deedcrtibes few. anu. tusgiet dla Melee, PO oe = 

Caftitiale tick. L" fee: Otter Cec beieuls Carafes a | 
hfe, i tat a a 
Ln fallniang, 

bil oo. ee 
OO the Onlitae Koc fe 4 

| he. Celewin Ce Clits gh Brean if Gage dante! a 

, «3 

Patter, & ee eA 
soln K. Porter, ’ st, 20 on. eagey. OCON ye Odi 

Grosvenor B Lowrey, 
!. Geo.Wales Soren. ie ps 
a f 
Chae Bes Mintle WOO ype “ ES va el Law 
Geo. §. Hamlin 

Woletorter, ‘ ie ar Broad SP tego Chit: 

P. 0. Box 1836. a ZB, o. 

Brn Rae as tee iss - renee +. 2 

Je LE Xipiel CB 
J Avge A. 

Bar cafe CREO v eteen Go 

oe boar 

: : ie J 

fe tees) “ae 


(D-80-025) [number not used] 

1880. Electric Light - Foreign (D-80-026) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
establishment of electric lighting systems in foreign countries. Much of the 
material pertains to an agreement between Edison and Ernest Biedermann 
regarding the electric light in Switzerland, 

All the documents have been filmed except for duplicate copies of 

Gp oe cy! Gr, 
sbohn K,Vorter. . Loaiix: Lovey, . eae v aA V0 100%: 

Grosvennr 2 Lowrey, 

Sie ata : Cp? a Cs" 
Gea. Wales Soren. ay yy ua GD ies ny es ee 
ol aL OL ei ys | Ccenallerts al Lett 
Geo. $. Hanlin, 4 5 
Wau L.Porter, ly Drea Ln, Ne. Chive 
PC 0. Box 1836. Jans 2 18804 GAR 

My dear Edison? 

I should think you yeutd be honed worn ‘outs The 

"eg t= 

tice’ invougn the | gapera thaty ‘after: 8 ‘cortaiin date, yeu wild net. 

receive any" here visitors atid yot have ‘sompiotea « a érentse at 

ber’ ef dampae Pe 

* ? 

BN have somathise to say ‘to you which I presume yom wit 
mot engele it necessary ‘té mention te Banker er Piskase I was 
visited tomday by 6 gentleman whe. is in iiitiinate relations with 
sone be. ‘the not iio wean finn oiaa people in Gsitidnye ‘He bas 
, Feogived fave dsiapa toh within ite last fow days ia Feepecs _ 
the Blecttie bight ain that Seunkiys t explain ed to hime as well 
as I conlkdy. the situation of the ‘titlony ane an the course of my 

; retiarig, said that” you. ‘probably would be willingy considering how 
rae vay ¢ this baiting wobka bee. ‘t6 sell sdme our” of: your doter- 
est in the papenta in darmiay, or in the compaity which is organi 

ed for thege continental, ‘compandese: Indeod;. I suggest od chats 

powuaity, if a. 2 sufficiently Maberai offer were mades. you would ‘be 

ohn K. Porter. , ’ BD le Migs Thy ee ee LA on ae 

Grosvenor Tt Lawrey. 
Te Mev ” “ he WU Wd Mera att Leute 
Cha? Hrane(s Stone, 

Geo. S.Mamdin. 

Wan J. Porter, , \,, rie wd Se slog Bee i 

P, 0. Box 1836. 3 we! 

willing to part with the whales, as you would have remaining your 
mpcerest in thie. hemispheres as well as in Boglands NorTeys Sweden 
Indias Borthgely. Austral ine, Boag and as you have partners in all 
iugue: ‘other eomtriciy, ghose skill ‘capacities ‘and connections you 
have don fidence ing. at would cost you né labor to hold ‘on to your 
interest theres iy ivena seoted wery mu eh struck wai th the 
adeg of buying out your 20~60 in ‘Banker’ 8 company + I did not 

‘ “eos 

pursue the conversa tiny because I was not at liberty to 8 80 unr 


ta r should have ‘written to yeae: bat af you tool disposedy i t wild 

sound this matter further and see. what can be don es The tame 

Ae net fully ripe yots init. E think I could get you a very large 

su Le “mobey for your halts ae I do net see that this in any 

way affects. the dn terest of your assdeia tsa, I r bee bceaid you wit 

not” metic 48 ‘te any ones 
- told ‘sérreid today ‘te ‘prepare agsignnente or Lisenass 
for oa” for aia the. patenting. #043 to have them ready ste be sieey 

ye Od by yous~ This ought to be cn before ‘you: theater the rate 

entes : i explained , the wtipne tater: to Bankers: and fhe said ent 

Hp SY, | | 
stoi K.Dorter. . Ditton, Loniry, he ‘AC. Ye . Ve 

Grosvenor I Lowrey, 

Geo. Wales Soren, 
‘Puieierioaane Mi de ie “ LAER td Ml. Satis 
Geo. S.Mamtin, 
War L.Porter, . is 1 Br ad « M.. liye Yorke 
P.( 0. ‘ 
a Box 183 36. . s Js’. 

ag goon as the company was omganizedy he would as. President of 

- a a 

the. compaiiys mke the sasignmente aceording to your waalioee Mr, 

a re 

meverne has always men tioned porte Rico in sonnection with Outing 
but. I think I werér mea toned it to yOtue I do not know wiicthen 
we could & that or note . 
You ean speale to me abéut the other hypsinesd when I see 
yous whien wii be sometime next weeks PS not you feet that you 
would Like to take @ rest ang come up to “naiy town again? | Whigt 
do you, aa Mrse Raison aay te eoning up next Sabardeyt x 9 r would 
like to have’ you answer this part ‘of the Letters , 

I have, Béen antherized ia the Eleétrie hight Fompary 

torday- “$3 tak a. contract with Mr - Wilpers and have se in ve red : 

we, . 


Yeu ra truly ° 

TH AS Ediweny Beas 

Grosvenur Lt Lowrey, 

a } 
| Jolin K.Horter. Sealer: eed Lowrey. a hi Me, Voor 

Gea, Wiles Soren -_fberneys 4,‘ Cried Mer Yd A att: 
Chit Francis Stone, 7 

Geo. 8. Namin. 

Wa L.vorler. Ne Lipid Yee deve Yooh 
P0. Box 1836. 4 

2 747 A’. 

be, Pe Sa Fabbri & Chauncey wish to knew if the Ore Milling 

business ‘fer sevith ‘America ais open to be negotiated fore tf at 

oe tee” me deal with them for yous they aay that an Chali there 

nénes and they de not eaderataad the nat tore : 



Thin Ce abr ERANSAITS and de dtd meenages only on conditions, lmillug its tHability, which have 
been asses in "a fies wate ef 5 wing 
‘Errai backs fo the sending etatian 8, for compat arigon, and the Com- 

pat Mee neat ei ial fa ie nine iby pratinns iran mie inn or delivery of Uaropoa: ated re name 
i ine eral UNREDEATED ee ie dell fered by requestor the aeniver, tindel the conditions 


. Revsived ¢ aa ew : 


li - 
- i 


De Re ed eee La 


“Enh. Cex afof? b-porel te i out 

—, . re ae 
CAL R999 Cee yen CE is, 

Corfe shag we Cote, nated 4 Fe 
: C 


Dt orth & me ern Ge 
: b oe aa Gale gi te : 
Cole 2k O€ EV aad ol Bob SL ew 
pee Ole Pp xlot ss Mo 
Lesbabity, fe I: pret oO : ia 



fe 3 


; oF 4 
aa a ! 
Meal Vere 


Kesey dechise Vurbund 

ea if. Ad Ci be ee Brut “ed 
f Oe jen. . ‘ 

“fren F vol Ca. bes, vee . 

Je. pale nis we ae ~~ am 

J Va at at pe: 

"Pang Me "Side ; 
YY Rebels weet C ‘ad’ Comes Gel, 

Cp farctine CO on ms: ie, 
\ Baas tert + Ceeuauy 


iv) aa’ awe Ct | 
bes | 

iii at BSA ws Sd a Ln ion sn ah Sone a none, a ma ebeet rasan b gat 

Blank No, 1. 


‘This Company TRANSMITS and FRR IVENS ‘messages cooly on conditions, limiting tts Madiiity, which bave 
been yp eerpoed to reat Be 

area agaloe when by rep tts back to the sending atatlon fo tron and the Oo 
rded ag repeating a message back to the ven: tatlon for somparteon, t= 
Pei Tact be id seit ble for roar aa 1h traustolasion or delivery ot Ulan repent 

PEATEO MESDAC! and (a de! dniveed byron of the sen 

| A, R. BREWER, Seo’y, 




VERS micssazes oaly on conditions, Halting Ita Iabillty, which have 
deen asoented to by the sender of tbe following meseage, ge. Sey Sm Soneen ees Halling: i 
Brrore nly by repeat 

cal against of £8 messare back to the hater atation,for comparison, aud the Com. 

Pauy will wat hold itself liable for errors or delays in transmission or delivery of Unre: jou pee: Ye, 
oe lean UNRERPEATED MESMAGE and Ia delltered . 

named above, 



‘Thle Compan; TRANSMITS ond DELIVERS Toecasages: enlyon Conditions, tmiting tts dadtitty, which have 
been sssented to 2 7 

(he sander of the following messanee 
Errore can ba gnarded agalost ouly by raclavain a esenete back to the sending atation for compariron, and the Com- 
Pan ul Dat hold itealfitable for errors ardeieak Sranstaleston or dalivary of Umrepomeoed Montagon, 
named above, 1402 UNREPEATED MESUAGE ea ered by rogaven dt ane sander under the conditions 
aed Fy 
: A. R. BREWER, Beo’y, WILLIAM ORTON, Prost. 







ener pal 

a A me ae 
: cle Biedermann negeRafeons 
i Mhnwugh Oxere? Morgan Que) 

' Company hore, Comm ot—epart__ 
bean yale af ring 

0 be guarded agaloet onty by repeating a mesasce 

> f; 


S Q < 


wht Aes Ke 
| ~ Commof 




\ 1 j 
a eae G 
: bs Menlo Park, Ne es Bate 1850 
roa ie : \ . al aa | 

ne , 
ee rll a ve os Au Coe ee ae 

ODA ye iS Fg toa ee 

J -?> 

[Oe . ve wnt Atfers mo) al, ke 

/ / gh ee tla om ; “te they Get 

Ve oe PO aR LeQeIA = a Gee et pg. eats 

a ahi C4 rufs-2 BED 
ee el ee Cid: ee eee anes 

. ar ca lt EN, 
ey a ee 
on wae $f AAD. 

Cae Monte 1 4) Sey 9 


whles nave: 

AVEMNGS messages onty on conditions, Nmiting Ita 

Hagerman, FS 7 

T. A. EDISON, | ae 7 . 

| Garin 
: Seve G one | 

a Nt papa 

‘Blank No, 1. 


‘Thi MITS and DELIVERS ma 1, ditlons, miting its Iabiitty, which have © 
been divin aby aera je eender mebeaig spell Dg message, esieees caly on conditions, Halting | Be 

can be guarded agaion peating a message back vending etstion fy 
pan; wll t tae bald if Siete ey rere, rae ela ath te eae g8 OF dale 1 Une y 

PEATED MESUAGE flay ot Ug of the Biter ui 

CE 6 2h, 
ss 2 - aor 




* a9 e8 

».T. A. EDISON: |, | 
an age NY 


‘This Company TRANSMITS and DELAVEMNS meeeages culy on conditions, imiting ite ability, which bave 
been reenter z the ae eanter pita rete e Bg toes 
only by ry peating s @ back to the je nending a atation for comparlron, and the Com 
meh bel tani tle stor ‘Srdvier ait trauemission oF 4 jalive very of jarey: ated Measngeae 
Ee PEARED mE MAGE and ta deilvered by request 0 oe der the conditions 

LIAM ORTON, Pres't. 



ce 8 

4 Pp 




ee . alla Muminazione.publica... 

el Palaaié’ Madama’ oprogaudo all vege. 
‘tatporre i suioi bon egando all'uopo.. } 
inpaua fae: ab per 

« 22 Dopo: questa iil 

8.8. Ve Ttaa dine; 
ttenera.dalclt. Demanio gee 


“Veatione dell’applicaziong della ‘luce elettrion  all'llunii- a ag po: q' inisiavioniepreliestnave sgktcaesui, 
La‘qucatone dell'applisazions delle ‘I Villani , Pplantare stabilmente a ‘Torino; ‘nel corso dallstae aces 1880, 
dalla piazza Vittorio 
Castello, par-via Roma, a phase 

i nf spore imendo Jo lanterne a gaz, 

ions: publica “di alcune'-vie ‘di Torino ;~ é posta -formalmente fac} i “nel corso < 
aul tappeto, in seguito: alle’ domande: regentatd~ al: nostro’ Ma" Basnoae cat pau pablico e@ privato, 
| nicipiodai rappresentanti in: Italia ‘della Societd Jablochkoff in- Carlo Felice, y piazza, 
‘| ‘anione‘alln Societd; Torinese.: ae ee : 
' "Noi non discutiamo del merito. dell’applicazione della: luce’ 
‘elettrica alla publica illuminazione, poiché meglio di’ qualsiasi 
ragionamento valgono i risultati degli-esperimenti: - : e 
Oca'si tratta appunto di esperimentare ia siti'aperti-e'publici 
‘Ja Ince elottrice, sistema, Jablochkoff, ed a-tale scopo mira la 
domanda’ presontats al Municipio di Torino... 

8colla retribuzions 

|' “Tari peré’d abbiamo ricovato dai rappresentanti della Societd ae rpaniico-diuanto pei, privat 
la soguente lettera : ; ee eae 

a Signor Direttore —Per norma de’ -suoi: lettori ci facciamo 
-wn dovere di comunicarle la copie esatta della proposta pre- 
sontata al siguor Sindaco di Torino il. 2-corrents :e la copia. di 
una seconia: nots. presontata questa mattina, relativa alla notizia 
della supposta ecoperts di Elson... ; ; _ 

« Noli'nteresse della ‘verit& sarebbe-conveniente che il publico: 
potessa .conoscera Ia detta proposte per’ summa capita. « 

« looltra per edifizazione del publico sarebbo pure conveniente 
fae conoscera Vestratto- d'une bara Snel Pia (a Parigh 

j i pienissi de: e@ le confidiamo origi 

ie persina degan di pln le . favageVane: ele Genie: v 
' Torino, 10 gennaio. : : 
% : Tog. Imperatori e Muller. » 
NV. B. —~ (Estratto) « Paris, 8 janvier 1880 —..... Ov voici Ia 
« verité. Exison n’a rien inventé du tout, C'est un coup de B ourag - 
«monté par Porivier du Fizaro et un banquier ‘juif d'ici: 
« M. Van-Bill; jls ont voulu inaugurer une seconde ciition du 
« coup d'vctabre 78, et ils'sa sont trompés, non seulement, mais 
ale Syadicat.des agents .de change: lour; fait.:mé ne .un..bon 
«.procés pour fausse nouvelle; car tout diait.faux jusqo’d la 
re dopé 2 poo ; : 


I: proponentir no i \ 
p m avendo ricevuta alcuna yi i 

p enti'non ay isposta JSin=; 
nines ei ritreeeeert en seoonda lettora: in ou ai icitata seit 

3 i8 risposts, @ su i 3 
accattata ls ipresentata ipropaute. 5 birea = oe aig 
eee I ‘Proponenti~ripatono nella loro Menioria =: 
: 7 «Chor espoituenturuuliecostanto-al 

rocurandogli invecs nel 

O. pratis: 
ritto. del 

F.. I puntiprincipsli-della .domanda presontata al Sindaco.diTv-. 
rino il 2° corrente. sono i seguenti :, ; 
+e, Un grappo di personevautorevoli,: appartenenti all’alto’ ceto . 
torinese della Banca, ha deciso csstituirsi; in Comitato promotore. 
‘d’'una Societd, allo. scopo. diapplicare:in Italia, illuminszione elet- 
trica publica ¢ privata, col sistema privilegiato Jablochkoff. . 
; « Questo sistema 6 gid attivato in modo permanente:.a Pa-) 
-rigi in 29 localita.—, nella. provincie 33 localith — 
nelle. principali, cit. d’ localita.... in wee 
: «A. Londra dopo :un anno di, prova,. por conto .del Municipic,; fs? 
il. sistema: Jablochicoff.6. stato, adottato<cffivialmente:e definitiva-: fre 
mente.per tutta 1a lineaidella. Metropolitan. ... - . 
:« Liapplicazione: di.questo. sistema idunque 6: un fattoicom. | 15 
pinta, eb we ee te ee eee es. ed 
+: «Si chieda ss..." Me A oe ee 
. .>., «1° Di collocare.dieci.o dodici fanali..elettrici in-. Piazza, BSd 
Castello, poi giorni;di Carnevale, :di varia intensitd luminosa +3 
ciod eguali a 40, 2 20,.0 0:10 fiammo a.gaz,-situando, provvl- pe 
soriamente le macchine. motrici’ ed elettrodinamiche. nel .foasato “G3 

sténdo. nellaldm<-} 





Btenost HAID, MULLER a 6.8 



ag eeme = er ee sc 

~ rate Company TRANSHITS and DELIVENS messages ooly on condlll tog ite Habltlty, which hav, 
bean assented to by tbe aender of the Following ee ely 8. Senaltlenas eattog fe * 


RO : 
wl Speen 
- “ a 
(eo) , fe ane 
= 7 
a ‘ 
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lod ayeinat only by repeating s messaxe back to the gendiog statlon for eompasteon, and the Com- 
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UNREPEATED MESNAGE end {s delivered by request of the sender under the conditions 

A. R, BREWER, Seo'y. ZO wea ORTON, Pres't, 

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peng will uot bold ited! 

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] Soper 


‘Thle Company TRANSMITS and DELIVERS mess tag hich 
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bade Ape bold Ttoatt table for errors or. delave in transmission or dees rare Faucyemted Mosvagens ne 

a Khon UNREP RATED MESUAGE and is detivered by Tequvst of the sender under the conditions 

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oop. A, EDISON. 

ie EO Mibicies Rote. 

; : 

Menlo Park, n agp De se 

coe 7 Re ee 



“Menlo Park, NM hte tctiay Sac Ail em 

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a WAMU C. “ae bu Compunyed rmited) 

an reese SE 
Direzione Generale ee at : 
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_ ; G Sunil in. = z BORATELA Au2uno, BoRELLo TANA: Monte Acuzzo, Monte Copnuzzo 
; meteae a tome NF ‘ oe) San ROMANO, CAI GuIn0, CA Bt CASTELLO, CAMPITELLO ; 
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IN MONA LL. M9. Jenuany.  ASBO.. 
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. / oom Edison | : 7 : 
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feusteirr tis _ 
which gaue bith & to many Semarkatle “Uvenkind, and am cornered eed by hee acd Ay, 
tin J your tatest dacovery of elects dighteng , that yore haar toler) ein grearr 
gutetion , v ule eemplese And reer practical INCU + ; 
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mint ama /acple at gue time, Ana Raa wecscyed there, Ue tsahneh? wacko . 
an f Qn a tevil and indeed ng regen eer by Popes 

AM am Kile form any , Gut rather xtnsrvel, Krururrn £4 a prdfers’ ‘mal 
man ta England, Seay froty —_ od 
. J am momagivy Or sector Sf a Carpe Pniudug 

Comperouy (wa , Cegenra Sulyrhur Company } buf Wes accaupals feares 
me tina for cthcer fetdtle . 

ny objeie it 0 obtain from yf the privclpe) | 
Gf representing yor x ome GD The ‘hte OpuerTiin ( Sagland, Fransce ov Phaly J, 
br cin alt hree, alent, oe furutly with other ftrernt mpeg ing por corpidiwct, 

: I haw no doubt, het 0 , ett fein | 

: “econtty Co -opthate & sifam te guatesr porsibl frrauciel aud frac’ hl : 


sesutl pom jour elhechi'e bight coy ; your Log tap ley lelegraph F for? 
Parade packure ck -- ZZ auy one, or all Uhhee of The abr cnt & 

DD Supe. 


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| NLtk ond, — Ao , & [eae : 
ath tw hots Phen, tix ¢ 

. You arth be cutting ts. Cou eete 



"80 Nassau Street, Room 24, 

a: Wem 
New York, ore py BLEE Rt hes BL... MAGN sseee 


TG Eetiven, Go 
Wants Vins, Af 

. by ESO 
Cece ee Ne 

(aeak Lo oige fess 006 rer bia 

Cpe! . = Se 
: MAb S Giged C 

20 (To en ee. eee Peo ee 
oa jplrice Reply at on 
Dt Ch eee 

2 Gis: 
ang (tenth 

|... PvA: EDISON, , 

; _ oe N. J, ty _.. L880, 
(GB Be 

| eens 
Have Done <a era stn, Seas 

aera ar tae ee jae cg re ne Bh A 3 _ 

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Le peclee hen eee cote atpeens tb beg Ge pera 

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we orvgeewete TD weke Pett, 


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Mew lenaeg 

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Fao will pnprodued fo yon! 
M? eta Waugh of Bhadferd oe pwlerat! 
behalf S tas bows aclteed ty writ! we 
kA dt ai ake ila ede Scadime’ Anca: a 
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— | : Ap rathbrds, ny. £9 £80 

We baw duly peste you tebe of Mu! 
Df E wnot and enclawned fr whith we aw obluged and/ 
whey phall bye pubuupied po fhe Cuutle wv de tow, 

Edun wend Ulectuc hight 

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eblige WE Wiacigld dat Haid ated pee? = 
shall pega pt aloo wo w favou’ fro~ — 
tUnetlved - 

We ame , Gav’ pa 

Y cre facthfully 
Aasovve, tore, 3 Wide 

¥, New Yorks L\4 \s0 | 

A Denna ne Gees. 
. SOUS; Vase d Edrson Tint ee 
Yeo naply , Uni You Qrvve nme 

wr aAumswert 

Ay Rvoar age 

‘ ¥ 
| Ko ktSw | 
10,04 Qaw © 
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 Cebee ¢ Lae one 

| / Yess 

Cathe = by, 4 

GC anoles eniaen Be.) 

Bee sent | Ra oree| Lt Betdoorns 
Express sare areal 

; frtebleet te, pee & oi {Sosy afr 
ge Pihy fer 


ea Be eae oe 

bes ibis mile en dia ddl ienbid rea 

imuwinehonts iF, HO, on UO ee ‘ hs “ON p. Sf WO, 
Grosvenor Lt Lowrey. 
Cates Meine cyst 0C, Me isiaednige le Lt 
adler et Broad Ge lat Uorhe 

P.O. Box 1836. - ae Bere WM 


isis webu absncaiipebsp eins acte nus Rinse soe sctaas 
ati ato et a ata eee RE ET sii sia halt dana it els aetna ica caw econ uc honuide ap atlech actin giadninduieey 

Bet Fetes | | ‘ Fat Hachrd 5 Hite, 

No. 1204, 

Sih 5 Sd iE el iN tah di lassi sesh ai ols nicewia sacs bau caiinlS wus tiitg 

_ Libre "po % te shi. with 

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Yen = "18,22.. 

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Eo 58 ss EOE ee eteete— ee eee 3 rea grccsty, LC 1 QE Hee Ca 
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gee ae Gy~ Leet; i Sips - . ees. wy leh l0 red 
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Sule Com RANAMITS and eee meassges only oo conditlons, Imitiog Ite Mavtiity, which have © 

a mens emegelaan UNREPEATED MESHAGHand le ‘deltvered't by requested the nds, under ¢ the ‘conditions 

NORVIN GREEN; PRildent, ; 

Boosie gfe LTE ee 

mebsare, . 
Errors cen be guarded axatns! only’ iy by rapenina noosa back to the sending atatlon far eompartson, and the Com- 
pany will nat hold (eal Liable foe erroracy delaye in ita 7, or delivery of Unropeated Messages. 

pierre laste 
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Sue Ant inne aa el erates Auten is 

= T. A. EDISON: 
; ; ti 

Sy, | a . 
Orcien! Mente Sert t Sa cam 

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Oe ss ew Te Offre Chit 
Com Kiss a Crerdnedn; 
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Ts ‘i 20 words 



pe : eg Bel 
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or Mpeg. 
2 ore Go a a 

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S¥ Meas 

f] { yen, 
| of hak. Ue: 1880 

ye De AES. -Menlo Park, N. 
athe Vie ae 
cot a : : ou 
= (Od aon asl 
: Comp ale ei Vv Cl Gk é-0 

aus ct’ ar ang int 

Cuore ies eee Spee ; 

Senet 29: bor canter Ho 

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: G @ Fripp C G i 
Aw Caltson Selyfihione Gos bang of London ntti 
y .  Y¥e@ 3) “4 : 
Moonen Moni Che wilds A gee C 2 i 
Koon acne tes neon lbri Arve ne OS OTS: mara os ee Tea, 
: Ma 7 
MAGRNOLD WHITES nt, non. UA. | & E60 | oP he 

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lap 2220 of 

Abend, sts Q y 
. 4, sy. . 
WA Sire Cait hii A ity 

ee (Zi Akar ie 

Get tue LAF fh « & CaeneX 
Gford oa aad phe Cttire LF FOX 
Lhe CAerr aH Semen oo LM Aa 

AP LC y, “> Cy? aed Cyl, 
- the Corte: VP d« Aleflome: Comfeer a yop Londen: Dewitt, 
0 HM oraw Chermbors, a 

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’ Yor Di ge. 
ee ieee Sloe bt: 

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OF Cy FF, A LG oo 
Hh: Oxrttison,Saleflaone Cum ferry pLandotte Kioraleele 
wl Ras Tous Che wlors, ray io ay Ney CY 
Rooma NMS. Wo, LD pine bie Tie EC! 


ee Ae lef tlea OU oN A as oS ip “ih eased 
Means ae rin Mian lot bats, 
GRETARY. MEL Dura Bie Has Sher Pu ADC 

ey ae eS Ne ef 
Zs PA ey et a a ~“Milere paar 
one “pit raPegfect o. “ : 2 : 



Folin K. Porter, 

Morne 4 ee ¢ af - SG. : 
Paper nd OMY, oy YA SL bse 

Grosvenor B Lowrey, y t Oo yr ( ’ 
Geo. Wales Soren. teineys  Cviansllers a Law: 

Cha? Wauels Stone, Vi ; 

Geo. S.Namlin, ae , 4 Cy! 2a 
Wn. L.torter, . be LS Dread , Apa Yoh. 

erent F a 
P.0. Box 1836. ene March 25,-1880.4..-_~4). 

Nene be's Drexel, Morgan & Co. 

As I am going amay, I wish to express in writing my un. 
dens tesding of: our arteapenent with regard to ths introduction of 
Mr. Edison’s Beene inventions date Portugal, New saioaas New South 
Wales, teeheiana and Victorias 

| I Dave errenged between yeu, and Mr Edison that you shall 
beve sole Sondaet of his said hay entions in the BPO erment teed 

eounieieg, ‘eelne the same quanti ous which will be patouved in 


this country for account of the Edison Hiedenie bight compeny:s 
you ts advance all the expenses of securing such hetters Patent 
tatredacing aug: ciapoaing of the same without any claim upon Mr 
eGiaeR for such expendi ture, exsept that that may be deducted: from ; 
the proceeds of sales of Patents or other dispositions of the 

right to use gaid inventions in Baas Soya eaess The hot presence 

of ae aie or other dispositions are to belong to Nr Edison and 

yourself in the proportions of sixty five per Cent. to Mn Edison sl 

and thirty five per cents to yourselves. Of your prceportion, 

namely thirty five per cent. I am to reeeive one third. 

. - 

Pacase answer and inform me if you find the above 
statement correct and inclose duplicate original of that answer, 

that one @opy may be sent to Mn Edison for his ratification and 

approval « 

Mr. Edison waite on demand from; time to boiee cone 


vey the title to all such inventions and Letters Patent to Beis te 

Ps Fabbri and maaedey as peusueens under similar trusts to those 

already arraaned for errs Het 

Very truly yours 

Ge Pe Lowreys 

John K. Porter, 
Grosvenur 1! Lowrey. 

C/ Ce 
SY fie . Da eHey Ee v Po ois 

ahs eles ieee . Hise Creda Geir 
Chat Hrauels Stone. : ie Z 
Geo. S. Hamlin, , ) ty) a ay f 
Wan. b.Porter, . Pee, Micvad ft. + bpd. 
P.O. ox 18356. —.. March 254.1880... 45’, 

Messrs. Fabbri & Chaunceyy 

Gentl ement 
As I am going owaye I wish to a in Wee kHe my une 


dorstanding of our arrangements in Feeare to the introduction of 
Mr. Edison’s Electric Light inventions into Indias 

I have arranged between you and Mr Edison that you shall 
have sole control of his inventions relating i the use of Elec~ 
trieity for Light and power in pnaehe being the same saventions: 
MOESE will be Patented in this oberg for aecount tof the Edison 
Hiseiris Light Company} you to advanee the money required for 
Securing Letters Patent and introducing and disposing of the sane 
without any claim upon ur Edison for Such expenditures made by you 
exsept that they nay be deducted from the proceeds of peree of 
Letters Fatent or other dispositions of the right to use those inw 

= ty 

ventions in that Countrys The net proceeds of all other sales or 


dispositions are to belong to Mr Edison and OURS GLY es in the pro= 


portion of sixty five per cente to Mr Edison and thirty five’ per 

Cents to yourselves» 

Please answer and inform me if you find the above state= 

Ment Correet and inelose the duplicate original of that mOPeone 
that a Sopy my be Sone to Mr. Edison for his ratification and a 

MR Edison will, from time to timey upon denand convey 

“ -. as 

the title to all such Ecavenqeons and Letters Patent to Egisto Ps 

"Fabbri and myself, as p Eniateae under similar trusts to Enea here~ 

tofore fixed with Drexel, Morgan & Coe in respest to ereee Bré tain. 

Yours very truly 

@,. Ps Lowrey. 

ws bas tolsseititer eid 10? coerbd ai os gaoe ed You yuoo Ss ssi 
a igvotg 

woE? oF offs rod ,liiw movibT ay ~ 

i azossod bus guoisitevat tous {fs oF olsrs offs 3 
‘ ie : feet nee = —— “ RAE T Te SITS ses ie PDR aa i TEEN na epee eit 
.. Porefl ovo of cseutt asliaie robdu eeoteurT cs ,tloetts bas inddst’- 
és i * ER 
Brad Ssor) of S90gz0t mE 009 8 nenrOoY .Lexord Ne iw box kt eros 

wiles yiev erroy 


SOT te ae 


Jol Karlen, Pp py ; Dp ag Teh Yoo dap 

Grosvenor Lt Lowrey, 


ul P C oF aa C , 
Heo. Wales ere LO yeh Oe al Letty 
Chat Hrouets Stone, Vi ! 
Geo. §. Hamlin, . 5 ty? ey , 
Wa.torter, | nthe Arcad A. we lea vb, 
P.0. Box 1836. ee ne March 25,1880. -04)’ 

My dear Mr. Navarro} 

As I am about going away, I wish to express our ar= 

rangements concerning the introduction of Mr Edison’s Electric 
Light in Cubae 

I have arranged between you and Mr. fdison that you 
shall have sole control of his inventions for the Electric Light 
in “the Island of eube being the same inventions which will be 

patented in this Sous eey for account of the Edison Electric Light 

Company, and shall pay all expenses of introducing and disposing 

of ee Same in Cuba, without any claim whatever upon Mr Edison for 

contribition, except as you may realize moneys by the Bats of Pat~ 

entse The net proceeds of all aueh sales or other dispositions 

are “te belong to Mr Edison and yourgel £ in sated geoperticnas Mr 

Edison is to make or secure for you from time to time the exclu= 


Sive right to use all such inventions in Cuba by license under ‘the 
Speniah Patent or in such other way as may be Avsoveas 

Pleasa Let me know if this is correet and send me 

duplicate original that one Copy may be sent to Mr. Rdison for his 

sihaicieaies Cae Nua alesen Destin tat 

ratification and approval. 

Very truly yours 

G. Pe howrey. 

J. Fe Navarro, Esqe 

sfisvotg¢es bus obtuse ktising 


— brnsojoouclenecar ; 
: UP Lowry fern 
: fe A Onleonn.nela— 


| ob, (Uiiteway lg, 

Hl Al Vari 


Cotte pew Sipe 

a btt~ J 
—s a ae 
dinns Bret OfY 7 

mn, ota = 

sea | Coie FF, Fo 
: pi 

Che 2 
C2 1rt, 
vd bea 

Canis pogroms < let PAC £ ( 
mo dels AprekSr, AMD Ace [ps | 
Se ae fe for eae Quen fs 

dle at suta . 

4b ae Lhe! ; 

Pe lt ) vf 

Sa Ri a Nab Sag oe lS gb SRST Neg AE lic asa cars den seu at ware 

Only, v 

iin oat ts 

‘ Btanis Word. | ee ea 
bee njmeaiad te sera hestlts Ls nd tna inna massages only on comiition a, Henttho, ng Ste liabiiliy, which bave 
pany wilt mie ad only by sopeating a tonnage back 4 the earn staan, fr camperieon, ate pe 
nom Tre DUNREERATED BESRAGp and te an trcetifole e bender, Une! 

‘AR, BBEY EWER, Sep'y. 

al OU 

Received a LOK, 


pk /O 80 
 Bacderni sce NM 

| Att p35 (dowd cha teal 

Car mn‘ chhatt 7 

or e 
ne oe Be Com p~R 
eae ieee ce 

( Uf dak MEY ocriecs 

ee: “lott P 
: abLe Care Tai 


Giz Ae Ws lavas May ae as 
wei ALL AD ofpfite ctinng enctt e ate 
BE eS 

Cah Penton, 

rn orintes Cone 

( ictoe— 

bo Ollect Mitefhay CAA 


/0 WM 6 he | | 

GF Oy, GZ py Le BO pe Ge 
Aha: Cxrleson.Jdefihone Company yf Lanion.Lionltde 
stl sidititscd onan Tenitad, e, ‘ig yer) Cy : 
0 ce ae Sf, 
AAWOLO: Wine HoomaNl’ wh CD) dispppee. Mate a 



aan 5 ny p 

pt is i pee 

he Hey om | 


ie - 

Nove bCa ne) Conegencon, Or 
oe OY cm Oe Aekciening panes 

ae erie bias ke: 
eee c. ce se $3 

J, A. feliown) ss 

— Merle Fak F 
ss Mie Se , 
Ba I, 
= = : Cote: © as IA 
3am Bohn! AM, ey ae and Alfped Potten i 
ah Go ian Cok See a eee pe | Catt a 

oa thes office? {se Dac4 y Pn Av ane: iP ia ye Ken 
aie e« the et ee au Comereied te) cts eiged ines 
i q ae ran “nr, 
} eV Sam 

a ! Celyonre.. 2 , 


con ca Re Sa, aks 
TRE. | (eae 15,590)” 
Fadbdnd Dont Knes « Caut pnd pute bea 
(Bdcderursnn : Sth ig A, Fass — 
Dy wile er rare bord: : . 

e - or 


ey Menlo Park, N. Ju, 00781 

Werkung om pampfes Pean not peach 
an “ace have marked PpoRee 

fe oe Wray (oral \ IA} hey 

Blanic No, 1. 

peat te 0 
16 meessge lean UNREPEATED MEGKAGE and 1s dell id by request of th le 
named above, i ‘ . 
A, R. BREWER, Seo'y. 
— = 



. . 


‘been 9 aseen cert the pen ader otithal nil wihe reer 
ont Hither 0 tI pending. statlon for ees sod the Com- 

Bevora cai aa anal ly By repent back to the 
pat “ia tee ay ba teal iret ‘bla Tor ercore 0 delays ta Pass ont lon ye tal allvery 0! Unrapen ted Bossn, Fone condition: 

DUNREPEATED MESGAGK end le Nd Nvered Sy res nestol the sender, 

Coeur, ia Heer en, 
Cie a 

CU p_-1— 

“Ko LOE Dee ‘i fag 
ee A ae Hae Ceres ele a 
thi, cet Rhee Aafecaale { 
soldat ee day 
Kame pct ey A OL 
Tee 5 Agar defor Aor Van} 

~ | che te rare 
md O meer | 


| Menlo Park, N. Mh Is 1880. 

Bye Pre a i 


ety pce “Fewe of ie 


2 Mo 

Walt St.Comer Broad. a 
New York. : 

DREXEL & Co. ; ; 
Philadelphin. . fe) yy [/Y, “oo 
DREXELAAIIES & CO. Cow Yor (Hers SE we MS 
Paris, e aa Cs a 

Ze EA. ere 23 
a LM crO.g Lr. a 
se | 
ch Re C a 7 
» Metin Ser (Manyes KE 
tig. MO ot a ee nt CE PKED | Ott Cent ot 

3 , 
5S ie 
. gay Os tL a td, Koz Keay 5 Cott Can ge OB ctt.. 
. ae oo Se ue a; ie ; ESE 

ed ain ‘ho k ee. 
o§ he at tne. Ct Od 

wee LO CA "Cel. fe - ee A eee 
7c Aw... ee Clooicd Crk eo Cpr é ‘ 
OMY @ 



_'T. A. EDISON, 


' LSE eee Pee 
Mel . 
Name ae oe Ba 

LLOCf1 PAILS <e" as 

Oe ie 

v9 ao ¥ Paebaans 

o e 

Wall St.Corner Broad. 
New York. 

Philaetphie. 1 




far a 7 a 
Gi. PL PLOY he OVI, teat 7 See lier corbreprerveenl Glee +b’ 

v4 rerdet aie, ateoee oe CL panies creed Loerstgs dard 
a4 i 

hes Sa cama Veawceacl eet ged, KE aS weetepee CPOACEAELTHELAIY. Like 
“Korecl er certs wortcle Y Sao OC bn fate Lae ators-e dovll be ee feceterel of. 

y : . (f" ‘ Coa * . 
hes COPLC.tettt7'D) Le ne tee ttl? CONLBEE! AVC Leg  Pethacviritd aad 

am fa . hae f Se 
Wdclearrl cove tit veliesrsrerrte Leer whens Totes VAAHOD . LEASE 
Akmmemne gee Bh “cer Teveitees: Wie shng 2: ED SPO foete, ae 
ites cl col atl ave che Mes Torprtd: ells tot 

nee (74 cl ere, Bectape: A Gee eA vervl ercet CLeavTegel. he PAD OCSN 4d 

get task Yowrnal vee feartert le fre es tll ten ee frerrecere cersl ete 

: : 4, 
Sopteoler eortrebenrveril, wow Yotiuner SF OO ., 


eee cL. 

Men. wi ved ttt Gee hefecand ceo biartfed teledive seean€ corel, 
wl wets th pe > Yertleredl beet eee tty Le tee 
ecartt! Cclecore oe L Cie 2 Or, SE. oer fll fate. ( pecenbens “ee 
Yeu Peete ChLoltontYg wae Gee te Coat MGorressenceerpv tl tet | 
Le feeg ty’ Y, ledtte bbe siwsed: 5 Ht (- YL bild AeBht! Letredtoye elite’ free 

ff, . f. ff + 
be eliled SWDMABIEVES HOU ey Cee 

Secervedl flea Gosrener) Moc 7h 4 WG O 

MG a ee 
| A aan 7 ; 

tes Kee ate 

Z se he Oo ee Aan 
a Fi cee on oak 
Wor Tt Cab 

hg We. ca Cau nel De eg: oh oud Ub 
“Can dre GIL me 

pouty f Prrcaten mate. 
oe hte eld aloe : 


Menlo Park, whem 

John K.Vorter. : Loy fos, cae Vi wee LA Oe . Youu: 

Grosvenor 1? Lowrey, 
Geo. Wales Soren. 

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Wa. L.Vorter, 

P. 0.}ox 1836. oh  Ofb tr Oe. Bib 

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pt 8° BROAD STREET. : 
Nonvin Garey, Pres, * cg! oe : 
ROM. Gatrawar, V, Pres, 
»-E. P, Fapnny, Treas: 
“C, Goppand, Rect'y, 

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whigh Rave oan tend ie ox tho a ior rof tha foloring aaa Dm ok to tho sending station for comparison, 
J jc OF Ct 
~ and.the Company will not bss d tie NA Meter e for errors or delays in transm Neen or Mouivery of Warepen tod 

jearage 18 an: ED MESSAGE and js delivered 

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Ane This, mean ane I ned Y Toquest of the sender, under 
. R. BR 

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a : Geneva, tt hehe. . 1888. d 4 ~ aie FER 

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donor, LF Zan ee 1882. 


Menlo Park, No Jeyeccccc cc cue remem snr l 880, 

T. A. EDISON, @® 

Menlo Park, Ne depen enna sen LBBO, 

Bika iy We esse ani ns 8 
Up het. Gan Ly .. 28 Useke 

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T. A. EDISON, 3 

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ae) Menlo Park, Ne depos ccc e ecee ne L880, 

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‘This Company XNA! crt cnt conditions, limiting its sit 
wwhigh have been Basented No The sender of tne folowing ving mess iy 08 as ing Se Hants 

ror! ented nest o ting imeasage ack to the sending station for arison, 
and the ieee st iteel Niatte gone 8 ears in transmission or del livery of Unrepented 

ssage fs an-UNNEPEATED, MESSAGE and {s delivered by request of the scnder, under 
the gonditions named above. 

A. R. BREWER, riser Galati) NORVIN GREEN, Prasident. 
Date XO \ : 188 

Received Abrrbsharky Quad 2s 
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Silive stuk Cuntracds bigne cable 
Buku a (ae ano Ceaves prfpertamss J 
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Gent, ass a eaieiaes Cthse Potatt, date, awe! 

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the titrn of fejllion ieman a2 om 
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YH wf any pation Gf the neghte ever 

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Qlrialiy, OPE At a Pe2 aetna Gute 

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Of Foe dearer “eee te Lhe al a 
fiz aiPe, vote Mat pore I 
Heceecay be lhe Ccorernencconent of Hi Mia RATE 
Me factiic Gf the Kee Goto fb ae age 
(4 fag Ge thicte toe Uf til ateibaing Aorg ornid 
a Warnusne lorie feccceeary oe lhe eaug ug go 
Gf Hea Agreement | 
Le palin Gf Ge tecona art Ages 4 fag ly tie 
faty of be foi flat are Hayf (fil fle contin) 
Gl Be tik fa ase Aneting. fac Arey Gut 2 Ligue 
Aclicne Agtecmente Ww Cllee G Ge teovinlitree 
Hew jefenrsd bi, w Gf thi Leghli Jecrun Lezeriyfesed, 
Agung fritter Dial bie part Gf the frst pact 
ee Brey Ce Ade turcde Lantachme Ww Cals, 
Glee Leeara fark. : 


| Ages fo penden, wna cach, 4 fhe pag gf | 
Capes Gu C1tritltin And AcecunX Gnd Gerleona: 
CZ Gf ate Litnetitieltine Gna Latee of the 
Lt La : a Lhe free cecletag Lathe aay 
tfoeet, Ahn, aA feck fot ofele: ZED & fax, 3 


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Cioctafpde Movant 

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: This C pany 7 1 DELIVERS mossages only on conditions, Mmiting its Mabillty,») 
which have b been attr onder Of the following message. oa 
Errorscan bo gua gual nied ea net only y Tepes pesting n message back tothe ponding station for comparison, 
sad tbo Company ‘will not hold itself {lable for orrors or delays in transmission or delivery Of Unrepeuted 
This message isapAinnErEADED MESSAGY, gud {a delivered by request of the sender, under 
the conditions nameypoo f/ « 
A. R. BR 5 Seger NORVIN GREEN, President. 



- REA 

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WM ay , 
A, cei Wee Fes 
forte gee aoa har SFr Goby . 

sorgpial The Yronmonger and Wetal Gindes! Advertiier, 

; nik 44a CANNON STREET, LONDON, __ 


| Soap it / a 

cae pee du. Ze. 

= — mrs Se 




vA : 9 es 
AAG. : af-Jo 1 P50 

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: “Vig oA) 34 wronbly 



Geneva, 7. OLe ba 188 2, 

tend yore a Lacy Coflon geste 
Vee fol ae i OA ar 

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A Cbnvthews és orrtiar al. Odte,, CO A hohe ok” 

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9 PiiciicecPaedets, PAM bamgd ancl Aevcese 

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Geneva, 7. Celie women 188 0, 

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Vora Pedn eras 

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Pa . Genova, “Oz Lez, 188 & 


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aap iain Si ieee es ecisaediaies 


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Blank No... : : 
i D 

rset ee cote nwo toe Hi, 

ad 156 Company wilinot Beld isalt liable iar errata or delays dn transmission or dellvory of Unropentad 
: tho 2D, ieasage 9 pu UNREPEATED MESSAGE and {3 delivered by request of the sender, poder 

A. R. B: Beo’y. NORVIN GREEN, President. 
Da ft ZZ. Cef2- 1880 

a y) ba! af Ave 
a a : Sf, oe 

eye fer Borns Mane) 



Se iSLie AND Uo susbasn cine bay oa ts hatin ict 

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Neth ang Ltd ia Berea 

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arattE Ep ploclotin 
Chk itian, Ahlen fpbaarre 


Menlo Park, N. Jj. OT Od 
Oud a 

. in load Corticas’- Sed 

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for. wont tidy Draider Flac 
_ ty Be the lo ay 



Blank No, 1, : 


lom pan; en ANamres nd ont: aie at dts Und! 
faby t y showendor of rot efolloving mgr jana gO. Eee nalttons Uniting ae 

‘bo gan Ly message back to the fending station for Jarepoated 

rs canbo arte! 4 
gid the the Soe ied al Iteote att tia ble fora for cnnta Or delays in transmission o; elivery Of Ware: 

the ras Tessaze ae tn fn De Er EATED MESSACE Gud $8 delivered by request of the sender, under 
AR, Boo’y, : NORVIN GREEN, President. 

Reocived at MENLO PARC Nu 

AE dkizes 


1 F ; 


Low bu howe 

i, i i 7 Biever Rien 
fa dua 

ana 7” 
4 A i 
ys. / 
7 ¢ . 



T. A. EDISON, ae * Ske og 

. Menlo Park, N. J. wo Moncada. 1880. - 

Ae a 
hie Ld GEE SEO 




fi i 

ye fk a 
: ge: saree fo. Corea Aust” 
Cond licens Bele aun 1 ead i f Obeliowes 

ve gate con ia ot AA Belin tl 
Sa od Mews gat Aes Wrae & 
P por fhe cone CeG keg {« ae 

tre othe fle eda tad eT ale 
poe =i as Le 28 tH GL as of a ar F ote ane 

Or | 
a. oe Greet, s ieee Macao vy ratte oe 
Cennwnw~ seme 57 is wane ei. 

—_ ‘ FE, et rhe @ FMA 

eC. I gs ao Phe 



Menlo Park, N. Vien Pex rt... 

AD ROU Se vw 

7 ea Inv i a a a 

Caen Oe. a ee pera obs. nec. 
conpony Ce be. forarnred.. CH unrk 

cee ye 

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ar tl a a LOE ‘ 

es a a : 
=e taemer aE ag RTI foe : “ 
Pa (ard 


ie nt nr te nen “s 1 

bee estan ee nee Ae Nee een mE ee = 

This Company TRANSMIR and DELIVERS messages only on conditions, limiting its lability, 
Pore eR eerie Roy He ie cenen i c Tagaeage Deck to the sending station for comparison 
pany will not Bet itsele finthe Yor errors or detaysin tranamisaion or delivery of Warepentad 

+ ATW UR REY: 1» SACK and is d L th 
the we, (useage a is ane rib EATED MES: and fa delivered by request of the sender, under 

R. BREWER, . in -NORVIN GREEN, President, 

* lank No, 2 



the sander of a messece should order It nergateDs that " nd payment nf premlan thereon 

te, wegriee "4 ry oflcs ioe c Comnne eon, For thie, one half the regwar rato ted teacaged, 112.1 ohe per cent, 

rT ddition, I¢ te agreed detween ihe se! the follawing moseage and this Com. 1,099 id cont. for goy atvater distance, Nu em 
1d Corapany shall not be tlable Tor milstal slays in the trausmieslon or dell hud 

rery, Of aQy UNREPEATRD tnessage, whet Aes ete Gamrany, Peet ql presented 

it 1 and }¥e@ memage fa e4n€ 19 euch olfce Ly one uf Lie 

Company's mecsengere, he acta far thet parvo the agent of th ide 
Hestages wil vored free ‘withte ine iha established frea deltvery !imlts of the termtnal 
becure measaces, oMee—-fur delivery at a greater distauce, lal charge wil 1-0 mm: 9 caver the cost of auch 

ca tarward aby tea. teeny 
6 Company witl nnt he table a ate Bony. case where the eat Inuot preasnted ta. 
writlen, within ataiy days alter evn 

NORVIN GREEN, President. 

! M2 488970. 

a fier 26 (EEO 

| Mhawe lever ef Fh 

Alrvel Dplent lePeh 2 >0 Pirreannton 70m 

pore Mace Cables o> 
bed SF” aoe Bein terse! Bee > 

Poy teen, Prcee®d be pled Lo atezee | 
wu a brnteneh for a Z a eet ae 
of! Yee Cobllae RES. Pie a 

tenia ISS Ge a oe 


i ore . a at 
Fabbri & Chauncey, . 48 South Street, 
P.O. Box 1471, : New York, Nov. 26th ’80.- 

My dear Grosvenor. 
I ealled at your office today, aaa was sorry 
™ho hear that you are still confined to the igus: 

. T am about to enter into negotiations for the 
introduction of the Flectrie Light in Tndia, and before proceeding 
gith the busiwess. 2 wish to know whether you have any objection 
to its being: carried out on the plan of our getting a large rem. 
turn of the profits to be derived from the adaseboiines T do 
vot think it-foastbve in eh a toe bo sell the invention out and 
out, or to sigede any money down in adv ae Os I wish also to ea 
if you have the matter of the right and patents for Tudia in prop 
be teeay’ shape with Fdison, so that we shall be meth eck iy vaar’s iv 
making arrangements for the dissoses of the same to other parties. 
T ask you this because Soren told me that it is his impression that 
adi woavliag’ Severe conicned to you in writing the arrangements 
made with you about Todia and other abubbrl ea-adnowa Please lot 
me have eoliy reply by Honday as T have made an appointment to talk 

.the matter over with my party on Tuesday. 



T understand that ndcedn has made au arrange~ 
ment with somebody for Switzerland. tt would be both useful and 
istevestiug for me to kuow the terms of the agreement. 

oping that y ou may be goon about again, 

I remain, with kind regerds to Mrs. Lowrey, 


E.G. Fabbrie 

a | (Heo. 25 2) : 

iy ar Saas So 


af . 


i .- "os ad 
i vat 
‘ Tarrytown, TOv,. OOth Loo, " 
‘ . 

By lenge Wrens £0 $m 

Yours of tie Coth hag reached me 

Tar bochness. 




J) 6 Thdia neyo) 
§ ) 

Gintiens, Lo shall be anticoly s2 isfied sud so ue doubt 

aL)) bel Palison to hove’ you negotiate Por a come 

io the profits in. the 

“aa Oth and cut sale id India 2° it should 

gortdinne te be your opiuion that thd ds the best 
robhod of douling vith) the suapoeh in shat couusry, 

Legal Title. ) To fuve not jot the rights gud patonks for 
| Todia de propor Load shape with Or Fdison, although 
tT undorstand that it osly voads bhat T should give 
‘Ab honed £0 GAG satthar bo have it gronerly avranized 
“Wh OnNnee : = 

T wieaee Nin uenrly st padatins 3 Lotter bt 
whieh you, T tink, have a sopy; xprossing thy are ‘ 

tanganeat which oo his poled’ T had wede with your 

i ral firm Cor Tudia. To had be soud him several, other lete 

ters at the sane time reapoabines yarious other cous 

tries and parbies. Ho did uob reply to ine thon and 

4 as 
et On lay return rom Arkansya T uuccrbained that he 

wished &0 ask ic 

Peso coust Plies Gouehing some poin 

gol Cully uuders 
web TE 
8 hore T 
Todia, will ask 
sive you 


bok o eer 

tie oxpensose’ TF 

uoderbaking moy 


boa asreful, of 

Lhe pover 



poiobs whic 

‘at the Gelephone business 

7 t é 1 
z subjeet, but will at lowsb worn us bhiet 


& suestion bout one of the Euros 

h gy 

te <3 

which he had 

took TF ausverad that, aud he they 

reply to the letters coufirmigs my are 

kno: how he hon been sinte 



Hove nob ca: 

SO wow Tyo to 

Niu GO make suah 
sontomplubed with 
oop whigh you leave heen payin 

would sorouily advise you however 

goings mush tube ho details of the ocvotias 

itr Fdison his ideas You 

_ stent 
busin ss eee 


haw ene to you, he will sive you a great 
a ’ ’ v &: 

ho you piuht otherwise overlook. |The 

as a somnmeraoial 

wot furnish nush Light ou the present: 


ve eannet bo 

will jive you the form of “the 


lieense io uc: by the Talephoue sonpanics nigh aso 
Guy adviee tint yeu may roquire in these neyotiabiongs. 

Switnerkaad )- T siw somobhine iy the covspapors about Swit 
zerlaad, To heow nothing aheut the torms of ‘the ar- 
Pan gosente Tab eorpany belonis 60 the FPuropote 

Py Soran fias hrovlec 


: Bight CODD yy “6e yhich ie, aud 
he or Pt. Fdison til? be able te give vou thea iuformeas 

t Lote 

oo this lotber to tn Pdisoy 


te whoo Toam ovribiur tows 

whith a aopy « 

Formvado a avery 
‘ : r 

Hopini &0 sco you sont 

Yours truly, 

a ohh aia lan NS die EGY CA San Pred a inti aids asin Nb aah ed uch ds 

we yy 

Blank No, 1. 


This Company TRANSMITS end DELIVERS Mmossages only on conditions, limiting its linblllty, 

ler Of the following message. 

repoating a m: ‘back to tho ponding station for comparison, 

“ \ 

" egroenn ue a tate a 
. a H (J 
and tho Company Will not hold itself Niatte for orrers or delays in transmission or deltvery of Varo, A 

1 Seded . 
the at Frossare 19 8 £2 UNREPEATED MESSAGE ang fs delivered by request of the sender, under 
AR. 3B Seo'y, NORVIN GREEN, President. 
* Dated L 188 © 

Received ot MENLO PARK WN; 

: & 

Blasi No. 1, 


Company 3NANSMITS and D 
roe ree ee ae creer yoga om te ts ny, 
and ad the Company ‘WHI not hold itsolf bry etree for errors < or delays in dranglsaion or dellvece ort Tomparleon, 

tay Tle fceeage ane {6 an NER EAT EDD MESSAGK bud fs dellvered by request of the sender, under 
AR, Beo’y, * NORVIN GREEN, President, 

pucr_LleurPria) olveer p-_ssa0 
Reosived ai MEN LO PAFUS Ng ; 

Opty Pp Bee ae a 

ompaby TRANGMITSG and  spossazes, only on conditions, Umiting its Usability, 
high hava Deen ‘Assented to by the sender 6 ofthat following m Bo. 
‘acan be guarded against ai iat hy Tepoa\ . poating a message 2 back tothe sending station for somparisan, 
ja for 6: 

ae ui the Go pany will not hold iteclf rrore or delays in transmission or delivery of Ua: 
‘ message is an UNREPEATED MES! delivered b; it of the render, under 
LEP. ano | tho ily ewes 18 Bb UNREFEATED MESSAGE, gud {3 delivered by request of the ae: 
2 f A. R. BREWER, Seo’y. : NORVIN GREEN, President. 

paet_*LeewPn, tei ws0 

Received at_ MENLO P 

LAI OG Extucsre, | 


ahaa ne 

J anes é ‘apdee 

a a ce ee Wat A Ain LY te RAI Aad tk Sa culgsiaisa Ni aadbininc sis 

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Phy ote 

Vi tShlhes Maas jaiky 

; } Ae ” s 
Be GA gs hD 

a eae Aah y “\ 

Blank No. 1. in 


is Company ZMANSMETS and DELIVERS mossages onty on conditions, limiting its Lab! 
high lave been red agaist Mn ie of a foltowing ms eels ‘otis is ple i ai a 
ardet inst on! To] c risen, 
gpd the Sompanywilinot held itself Tiatte 10 orreeat Or dolaya in transm{aston or lclivory of Uarepencad 
ge! i 
tho 2as mpesstae is (2 UVREPEATED MESSAGE, and ts delivered by request of the sender, under 

A. R. B: Beo'y. NORVIN GREEN, President, 

* Received at_MENLO PAR Kf : Sy 

& Cite 


2 Sfradot 

Ma Cas ee 

Blank No, 2. 


Vemvann by contract In writing, stating remiun thereon, 
at the following rates, in addition ta th at 4, ¥IE$ On® per cant, 
an the fui thle Cor for any distance tnt excesdl Mos, and ¢ dlitance,” No ems 
for ral ployee of tha Company tea tar, 
No rrepanaiblltty 
accepted at 

of the send 
reost: wh mt Ty 
‘om 4 vee 1 any case where tho clalm fs not Presented fa. 
Col Toepsace, 
. R. BREWER, Secretary, i . NORVIN GREEN, Prosident, 
ss ALLA PE yyy 

Send the following age, subject to the above terms, which 


eae : 2 
Blank No. 1. 


pany TRANSMITS and 6 01 th oy ts 
vag tear corl ay tepaestiiglouagaeaee genes 
" Moneta iho Coun > Gommpaly not chara fin Mer crrure oF ¢ ordelaysin transmission or delivery of f arenes tod 

ra Tals tn a pena | Jos fo UNNEPEATED MESSAGE gud {3 delivered by Foquost of the sonder, under 
A. R, Beoty. : NORVIN GREEN, President. 

Dated. 7 oe F= __1884 

Received ok MENLO PARK NOY 

7 i 

















: ai “ 7, 

: ) ie DeLee. 7 

z Sena eaten Spe AS eo nt eee tte oe 

Wire Comte Tides yee 

Fi ee 


/t bei de 

1 ° . ” 

; ait LF 
ae | es, Lonny, on: ww &, Veep te: 

Grosvenor I! Lo 

Geo. Wales Soren. 

indice » Mle “HEY we Va WHEWSE) Mabe, 7A ee 
Geo,S.Mamiin, pe 

Wat. L.Porter, ‘ Ae Bis ad vi 7 Lon Ye yk 

P.0. Box 1836. 

agibcaiiouiss Doce. 14, 1800, Zs. 

My dear Edigon? 

Poel ease please find a copy of my letter of Merch 

25, 1880, to which you Beye never formally rept ted, although you 

have confi rmed and wopeeves the arrangements therein: Stated, oral~ 


I am about to prepare complete Contracts to cover 

each en the subjects redoried to in ot Letter, bua, for” the same 


reason there stated, I desire to have your letter confirming ‘and - 

menepidng the arrangements there set oute To save you some- “tron 

ao Seay, pee t 1 

Bees I enclose what woubd be @ proper detter, to ba written by” you 

as Tt undare tand ite If you appreve at please have it copied | 

out, s0°ag- to go én your letter book and Setiien it to meq signed. 

Ps im 

Youre very truly 

Te Ae Edisony Esqs 

Enchesures © 



Wes fe ye Se. 
Jol K.Yorter. ONE * POCO / . VTonte’. 
Grosvenor i bowrey, ie " , “4 ~ ; F 
Lie ae Pe Wlernes DY Cums llois ul Lit: 
Cha? Wanels Stone, ee We B 
Geo. S.Mamlin, : i 

aoa ar) , 
Wan. L.Vorter, . (e y Bread #. ee Pre ‘Dh, 

».0. Box 1836. 

= ! : =, U8 Pr aly TAG ha dings coe a 


‘y doer fdisouse 

Yoam goings bo the fot Sprinra hoOeMorrow, ¢ 

perhaps 4 

HOE Seo you a sakn before my rohurtie 
‘Fo guard against the gonsayucuees of oithor 
your dent or mine 1 caving out various arraudasents as they are 

Tat; oN 

LOM, Gidy understood as bebween ourselves, T now state bhem and 
>] J 

28k you ty roply te this letter approving if you tind then eerrceat 
(Pirsh, dn pesness to Yaglaud: 

Although the list time we spoke ou this gub= 

Jeet you said that you understood and intended that T shoud have 

2 Onoethird icheresh in your retrainins intercsts under the Droxol 
FPorgay & Co. arrauganepts, T an disposed to desline that, bocause 
allothe servieo whieh T sould render you wis rendersd before you 
made bGhis suggest dou. T iWererore, wWeh thauks for the onoro se 
ity of the offer, will bot accept it, leaving you, t herefore, so 
Dueh rishor sod Looking form: ghare alone bo ELE Co. 


second, us Go Cubase 

T have arracged ou your kehelf! with My dayorro 


oho nace nena 
on gi 
e ¢ ; an 
‘ me 


that he is to poy all expenses of Lahdny out the poatouts and ine 

hrodugaug the light isto the Islaod ef Cuba in sousiderst ion of 

OnGehalf Lie cof proceeds; he co have rujl ecoutrol ef the dispo- 
| aitide of the pate ots or the other half, jfoing bo you, you ars 
first to dedueb Fitts én per Sobte., and then of the rena@ining pore 
| tion, to wit, thirty Piva por cent. of the wrole, you aro to sive 

to me ove wodird. 

Third, 423 to lodias~ 

| . T have arranged wilbh Begsrs Pubbri & Chauncey 
in the samc manner; they to receive thirty five per eent. es 
their gompensition, ‘you to have sixty-five. Of this sixty-five 
per ecot. fiftcen is to te first deducted ky you and then you 
ore tO yfive mo one third of the renadsinjy portion, to wit, of 
Cifty por conte of the whole 

Fourth, as to Porbuyel, New foolend, Yow 
south Walog, OneasshLand and Victoria: —~ 

T heave made the sane arrauga@tents as to the 
above as ware bade with Todia aud aa to have the saine sharé of | 
your Luotereste 

Tn 311 these cases, 413 T have infermad you,. 


Bde asinbet ati dated T oe ctshintned salt ewarvid bee: 


T adso make the other parties give me a percent .ge of their cet 
Tf this ig correct pleaso acknuewledye the 

regeipt of this letter and say so. All tho interosts referred 

‘to ucove as being for me are for the account of Pertor,hoyroy, 

Soreb & Stona T will have auibablo letior: exchanaed bet yeaen 
you tel eneh of thesa purties expressing in 7 goneral way the 
right and obligation of each. 
Pleage also refor to und rstify the Letter to 
Vessrs hf & Coe, Fee Co. and Un Navarro, dated the 25th, copies 
ef whieh are enclosads Yours ‘ruly, 
Ge Pe Towreye 


qT, Ae Fdj. Rony FSqe 


Menlo Park, N.J., Dee 15th, 1880. 

G.P.Lowrey, Esq, 
Dear Sir: 

Your letter of March 25th 1880 in which 
you stated the arrangements made by you on my behalf 
with Messrs. Drexel, Morgan & Company in respect to Portu~ 
gal, New Zealand, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria 
and with .P. Navarro Esq, in respect to Cuba, and with 
Neseyis Fabbri and Chauncey in respect to India, was duly 
received at ubout the time of its date, and correctly 
states che arrangements between us as to the interests 
of Porter, Lowrey,Soren & Stone; and all the arrangements 
set forth are in accordance with my authority to you so 
far as the countries mentioned are concermed. 

_ I will state that if yow have not had it une 
derstood with both Drexel, Morg an & Company and Fubbri & 
Chauncey, that they were to bear the expenses or provide 
Persons or syndicates who would bear the ekaeined (if 
such a thing were necessary) to make one installation of 

a Station in each of the countries named that this was 

always my intention and supposition. 

With this understanding I hereby ratify und 
approve the arrangements made by you and desire you to 
prepare proper assignments or other contracts carrying out 
the wanes 

Very soon after the receipt of your letter, I 
informed you in conversation of my approval and this writ- 
ten approval has been omitted only because of the engross~ 
ing nature of my occupations, which have prevented me 
from attending to such matters as promptly as I should 
otherwise have done. 

Very truly, 

Thomas Alva Edisone 

John K. Porter, : Pity 5 Lorry. aoa We ¥ 7 

Grosvenor B Lowrey, ! 

Gea Wales 8 1 

pnetucdiieii Mh Vie Mad Zs Tc oposnle td AEC, Sune 
Geo. S$. Mamlin, , 

Wun. L.vorter, ’ mG a pes Broad Sis Nevis th Yorfe, 

P, 0. Box 1836. 


ee Dot 16, 18%. ~H 

Te Ae Etlison, Esqe 

Dear Sir: 

Sours of the 15th, in answer to my letter of March 25th, 

is | Beoived. 

You say: “I will state that if you as not had it un~ 

' ‘ 

nderetens with both Dieseie norees & Cos and Paboré & = Chauncey 

“that they were to bear the PxPORES or provide Bore ons or syndi~ 

ae ‘ 

al ae would bear the expense (if such a thing were uaceesery! 

*to make one sunearlaticy of a station in each of the counties 

“named, that ea was eis my intention and supp osdtions® 

we em wees 

I aid soe stipulate with epee. to enata with abbr & 

ShePaeeyy nor with respect to any ‘eeusey other ee Bugland with 

‘ ‘ =e 

Drexel, Horgan & Gos, foe any, Santhe ites in those countries, or 

the setting up ofa Peon: 

You will monenban that. Ppexedy oreo & dau in ue a~ 

grocnent of Desaeihe Fr. ae 1875,, Gareed to make an exhibition in 

Great Britain it, in thoir opinion, it pnome be font rabies they 

4: oa | 3] . . 

meseevese ne » fultest Liberty + to determine whether that expeunte 

ee oe come . = - ot ‘ 


ture arent be aa ke exhi bitions will be made in New York and 

poaaitly in London befere any couk 4 ne: calcd for in Tndia and the 

ethan countries named in my letter of Mareh 25th, it is dad TRSLY. 

that av such oxhibitions would ever be really necessary 7 ao not 
doubt, h Nowaya i that Fabbri & Chasey and Drexel, Morgan & O04 
will be willing be-manes in respect to Bai sani ious au the 

game (omie substentisliy « as Preneny Berges & Co. agreed wath re~ 
spect | to 0 England. 

If this =y be RSURE SS OROY to you, piease let me know 

by a letter acknowledging the pregeae one, and in which dienes 
“y mperove of your Arrangements with Fabbri & + Cha meey 

“in reepect a0: India, and with Drexel, MOTERA & Cos, woth respect 

“ee Portugal, New Zealand, Now south Val a Queensland and Viecto~ 
“ria; shee firms to be guided by their own judguent ia etexnin 
rast ge. : : 

“ing whothe x to make ‘exhibitions’ of the Electric ‘ight in those 

"comtries in the “sane manner as Drexel, piven & Soe. my ao unter 

ito 4 oa 

‘ny contract with then in 1 respect to Great Britainj and request 

oe oa) we aos er | 

you to prepare contracts to ‘aek forth 1 kbs formally nue eprecheu: 

' . ' 

“4n paapest to those countriess* 

I have eonpleted a draft of the agreement between you 
and ue Host rie Hagnt Company, which contains various ¢ehanges 
from the one which you aay aren: eneet aS biCH they seemed #9 be 
ac to secure the substantial points apres pene I Lees 

send. or petng it over to yeu as soon as it ee been: exeniner by 
ene Executive Sonmit tee and vendivad their approvals r think you 


will find it righte 2 eer 

Yours very truly 


Sony of Hatter of Confir ation. 

Mfrs coe eee te em toe Ste ete ee ee eta Hee my me ce a eto at mah ng wm wo me f 

v% T, er gen ’ 
e Ma NOVO, 

ereh Bo, 133°, in whieh you stetad che 

Aprontopopis Lads oy you an ry oaled tf 

Ob te Poriueal, few “aadland, 

Qucenslend ond Vietovia, ond with Je Me ae wera, Poe, in rie 

sivet vo Subs se abort & Chauneny in r spect to- 



indae, snes duly rucoivad 2t about the Lte date, anid com 
sootly states the arrenelonts botvecn us as toe the inte rosts of 

Porter, heywroy, jorcn © stone; and ali the aprangerents sot forth 

are in aceaord ‘ 

authority to you soe fab as the countries 

rapnbienesd are concormod. 




i hereby ratify und approve the arranger. opts ma’ 
and desire you to propare vropor assinpmonts Or other econtracis 
Carryhog Cut the Rey 

Very goen after the roceipt of your lettor, L infoncd 

? ’ 
you in Conversation of vy upproval, and this written approvel hes 

boot o.ibtted only beffause of Lhe @ngreus dan natura of my occupa 

al ? 

Ceara s 


i ; i ‘ys @s 
tiens, which have provented me fro: attending te such watteys as 
tiens, whie ave pro 

sy fh yy repe| es de e 
pre.ptly as L should otherwise have dence 

tA ot 

3 of ( tts , , cy) : 
Pty Lowy, ae fey v Lb. 


Jotun K.Vorter, 
Grosvenor Lt Lowrey. 7 “ oe t ; ? 
feo. Wales Soret F Mp “tHe yps “ Cuuusllerd al Sates 

Chat tanely Stone, 

Geo. S. Hanlin, + . , oi , 
| . alg _y Ail St. . Na Gah, 

Wai. L.Worler, 
P. 0. Hox 1836. ole. YH. 

Klas Jy Aeon : fy “fps feces a2 yaa 
yaaa fora Aieptrrvign Lect? ff 20 Etere 
ra bulinet® mm Lthelre Aga” fo, on Clb 
_—e : a “> Poe Ao —_- Vz ; I te-ZLOEO fore d 
‘te Vid ee Peco, fs <trsg Chee 
fli fe fect GL Pret Sf trove cme A 
2 (be Lae SG ae an Jon arm AetiaGy 
(Pre front (lla Ete: Yor a. Fela olay 
Bip Pfr asusd. Yontnd” (daa tape if 
aes far Fics — But ate Liv frafe 
arb ict rare cen Keene HA aS / pf bene e 
Baa fterteets 

‘ gq . saree : : 

nearer : ap. 

SAS ahs 3 “ N VAN 
o \ 
; ‘ aN 
gS ; oF 

Be er oe Pane ; 
Late a IN ANA ce nana ant eine ss o 

Rae nt 6: Sm er De li sel - ne 
2 orden: Lie. of 178 fo ta 


Ip Oodle bay cL lophonel ue O1N ee my ype LY, Fie “Dt rote, 

7 sa Civipeine Coaial Mewes, 
yp Vl oo ee. oS Bw WL 

Rown a NEU. 
Loh Be Ls OW. so esp Hoe iass 
Adios fe owe Lian Cw Sees 20a Che 

tes ew beep Lem K POKES Be aims 
Cus @ 

tc Aaee LHL 
| ead Ales covery o KO KCK gle a 
es Crear een “Pwoal. egg 


eee x. > “« 

oo ae Pete 
a ee Ion: —— gee. A ae 

es Aa So 

reine a 
fer Sibree eee 7 


OT Ay, FF Cx? aG w2 
be Cdbtson Ldlefihone Coanefierispop Lenddan: Sanit 
. Mervin PE use Cheeta a; esi We) Cy 
MANAGER & SEGRETARY. Rooms NMS, Me Lasinideotues. Ppiaihe cr: 

f TAR 





Anglo Ameriea Bons Cleric ight 
Corporation, Linnrter, | 


74, HATTON Serre E.G, 

cee eet A I ae i : 
since cars Ai dnt Sidra s Os saat ahiniealictal ey ny 
: Sih iE ot SAHO LEE NS tial Dec siti srilaa cir 
: : sein oc sr ahaa A iB bx tine xi sabes hi mcs kG ta XE ue 
Beh ion tps ie fata ACA at BALSl WN cia ta So, 

Hb S cis Sichcb sor thy sheet ivi Ke dase WARN aia be Sols gRhi peslasn dia eus bt biaig Sa Bag 

A few of the Testimonials received as to the 
. Working of the 


From Messrs, Peek, Frean & Co., Biscuit Manufacturers, London. 

GENTLEMEN,—We have now employed the Brush Electric Light - 

for the illumination of a portion of our works at night, since the 
zend.of March last, and since that time it has entirely superseded gas 
in those rooms whete the lamps are fixed, , 

The beauty and steadiness of the light are excellent, and the return 
to the dull glimmer of gas would be regarded by all asa great 
misfortune. Qur work-pcople speak of it in the highest terms of 
satisfaction, as by it they are enabled to turn out hetter work, whilst 
the rooms are cooler and more cheerful. From careful calculations 
made of the cost of the Electric Light compured with that of gas at 
3s. per thousand, we think we may safely say that we effect a saving 
of about 20 per cent, whilst we obtain an incalculable increase of 
light, and that of a quality to enable us to sce clearly the slightest 
variation in the colour of our goods, which was impossible under 
the old system. The above calculation includes the cost of a 
separate engine, which would probably be necessary in a_ further 
extension of the system, which we have in contemplation. Hitherto 
we have utilised the space power of the engines driving the machinery 
in the west wing of our works in which the Electric light is- fixed, 

Yours’ truly, 


Peek, Frean & Co, 


From the Riverside Worsted Mills, United States, 
RIVERSIDE WorsTED MILLs, ProvIDENCE, R. I, Dec 1, 1879 

- Dear Sir,—Your letter asking for a sketch of our experience with 
the Brush Electric Light, is at hand, and we willingly give you such 
information as you desire, : 

We had been making some investigations into the electric lighting 
in use in France, when our attention was called to ‘the, American 
systems on. exhibition at the Mechanics’ Fair in Boston, in the : 
autumn of 1878. After as careful attention to the matter as its then : 
undeveloped state admitted of, we decided that the Brush system, if 
any, was the light best adapted to our awants, and arranged with your 
naa Agent to set up one of your largest machines in our mill on 

The machine was set up and started about the 20th of February ; 
its success was instant and complete, so much so that this machine 
was accepted and another ordered at once. This second machine 
was started in March, when a third was ordered by telegraph, which 
was set up and running early in April. : 

With these three machines we ran through the. summer, getting 
such satisfaction that in September we ordered two more, which are . 
both now running, making in all five of your largest machines running 
eighty (80) lamps, which are now regularly lighting nearly all our 
principal rooms. After this experience of nearly a year we have not 
a word to give you save of praise. Our satisfaction increases as we 
come to know the machines more thoroughly. 

They could not have a severer test than we give them, as our mill 
runs night and day the year through, and we have not had a 

moment's delay from, or a dollar’s worth of repairs on, any of the - 

machines or lamps. The light is all we expected; it is strong and * 
steady, clear and white; it is universally liked both by overseers and - 
help, so much so that we doubt if we could get along now with tlhe , 
help, if we were to return to the old gas lighting ; certainly we should ' 
not get so good work, nor so much of it. We use porcelain globes 

pretty generally throughout the mill, and we have less complaint of 

trouble to the eyes than we used to have with gas. ; : 

The air of the rooms, too, shows a very marked difference. In’; 
our Weave-Room, with its two hundred and fifty (250) gas lights, the 
air became almost unbearable after midnight in the summer ; and the 
jaded appearance of the men showed how they felt it. 

‘ With the electric light there is no such trouble, as the air is as good 
as in the daytime, and noticeably cooler, : 

oo : 

SI eis Si tld ase: NES Vania a Aiki oat be aA) HLA has Wi Cob Ro atgdi bea _ 

Bia Bi «chin chet e sad sSbon 2 UREN on 

AA LEE un EN fa Hee jane BSAA ES de ato nag BI 

pisstinser asinine sian sud Swi s\. 


_An answer to your question as to how many gas burners would 
give us as much light as we are getting now, will hardly give a fair 
test, as we should never think of trying to get so much light with gas, 

: In our Weave-Room, for instance, we formerly had two burners to 
each loom close down to the work, now the z/ole room: to the peak 
of the roof and in the furthest corners is almost as light as day ; still 
the figures are interesting, ; 

We had formerly about two hundred and fifty gas burners of 
seventeen candle power each, a total of four thousand two hundred 
aud fifty candle power. We now have twenty clectric lamps of two 
thousand candle power each, a total of forty thousand candle power. 

Your other question, “ How many gas burners would answer your 
purpose?” is more satisfactorily answered. Owing to some changes 
preparatory to setting up new machinery, all our eighty (80) lamps 
are not at this moment in full service, but by actual count we have 
seventy-one mm) lamps permanently placed, and these displace five 
hundred and seventy-eight (578) gas burners: that is, there are 
five hundred and seventy-eight burners already placed that would be 
lighted were the electric lights stopped. 

Estimating these burners at six feet per hour, we should use 3,468 
cubic feet of gas per hour, costing at 2 dols. per thousand cubic 
feet, 6 dols, 93 c. per hour. : 

Total cost per hour® .....t.csceeeDols, 2.20 

Making a saving of four dollars and seventy-three cents. (4 dols, 73 c.) 
per hour, and this saving for the three thousand (3000) hours the 
machines run in the year is 14,190 dols., and nearly pays for the 
machines, These figures are acfwa/, as we averaged the number of 
carbons burned for several nights, to get the exact consumption of 
each Jamp, and for the consumption of gas we took off a number of 
the gas burners in use, had them tested on a test meter, and averaged 
them, getting a strong-six (6) feet to each burner. 

“Riversipe WorsteD MILLS, 

* Hqual to about iid. per hour for each lamp of 2000 candletpowr, 

Sat Bi Eps SN et 


From the Oswego Falls Manufacturing Company. 
Osweco Fatts, N. ¥., Dec. 5, 1879. 

The Brush Electric Light Co, 

GENTLEMEN,—In reply to your inquiry, I have much pleasure in 
saying we are well pleased with the four No, 7 machines, which 
supply 78 globe lights you fitted up for us. The result realises our 
sanguine expectations. 

The cost of generating the light is very small, especially where 
water power is available, The great merit, however, of the light is 
its not vitiating the quality of the atmosphere, which, after a room 
has been lighted for several hours, remains cool and pure, and, 
therefore, is more healthy than any artificial light with which I am 
acquainted. ~~ Yours, respectfully, . 

D. RamspEn, Supt. 

Mr, Ramsden has since ordered another machine, and now has 

“ninety lights in regular use. The gas pipes have now been removed 

from the mill. 

From Atlantic Mills, Providence, R.I. 
: ATLANTIC MILLS, PROVIDENCE, R. I., Nov. 11, 1879. 

Brush Electrie Light Co. 3 

GENTLEMEN,—In reply to your inquiry as to the result obtained 
by us in the use of your Electric Light, we would say that it has 
given us good satisfaction. For manufacturing purposes we find it 

Jar superior to any other light, and are confident it is auch more 
economical than azy kind of gas. 

The machines and lamps require but very little attention, and need 
only a man of average intelligence to use them successfully, We 
expect in the zear future to light our entire works by the use of your 
machines. : ‘ 

Very truly yours, . 
Owens Bros, Agents. 

These-parties now have in use thirty-six lights. ‘They manufacture 
delaines and dress goods, and need plenty of wife light. Their 
unequivocal endorsement of the light, as above, is one of the very 
best proofs of its adaptation to such uses. 

From Cheney Brothers, South Manchester, Ct. 
Souri MANCHESTER, Conn., Dec. 3, 1879. 

The Brush Electric Light Co. ; : 
GENTLEMEN,—In response to your inquiries we say that the experi- 

mental eighteen light machine that you put in as our works promises 
to be asuccess. We are experimenting with the machine in different 


ib wikis LN AE a 

TTT ae re TE ere ne oe oes 

gi a as vie 29 

departments ot our works, in order to fully test its capacity, and the 
Cost of lighting our mills as compared with gas. So far the results 
are favourable, and we think further trials will demonstrate the value 

and economy of your light. Yuurs traly, 

From the Willimantic Linen Company, 

TREAsURER’s OFFice, Hartrorp, Conn., July 5th, 1879, 
Brush Electric Light Co, 

GENTLEMEN, —The six-light electric machine, which we put in our 
Willimantic Mill, is-running to our entire satisfaction, - We havé two 
lights in our winding room, 68 feet by 80 feet, and four in the mule 
room, 68 feet by 200 feet, where we are spinning No. 140 cotton, 
The entire cost is about eqvivalent to gas at 1 dol, per thousand feet 
—the light Far Berrer. Gas costs us 3.25 dols. per thousand feet, 
I enclose a photograph, taken in the winding room after midnight, 
which Bives a very good idea of the power of the light. . 

In this toom the electric light is particularly of value, as colours 
can be determined as well as by daylight. ‘The light does not raise 
the temperature. All as gives out non-respirable gases and consumes 
oxygen, At the end of the day, when work-people are well tired out 
the effect of gas, by raising the temperature and giving out noxious 
Bases, on the workers is quite plain (to say nothing of the bad effect 

electric light not at all, as shown by a common thermometer. You 
will see that this evenness of temperature is very important in the 

Yours truly, : 
WE. Barrows, Treasurer, 

. From Waterman and Mayer, Corsat Factory, 

; ‘ West Brooxrietp, Mass., Dec, 4, 1879 
Brush Electri¢ Light Co, ; ‘ : 
GENTLEMEN,—In reply to yours as to result ined i 
of the Brush Electric Light, igs me pepe hailed 
Tunning one of the No. 5 machines with six lamps, and i 
results from it that are very satisfactory as regards economy cae 4 
ita Behe Teonsidsr it the best'of lights for manufacturing, as 
gement of it it requi i i i i 
adeno ee quires but little care or skill, being easily 

Gs, Houmsteap, Supt. 

ust Fil in BI aS Teas 

SI a a ahd as ihn seal Si Cia A 7 hcl 


From the Continental Clothing House. 

Boston, Dec, 1st, 1879, 
Brush Electric Light Co, 

GENTLEMEN,—In answer to your inquiry as to the Brush Electric 
Light used in our clothing establishment, where we are nightly using. 
the six-light machine we bought of you in November, 1878, we would 
say that we have run thé lights for three hours each night through the 
winter, and Saturday nights four and half hours. Our room is 182: 
feet by 90 feet and 16 feet high, and was formerly lit with eighty five’ 
foot gas burners, which cost us about 81 cents, perhour, ‘he average’ 
cost of the electric light, including power, carbon, attendance, &c., is 
about 56 cents. per hour. ; 

We find the light to be perfectly satisfactory in every respect, in 
fact we should not know how to do our business with the old gas 
burners formerly used. The light is perfectly steady and brilliant, 
and we find it'a great advantage in showing the great variety of 
colours that are displayed in our goods. Our entire expenses so far, 
do not excecd five dollars, Yours truly, 

FREELAND, Loomis & Co, 

From the Montague Paper Company, 

Orrtce oF Montacue Parer Co. 
TurNER Fatts, Mass., Nov. 3, 1879, 
Brush Electric Light Co. 

GENTLEMEN,—We take pleasure in sending you our opinion of. - 
your light. We are not ina position to speak of the economy or: 
practicability of lighting our entire works by electricity, for ours is 
only a single light machine put up experimentally, and lighting only - 
oneroom. We have found the light useful and satisfactory in the 
way of keeping our colour uniform through the night, and it is a pleasant’ 
and agreeable light to work by. Yours very truly, : 

. Monracue Pater Co, 

¥rom Boston Manufacturers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Boson Manuracrurers’ Mutuat Fire INsuRANCE 
‘ Company, Boston, Mass., Nov. 21, 1879, : 
G. W. Stockley, Esg., VP, Telegraph Supply Co, 

Dear Sir,—You are at liberty to say that this Company prefers: 
‘the Electric Light (so guarded that points of incandescent carbon. 
cannot fall from it) to any other known mode of lighting, having as’ 
-yet been unable to find any cause of danger in ‘its use, except as: 
above stated. Yours very truly, Epwarp ATKINSON, President: 

It is well known that tho Hon, Edward Atkinson is tho highest authority on Mill 
Tnsurance and Mill matters genorally, and great valuo attaches to his opinion, 

Telegraph Supply Co., Gleveland, 

iit pani 

Silpsscaiibsi di Aisin aS dac sistas ch 


From the Bay State Iron Company 

Orrice Bay STaTe Iron Company, 
2, Pemnerton Square, Boston, 
Brush Electric Light Co., 5, Pemberton Square, Boston. 

GENTLEMEN,—In answer to your enquiries as to the operation of 
the Brush Electric Light Machine at our Works in South Boston, we 
would say—We purchased the largest sized machine, No. 7, for 
eighteen lights, with single lamps, but are using at present but eight 
of them constantly, which number we expect to increase at an early 
day. We have substituted double for single lamps, by which we get 
a light burning sixteen hours without change, 

We use the light in all parts of our works, and have also employed 
it while unloading coal at night at our wharves. For all purposes, 
and in all places where we have needed it the light has answered our 
expectations for economy in the Pdwer required, and in the cost of 
production, and we consider it has special adaptations and advantages 
for use in all departments of the iron industry. 

. Truly yours, J. AVERY Ricwarns, President, 

From the Phoontx Iron Works, 
PHENIXVILLE, Pa., July 10th, 1879, 

, GENTLEMEN,—We light our machine shop, 317 by 90 feet, 38 feet 
high, and our column shop, 130 by 53 feet, 13 feet high, with 11 Brush 
Electric Lights. In these shops are about 100 machines, consisting 

From the Norway Iron Works, Boston, 
Norway Iron Works, Boston, January 20, 1880, 
: Co, ant 

Nayior & 
Brush Electric Light Co, ‘ 
GENTLEMEN,—The No, 7 machine for eighteen double lamps 
which you furnished us, works to our entire satisfaction, giving us all 
the light we required at the various parts of our mill which we wish 
to illuminate, 
i . ‘Naytor & Co. 


From Pottstown Iron Company. 
Porrsrown, Pa., December 17, 1879, 
Telegraph Supply Co, 

GeNTLEMEN,—Replying to your favour of the 10th inst. would say 
that we are using the Brush Electric Light in our plate iron works, 
nail manufactory, and shops very successfully. Our primary object 
in introducing the light in our works was to enable us to run our nail 
factory double turn, as the large and increasing demand for our 
-Special brand made it necessary for us to enlarge our production. 
The work of nailing requires 2 good strong light: the operating of 
a nail factory at night being a new departure for that branch of the iron 
trade; but with the aid of the electric light the main difficulties have - 
been overcome, and we were so much pleased with its service that 
we introduced it also into our mills and shops, believing that it would 
add to the comfort of our men as well as increase their utility, 
although the same degree of light required for our factory work is 
not necessary for general mill operation. We have a large trade in 
plates for locomotive and tubular boiler purposes, as we make a 
speciality in the higher grades, as well also for ship plates, of which 
we furnished largely for the American line of steamers, The adoption 
of the light in this last named department has fully met our expecta- 
tions, and enables us to take further steps for the increase of our 
product there, which the enlarged call for our plates now necessitates, 

Yours respectfully, 
Wituiam H. Morris, 
Lreasurer Pottstown Iron Co. 

From Hon, R,. R. Herrick, Mayor of Cleveland . 
; Mayor’s Orrice, CLEvELaNnD, O., June 27, 1879, 

A. T. Whiting, Esq. 

Dear Sir,—Yours of the 4th instant is received. Our Monu- 
mental Park, formerly lighted by 105 gas lamps, is now, and has been 
since sometime in April, far better lighted by 12 Brush Electric 


I think this Brush Electric Light is far superior to anything I ever 
saw before as-an out-door park light. It is beautiful, and’ makes 

* everything around appear beautiful, -I believe our. people are 

universally pleased with the light. It is brilliant and steady. Our 
Navy storms of wind and iain do not seem to affect it in the least. 
‘tue machine. is located 500 feet from the park, and the circuit is 
about 4000 feet in length, and all the lights are in one circuit, I 
think Nantasket Beach would be grandly beautiful if illuminated by 
these lights, Respectfully, 

R. R, Herrick, Mayor, 

: 10 

From the Barber Match Company, Akron, O, 

Barer Marcu Co. 

The Telegraph Supply Co. Axron, Noy. 25, 1879, 
GENTLEMEN.—We desire to express our entire satisfaction with the 

Electric Light you have placed through our factory, We find it a 
great success, as we are lighted much better than ever before—day or 
night. The only fault we have to find is that you did not place it in 
our works a, year ago. Yours truly, 

Jno. K. Rowinson, President. 

‘This is the largest Matoh Factory we know of in this country, They use one 
of our 16-light machines, 

From Senator William Sharon, Owner of Palaco Hotel. 
. San Francisco, April 24, 1879, 
Telegraph Supply Co, SF ;. 
GENTLEMEN,—I have been using ten electric lights at the Palace 
Hotel, furnished from one No. 4 and one No. 5 Brush machine, using 
about ten horse-power. The lights are placed us follows: Two 
3000 candle lamps in the court, displacing 510 gas jets; two 1000 
and one 3000 candle lamps in the grand dining room, displacing 
280 gas jets; one 1000 candle lamp in the restaurant, displacing 
150 gas jets ; one 1000 candle lamp in the office, displacing 100 gas 
jets; one 1000 candle lamp in the kitchen, displacing 20 gas jets; 
one 1000 candle lamp in bar room, displacing 25 gas jets; one 3000 
candle lamp in front of the hotel. The lamps in the dining room 
are switched from there to the front of the hotel, and to the bar room 
after the dinner hour, and all are working to our entire satisfaction. 
We feel free to state that the Brush Electric Light is a cheap, 
practical light to.use where much light is needed. 
: Yours truly, Wa. Suaron, 

We also light with equal snccess, tho Baldwin Hotel at San Francisco and 
the Grand Pacifio Hotel at Chicago, ’ For hotel offices, corridors, dining rooms, 
&c., it is especially valuable, and insures a Great saving over gas, - 

From the Deer Creek Mine, near Smartsvillo, Cal. 

mine at night practically as well as by day. The machine Tequires 
but little attention, and the expense is small. 

_ continue to work as well as at present, the Company will be entirely 
satisfied, Yours truly, 
Geo. P, Tuurston, Secretary, 

The Lake Superior Mino at Ishpomin , and tho Menomince Mi it 
Quinnesoo, Mich,, aro also using our ht with excellent resulta, eee ee 

fl - exe 
From Cleveland{ Burial Caso Company, 

CLEVELAND Buriat Case Co., 

CLEVELAND, O., May 9, 1878, 
Telegraph Supply Co. 

GENTLEMEN,—The Plating Machine Purchased of you at the 
beginning of this year has given us entire satisfaction, You, perhaps, 
remember that we started everything new when we bought your 
machine, and when our plater, a gentleman of large experience, came 
to make his first trial with machine and new solutions, he remarked 
that “it looked likeit was going to be all right from the start,” which’he 
thought “ would be miraculous.” So, from our first experiment to 
date we have no complaint to make. . < 

: Yours truly, J. W. Hatcuer, Supt, 

From Baltimore Nickel Plating Works, 
Bartimore Nicket Piatine Works, 
: : Barrimore, Mo., April 22, 1878, 
Telegraph Supply Co. 

GENTLEMEN,—We have used one of-your Brush Dynamo-Electric 
Machines for electro-plating for several months. Its daily practical 
use has proved very satisfactory. . We commend it especially for its 
entire freedom from any difficulty in regard to heating, the amount 
and regularity of current developed, economy of power consumed 
and its durable and simple construction. : 

Yours respectfully, 

From Lowrie, Shurmer & Massey. 

CLEVELAND, Oui0, January Ist, 1880, 

Telegraph Supply Co, 

GENTLEMEN,—Something over a year ago we purchased a 12-inch 
Weston Dynamo-Electric Machine for use in our plating establish- 
ment, and it ran pretty well for awhile, but soon began to give us 
trouble by getting badly heated and getting out of order generally, 
We had it repaired at an expense of over 50 dols., but very soon it 
gave out again, and we became disgusted with it, and ordered one of 
your 9-inch Brush machines in its place. ‘This has now been running 
with the most perfect satisfaction for several months, and we feel 
‘auch gratified at the results obtained with it, Tt does not get at all 
heated, even with all the work we can get into our: baths, thus 
avoiding the necessity of running water through it as with the old 
Weston machine. The Weston machine is at your disposal any 
time you send for it, Yours truly, E : 

ai Settee ada ates « Lowrie, SHURMER & Massey, - 


From Sly and Furman, 
CLEVELAND, OHIO; January 28th, 1880. 
. Ldegraph Supply Co. ‘ 
GENTLEMEN,—We have been using one of your 9-inch Brush 
plating machines for two years past in our plating establishment, and 
it has not been out of order or given us any trouble for even an hour 
during that time. It never gets hot, even when pushed with work, 
and we have done as high as 30,000 dols. worth of work per month 
with it. 5 
We are familiar with all the plating machines in the market, and do 
not know one that compares with the Brush in any respect. 
: Yours truly, 
Sty & Furman, 

From the Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Co. 
. Burrato, N.Y. Jan. 31, 1880. 
Telegraph Supply Co, : 

GENTLEMEN,—In response to your enquiry as to how we like our 
“Brush Dynamo machine,” we have to say that we see no reason to 
change the favourable opinion expressed in our former letter. It is 
always ready, and gives no trouble. Before-we used this we had a 
Weston which troubled us very much by heating. This objectionable 
feature does not appear in the Brush machine. We would not part 
with it if we could not replace it, 

B. D. M. Co, 

Yours very truly, 
Geo. B. Snow, President. 

From Myers, Osborn and Co., Stove Manufacturers. 

OrrFicE or Myers, Ostorn & Co., CLEVELAND, 
‘Feb. 8, 1880. 
Telegraph Supply Co. . 
GENTLEMEN,—We have used the Brush Dynamo-Electric machine 
for a year, with entirely satisfactory results, The machine is fully up 
to the standard of excellence claimed. 
; Yours respectfully, . 
3 Myers, Osporn & Co. 

boi From the White Sewing Machine Co. 
Telegraph Supply Co. * CLEVELAND, Feb. 3, 1880, 

GENTLEMEN,—In reply to your inquiry as to our opinion of the 
“Brush Dynamo-Electric Machine” for nickel-plating, we take 
pleasure in stating that we have used it for nearly two years to our 
entire satisfaction, and can heartily recommend it for its durability and 
its non-liability to heat or change of current. 

: Very truly yours, : 
Wuire Szwine Macuine Co, 



As the best evidence of the tect that: the Brush Electric 
Light is no longer an experiment, but a fully developed and 
thoroughly practical illuminator, we give below a list of the 
most prominent places where the light has been purchased 
and is in regular use, or has been ordered for use, 


16 Lights—tho Admiralty. 
6 oy South Kensington Muscum. 
16, ~—- Royal School of Mines, Jermyn Street, 
16 SOg,_~=—- Admiralt (second order). 
16 ,, ~=— Woolwic! enal, 
16 =, ~=— Peek, Frean & Co.,, London, 
16 ,, -—- Barrow-in-Furness Ship Building Company, 
16 ” Great Eastern Railway Company. 
6 ,, Denny Bros., Dumbarton (for ships). 
60,  Barrow-in-Furness Ship Building Company (second order), 
18 ,, Messrs, Bass and Co., Burton-on-Trent. 
18 = ,, Great Eastern Railway Company (second order), 
16, ~—- Peek, Frean & Co., London (second order), 
G 4, Isanc Holden, Esq., Oakworth House, Onkworth, 
6 ~,, Denny Brothers, Dumbarton (second order), 
6 4,  Ballock & Co, (for export). - 
18 7 Messrs, Holden & Son, Alston Works, Bradford 
6 ly lh 6B Crossley, Esq., Halifax (on order), 
16, ~~ Messrs, Caird & Co., Greenock, 
8 ,, 3. Napier & Sons, Glasgow i 
17—C«,,_~—Ss Baldwin, ax, n 0 
364, Great Western Railway Company, Paddington Station (on order), 
32. ‘Messrs, Holdon & Sons, Alston Works, Bradford (second order), 
3 ,, Admiralty (third erder), . 
16 ,, ~~“ South Eastern Railway (Charing Cross Station). 
4 oy Clock Tower, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, 
6 , ‘The Roanhead Hmmatite Mines, Ulverston, / 
6 ,, The Clyde Spinning Company, Glasgow, ; 
32 ” Corporation of tho City of London, for lighting of Blackfriars 
Bridge, New Bridgo Stroct, Imdgate Cirous, Ludgate Bt. 
ies 5 Churchyard (North Side), and in Cheapside (to ' 


a re ee Ee ip 
: ; 
i se 15 
i 14 ; 
: Bp aS 2 et en ate 

. ou; ny Clo 0: 0, I, ; 
IN TRE UNITED SrTarTEs, n° Jovnes Por bee Chicago, 11, 2 StF Ohleago, 
! : Go» AD, Notting & Go,, Olothicrs, Brooklyn, N.Y, 

Rolling Mills, Iron and Steel Works, Machine Shops, &c. 6 ly, John Paret Co., ” ry 

Wholesale Grocers, 

ie, HK. & PB. Thurber & Co., New York City, 
14», ~~ Francis Leggett & Co., New York City, 
Parks, Docks, Summer Resorts, &c., for Outdoor Use. 
17. -4; Prospect Park, Amorican Falls, Niagara Falls, N.Y, 
Ie, Chautauqua §, 8, Assembly, Fairpoint, N. Y, 
1, Monumental Park and Suporior-Street, Clovoland, O, 
1g” Nantasket Beach, Boston Harbour, Boston, Mass, 
1%, N. O. City Ry, Co., Gardons, New Orleans, La, 
wg ,, Schwartz Bros,, Gardens, New Orleans, La, . 
IBY ys Brighton Beach Hotel, Seaside Resort, Coney Island, N. Y, 

82 lights in Park Bros, & Co.'s Binck Diamond Steol Works, Pittsburg, Pa, 
36, Brown, Bonnell & Co,’s Mills, Youngstown, O, 
2, Pottstown Iron Co.'s Mills, Pottstown, Pa, 
4 4, Edgmoor Iron Co,'s Mills, Edgmoor, Del, 
12 “ Phoonix Iron Co,’s Mills, Phoonixville, Pa, 
i 6 , _ Pennsylvania Steel Co.’s Mills, Baldwin Sta., Pa, 
Hl 6 » Otis Tron and Steel Company’s Mills, Cleveland, O, 
2 » Nashua Iron Co,’s Mills, Nashua, N.’ 37, 
18 4, ~~ Norway Iron Co.'s Mills, South Boston, Mass; 
| 18. ~~ Bay State Iron Co,’s Mills, South Boston, Mass, 
| 16 ,, -_ . Passaic Rolling Mill Co.'s Mills, Paterson, N, J. 
16, NJ, Iron and Steel Co.'s Mills, Tronton, N. J. 

: inion Rolling Mill Co., Chiengo, Til. 180, 6 «OL EN. Y, Ry. Co,, Iron Ore Docks, Escanaba, Mich. 
| ¢ . Hales Chicage Rolling dint Oo Chicago, TH, . 17, ~—-Harbour of Montreal & Docks, Escanaba, Mich, 
52» W., Allison & Co.'s Car Works, Philadelphia, Pa, 1g” _ Allantio Garden, Bowery, N, ¥, City. 
1 Washburn & Moen Manufacturing Co.'s Wire Mills, Worcester, Mass, 18 Sea Beach Palace Hotel, Conoy Island, N, ¥. 
i » Niles Tool Works, Hamilton, 9. ei . Circuses. : 
non Tron Works, San Francisco, Cal, ‘ " " 
7 i 0. Bullooks Diamond Drills, Chicago, Til, : 184," Gooper, Bailey & Co., London Cirous, “On tho rond." 

Standard Nut Co., Pittsburgh, Pa, 

+» Pittsburgh Hingo Co., Pittsburgh, Pa, 

v» Falls Rivet Co, 7; Cuyahoga Falls, O, 

2 Albany & Rens'r. Iron & Steel Co,, Troy, N, ¥, ¢ 
+ Moorhead, McClean & Co., Pittsburgh, Pa, 

Woollen, Cotton, Linen and Silk Factories, 
126, Thos, Dolan & Co., Woollen Mills, Philadelphia, Pa, 
96 =, ~~ ‘Riverside Worsted Mills, Providonca, 1.I. aaa 
108, Oswego Falls Woollen Mills, Fulton, N.Y, 
116, Atlantio Mills, Dresa Goods, Providence, RT. : 
4s Amoskeag Manufacturing Co., Manchester, Cotton Goods, N. H. 
25 4, ~~ Willimantio Linon Co., Spool Catton, Willimantic, Conn, 
S4- Engle & Phaanix Works, Columbus, Ga, 
30), Mississippi Mills, Wesson, Mississippi, 
Globo Mills, Dress Goods, Woonsocket, RL 
se, Conant Thrend Company, Spool Cotton, Pawtuckot, R.I, 

9 | W. W. Coles Cirous, On tho road," . . 
er John Robineon's Cirons, ** On the road," 
2 4 W. ©. Coup’s Circus, “On the road,” 

Colleges, Churches, &c, 

2 re Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pa, 
3 ” Ohio Medical College, Cincinnatti, O, 



i Wabash College, Orawfordsvillo, Ind, 
i Baptist Church, North Orange, N. J. 

10, =~ Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. 
w , Baldwin Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. 
we Grand Pacific Hotol, Chicago, Til, 
%w ,, Continental Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa, 
y Mines, Smelting Works, &c, 

Ge 5 Menomineo Mining Co., Quinneseo Mino, Quinneseo, Mich. 


iss, Moss Manufacturing Co,, W esterley, RI, : : 1% Menomineo Mining Co. Norway Mine, Vulcan, Mich, 
G4, Waterman ana Mayer, Corset Factory, W. Brookfield, Mass, 1%’ Oleveland Iron Mining Company, Cleveland Mine, Ishpeming, Mich, 
18 5, Cheney Bros., Sille Works, South Manchester, Conn, 

4 4, Deer Creek Mine, near Smartsville, Cal, 
wy, Pilot Knob Iron Co., Tron Mine, Pilot Knob, Mo... 
a 4; Great Basin Mining and Smelting Co., Salt Lake City, Utah. 
3° 35 Old Jordan wining Co,, Salt Lake City, Utah, 
a? =i, North Bloomfold lining Co., Nevada City, Novadn. 

Steamers, ' 

18. , ~—- Raritan Woollen Mills, Raritan, NJ. 
19° 4, ~~ Cohannet Mills, ‘anton, Mass, 
6 Cy, Cohoes Warp ‘Thread Co,, Cohoes, N, Y, 
64 4, | Whittenton Infacturing Co,, Taunton, Mass, 
72 4, Wanskuels Co., Providence, R.L 
1% OC, Burlington Woollen Mills, Winooski Falls, Vt. 

: ef 8. Steamer « Massachusetts,” Providence Line, N. ¥, City, 
H Large Stores, See By, » “RR Springor,” Mississippi River, Cincinnati, 0, 
St: John Wanamaker, Grand Depét, Philadelphia, Pa,” : 6 fy, »  *Stateof California,” Pacitic Const Line,San Francisco, Cal, 
200» Dunham, Buckley & Co,,. ry Goods, 340, Broadway, NY 2» " + 0, Groy,” Grey's Iron Line, Pittsburgh, Pa, 
. 20. 4, Bates, Rood & Cooley, Dry Goods, 343, Broadway, N. Y, a: + ase Dale, " ” sig 
Go. A.D, duillard & Co., Dry Goods, 68, Worth Street, N. ¥, 2 yy Am 4itad Stoamors, St. mad Mo, 
6 ‘y+ Looser. & Uo., Dry Goods, Brook # 2 ~~ Steamer “8, H, Parisot, New Orleans, + 

S » Continental Giothing House, Washington Btrect, Boston, Mass, 


Factorles and Establishments of Various Kinds, 

20 Lights—Barber Match Co., Mitch Factory, Akron, O. 
16 Allen Bros,, Paper Mill, Sandy Hill, N; Y. 
a . Montague Paper Co., a aqer Mill, Turner's Falls, Mass, 

19 _ Stanley Rule and Level Co., New Britain, Conn. 
Plume and Atwood, Manufacturing Company, ‘Thomaston, Conn, 
Atlantic Petroleum Refining Co., Point Breeze, Philndelphia, 
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection Co,, Philadelphia; 
Chicago Times Building, Chicago, Il. 
Ohicago and Alton Railway Bridge, Glasgow, Mo, 
Orystal Plate Gloss Co,, Orystal City, St, Louis, Mo,j 
J. G, Kitchon, Philadelphia, . 
Ferry Seed Co., Detroit, Mich. 
Dover Stamping Co., Cambridge, Mass, 
Olds & Lord, Saw Mill, Aston, Minn, 
Bergner & Engle Brewing Co. , Philadelphia, 

. Michigan Central R. BR. Co,, Detroit, Mich. 
Rented Lights furnished from a Central Station. 

California Electrio Light Co. San Francisco, Cal, 
Grand Rapids Electric Light and-Power Oo., Grand Rapids, Mich, 

City of Wabash, on Court House Dome, Wobash, Ind. 
pret Galesburgh, Il., Flog-staff, Galesburgh, Ill, 

New York, 

1880. Electric Pen (D-80-027) 

This folder contains correspondence relating to the design and marketing of 
the electric pen. Other letters concern ownership of patent rights. 

All the documents have been filmed. 

OPA) Vy 27 Te. 
GEO AwiSs. 
Gent Memagen 

0, Ago 9% wpa 

a Li ea ERB Wil tb Bt eh A lees tirana Wahu id ae yeahh 

eke ih a the ect Pk, Sth a pina pah ties y saleitess ADU ie 

SILVER ClYy, UDA, . ., : GEO. H, BLISS, President, 
In Tintle AUintng District ; ee 

TAS} STEELE, Secretary. : 
Financia 0 Orricy: 
137 and 139 State St., Chteaga rin Carita, 781.0 000,000.00 


@eitoer Cuily, Nal Co, (lah, on : 

ior. 2. Leber. GO 
. Mute Pak or &, 
Bear SS 4 . 
es Sor “f ea TS. fa ais: gre 
donk or Fic: Mian, . . , 
| © Kom, artten lr Lyall ant Wnt Grad, 

er ES 

@Aprute, Li wn ada mn ar. Tey Ate Leiner i at 
Kaw ‘ 

ty UK ie. 

GP y, Gy Ce Cf? Cy. 
iA Ide Adofplone Company of Lender ean, 
! Me ae Chambon, a 

: may 4 y Wierd. Cr? 
MANAGER & SCGRETARY, . Rooma Nuts, : Me Luwnoe Mtbrde, Paws C 
2 . ‘ ee OPEL Gf, ome Wk. 
ar Aer ow 


Sa SS AEN A aa CO aan pad Rs aU DUE AN ai acsnag aN cc Mireget as j4idioe MWe 



‘ * : _ 
Pas * ode oe. 
Rta 7 
Vg i 
6 cemitatain cron i 
ins sai q 

eee se ae Ee TES ee Te ee ee 
ached havin facets Sie ee Ee keg oe ee nS 

cas fh Rap neh, te 

a pane 
we ce NENT Ag +, ae ; 

poset Address 
dhe atte ak 
Chicago, . Bony» AF 7125S 
her R- Stn 4 ars vif 
indie Prk. 1. $, 
Be Breas a; 
ND Reyens! abort, 

. c., 
Vo Menke! qineel, 

pen CAL, 
mn = 
itt’ thet & & 

: et R pit , jaa dnd, is, 
: > 

T. A. EDISON, . 

Menlo Pas N, ies iternetite hess Se nix iy 

(Rebens th “Ge at "ee 

0 aris & Tat Ce SS tA One 

UL CPEN Aaa ae te Gre 2 
eg Nao baa Bae et. i. 
ianCuun.6 A verry mao) (. c brG bach 

( ete fe te sakes Ces. clrre fem 
te BORA ae a YU meek Poems 
of. oe. a ee ee ae ] 
is AOL. nu Coren Corey > Bb a et. ee 
Dears Cae : ee Px aa ve &. 


eee meen ‘ 
Ve Syusnu-( doch anu yp? 

te i Cyotd cet pearnt alate 
ee Ripe Pitot 
oh Pe els 

ne pe G ee LS fe wn a 
/) ee ge Eade. ae off Z 
fof ‘ i ale 

: ae CO mbes 

took © ake RE Yee Fa ee ee 

PED mia iN 
. POD aay a s) 

uate Hsin Co. Winiter. 
; } View mb onCerdah.¢t.0% 

| afi 7 

ee ae Mover vi ees eo ee 

/ Lhe Lieglack fekeut rphh pee) 
Leela full aathry fact Mateo 
BCaleatly ur panes Canusef-Ke's 

Sf § Sanna inaction | praca Mea fasta 

1880. Exhibitions - Paris Electrical Exhibition (D-80-028) 

This folder contains one letter from George E. Gouraud, Edison's agent in 
London, regarding the Edison exhibit at the 1881 Paris Electrical Exhibition. 

% . hoe Mes tee : ey Se ee See ee eR cea 
» PY cP RR ee ee ae : i i ih RT ae 2 - 
Fy KES axa ee erat An ee aa : ats = e © 

Pog es A noe Meal. Sbirntitea 
CANE ADDRESS, . : 4 af ee . : et 


CF ‘ ‘ 
Ee Lo Eee 

a itn x a Gaels Sk Aas ansaid iS i a AN th hchevet 

CONN wy ish 8i NT hii ig RE CEL sh Pirkei NAAR AY Sch Lag cde hissctan paid ies sdvaeee 

Ul ya 

1880. Menlo Park Laboratory - Incoming (D-80-029) [not filmed] 

This folder contains correspondence, circulars, and price lists from suppliers 
of materials and equipment. 

1880. Menlo Park Laboratory - Internal (D-80-030) 

This folder contains internal communications among various members of the 
laboratory staff, including Edison. 

Less than one percent of the documents have been filmed. Communications 
relating directly to the operation of the laboratory or concerning significant orders 
of supplies and equipment have been filmed. Communications dealing with routine 
orders and bills have not been filmed. 

4, ve ses 
Fee. Le . 
se Heft 

Gp Tors IS docx seat 
a Cade “Cpa et és 

es oe me co aug bf 

oe If 

Bee rR 


As Mba 
Ry A Ye As 

A Se fae Ue, bes 

ee AE. Lae ttt, : 
vA cd 
Cott ES “fe OP Pod Faseman 

A ate cae a Bye 

ee ee ee 

CP Bot ere HAO GO? 
aa t Lt LE pcp a 

. Pet - 7 
~~ Enter ON 
Le . 


| Memb Doouk. Deby 19 §. dso. 
Employees wilh bieak Ovsitéve couléourly Gulunder 
yo crcumalamces will Hey feave Bein work oe 
que. mfoyim aor. of amy Rimd 6 winitdayrs . 
Yo Infomation with be furnished except Gy mydelf 
ot Merry. Ratéhelon, Upten , Krnusie cud Gana. 

You will pegoid Mis ae a positive onder 

-T. A, EDISON, © 

oh eg rae eet. arre eu nae Le “aR 
S ee 

OPA ELIOE” te go iy pine La. welts , 
EB “BEV LEVIES, ame: wore, 
© fl f et 

: ae f Bee Ae: wl LOS wt Hae 

a ee 

LAatt he eS P< Z. chek 
tl wih, oe = 

wee pre ny 1 
elf $ 7 

Lett fae eo eb Pere 
CAME i caro et it Mager : 
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Blank No. 1. 


This Company santed Yo HY tt and DELIVERS messages aaty on conditions, limiting its ‘Uabity, 
hich hi ‘Basented to by thi lowing mi 
® re pean Sat ot hondor of ts pag fel - 70 heck to tho sending atation for comparison, 

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ana tho © Comey winnied Batt sell Natletee for Sire or delays in transmission: or dolivery of Unrepoated Q 
Baagengos. 7 

i mossage Is An- UNRELATED JAGE and is delivered b; oat of the sender, under ‘ 
i . tho Sopdliions named pot 3 ais eae ‘ 

A. R. BREWER, Sec'y.’ NORVIN: GREEN, Prostdent. 

1880. Menlo Park Laboratory - Outgoing (D-80-031) [not filmed] 

This folder contains copies of telegrams and drafts of letters to various 
suppliers of materials and equipment. 

1880. Mining - General (D-80-032) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
separation of ores and the application of electricity to mining operations. 

All the documents have been filmed. 

: ‘ \ 
ow. ate oye ee 2 
7 . cara nee : ¥ tat : 

is Ves ie a tfa 

CAN Lae é 

POSTAL ADDRESS Billingsley nearBridgnorth. 


ToBillingcley Sidings, 
To Highley Station. 

2 | 



a, aye oe 
ae fille, : Colliciy 

oe EO CL tt 

Com pretnyp Len? 



to agcend SC 


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—@ BR 7s 90 ote. 


G. W. & B. F. GREEN & C0, 


Tagot! Brass & Brass se of all ria 

CORNER. 4ist paced & A. v. R. R. 


, wading 20 
at ie # AR a Vv G 8. 

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mes agp. ers Co: ep %e, Lora, 

oer Croan Bone. . ae HAAR weed” aan ii ae - at ? : aty Ze 

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JL rreteg on), (ik ae Cetharn, 

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Apul PO 

Contract ental Seve cut tree: 


of. 72 

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gs oh oe ORIEL F a ie. me 

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Blanis No, i. 


Kerors can be ted 

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pang it oy hls fuel taetor gree alae lumens dlryot Wacopon cd Meseeatee 
rylin—aae Jaan UNREPEATED MESSACE snd ts vered by requeatof the sender, under the condit{ 
‘A. R, BREWER, 8éo'y, / ''. NORVIN GREEN, President. - 



Sole manufacturer of the ALDEN PATENT ORE CRUSHER and PULVERIZER, 
General agent NEW YORK SAFETY STEAM POWER CO, (vertical engines.) 
New York agent EWART MFG. CO. (Ewart's detachable link drive chain.) 
80 Cortlandt Streot, 

New York. Ye 24 Ve 

Mek, [e-nC 
| 4) 

Cele “p- a ae C; Laweg ATT, 
a ca at aaa 


a C5; g Ate, 3 5 
Log Chak 

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Conte Yorn aces Me 

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Cov bf Ah ORLA “NN 

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Prog} A Y Can C5unreiu2e SY 2220822 , 
Jo. DIS Sn ge, Ltt jn C0 Tei tee ae_ 

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. Genuer, Cada. ; , nme £0, 
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“Rr es Perzacce 
Repprtres passa gece ghee OE on 
ae Ken4, terrae vy Spee Mee eave inte aap 


Marx eotreele> ~~ «a 


Alexican Gold aul Silver 4 ining Qompany, 
: 7 e 


Sverenrevorve’s Ovrrce. 

VLA Bis | 

oe a Yeu Su hn af ef aie fen By : | Pearcy 
posh ctid, | | lace’ se nome ae, 

reas “ ee 
Qs shan Le rae if , 

et Coe Sor ee a ae RE Oe eR EY NT 

Gas eas eal 

es. pay 
bance be apples A ra “Uke as oe 


Sole manufacturer of the ALDEN PATENT ORE CRUSHER and PULVERIZER. 
General agent NEW YORK SAFETY STEAM POWER CO, (vertical engines.) 
New York agent EWART MFG. CO. (Ewart's detachable link drive chain.) 

80 Cortlandt Street, 
New York, te 00 [F, 

= - } 2 CeCe. ~ 
‘aye Va ALS Zu Ctrckeg- _— wecee : 

aie 7D 

3 t 


<a Ch... GA detchery of bars eee AEFO | 

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Pez. wSkens sabekiae 2 a 
aa Coietiz7a Chur sege fact. ar | 


Union, Consolidated Silvey Alfining Alia. 
SuperRInrenpent’s Orrice, : , ¥ 

Vesginia, (2) 187 


See ies 
CON, Laer tated, Uirquen Cty 

- Menlo.Park, N. J... _.. fo ee 
bee vrata “KE 
pt scale a Z 
: Lepr Ed Re 
ie 5 aaa ao ne Te puise.. Fo eae 
eT lirarie toed se-fawles._ coun fate | 
3000 Keel be nel. Pea as alae re 

Pee oD). tts pon aane Sa Gael: 

Gy wragaatis,, We hare ronchatta bere —— 
ular 1 J Op lms.. On. Gurfrruy yp. On0., 

! latte the. 3000. pect pel ice £6 

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LL Hews 3008, Cus! ise ear cles ice 

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feds fe NORE Pct ga: 

re Prk be - to tuk le 

a “tbe “Go hep on 
roan Me. ibe on Ra hae ae 

3@ Sd ue Ceao eee iy aa 
epee bp fe 2.05, = of Caat Oy, : 



''T. A. EDISON, 
Menlo Park, No Jojo ccicsmsmrmmnes me, L880. 


hae Cela  Comsucarlcm.. ‘fom. eer 

2 ath Ca-nwerd. the. Case. KL. G. bid 
oe ee ., Q. bute Une, 
izlon. ty the. fe Lav, 4 scotia, 

tet. ae: AL Ra gntty 7 jth, as 

<i of ee rep pews’. LEIA, of - 
. eure acre ae O.Sietan, ott r 30-60. Pook 

. Deed. woth. surallia. Cop: 4b i ex 
oq ee acs LM. oBaArd,. he ve ae 

ba. uilker 
ae Nee ONG. ot—the. 3 1 en “at foal 
ee J mat Ls. ao. tee, ! AN 

- PE oe Soy. [Bs na 

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eee nene egestas aiecnyaeceens otha ote Aarne ent emf toaeaemme ee een nomenon ant oem 


Menlo Park, No Jojo nec ciiinnnennnmmnanmnm l 880, 


Mt. Space. Coad: & a Gy c..60. k p- ilo. quite... 
ob 8X b7X. 32 The. Eng Ake sages 
i Perey 5k 8 x.4_ by 3, Tike Bog MA. Of tha. 
Wee. guste. acts as a (ay bho’ 
Ovwrdig AOA fps: ty Lotte. Agi 
: A Nagar YyUuUy RALAACS . 
bee aS... sane aes ate, ia ae 4 


ee a ae seein SPRY Mine RT nts yt YEE EG AD ie tantra bd a Bate am RTs 
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“Bes rue a 
eae SON oo Hrcurand. Pees FE: a : : 

Superintenpent’s Orrice. 

Aiilnion, fowsliate Silvey Hlining dhe. 

Vesgenie, Cpu. Dh... ay & CERO 

IEP Bae — 425 Eg Te Pee tnryiny Pern 
eae? L ssa" Pare Aan) FES an 

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‘Ilnion Aouselidlated Silvey Allining (io. 



sae i) es 167 | 
Hir~ cb ol i—- Bo a Betiw Gay Oo" fr Jro porn 

Tio ge CO EE SCE AGEN OSs as, arti 

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inion, Cousolidated Silvey Aiining io. 

SuperinTenvent’s Orrice. 

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Hoy, Yr et, 
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Sonor Agen. 

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* oT. A. EDISON, Vhis Wezt9 

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Rxtin RL Cages 
leas Oe a there, 

. T. A. EDISON, | Cj : “Me 
Heat andmo cba Shere ey.02 be 
‘ : Menlo Park, N. J.,.... 
ho Arf Gren thy as ow 6066s con Ge Shovronw 
tinnrQne WP . | 
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bn Leacmcbe tke whieh aBeut 257 ts FS~ Pe : : f f ; ae 

DO sey, eas 
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ele VAL iii tri Naepae ies Hints LiiliacniLss 

T. A. EDISON, 3 — 

Menlo Park, N. Jao £880. 

000 oh Prn pe eR es 
tre 3 & 


T. A. EDISON, : , “ 

, the Ou fine ee eras Dodo 628 

feat he ; 0 amo metho L 7 Menlo Park, N. J......... antes . £880. 
as Co oan Eagar ce nll : 

whan Sho Eagan fovbrr Allen) vraies’ 
Goo Raven, ae ) . 

Carfin Vea? es ees kar (ne Dee 
Ur fk thee Com brnrakanr’ te Cogn 

of, Cowra Cot, AEB ab etrat nating | 
RD O20 The pom Root uw CKEQ due, 
te Uk Green a Keke Exget, fhe hOy nome | 

Pe cae ee Sat Ee TEL OR Si Li eG i Oy wk pA LCA act hy 

T. A. EDISON, a ~. 

Menlo Park, N. J.,..... 2 eS un d880, 

Gree, dc) 4 S000, foot Lbs Ube poe) 
oJ afert Fo 00 foe? 28. an 
tke eee Charge" ca |inlaated tre 


5 we 120 rE 
eee lee, Ces oR = 

tere, Fetel Bont HK hp, . 

T. A. EDISON, 6 ~ 

Menlo Park, Ne Sey coc cue uae L8BOL 

Commend frome Cir PeveN AQunraws, ono 

: ath Une primtaf 

og. She Barter AG tied 

0, BA & 

ENT a rag, 
oN. 2 Sum ace Amro 
ee Se Uae es Secu 


T. A. EDISON, / oN 

Menlo Park, N. J.,... . 1880. 

ang NGI ta gr cae 
ohne S Onktenty haue G@ Lo cooR 
The work diet crete Crd wel 

a C tS Ge tn Obi T. A. EDISON, << Boe 
Oman asro a Une CU anf 8 Uren? ch 
: o Menlo Park, N. Ju... Ce cnmrws unmnd88O. 
Gxuxfi2. Ch ack P 1 Arfrrarne 
Wd rok. ues.) nah AK aa Oka, ro Ride. Pe a 9 aa Qennnawntrar 
Lara. CAD CAL Te pe lo wit Ran 
She Urhele UA, a ertiete YP ais a ret Ta ae (Pome QAt prove, 
Oey Ge Th wee wm te eum s © ot Uke RoR. Dk uw 
: ; X aa, 7 
Che 6a ack Rees 5a WA. awe Lom Wolatio of - 

ha simp on bE, on phar af ~~) 
alo Wace 

Beypromna tre ctiannin Boy tan Go ieee ee ae { | en aa ; ep 

eK Che Onno Qn mre om a! 

T. A. EDISON, | ie 

Menlo Park, N. Ju... 1880. 

a ao pai icenieaatal “ P ||  T. A. EDISON, 
A | qo 
Menlo Park, No Jey ccc ue oe 

Ilo cure Comey eng tH ft theo anu UL2AR_ Gun 120 hyp Oynome I Engume Conhinre RL emcih- 

ar dead cS ces by AS mount aun z i Bole’ {aQo Ajo ofthe 3ooo foot feucf- 
fogs ; 3% st 376 Lhe of Coal pes fp Ly sists 

‘i I Me j 106 Shas anrount Pa Saree 1 

ee cen - - tah ee NO 0 

T. A. EDISON, i ; & 

Menlo Park, N. J.,. comes ain + vmod BBO, 

ques Beltre, Yo facies 

Com Lken Chis foomer’ © 

EO pee hep 
oe the see Leprrecetio, te J Und 
for ee Gt be The Cheaprat Minentaac ee > a. 
aweieet pel 60s wet hat thod-u 
Rinciitng fatty i Cerny, 7: what tenia, 
Waohmettike ack a GP pret Aes mame. tn Mtn. foe 

oe £10 (9 app aire Ea at preedenT a} 

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Se ee = Ry eH Bak os pene 4 haf 
fat Sac Cte, eh a Gog > 
anne VG Ef mere 22 <a! 
Bose san deaatA fora” 

ae eo ee Lo LO 
or CE Gteem Bip [ ee 

; Dh geese a LEE aL FG F ‘ 


pec lly 

thE Purdy 

| yee cglore <A Bee Leos 





This company is incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey, for the purpose of 
acquiring, by a systematic use of experienced miners and engineers, such mining properties as the 
company may consider desirable to hold, either for sale or for development, 

The capital stock of the company is $1,000,000, divided into 100,000 shares of ten dollars 
each. The shares are full paid and non-assessable. Twenty-five thousand shares of the capital 
stock are placed in the treasury for working capital. 

When the company was organized in April last, it was not the intention of the directors to 
develop any of its mines at first, but simply to acquire them, and this was so stated in the pros- 
pectus then issued. Such, however, has been the success of its able prospecting staff, in the 
acquisition of very valuable mining property, and so greatly have the facilities for marketing the 
ore increased in the last few months, that it is now considered that the interests of the company 
will be best subserved by at once proceeding to develop one or more of its mines, with a view of 
selling some of their immense deposits of mineral, for the benefit of the treasury and the gratifi- 
cation of the stockholders. 

As stated in the prospectus referred to above, the company commenced by purchasing six 
Silver mines entire, a half interest in four more, a fine mill site and a water right, all in the San 
Juan district of Colorado. 

The efforts of the prospecting staff have so increased the company’s possessions that it now 
Owns THIRTY-NINE MINING CLAIMS ENTIRE, a one-half interest in _TEN MORE, and three of the 
finest mill sites in the whole San Juan country. 

Considerable work‘has been done this season on the company’s “Western Belle” Mine, and with 
every ten fect of drifting in the tunnel the vein has increased in width and richness. The pay- 
streak is of grey copper and brittle silver, and is ten times its width when first uncovered. The 
gradual manner in which the whole vein has widened out with development is very gratifying to 
all interested, as indicating a permanent yield of silver ore, of both medium and rich grade, in 
great abundance. 

For the purpose of deciding upon a future plan of action the directors recently ‘sent the 
secretary, Mr. John Weaver, to Colorado to examine the property of the company, and to con- 
sult with practical and ‘experiénced parties. about the advisability of proceeding forthwith to 
develop a mine, and which mine to develop first, if any. 

Owing to the position of the “Western Belle,” it being on the side of Mineral Mountain, it can 
be worked by tunnelling, thus avoiding the expenses of pumping and hoisting, which have to be 
done when a shaft is sunk from level ground, Another advantage is, the mouth of the tunnel 
where the work is now being done on the mine, is only about 150 feet from the line of the new 
wagon road now being rapidly built. This road will enable the men to transport the ore to the 

_ “Western Belle” tunnel. . 

smelters at much less expense than if they had to depend upon the only other means of convey- 
ance, namely, by packing on the backs of mules, or burros, down the mountain trails, Again! 
near to this mine the company owns a fine mill site, upon which, some time later, it may be advis- 
able to erect smelting works, so that the company can manipulate its own minerals, and for that 
matter the minerals of other owners also, which will materially help to swell the carnings of the 


These facts, combined with the character and quantity of ore contained in that mine, justify, 
the directors think, their decison to at once proceed to develop its resources. 

When the company organized, the services of Mr. James A. Drummond were secured, under: 
a three years’ contract, which dates from April, 1880. Mr. Drummond being a practical miner and 
prospector of many years experience in Colorado and the territories. 

Arrangements were then made to send out, also, other experienced prospectors, under his 
supervision, into the districts around the Dolores and San Juan, with instructions to locate and 
secure for the company desirable silver and gold lodes, carbonates, coal lands, placer claims and 
other valuable properties appertaining to mining. 

Judicious management of the company’s affairs have produced the foregoing satisfactory re- 
sults, at acomparatively small outlay of money. The fact being that the company’s possessions have 
increased in the short space of six months about FIVE HUNDRED PER CENT. in value and quantity, 
which is probably unprecedented in the history of mining companies, and this without increasing 
its capitalization, drawing upon its treasury reserve, or making any demand upon the stockholders. 
The Jatter cannot be done under any circumstances, as all its stock is full paid and unassessable. 

In reference to the mines of the company which are not being developed, all the work neces- 
sary to be done under the law, for one year to come, has been done, and no.more work is neces- 
sary upon any of them before the latter end of next year, 

It will be for the company to decide hereafter whether any of them shall be sold or not. To 
retain them will not make ‘any great annual demand upon its treasury, and at the same time the 
company will own an enormous amount of the best kind of silver mining property. 

The mines are located in several districts. The majority of them are on true fissure veins. 
A few are carbonate lodes. No placer claims have been taken up. Probably next year the staff 
may succeed in locating placer claims, but they have discontinued prospecting for this year, in 
order to push development on the “ Western Belle” Mine. 

Upon this property a comfortable cabin, a store-house and a blaeksmith-shop have been built; 
a dumping-car and car-track have been furnished, and supplies, tools, etc, have been laid in for a 
winter’s work, 

Some of the same appliances would be available for working the “ Jersey State” Mine, should 
the company hereafter decide to develop it, as its opening is only about 1500 feet from the 

September 30, 1880. 

New York: : NEW JERSEY: 

Room 30, Room 2. 

4 bof 
CG. SC Cf nee 

' : 

| POSTAL ADDRESS —BillingsteyneaBridfnorth.. . 
EMPTY TRUCKS —_ ToBillingsley Sidings. . 
TELEGRAMS To Highley Station. 

po lovee Rw ass 

Dees com he Pre aad aa 

wee! , Cate ADORESS, 

LS Coty 

Y Lanter: esse Ace 


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LE$R So 3e 

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bo PAE. che Ban O-tev 

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ete cee’, he hese ee. Contiiiel ¢ act lhe Lecet ony Bre, Sete 

ce OY GO. fro“ Le Apt 
LE ween eue- ae eh emesyn a Higtgeoive, Mel POR BLO CIN) @. 

Pharr) 20 -¢ ncek, LEAs pica: é 2 

MA UNAO Cf BOO Yt vaftoed Gn 2be.. LEE 

.. Silver Allining fo, 
Sy ae > _— q “Bay 
Svrrawrevoevr’s Orrece. : 
| 2 ee er ee 
le Le CB e Ge fervae Awe 25> Qn an Con. 

a eee 

, Cer =) Avayrn. 
2, Lerety~ cles 


a aa 

G" Biock SronE, “ WUE ZL, 

NN as ye NIA, 

OVER 2,300,000 TONS SOLD. (i? Cf, &: fe A 
statin SYoeoe, DH, 27 Lh. GZ LUCIVUE, 


Quarrymen and Manufieturers, 

Sip aren Dt brigh My, MS ube.. 880. 
= Go = : } 
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a eae bey Y red 
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eX Cir ta ww or Le Cpls, Ws? OPER Ci ntens: fen} Jitne ra gee 
rhe, See a pI Uawie 1 ee, Ey he as 
Beth Yh. AL» Lor yy Porek, Ae 2 Oa ef S, PL) Chloe 22M 
Pe. leet SO awet f- ¥ Aad » flee Onaiein ol tia€ whe to becca 
A ae t ee PIN. oe Pe ae ae Wet on "Tee. Ie 
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Ltr Tw one 7 the. Pew. enrézy down a7 yt. 
Ane mite nets paisa 
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“Sheet «90 * grovel breads PRADA one, Roeee Be hbo 
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: Le Wrel. — ty 
“Bon. Yes Drauirg, te teak 

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00 wt. Gt for Bip HH. 

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! ye 400 fy. = = Shae Mitts aty 

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: , Gravel : 4 Bethe 
Oe oe Jat Blue nine aan 
Flumes and Waterpipes. ———— ve Hote.) Fe cs 1 oe a 

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NOTE. — Owing tothe Cherokee Flat Blue. igen 

Gravel Co. owning this tractyf ground, abour ! 
L250 heres, itcoudinotbe previously worked. 

\ [he's property ts included tn the present Cor 

f : it \\\W 
| Solidation and as seer on this Pla work Z 
car,be commenced o7 it tmimediaizty.. . S> = 
MERE ay Serato. aciass noel, 





SNS s 

{755 Robert AWalcké, (76 William St.N.Y,.._» 

a a 2 a se 

GMO Ui Ls Yi); i Y V/ Vf LL Uj 
“ LY Y dei tbded CMLL 

North. . c 


~ North and South longitudinal Section of Gravel banks. ——__ 

(Scale + 250 Feet per Inch.) 

+) Robert AWelcke , I76 Williain St.W.Y, 



- East and West Cross section of Gravel banks .- ——— 

atk Scale +500 Feet per Inch. ) 


£2) Robert AWalcke, [76 Willlam St.N.Y.: 

1880. Mining - Edison Ore Milling Company, Ltd. (D-80-033) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, and other documents 
relating to the business of the Edison Ore Milling Company, Ltd. Some documents 
concern the Miocene Mining Company, which was established by Edison and other 
members of the Edison Ore Milling Company to exploit a mine in California. There 
is also a list containing the names of Edison Ore Milling Company stockholders for 
the years 1880-1883 and the number of shares owned by each. Related material 
can Ps found in the Edison Ore Milling Company Minute Book (Company Records 

All the documents have been filmed. 

Shit Gish fORORGEG, a Mi t 
. g . : i 
Nee Bee 

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4 TER of Cree waar Sit Ctlew. Cx. Melons . 
ier 4 Aeeimtt Cl, “well Ce Seclel cel: uc Uitte th 40.5, oes o. 
"ft 2 be, veepteeneg 4° “1G Uellerern Soul tue he sk odtee beck 
tre Steesctew he. AS? “eheey y Peete, $50 el th cetech fi oe 

Che ee a ‘Sttsedeirl, CLE. Seétclewl, Nerclre ws C1000 PY ECLOI CE ye 

Le Ee Sell. A rojictle: COP) tifere Seeds 
: / 

ie @ lustitey x” 
rd = 

i . 
I eee ere ao Ke: ae 

bee tecsmstns recor assy 

| Tomas Mra bttison 
~ with — 


The Colesorr Cit Metlirig 
Compre, alvinatet 

This nekeewsns made thist<zm day of qanGary in: 
the year 1880, between Thomas Alva Edison of Nenlo Park 40 the | 
State of New sereay of the first part, and The Fdison Ore 
Milling Company, Limited, a corporat ion created under the 
laws of the State of New York, and hereinafter called the Com : 
pany, of the second part, 


Wisco the Company 
has beon organized with the view of acquiring and using in- 
Goatinwe, woseseed sna tepbara patent therefor for extract- 
ing,motals from ores by electricity and other means; and 
among these, certain inventions and bert ae dic uk the party of 
the. first part already made and devised, and such others of 
the like character as he may make hereafter, and such letters 
patent as may be geaneed for any of them. 

And whereas the said Fdison is willing and proposes: for 
the consideration and upon the terms hereinafter referred to, 
to assign to said Company all his interesi in certain con- 
tracts, and to transfer to it his right, titles” intorest in 
all his said inventions, processes and letters patent, and: i 
the sxblunive use, and benefit theroof, in and for the United 

States- of America, and all other States and Countries of. the. - 

Now, in consideration of the mutual agreements of the 
parties hereto as hereinafter diet forth, they respectively 
agree with each other as follows: +: # wu 

First: The said Edison hereby assigns, ‘transfers and 

sets over to the Company the three several contracts, and all 

his ie title and interest 

of, which are herewith handed to the Company, and are de- 

23rd day of December, 1879, between said Edison or his as- 



i  s¢Cribed as follows, to wit: {l.) An agreement, dated the | 


signs of the first part, and the United States Mining Tn~ 
vestmont Company of the second part, relating to the wernt ne 
4 of tailings and other debris on the properties now or former~ 

ly owned by the ‘Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel Company and The 

Spring Valley Natag and [rrigating Company, respectively; 
(2, ) re agreement made at Oroville, in the County of Butte 
and State of California, the 24th day of November, 1879, 
between said Edison and his assigns of the first paver and 
The Big Bar Hydreulic decva Company and relating to the work- 
ing of tailings or debris on the proporty of said Company; 

(3, ) pe agreement made at said ‘Oroville dated the 28th gay 

of November, 1879, aera Said Edison or his assigns of the 

first part, and Oliver Py Powers, Je T, Soule and F, B. Mil- 

ler of the second part. 
Second: The said Edison hereby sells and aaSseRs to 
i the Company the entire and exclusive right, title, interest, 

| ; use and benefit in and for the United States of America, and 

' I tala other States and countries of..the world, in and of his 

H inventions or improvements in or relating to the manufacture 

of Chlorine water, and in and of all other inventions, dis- 

coverios, improvements,’ processes, devices, apparatus and 
means BEPneeke made, discovered or used by him, in or per- 
taining to the extraction of metals from DEBE: tailings, 

gravel or other deposits Pmen SOEs wether. By use of electri- 

city or of any erent eet) mechanical or “other processes or 

Means whatsoever; and does also agree that all other and 
puithes are bene: discoveries, improvements, processes, do- 
wiéests apparatus and means of the character above described 
which he may make within the period of seventeen years from 
the date hereof, together with the improvements upon any of 
them which he may make within the same period, shall be deem~ 
ed to have been made for and shall belong forthwith to the 

Third: The party of the first part hereby agrees, on 

behalf and for the benefit of the Company, to make and prose- 

cute with all reasonable speed and diligence from and after. 

the execution of this agreement, investigations and experi- 
ments for discovering, devising and perfecting the best and 
most profitable processes, epparatus, devices and means for 
extracting métaia from ores, tailings, gravel and other de~ 
posits thereof by eieeticiwy, chemical and any such other 
Means be. Hewede discover or deviance: and in respect to all of 
the iikwas ao diseovetes or devised which are either not pa- 
tentable, or which the Company shall decide not to patent, 
Fdison agrees to wee to it complete and detailed information 
descriptions, formulae and instructions for practically oper- 
ating the same, as fast as the same are made by him, 

And Edison agrees that he will not disclose any of them 

to any other person than to the Compaty, without its permis- 

“sion in writing, signed by its President. And it is mutu- 

ally agreed by the parties hereto that all expenses of Edison 
in and about his experiments and investigations aforesaid, 
provided that the nature and amount thereof have been first 

authorized and approved by the Company, shall be borne and 

Seca ante Seen ee a anne ee ee 

ad paid by it from time to time as they accrue, 

Fourth: All inventions, discoveries, improvements, 
processes, devices, apparatus and: means of the character de-~ 
scribed in the second or third articles heceat which shall 
be made within seventeen years from the date hebeor: shall ° 
belong to the Company without PuERer Stab endatten to Edison 
than et Proyeeed for him by this agreement; and Edison 
hereby agrees that fie will transfer and secure to the Company. 
from time to time as they are made, the full, sole and ex- 
elusive right, title, interest use and benefit of all of 
them, in and for all the states and countries af oresaid. 

Fifth:. Edison agrees that, in respect to all his ine 
ventions, improvements, processes, apparatus, devices or 
means of the character reforred to in the second and third 
articles Reveors which can be protected by letters patent, 
grants, concessions or other privileges, securing to the 
owner thereof the exclusive or other Special use and benofit 
thereof, in any of the countries named in the preamble hereof: 
he will, upon the request of the Company, prepare, execute, 
deliver to it or file as may be necessary, all caveats, draw 
ings, models, specifications and applications for such pa~ 
tents or other grants as aforesaid; and will, as fast as any 
such patentable inventions, improvements or other devices aro 
perfected, assign the same and all his right, title and in- 
terest therein, edd 4a all the eebita: or other such be 

concessions or privileges as aforesaid therefor, to the Com- i 

pany, and will execute and deliver to the Company all such 
. | 

other instruments or writings as will secure to it the entire: 
: i 

and exoyeive Feeney title, use and benefit of all of them 

. Sixth: The Company agrees in consideration of the as- 
signments, covenants and agreements of Edison as herein set 
forth Re pay and issue to him Two hundred and eighty five | 
ehousand doPiare of its capital stock; and to pay him an 
annual salary of ten thousand ($10,000) dollars in each of 
tho seventeen years next after the third Tuesday of janaeey5 
1880, in which its net profits, after payment of all cost of 
exiobinents as provided in the third article hereof, and all 
its other oxpenses,shall be sufficient to pay that sum; and 
if esta net profits in any year shall not be sufficient to 
pay the whole amount of salary, étida to pay him such part 
theroof as such net profits will yield, 

And the Company further agrees that:after reserving. and 
deducting so much of the net profits of each of said seven- 
teen years, ending seupectively Sti the third Tuesdays of 
January, 2s will pay sata annual sum of ten thousand dollars 
and such further sum as will amount to twenty per cent. upon 
{ the - amount of its stock then outstanding, it will pay Edison 
Out of any surplus then remaining of the net profits of that 
year, thirty percent. of such surplus, up to but not exceed- 
ing thirty chousend dollars in any year. And it is agreed | 
that the provisesns of this articlo in respect to such salary; 
; and percentage to Edison shall apply to each \ year: taken sepa 

tab ery PY meets and without reference to or in connection 

i with any Stier: 

i Seventh: Edison agrees to execute and deliver to the 

Company from time to time, at its request and expense, such 

writings of further assurance or such separate instruments 

Bikinis st sina eck Srv gai ty 

: 6 
More fully or specifically securing to the Company thé inter-| 
; ests Or'any portion thereof which are covered by this in-~ 
strument as it may require to have, 

| Eighths Both parties agree that an instrument or mem~ 
i: oOrandum of agreement made between the parties hereto and i 
bearing even date herewith is superseded by this agreement 

Hi and is henceforth void, aa they hereby’ release and discharge 

H each other from aid obligations under Said supenseded in~ 

strument, and- agree that the rights of both parties in re~ 
4 Spect to the matters contained herein are determined by this | 
i agreement only; and as if it had been executed instead of 
i the other. | : 
In witness whereof the party of the first part has 
hereto set his hand and seal; and the party of the second 
pert has hereto set its seal and has éanwea its corporate 
name to be Signed by the hand of its Prewidont the day and 
4 year first above written... 

Seated aid lelisrensd im freyouce 
(Oe ts” Voennrae CL. BF pee 

. ° ‘ ° 

H ‘ : a ee Lae saa Cau 

H f 4 { 
—_ ‘ Ee ss el sai 

; | Sake wks : Criss piles hi | 

i Ato-e Kes c Goff ue 

State of New York, 
City & County of New York, oe 

. On the twenty seventh day of 
Jasuaey in the year one thousand eight hundred and Siehis 
berine me personally came William duenan with whom I am per-~ 

sonally pequernheds subscribing witness to the foregoing in~ 

strument, who PeLne a me duly sworn did depose and say, that - 

he resides at Menlo Park in the Sane of New Jetueyy that he 
is well acquainted with Thomas A. Edison and knows him to be: 
the same person deseribed in and who executed the foregoing 

instrument, that he saw him sign the same, that he sonnowe eds 

ed in his presence that ine executed the same and that he sub-. 

scribed his name as wiewaue thereto, 

Aaa. on the twenty seventh day of january one thousand 
eight hunared and aren before me personally came Janes H, 
BOuker and sioekeen Ie Griffin to me known to be respectively 

the persons described in and who executed the foregoing 4 in= 

ner ument as the President aad Secrerery. respectively of The 

Edison Ore Nialing Company, paws the Serpererson describ-~ : 

ed in and in whose behalf the same instrument was by them ex~ | 

couted and they severally acknowledged to me that they execu~! 

tod ‘the same as the free act and deed of said Company, for 
ue ‘Purposes therein mentioned and thereupon the said janee 
H. Banker being. by me duly BMER said, that he resided at - 

Irvington in ERR State of New York, that he was the President 
of the said the Edison Ore Milling Company, esneted) and that 
he sipied ihe: name of the said The Edison Ore Milling Company 

Limited; and his own name as Biaaident thereof, to the fore- 

going instrument by order of the Board of Directors of said 

pei SS tala Se 


Company; and the said a ee I, Griffin being by me duly 


EMOEN said, that he resided at Menlo Park in the Spare of 

New Jersey, that she was the eesketars of the said The Edison 
Ore Milling Company, Limited, that he knew the corporate seal | 
of said Company, that the seal affixed to the foregoing in~ | 
strument was such corporate seal and was snenete affixed by 
him by order of the Board of Diredtora of said Company and 
by the like order ne signed his own name to said instrument 
as weusatary of said Company. 
tas Witness merers 1 have hereunto subseribed my 

name and affixed my official. seal the day and year 

Piret above written, 

| Phere Parte lu [iB 
: PA Ercterne 

sender of the following message, 
joard it onl: pesting a messsre beck to the sen: 
aye 1 trapemtssion of delivery 0 
‘ED MESMAGE and is delivered by reqyt of fhe 


< Nn 

4G [Kiolston Hest a a 
a Gent a (al i ae @, oe 

Pore ey B ee OA TE 
oe : ya ES Vita a LL hen 



LG Oe Willian St. 


Prenat hie 

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Ze. oe 

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bli eal 
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| . 

She t GML 


stot ISSUED. os 

i eemen 1. Pests | ees ee Oe ee eet oa sa, waren, 10S 







DATE or 


: ei 


cg Sif 23 

5 a 







jy APIO sou a a Te edb guanine a a eal nnd le at a as 






Lith IG 22 



DELIVERS mesa 1, ditions, jis Mapatit; Ich hav. 
bean suenied toby tna atuaer oe flowing stun Pabedan aie) Se - . 

Revore laet only by repeating a message beck to the sending station 
tee eee fift Gicen eee 7, 
A R. ; BREWER, fieo'y. Cais es ORTON, Pres't.’ F 
a Ba 
Da e C07 7) 

Ti Ue fev | i HU cat MAMI i 
| if" walt er Ld tne f 

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. A yeatene f tiie. hvithis Gj thee Crlesen hie iaes 
, bonpuny ee wrlt, te bilel al Che ofitee f Cee Clenyeciiig : 

Ob Mier etter, fry Bd” WE (SO, Lf Ore € 4 SME 
. ‘ J 

ce ia coke 8 Sih Sa lias sisal A iSicehi rn ouie 



‘Tels Company TRANAMITS sod DELIVERS messages gh 
beam assented (ob Uhaanderofthefelawing meets, : 

eri f Mabie for errors or delays ti 

Ay wk | Oe 

/ / ¢- Go (te et a 
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Gly L/ poi $ALSt OC periat ke 

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RL Core9 



Menlo Park, Ne der cicnmnnnnissinntsnonnenmnntn _1880. 

Fez ghlli: PECRLAPCH. Cats 
fof “7 mei Wa —_ 


Dy: ey Vw 
is Wis ie Llegtgph —- 
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‘ ti os iI elie. (2 Veil Uri: Baba yA VSSE.. 
Pare MIO ern, 
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Yee: boimnplemetary Frarke for be Y- 
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urdell inary coren mated Morsagots 
delfyered by ro read 

UnUer the conditices 

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GRAPH comPan Y..- 

{sUlllty, whlch have been amsentod toby 

teens ting & mi back to th pendlog station far camparteon, and the Company will 

rermrert detase aatanes alata dedalivery at Unux mare: Mresa0 es 

; Jenna; ISNRERATED da delivered Us Tequeat of the vende Uudve the coodittons named abare, 

A. R. BREWER, Sec’y, . = VIN GREE: 

Vi Pros, 

Read aé Western Union Build 


< 1880, ; 

Bs Conn ia Ho 260 Andra /) 

lding, P| 

bearieee Pe NOTICE AT THE TOP. 


been iad br Ey yrs of the flo 
ot ‘puard aly by rene peating s the sending stato for ramparison, ssa te Con sf 

Srroracan be fini repeatini geback to 
pany mit poe bale se toate a Sint Mo ehaeee ae yetn Dian ssralesant or delivery. 

are: om 
RUNREPEATED MESSAGE and tee dullvered by py raquesit fhe oes Bd tha condition oe 





“Menlo Park, No Us. Blew eins 1880. 

wets ee 
jfile? (Sana laae 

Aitar 63: (66a_. 

es a ven 

Duk ft, Pee fe 

Lh eve Ba Pn 
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Cptbabcte tenth mek onby te LL ct: 

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pt eas. ea Tee es Bes, hs 

Aa) te Date Tet Me Ze whee , 
ZZ PDEA hie Bs pe eee a 

ae a Vd, Tle d ance ther’ 

ti (BLE petits Geld Pus 

Pe ee ; 

. the toad of of MarkK Ou Pee 
Pf ¢h ork portl fee or Ano Bidp 
Pa ee Ler 

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at Sf. jor of vee orlya os 
fur hf ~~ Ca ch f« otecwe oe a 
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pes ine a os 


sh cet wig aa pete ee? 22 

~ We, the undersigned, citizens of the Uni- 
ted States,*hereby give notice to all whom 
it may concern that, under the mining laws 
of the United States, and the district mining 
laws of “Yankee Gill Mining District,” and 
the district mining laws of “Berry Creek 
Mining District,” in Butte County, Califor- 
nia, for mining purposes, we claim the 
bed of the north fork of Feather River, in 
said county and State, from a point on said 
north fork of Feather River (as shown on 
the official map of Butte County), where 
said north fork of Feather River crosses the 
dividing line between Sections 14 and 23 in 
Township 21 N., Range 4 E., Butte County, 
California, and from thence, following the 
meandering of said north fork of Feather 
River, up and along said stream through 
Sections 14 and 13 in Township 21 N. Range 
4 E.; thence up said stream through Sec- 
tions 18, 19, 17, 20, 16, 21, 15, 10, 9, 3, 4 
and 6, in Township 21 N., Range 5 E., and 
through Sections 33, 32 and 31, in Town- 
ship 22 N., Range 5 E., and through Section 
1, ‘Township 21 N., Range 4 E., and Section 
36, in Township 22 N., Range 4 B., toa 
point in said last named Section five bhun- 

dred feet north of the point where said | 

north fork of Feather River crosses the 
dividing line between Sections (1) one, in 
Township 21 N, Range:4 E:; and Seetion 36 

County of Butte.:. Our said.claim comprises 
the river bed from bank: to:bank ofall that 
portion of the north fork of Feather River, 
designated on said Butte County map, and 
commonly known as the Big Bend of the 
north fork of Feather River, being about 
eleven miles in length along said stream. 
We also claim hereby the right to the mines 
or deposits of precious metals on or in the 

several Bars in said Big Bend; said bars or 

some of them being known as Island Bar, 
Lattimore Bar, Berry Creek Bar, and others 
which are not named, in said Big Bend of 
the north fork of Feather River between 
the points before named. 

We also claim the right of way to con- 
struct and maintain a tunnel or tunnels, and 
for the right of way for all the necessary 
flumes, pipes or ditches therewith connect- 
ing; said flumes, pipes, ditches and tunnels 

James C, Logan. 
George W. Cummings. 
Frank McLaughlin. 
Thomas A. Edison. 
James H. Banker. 
Charles H. Lewis. 

R. L. Cutting, Jr. 
Anthony J. Drexel. 

to be of sufficient size, capacity and grade 
to carry all of the'water of said north fork 
of Feather River, at a medium stage of 
water, through, in, over and across the 
following described lands, to-wit: 

Sections (1) one, eleven, twelve, thirteen, 
and fonrteen, in Township 21 N., Range 4 
E., and Sections 6,7 and 18, in Township 
21 N., Range 5 E,, and we claim the right 
to divert ail of the water of said north fork 
of Feather River from its natural bed in 
said Big Bend, and to carry or run said 
water through saidtunnel or tunnels, and 
said pipes, flumes or ditches, from a point 
above said Big Bend at the point heretofore 
designated, between Section (1) one, Town- 
ship 21 N., Range 4 E,, and Section 36, 
Township 22 N., Range 4 E., flowing said 
water into Dark Canyon, and thence return- 
ing said water to the channel of said north 
fork of Feather River at a point below said 
Big Bend; the points of entrance and exit 
of said waters to be within the boundaries 
on said north fork of Feather River here- 

beng; : 

In making such jlaim and location under 
the laws of the Unitéd States, and the several 
mining districts in}which such claim and 
location may be sitjated, we do not propose 
or intend to interfer in any way with vested 
and accrued rights made in good faith, and 
legally held and’ pgsessed by other miners 
or other persons, yhose notices of claims 
and locations or posessions have been made 
in accordance wit) the laws and customs 
of the several miniig districts in which our 
said claims may beocated, and in accord- 
ance with the minng laws of the United 
States. [ 

This company sill be known as “The 
Eocene Tunnel an@Mining Company,” and 
its original membey.are named below: 

William H. Vanderbilt. 
George C, Perkins. 
William H.Cox. 
Charles Batchelor. 

E. W. McKinstry. 
John Hoey; 

P. O. Hundey. 

Sib bieg InRs hW aeal ee beaisAd 125i Uh Note calm 


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| aaa, Bs, a. tte ~ foowrvan a AGE 

4 aby Cin 
eae ee 4 EEE 
a -: Le. for forty whan Z 

Po | 

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ate srriheen op fre hans as 
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Soe 7 1 Se COS aay A ae A JP 
a atl. io SLL, 24 ae fiat, 
of Aja etd Zs Ee 
"Let FD ale. uasr@e@fadeoi are CZ. LLL HA. 
lby es ere ane A600 @ar a ectiamnceaas 

fie Se ay aa ee bai dene 
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Solu k. Porter. 
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Chur Hanels Stone, 

Geo. S.Mantin. 
| Sian 6. ot - wey : lee Se Bra ad. Le, Noe Nae SA 
Pe 0. Box 1836. / . LGftacl 7B Sif, 

Fonte I hu Kaegitie. CF tae 

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"pani WorK, os 
i‘ ia Deller ny Miers at tile er es messages only on condilions, Iimitlog sta Mability, which have 
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pany i hot bold iteelf Lee een slays In travsrulaston of delivery of Uaropented Btossagot: 
tien fan UNREPEATED MESHAGE and le delivered by requestor the pander, Under the conditions 

: / ' “A, RB, BREWER, Soo'y, _-NORVIN GREEN, President. 

A a4 a . : 
Blank No, 1. . ae oh, : ; 
thie aed TRANAMITE and DELIVERS messagea only on conditlons, Mmitlng ite Habsiity, which have 
teen assented to by the sender of (he fullowlng messare, 
can be Frau agalust only by repeating a message back, to the sendiog station for comparteon, and the Com 
pany will not hotd Itealf Hable ED ain transmiaaton or delivery of Unveponted Bossa ren: 
ala racesage fan UNRECEATED MESSAGE and be dollvered by requeatof the sender, un if the conditions . 

. 4. R, BREWER, Soo'y, NORVIN GREEN, Prestdént, 
vai Growth, “Wats, “C27 30° 
Received at. : : OFS Cor 

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ReRenke me ae te 

Tole Com TRANAMITS ant DELIWERS messages only oo condittons, Nmiting Ite Sabsiity, which bave 

ting a roceaage back tu the sending atatton 
in travamteston or delivery.of Unrepoated Mossngos. 



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mualion — 
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Yie ee Jrnutitir Dump of Coion luelt. fe SF S Cutt’ 
which dumamdid o full ascouml of tri inktiukinn ob a O2 Stik he 
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Culewtatiow- oS do wet Nnow © whom § wm vnolebtiol bw Ae beat 
bowl of pune” wih which mi Litin omol cn how Won Neeeixol 
pa wil comin wayaelh 1° tli thovnkh. 
J Foe wold One Wing aay Uy comumuenlly » wd to paoll met 
apology Oxwuaing AK pongo trunrded Yay. Ga day which 
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ain air abo one. Month yuan - OF hia we Cam Counl 
on abewk 5 Ti yur olouy wun tn Mune to opernltol He 


Ce Car nen eres 

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6 tale, Copy of utvch 5 will pond bi yt fe wall you ba Idee ew 
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- fo [@ #3. 

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oS Klee) Coote: Vdedbplenree 0 Pe fevince BEB 146, QE 
2 ol Faw POLL. Pec ACLD. 
Ltt Pt Ds Cased Pig. ee ee ASE? 
iaiaces ~~ 4 BE PGCE EF ge ey 

ae Sg. a ah Leesa oo ———- Ase 
: i [didi Eh bet em sae BST 

_Cetieh ee — ——_—_—_— A. Le 
we City | PASE CEB isn ee terrae, PB Ia CRo2 
4 Dhue UBheg tas a 
tote 2 Ott cane Ce 5 ER (One. 
ed i ae 5 em 

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lord bn well, Were rs 

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+, This Company TRANSMIMA and DELIVERS messages only on conditions, limiting ita lability, 
wae trorvoent erica agaidat ox Fer eT ot ea folle menaag back to tho sending station for comparison, 
er io 
oe fe sell Natte Ter ission or deli , 

gnd tho Company will not hoid {1 errora or delay ain transm! ivory of Unrepeated 
the sits message a tes i UNREr D MESSAGE and is delivered by request of ‘the sender, under 
A. HR. BREWER, Seo'y. NORVIN GREEN, President. 
Dated. Mora 26 188 0 
Keceived a FO fo 


**, i : N a ‘ 
Blank No. 1. 


ANGSITS ang DELIVERS onl; i Madi 
riesiaue teat ey Ueber irniobumtr 7 ee poreperepepalenah 
$04 tho Gocapany witiner Ren ea Tittle Tae errata oF was Pace, 2 the son oF delivege Sey somparieon, 
th a eames an YBEPEATED MESSAGE end [5 delivered by Fequest of the sender, under 

‘ . 

: De 

& ¢. 




Prrice OF Rf. }- Curtine, JR. § fio. 
10 V n Street, ‘ 

vie os 3 - a jini. Cul li ayo 
Ta Be, - Fe se 

oo | snclo uo fnnew0lh Coy 0 voy Aeyort Ho Wes, wacker 
scl (wis Ato -peoong it (_ wach: $ ope you will , ) prove howe 
Grit: mail tr tek oe. Shows all Aa hos Seem one up 1 oloke 
in) Whee el ib fine cline of A uel Mining opralion om 

§ Ianoplud iis ier, aking tn Uy he wnliadd ext 

lt tu. Al teeqnophing you Hak S$ fod ohrme po S yreewied 0 
dapat pom ain pation bin ination of ao nl. in he “all - Ka 
Wis ‘bunnesd wins arr fe bye - nmol Aa fre wiatel uy it he Ken on 
promise ® Com ot whe dlaea fal dy He one-48 vont he ‘woul pee much- 
df Onli - uk J bela tun A be Aut: dqpoore , quoltonn., ond ome 
Hoy he will piedleenn bis poe ‘My puonon ov caning Me Ct hime 
(outside Vig Wbond, wos fev lum 16 book inte Whoeene mattis. po Haat 
fe ould ‘show Ate Suukion bn the mine Ate Value Ate prea onal 
He wecoul, it AC. work S$ pugqu ° Above abl we prquiie 0 Summer 
Reawworr above oun huadl-claon . A> we um preune by juurehnaang Crome Valley 
of a owk of abu *7o00. tin by Bulding a down omd gate oon. the 

+ gs cia _ 
wk of He Valley we could siely on howing fom 3 © yooo wches the 
ytan pound . Ki a mata tol of nome time musk be done anol 

now wu Be AE Hoe 6 oo, Wok iF com wt unt we hawk Prnl 

a dom up w tio hon’ they wil peal what a 2 Hay eonbfl 
nly eee 

td hatcn 1 help ok i wrny Why . 

WE alr wont om Cholgie Lah ov Auabl 4a AC clin and 

about” his Im iguevome ob of the wmst~ bntliawt~ channelin - 5 do Know 

He we howe all the power we wail om om pipe ov ditch amd vin the 
Quer 4 washes etd) He fot of Ae wine, wk whol oboe 
yon may wok V6 now 16 noel yom in monu}netioing He Rahs’ we 
Hequvie is whe Huy tu co dood. = Ca Hy A Lights. bu po 

dod ow Kb tanily effetti amy piuokion hequoed amd tauly 

movid om pom pout moe Chum 2 Wh will wok Hem 
ovig oun Koo ftub of Mureewoys ond 36 tght’ up the Chun generally . 
We wil plot walt om ot about” Wn 1. po Hak we hove wok much tine 

B® ppone Vheon lok me Know all the parhicoulans yu wank mm Ha 

monn . 

Wow jv a hu One Wulling - Cu old wing m Me wouy 

| of wndlocumenls rowing had Ap wove all Wis pu, Chicks amd pluie 

tasltin powt” sin ba elim. YE in plc working, 16 qoh Alo nw poo open 


pond will wake Ang fry. Ore gf wks whan he will eonaiener 

hulding Hh Unclonounnen” § mut 45 yon about Woting tin Son done | 

wi +achongs a Sying Notley. within oo § ARK ok worl while Koo 

tay Hong, Wi wnt Tack ned ryt myunemnenk mi tur phncor wath dw 




in bahay eh iM WES thos wt lini enim eR at te ib sachet kts Ri sna ach DD een 

‘wnolocunnit wt will build ba Auction boat of Comnpe, yroveel oo Jnutune 
jo Kal wt emit” pnocune Iedhings prom Hol pounce . Luckily howol’, 0 
nw por of myshare nuilnng a new boat cabled Ae Roy Stone Ruder. 
bin KW oh Agongs fom AKC flanne ot Shin boat whom Way ek 45° work Nhe 
wilh of emvase cach an a * tual” wyp "Tuk if Aco Redon noc eon pay by 
gun jowoetns Wh ny withen buy hr jor Jul on ond work fot ov Contfinek” 
wilh Hoon AS heboven ws A6dhings a a pled tu ns tin. S won up 
46 Quins (HC Wook. pan Mind, ut foun Hay fa pha down 
will tommenee opmakions gown about Arpt. Swill Kon pee on whol’ toms 
we tom ol AE Hack paid prom Nom ae 46ihing, boom vin foe” war abou’ 
dad when S$ got back Suk Ste got’ or phined up ogoun ond when the 
ininng bloom commences SOL qabvanixe uF mle a Founding Iouck of Ha 
Airs — onde quak petiorneeh ood he of aout is fill 45 He eae 
witfy * What S sow oF Monto ‘ ‘his’ bret up my Bama” 6 Ate 
“Worewry ! [ which hos bum Coyutd by Awosal Papers , ) ho thal olf 
goes memy os & Opn 

What WA be Done—When, Where and 

Belng kindly granted an interview, Monday, 
tho reporter galned the following Information 
from Major McLaughlin regarding tho Edfson 
Reduction Works. A forao of tlye mon aro 
now engaged at Menlo Park working on tall- 
ings ftom the Comstock mines. Another and 
Jnrger, crew 14 hinrd at work constructing a 
magnetic separator of fifty tone capacity per 
diem whicl will be used fn tho works at this 
Place:: Experiments mido with the taillngs 
from ‘thls vicinity, on n small scale, have 
proven bighly suttsfuctory, but in order to 
mako'assurance «doubly auro, Mr. Edison hig 
decided to manufusturo and test all the appa+ 
ratus (at Monto Park before shipping, ‘This 
will ehablo remedy any Imporfections 
that may,be discovered ut w trifting exponso 

hr bya hla” pickine wh on and also avoid ttio Waste of Ume that would 
a aera em eg uyou| Sasa | Sean ee 

rants ockhotders of tigk®m- 
pany: hat-ho wil 2 to this city In Septeme | ¢ 
. Por. Hy. ond 

tt 1 
i af LEaleo: Sor 
jus falty, oboratlug the above at: 
Leet aa ALE ce ati 

ai oe es ae on a ee 

“wolowunnnik wt will build - Ma Auckion book of compe, yoo 0 Jnulune 
po Aa we tant” prone Iedhings prom Hak” pounce. Luctily howler, 0” 
ww pet op nmphots ane ilo new boat called Ae Roy Stine Ryudlgen 
bin 6 wh Aédangs from Whe flav of hin boat” whun Way ek 45° work. Abe 
wil of enue ond wt a * bl wp’ but it Maw Rivka pad eoulon pay by 
pwn powocend We my alien buy hi jor Ju on ond work fun or eonlfack” 
wilh Hom AS hebovn us Asags ako pl tun non tin S wok wp 
K orb [tH Hack pool tamnel,\ tuk trunol Hey fan phot own at 
will tommenee upmnakins TNREE en 
we tan ge Ae Wok pansies 

dead when $ got back wp gown awd hon the 

a Arundlong tuck of He 

sha i» fillid 46 He roe 
wake” 6 Aes 
myers, ) ho tok ol 


Certificate ot Purchnst 


buk J abo Know Hak you mualiAle Vir Ait field vit ponson - 

hi byaghior” ek olor chia of One Mithing puceets tom, § Know , {4 ruahid 


Clnothin snenuan for wy curining fewir tune wos tholhhe* eult re [ os 
an Tn usony for younael amok offi ) n Dplemolit opening * for am 
Chretic Rowton - igh nowos the piver ‘tum Ahir fron ine Yur 
Avgh uses of Anenupsous Arak aml on. the ynuoclow Like Moat back from 
shoe Mufls iis lan of Onoville will dove Hoy be. Vow UF fays on a 
fol with Ae unter pubseot” 16 Hoods and moluua — Ane iF would be 
pome 200 feek above the jul. on a yond pln pheltoud from the- 
Mort wind by He able Mownlicn ome coed each wight ty 4K eooak 
bye. a gate pout elionaldd a abouk 70 por cunt of al the 
Aadle mio Ke town now Parnes acnows Kin Mak conor Hae Sven tan 
wil Opal. Fpom We Flak 6 We lim of Wiggs m te CrO.RR. 
12 male of fuel ngnivultinal Countiy . An Elreke RR fom Ke Mol 
AK Vrggs would, oF 0 safe eotimate, poy ao prcfit of from 1 16 200 dollars 
por day and ak pane Kone woul be the Cowre which woud pant 
Mas Yoon hom Us swnoletiows ond peluld oF om famol which Hu 
Oot Totink will gain Jor te Wroene Cs. famd mot yuequnel Jov 
mining fv the wl” 4o geons - f ugh of way wo oumed by, 
Cummunas , hogan ond smypelh. “You many remember we polamedl te 
build a Rndtroad tune. Shin yughk of way you com Conkfol amo if 
you tind inbtocucing 4a Pleotiac flounond vin the Wet S dont” Knows 
a butter poloce Ab phil” in | 

Col. foqan and mune one aro ( How Cline abou! momma 0 
Jromelure 4ov a RR. te pun. ile the Yopunde. A Raihond of only 


Zo. mules would male foaninl i wien ugh wt the thea’ of the 
opumulé hsm eA by oil, ond would oloubte Ke enormous wunther of 
teil who now ommuably nth Ke Volley - WWuth His fromelune grant 
by te Make [ who own te Vallay .) a0 Company Codd af ome b- 
organise 16 hal om Probie. RR. wot Gomd Yor 92 Ware 
millions im UL Ai Aromelioe will of ewe be yours. 

§ utd wuertiqating , a you ohemned , Ai tidy pou on the Con. + 
Thum “Foe. RR. whee puch a pion cv yous is prequunecl , but tHe rela 
th puch o tonge one Hat ip $ had got off wk the olebfennk pow ny 
li, wht drown ou We oly pan of Old sna Wasco of 
Ruble wetindl , wmdd be pyunk wowntloning along Ke vin ‘rock tod” po 
lvvmgly bonds Ake Took 6 Hee Wook — poiee 1 clus , F139. 

J gland Ahi followong formation a ples wtune youn palin co yr 
AC mntams oy locomotion - piequunedl . 

‘Keowney (wnetion Nou» leave tune daily,“ ypenpl’ Awmdlous, lov 4K Repubtscon 
Vécbley uml elt intemal” pols , tony LS. Wail. eowmection 
mode with’ pléqe fev winy thon in fe Wyre Ryputtican Valle 
+ Norton Kowa . Lange amounk Yop. Wook ond woth 
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Blank No. 1. Te é 
‘This C TNANSMITS and essages only on RAPING Hmiting its Tabi 
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Hovenee Goma Slit not held itsel fatlet, noni dolays pa tranamlsalon ‘or dep very of ‘nrewe ated, 
vs This S message isan we andis delivered by requaAt of tt 4] under 
the conditions named xd aOve. 
A. R. BR 
oe % wee 52 / oa. C 
whigh Rave a bean aera ted to 1 Oy the gen me Lema say = ee its Habilty, 
andi ihe he Company will not hold itself liableton errors prusiays in rteanmbssion oF detltecy or esse 
tho teers SETEATED yf paid is delivered by request of the sender, under 
A.R. BR ‘Pp 

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~ ACER Ltd. x CeO Md 4 Sete. : Seok, ; 


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.. 1880, 

(Ga He oe yee 


v Ms 


- J.F. MAHONEY, ” 

whe “Formotly with MOLLER & 00, . 
pe ay No. 45 WALL STREET. . 



Blank No. 1, 

‘This Company ana T8 ya 
the sender uf the followin; 


ete cnn eee les 5 ment ccemnee fe oe ee 


Qube! QE Tero Wiss 

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{ps }}- Joon. a rae eghlin, 
See EN { GALLTOMALA, e FONG dues ——- 
EASURELE Lc <a lew York Tice, 
fo 1 a ing, fh LOCATION OF PROPERTY, BUTTE COUNTY. No. 9 wittlnm Si 


Crvrecdde, Gat Rec, 16 vt 190 

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Jol i. Porter, 
Grosvenor E Lowrey, 
Geo. Wales Soren, 
Chat Hauels Stone, 
Geo, S.Itantin, 

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Wat. 1. Porter, oe te “9 Majed Ha. 1 leh Yah 
~ a ; 
pia hae we ene DOO 204 Hy —-1B GO 

Yo Bourd of Directors of Rdison 

Ore Killing Company, Limited 

Gent Leme nt a 

T hereby resinu my office as diree~ 


tor of your company, sud beg that T may ho notified of the reecips 


of this, sod of the aceeptansce of my resiguation by. your Board, 


Stockton J. Griffin, 
Seeretary of Edison 

Ore Billing Company, Limited. 





Biante’ No, 1. 


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ja pleasage fsen UNREPEATED MEGHAGK and la delivered by requestor the sender, Minder the condltinas 

nanie: Jeu 
AR. BREWER, Seoty “  NORVIN GREEN, President, 


f eee Tile ot SG, 
' Solu Larter, ’ Pp, ae LOM wry we GON ae S00 00: 
i Grosvenor Lt Lowrey, 
Pe aera ps CUE hag “ Ci pli nd ale Gin 

Geo. 5. Hamlin, 

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“ee Aecfiews, oe 

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aE Aa bond oa a ts aah en aT Se Ee ne eee Ee eT Ae 

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Menlo Park, Ne dayne ce nie nm £880, 

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Crug, to “Tier Co Jicou Aer, 
Choew Cran eee and 
Trl Over hel SOL ae, set ba oA XS. 

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gna the Company ‘will not hold rata Nationeee for errors or delays in transmission or dolivery of Unrepeated 
This me moasago iss SLUNREPEATED MESASOE and Js delivered by request of the sender, under 
. theca cease named above, : 

R. BREWER, Seo'y. NORVIN GREEN, President. 

” Received 



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This Company TRANSMias and DELIVERS messages only on conditions, Hmiting its lability, 

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and.tho Company wil not Baia itsele Nate tor errors or delays n transmission or delivery of Warepeated 
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This message is an-UNREPEATED MESSAGE and is delivered by request of the sender, under 
the cunditiana named’abore. . 

A. R. BREWER, Seo'y. . NORVIN GREEN, President. 

cl0e, Cala“ I 198 ©. 


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i “This Company TRANAMITS and DELIVEWA messages only on conditions, limiting its Mablilty, 
which have been assented to by the senter of the following massage. 
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A. R. BREWER, Be0’y. , NORVIN GREEN, President. 





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-” This n mossage isan UNNEPEATED 21 AGT, oud Js delivered by request of the sender, under _ 
tho conditions named above. 2 

» Beo’y. 

NORVIN GREEN, President. 

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Blank No. 1. 


This Company x santa to by tik and DELIVENS mmossnges only on conditions, Umiting its Uability, . 
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R. BREWER, Beo’y. NORVIN GREEN, President. 


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__.__NORVIN GREEN, President. - , 

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NORVIN GREEN, President. 

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” ‘Booty, NORVIN GREEN, Peden 


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iene ty 4 Ct ee J Me pearyrrh_ 
pre ard of Hac } harioants oe Rnd 

by ae antn Wane i avr dat 

r Ff i Cam yi Cem cre eer ae 

1880. Mining - Mines and Ores (D-80-034) 

This folder contains correspondence relating to the mining and assaying of 
gold and other ores. After abandoning his interest in platinum in 1880, Edison 
attempted to use his ore separation inventions to recover gold from tailings. He 
also continued to correspond with numerous. individuals who were interested in, or 
knowledgeable about, mines. 

Approximately 30 percent of the documents have been filmed. Correspon- 
dence from individuals associated with Edison, letters containing significant 
marginalia, and letters that are parts of important chains of correspondence have 
been filmed. Correspondence with routine marginalia or with no marginalia has not 
been filmed. Included in the category of routine marginalia are acknowledgments 
of the receipt of ores, inquiries regarding lost or unmarked shipments of ores, 
requests to send ores for assay, and notes about the results of assays (primarily in 
the hand of Edison's chemist, Alfred Haid). 

a ItPFE- ee a 


vo @hurbroke id 
sdb ad, 
ee ae 

a as aig re, 
rm Tay ~ cane 
1 Na a 
eta d earns pint 

oe a 

br te ae Can he 

* ex EE 

; : : | | 

i a eea Rtas (PMR 89 one FP. —— = 

Tae tated eb penst, hag Dean rent EG 

Aun ar) Wel Mi od é 7vVv me) = po a mth , oo Githrnem See. mc: fee 

a afl), US Nek a ae 

nw eanane® . Snes, 

her ete ptwteetitllaces fe! (pinch 

diet ren rang AUER 
Edison’ ‘Statediic Procesn, | 
ata (Black: Hills Times.) * nh Be 
An AssoolatedsBrcss telegram was received 
at this office a few daya pgo; sy ngithat Prof. 
Edison had -digeoverod x pro y' which |! 
the debris. or mUI-iilings—which hereto- 
‘| fore aemty Tot be treated so as to extract the |} 
geld Feo them, owing tothe resaon that 
.they were so largely impregnated with base 
material—can now be treated successfully. 
“MrvJolin Rowland, who has been-in the 
1 Hills during the: past two or three weeks, 
‘\atarts for’ New York city to-morrow morn: 
‘Ving. {During Mr: Rowland's visit to thie eqst 
last fall:he met Prof. Edison by special “ing 
yitation, and speut considerable time with 
him upon different occasions talking over 
; jthe matter of introducing this new process, 
1, {of aluicing every \pasticle uf gold fram .the 
+ sand oud mill tailings, inte ‘this section. £119) 
+ -Fust before ‘Mri Rowland’a departure for 
. the West ke received a: note from Professor 
{Edison and beld’a “Tong cousultation with, 
‘him, fo the exoluston.éf at least-twenty dis- 
Zitinguished callers, who were refused admit- 
“ftance during the conference. The Professor 
-dwas very enthusiastic:over lisnew discov. 
ery, and. assured Mr. Rowland: that if the 
debris contained’; bit ona dollanto the ton, 
immense forttines could be made by his dis- 
Gover, or tesa : rn 
4.The piooe#a waa tl 

rt jeri denionstrated : Wo 
Mri®Rowland’ by . the: ‘discoverer. “A 
quontity., of.\fide?.gold-dust was: mixed 

Senwith a: 1at-ofceay find: gravel, and upon |] --— 

assing through the sluice boxes every par- 
cle was recovered. Tho.object of Mr. Row: |]. . 

j- lduced*fn> all. of th 
{ {igulelidas' "7 . 
. fiz Phis) enterprise: promi 
| lutelng industry of the'H! 
‘to:a large number ry’ 
i and'make gold “dust iore (plen' 

thy té como; 

{ fl than it 

was during the yéars 1870 and 1877. te 
Mr. Rowland's-visit to New York is sole) « 
on this husiness;and lhe expects to be baok 

i Uhege in a.month.or a9. teal 

tainly A 

oh ae 

3 Stand ~ and as 

Tete AE Anam Men rete ay : } 

be ge oer ee ee 

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oa re ap Chek J he hee tas pivine. | 
=a ees ae Oe Tone Je Oe eine: 
ou, ¢ ew ne Ue on oye ares | Htme, baw. as 

Sarre A aaand i Jr ead alan St 

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a ethan \ ee hls. tft. 
——-. 1 Nene pdemagentlm hirer Dia plies. ie 

ow” eee yy or He ueceriye | 

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ailevileew dinecerhal-to-> hetraclery Jiee/at/ fpr Oe. 

by Lhelieae€s : 

Wyte gear heake. Hu 

. 7 ce 
Mmetalling @, cars Phat of (praeees Cane A 

Savy of Kuve driller Cnet, Gud) 

frbenacire Ha Veacel oe ~— 2 ‘ 

ak id ‘ Pe Co, ’ gael Pare 

ao date be Ole Ze, Logos erie. 
G 7 tt, ) Rbefarnaceh le, pire Oe 
Kote Pabline Spl Uepraralig 9H. hed Clon len. 
van ASNGE 

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oe Biotic, of Pally Slotrg kb, 

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bigest sis aA sb SL a SAAN Sac a int Vint halen a i ie Aid jena Leis sh Bes Sass ni ana abet ind Canine algtnigvehia 

en et fis bare Ade Pain, 
Aeiew asin for them thy tank dled 

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fave PASS “ed: Ab, Ge. v Ctein VE on a Opet be. a 
a“ ; F Pee 
: 7 a 
. ALew oeeL ck, Le hee Oe a Liativaas Lo wo tr £2 # ee Sie... 

a ? 
LEBEL LY oer le enw 8 Pees OS 2.2, Omelet awe ad opine re tiff 

~L417~ Ceoviwle LetesrZe. ee a a Whe Ket bere Sie we PE ee 
amy, ; 

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vde rf 
ae A le oe. ie oor oe nee pies ax, Wher Pe 1 hd ee: ‘ ae fel: 2 al Se i 
. Oe . 

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Bice C2 Ca oA of Bee ea’ ya A. ee ecle ce is ar 
ya fe. eo! Die Lite: Gf Ped feteans Beak thin. ake. we 

io "  o fe aid Core .. ME: : ees 77 ee ae eda. 

had ew, Cea tte a eee re diver Cel oe ao SZ soeaiar 


Yor Digs Bride ook K Li Cpe Ce2r Or€ fw  Qere i Kin a aoe: 

gy Cie 

ait Sees * . : p ra 7 . F 
Pas Lveaerats Ler. Of fGen ketieff~ OCU Le Bao ge: Pr eS ioe YF are LE Seack 

a ae ACE actc. Lo Abb fe ie. en: Swi pet x as Rice - eu. 

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as ACE. yeees Aveta, fale ae Cece —Prre Jer ees 

Segee We oe dere aaa: Lert ests Ce deroxs 1. 

2 is ete ede vavile. urdnite. a vithe. bib eee Oe 

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ee. ie e- ret jce ee sa eee, 

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22 cette. e, Cea. xy Nice. ro 

a = J 

, 4 
cat ee ane 

Bit alata pease Noon aoa ar ik 

sco eee RATE en ee B. HIGBEE 

GOLD DUST . pt . 
wo. Dealer in General Merchandise, 

Silver City, N. M. 

lore ls Parke LL, 
poe a 

J. se feed ra Becnoeactinry Chet (0 Ot e 

ay when Hoy, ney, gad Cee Cte ae a 


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OOL¢ LA ADL 028 1b LD Ye Ciel, (porLb caste MB LP At. 

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est Ott GIP wil Pergo Ezbr¢ Glebe. 
srrread be OEP e Geese Ce Leite t KS 
Ly tie és 20h ted LL O2LAA; te eae es 
fr sv Lhlete for Ota Le ecet, Aad 
Mier, Codec et Karviy other tila, 
Wir pitiee Ke birtagodd aad ape bev file? 

week Cte Gall) 

co DA YLS Sf 

= | 
Abele Veh 4p, 

oe Qeon (22. 
- on eg Ze. 
ft pely bee wd baferre,; 

tLe a wo PH 
Prag, 2 a. exe . |] 
, wena ihe dacit anette 
Dean Ga: “a 
per Aas we Fa 

LEE / 
afitrernente, Were ga Coyh 
(eget; les son 

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m Cae =f sails «= soils eigen 
ag ng 


Sh rine OF ern an | ‘ Book ph ab rob at. 
bi Ar vi HO? Wiakty, Cog) belo ad) born. Whe tyvebes 
| er lots AsS- pe set hr thas Pee 

A 0 ALUM, w , Merch ort be ” boat ‘ 

Dh “d ¥ SEEC: 
ie fete 

: Baouiy der a 
F. aa ou  Bnthe frart> for 
ee Fk pete i is 
df Ont + Mas, Cutiphds Sltre, carer 
er Le ey ie ae | 
ea ee ees cohen —, 
ko Corte, ee Enns ao, wh A 

WowYorien Bllbliistiscdies Jounal, 
SL fh: Reuter the Severe 

ca , Pedalitrons gy Ge tooge Lo 


{ ffice N°39 Park Row (Times Building) P.0.Box 3595, 


a iad es eee, . 

‘ ae a ee Loner. 

\ : 

wv a oo. 
OF Ge. ager Te Or 

ioe on ed et ee a Se LA ae 

oe ee 
Ck ; pA aA eS ofl att | fo 
Ct ee et, SE « Coenre — Keer 

., tain fa Agta te, a aol 
eertnnrt io at al a ee gee a a 

a4 Alle lel. 2% 

Re Nae I Make Ses licy 
of aint pa Me Atk aden he tack 
wre Te we) Nes dC V6 eA limenls en Mle 
Oar early kee eed and yon oe a 

peep % epliacling,” hell feei if 

ae pinot, i m4 Cee ce lel” an ‘mi'acns pf 
ald ae Mice dota, é Bh a Cle Leer 
Oe other Ahese tal de tela hen ite ant ; 


diwede Ae “ie hoy S jare een ey Ah 
Max verrtr [be dea sieek a ke ther!) Me Mles¢ 
ahrre. Bsr eed Le pin co) Whee i: - Merk, 
Ad a dar machen! py LUBE “0h. Yeni “a aie 
ALONE One. ped ce bet clad. mel gel Gill 
fosrghe to a Mth dowel 
; wadne i aie Blash. « led ud, atid’ Ges | 
of aforralfe de Ade 2 bl Bteade.. | 
 anautr ther, aud J aeoHll werele y on | 
UNS partie lay al Cet Cie fei wae hye ) 

of Yorte, Mote Ze. WL bE Oni WDiirne an 

Dhar. te nS 

AY : oe wa stilt ee 

Cable big each SEEK) in nd 

Amon 7 Ts yh iy. An Ain 
Me 4 10 { 
ptacig on de tpi pabt APL ALG i 

Med Likil, th Con. er Ag Lack, 

mA a at — Mere are LLL harteliry ofbre 
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ae ae BHIGBE, 

72. .GO . 

seamen’ Dealer in General Merchandise, 

“re. BULLION, 

ie ; Stlver City, N. M.... Ll Breit. < 18 82 

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__- ytievant @ : 
ei Tome ty oN \ ys THECENTRE OF Ty Orr @ ; 

cA Te eaten { W : WITH ELEVATOR, g . 


SAME THe Broapway, 28TH & 297TH Srs. . a K 
Spee >#ROOMS WIA BOARD, $2.50, $5.00 AND $5.50 PER DAY 3 j 

PRornierons, . “y % 

arte vant Dy 
Sey " a sete CENTRE oF if On iS 
OF TRE Crm, @ 


BROADWAY, 287TH & 297TH Sts 
» 2.50, 
D, $2.5 a, £6.08 AND qone a Dates 


— | Ser Gok, IP 


n't on Statt of Gen'l U, S, Grant, and late of U, 5. Aimyy 


and Reports; 

( Ea-Inspector-Go 

Civit AN 
Gold and Silver Mines. Examined, 
Maps and Estimates made. 

Offices { 57 Broadway, N. Y. City. fare 20. 

hh aed 
J ee Ok 

c amd Coungelor at: haw, 
x E . 

as 4 as Be Gee Yoth, wn ek, Orbe, | aa cde ti 


‘ t re ; 5 
oes Co bonis ak a, Bom er Lk eS 

Cenacle UZ Zk oboerd pang. tf 

A. A Z, , neg ‘- 
| ae Lt aay (eh, Boete nn alo WA 2 

Path pec OG eer KEP ne 

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5 ot eae 

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Rye eeu 

(IIE F Blarck 07, 

sis hate Yaw 
Lavy fous a pracese fer 

; ; Bcact? | pata frou "Fak cag, i 
a Se) LO laa oe £ 
You toc IUgardh to applica 
fear’ of Tatar pra cotd Zz La . 
Luc CAofe Ht. df. pote woe pects 
terih (ww ae ae 

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tiny barge tepow at 720 Great 
ditharr eo prow acd Tort, aud. 

hav tha uglt thik Voto =. 
crap wcplhs be apfilad Thali 

| [7 Qs 
harp e ilepattel= ff pore aud 
Caw Pracede- : MH 


Mera Yous . 

gp ee Gree apf, 
Tes brvtntion SA wees tefee 

Suet St. Louis Bye and Har Institute, 


Free Olinio, from 3 to 6 P. M., Daily. 
Dr, A. D, WILLIAMS, ) 
. rgoon in Charge. 
Dr. G. F. FOSTER, 

ssistant Surgeon, | 

Calpe frou Ola hued lth 2 

Acal haiti 0 wtult= ask a 

GEORGE P, ray pn ae 
“CONSULTING CIVIL & crv wag i a a 

Gold and Silve te =e, \ ca : 
stinnten erst 

bogs to xy cae 

LL 9 ey, ‘ 

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En »~ Soy 

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gegeel Zs. eee es | Pa eer, Fe 
Aorta F Sepia laws « 

a ee DE FC far dS 

CEE am , ble an sorng (Jo 20 tence sth 
pore eclecats Bie wilt ane Ratan, Co 
~| An He wee fiteflek ideze— Aepin, cose Aerie LEB Gow 
Old et coon O hath Goce teen, tote Le ewe 
COCA Poe , . ae yet Mie Byetiow pen Ce — 

Oty WL oly bu, Pit) — 

belie tix Vibe ayy 
care he tlie elite Gt 

po sHaW, bie : 
ae a“ plvok } 
Dr tcot Dak Gi Lubde &@ 
( Gof V UV SL 
Trees Patt, Cif, 
ees Lp y, 
Sauer t G Yeroes eee TOTO: 
A Kary a thc. : DL eY~O lad foga 
CL zs 2024 Leck lr (Pree. 
aliot try / feceutt od ee 

OL Old y Lott Ctetls FEA 
| Pm aby Gsetiel, Faia 

tot eeu 
Vid | Cul £4 1 Ghee es: th 
dll: OLs¢~ Deeceed tee ees 
. GL od Vieeced Ute! Print. 

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ob a ee aes CF dia. Bei. 
Lik cur, as Aas. tee! 19) Q/ 

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ee. Ore as 26, es afew 

(Aleut loaf; h ceced Sat Dee, GUT we 
naka ime ey pays 

eae es ttl 

Pa al REE EE Ee Ee eT EE eT 2 sie eis eta 

D. R.. SHAW, 

ROOM 12, 

Di tot Wai... AP. 

COLE be; HO: A Wee LE a/ Aoe ee my 
Soreten, orf: OX, f 2 Of rend tne |S toy 
bcececticct Phi CP LLY hecce tea Nd 
reine) . Fea. 7 29- et oy ie a 
Mw Le al FMR CG Nee Ll 
Co coc aaid 
L SCD Jr Se bie JL) OCCEL ness Liten 
neat hoes e 20 cele, nitty, @ deco Au, 
| L4ed © Qr2ececs Dare ct ccb jos Kakecdehy 
Che. “Cricb/ CIES fos Cee bh A , ees 
ep LLe Oy g LL Bh tide: We Ae a flecseut 
Yb be YS [P20 Ct-20 0 Cee Cetcrryjers cercut pS 
f. £ vid) Cece force an th Lact of 
ceerte) A+ 2-Crnal! ali Exon 

Ptiien! ie haccret els ahh 

ne nia “4 Willckiniste Suppties, 

No. 19 JO SA Wp a =e 

P, 0, Box 4106. oy OLS. 4882. | oD ay Phar a weanie 


ee, Jf 




? S. CC. Sea pre em So) 
qt le, KAA LY 
A G2. SEA. 


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( iano ee uct tus eae ka 

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(Oe ty aclebaer) totrvet, enrLL be flere ratecd 
. GC Blhaaty 

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leita Wrrg. LD? SL ce. 

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woke paw troy btaed 1) aos 
| water tneaerhowe eer OL. 2p Pe ae 
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M guts » Sacer 
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peoluiis) 16s SL ednad prope 
es Des ght A. eS i) 
Pegnw Oil) CZ) jee ee tho Lharigin tl 
os evr) org? Bee ber Be Celt iiges . 
hat Grete. cf Awe 
fete claw Lree RO eC) ZO es 4 et? 
Ve Lavoe el tue = pone 
tort £0 cette feu) tf Samad ee aera ave o/ | 
Ceportty. % YO: Liatia free clo} 
BALb ieee foe senesced 
ina pe) God ew ae 1/6 bye >) Prati kons. 
hy, Barceckil 
ere yy ort OT AIF 

Ceti eo then anced Co 

| ghee gs aie 
uageeeme) go Tyan WN) obheY Yona szerms 
Geo beredloty. -~ACAKY 


Gengral Qerchandise, 


et = oem 
Ipefttnk i for wrt a 

bho Atranfitre ee hail 

Be sends Ara C4 cog bee) wadewee 

Cree God Yuet geld — 

Unik 5 cy bn proceos to pest foe Moth oon e vi (- 

Lncew Sawels, EspeevAt CA x 
Wir ny the pene fet A gies 
rer Send Sarepshes by . ert LEP At e = oe Mp 

Finck: mnacle yey ae whibaet “et 

vibe Hei, 
“htcon A ee. 

: eis fol oe ED ye. COLT Kes FO Ly Var’ 

He Cee WwW fs (fl cen fe LOE “G. Silo, BG ” dep! 
as ade Z 
Me ep ALL coon PAS. . Afae! CEB. Bes 
! bey Saclay cael oe ALE Erk ly 
‘ rf jf ao cold betes le gy 5 aioe 
Lew LF ep ce aie Arm, Biobe—e> geeayirnn 

cae) Me 

FE. Leé3- “Dp, Cott, LAA, GOA Caen, Gotu. 


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oe we es FA 

Rat aditon ne of ae ht Mh. Cp Aaaecee! a. Lice. hn 
slates ange Heh Bets ouat? Vrulea.of (Gara2 Late prt, [barn fan, 

Gp Bt. Taelntat acsiea's eye fle: "a Vlas ges Pas 

ce aurenn | ee Arde VO Atl Leet Bins hon 

nL, Dhar ac fltrvds beZ at. 
saat ees or tee a PO TT aap Brg, 

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a ae a os i Papen pgickates LLC bocce, . 

‘ Bh rer Cals St) it#k Oct Fs 
flta_te # Pee Tete Pe  a ey, 
jflrted | earthy, ues, are Byrn 
ae Pies » 47 TCL theinde gl: perry. 
Y ae we stn OF flueth. a Teele 
ae Ao fread, Pi tee jee pS 
ot hs iti 4p Pater ea 9 fry; Ded Lirik 
abt | itd by Dee eyes Be GAta= Cee 
Seeete = sant ' ME 
Ged s ftenth oh fr wo hele 
fang Ge a he plata [epurd 
bo Lhes. Mather, hak 
(frre. ek Lf pean ey y 

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D Chong : 

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Aut. le, th. hhexte eo Mert lk» ed. 

: SP tape w/a the LP Uttar Bel HA 


Ge Meteo Le “Cake oP Sart we. 

Cae ae” amiaeke a: 

de oe POE oe ae . 

fP4p tA. Bae 
ho thls te ban he 

Bre © ae ts be he 
BS, Lid Me. fe Ha Hew oy 

A Ope C7 
ee te ess MSs Ett) GO. Pb w 
ps. #2 ) Mm AK 27 

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eo am ae . . 
oe eee 
PLA SO GID | 4. LO rv Lebar aTbony. 
MIL. SL, Dr dy Kta- ae peer fb ees tT 
[ehe ides Ascite 

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perma penne eae 
ng EOYs Mee gfe Kee. elle Vig 

Maris Mah 

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4 / of Ja. eee ther Le. Alo OF pocnmnths 

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eae on wae 
Poe Cte 2 ge u 
Woe efter. 3 Ge ee. Ey see : 
LONE ee oe : 
4 oe Boat: bay Eereserty 
ae. clies Ge. hake. af; Ee ee LAE web 


WI eas A cA. By eae Cleve Leghorn 

EAB oft Jove ay See ee 
Pn etl Nc? gd FT Before. A 
Left fs. Cselegpethrriee 

CL, ff Crrinrt -Acy J trnweA- Boas 
Ateeed 7 a Ver I idl G6 ‘ef wy 
© ew eta Sk ZC. eS are SO ee ew 
) Bkavtrglley 6 Ce he: idl glehlcee 
Gb fw Mined ee LiGfaves. Joleen. 
a erred fe dowiareenel, or Bortel Cha 


en A te Ae Ge et. Aegis. Anes 

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ad ate eae CL Pha Bo ee AOR oe Lew 

OD Ne AP EP Cmte wei Gord . fhe oy ee 
Sn ig OO ee WA | 
7 Alec re.. AOLMCE bb fegh 
: Py os 4 Bose. 
Ah ed acy fl LY a 

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ov lon Vila rt 3 lhe 

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dr» Chagor Affe 
ice _begpete- pital wenta ll 


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qe “UAC. re 4, 0, 
5 pines ek es tte LILY C0 
LE, “pp Y bit Sat. loadae: sae ica 

WMewls Chit lr br; a 

— 8 em 
ent Pes yrs a ol Spficicls ao Blouse 2,? 
| Gee he OE a Vee 
eg | gee ies J. czeeth- ey ex, ae Gein 
Z San. aey- “yy Live LL x plod é, ; 

Sar ‘FL 

Lb eo Grew Llp 

eae a _ eee ~ 

Lernll fe 

G3 TT. CE. Merwin Ly 

Aline li Sy, At. Cancy gee xg fare 

duct Bt. Louis Bye and Bar Institute, 


Free Olinio, from 3 to 6 P. M,, Daily. 

. Surgeon in Charge, ; 
Dr. G. F, FOSTER, 
~ Assista; 

4 SD hegred ore ae 

Hate aoe tt 

| get Cn lLL ve SKE Corb ne tr. 

. Fe Hired te Ars Carre a a 


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aT : = 
“abweat thing | ing, by the awf 
vets of incredolity. [boat ‘explosion 


“tha two { casual, oustom 
- M. | out? were met: 

mee ae var wee aE 
warn, is tak conti bee pelieved of & | £2,000. Tho joint existence, of ; 
i iny ‘coneciendet ee eclara- | is0f-tho simplest, notito aay miserable 

of 'd’Ghinaman, Some Scotch | t an Be ho simp 

“Characteristics, Oyprus,.Rowlandaon! tho}; = Wark. 2 1) 
Caricaturisty.. Arta, “Folk .Lore * from 

Unst to; Shetland; ‘louis Philippe ‘ and |. 
| the’ Marsoillatse, Floating Iron Coffins, |’ 
| -Natioties, &o;:..2 0. 56h Pe: 

| @OLD MENTING Tie a 0S 
“Fiining * in‘ about to |. 

{| machi; 

we ee. 


‘) bringe’ 
[ aon 

Mrx. Jobnaton,. do; Miss Jobnatov, dos: 
/Murpby, Waterloo; Wm ‘Mat a 
‘Lefebere, do; W. P' Bradshaw: Now 

Near Pointe Claire, P. 

Gallagher, of (he lato. firm 

Gallagher, ‘and ‘Gallagher 

entered: into. oo-partnership ¥ BY 
Louia Gauthier,.and their vineyards: have, 
‘been, extended :to “Beaconsfield tation 
'@. TB. THey are now prepared to fill att 
orders for: the celebrated Beaconsfield 
iQropes'’and other fuvouril ricties, and 
Yorward then-to all ports df Canada or the 
‘United States, by ‘poat or “others for. 
-epring planting. Messrs. G. ‘& Gv intend 
to lay out a portion of thelr naw farm - tor 
tha cultivation of small frait, which will bo 
cultivated on .a largo <ecale- for the supply 
.of their: customers. ' A catalogue will) ba 
iseved in a fow days; und be ready for dic~ 
‘tribution on application. All orders should 
bo addressed to Gallagher & Gauthier, 
Beaconsfeld, P.Q., or to thir. offige . in 
Montreal, No. 67.8t. Gabriel atraot. 


. When Edison firat began to make known 
his wonderfol. discoveries, tho world Was 
itclined to look upun thom aa the idena of 
a dreamer, but sinco. that itine:some ‘of 
thoso havo boon put to such practical uso 
‘| that now ho has become a starin the world 
) of'aciontista, It was ever eo that. small 
beginnings accidentally discovered have’ 
turned out to be the most useful... Who’ 
would hava dared to, say that Watt, when 
ho ‘flrat ‘experimented with bis mother’s 
'|-tea-kottle,fwaa diecoverlng a powdr. which,. 
for tho ; civilization ‘of mankiqd and : 
purposds’’of Inbour, waa ‘to supersédo all 
‘that had gone bofore. In liko manner tho | 
Anventive gonius of Edison acemg destined 
‘to follow in Lhe 'asmé’ path, and who. shall 
say now that tho two homisphores may not 
yot. bo linked toguther ‘still moro-clopely: 
‘than they sro by his telophone,; which 
is ovon now but in ita infancy. The mental 
povers of tha man would scem ‘to be. not 
only of ‘a high order, but far sbove that { 
of his follows,Zor, besides the atudy of: 
mechanica, ho is said to bo n chamist of no 
mona: ability and posscga . a” Inboratory. in 
whi be found ‘avery*chomical agent 
liznde necessary. to ite propor .atili-; 



urvenky: Th 
tho carbonizd 
ft “te tigi 

Aho} 8 
aro inforindg, Atid: Mr, Edison 
bir. -wayjof overcoming this, 

Sdstead'of being offensive 
y s of a decorative character, i 
and: by‘ éne ‘of hi any, achievemonts | 
(which hov-hbaa ‘dia id vthin ‘tho last 
ew days) ‘tho globe may be made aa orna-: 
Mental. aa oven,tho  prattfest. Bohemida, 
6.’ “Anothor great -advantago in tho: 

‘] electrio light is that thero is no offonelve 
| ga8 generated, ‘ag in. the case of coal gaa, 
} which is eo'injurioua to “both animal-and, 
vexotable lifo by tho,omission of sulpHurio 
and gas. and destructive to tho goods of 
jewellera ond . fancy .warohonscien,. as 
woll'ns to the fino gile bindlogs of literary 
collections. us Pa weg fin: 

OO) av@nmar savana 0S 
in tho cost of lighting will also be effected, « 
for Mr,. Mackenzie saya that a ght equal: 
to:-1B sperm candles-—the maximum gic: - 
light—could be soldat’ a'tho low price of | 

GO cents per thousand cubic feot, whilo'tha 
cost of fitting up.ia much :Jess than that 
necessary’ for the ‘utilization “of ‘ordinary 



Bore] ter, .with ‘probably ths -exce) 

: Sea 
Q.C,, are retained for the eet dousiehine: 

isoup-kitehen. |: (Clieers: 

slot “a-Novat, Apr: ToArION 
of'the lig’ bout ‘bes 
Edison, who 


: : od 
by fonr-of the 

produced ats. 
genefal adopti eae 

thing, contidcted with this byster { 
\besides-lighting tho room .in whi 3 
artisdn ia employed; it will drive~ tho’ 
machinery with'which ho. worke,.a!l froth § 
the ohé wire, and .& “lady : may’ drive. he 
sewing-mnachino- by. thd snme.maans, 
cost of some four: cents per diam, ‘wi 
‘the manufacturer requiring 20 horac-pow 
‘aay bo as easily supplied at a proportion-. 
; ate cost, without the trouble of getting ap 
ateand-or fear of an explosion. must securo: 
its gdneral adoption. ; © ~ : 

and ano of Ediyon’a most recent ones, will | 
oauss thd songater. to substitute * Oh, 
had I but Alva’s secrot,”. for “Ob, had I 
but,Aladdin’s lamp.” Although, bis former 
efforts’ have been tho méane of bringing to t} 
his orens many go:dly sume, Mr. Edison 
soem now to havo discovered the seorat of |, 
the :alchymist, apd ia. extracting—If not 
from the atono and alluvial’ deposit—gold 
where gold was not before: Here againon 
aocidéent hus opened up a new path to tho 
discoverer. Edison, when carefully esarch— 
dng for platinum, discovered “gold Jn place 
of thd meaner metal. “With onideathat ho 
. would bo able to find itin the " tnilings?*. 
or refugo.of the gold mines, ho gent out 
agents, and Major.. MaLaughlin, who visit. 
‘od the Chaudiere Valley on this .errand,: 
bags,;-in ‘which gold was 
zaples from:California, | 

knowing tho seoret of hin friend, Edison 
does Hot claim that his- method is: applica. 
ble to, all ‘districts,"and at: present it 
‘only uecfal for‘the,distriot around Oroville, 
but- after exporimenting “with othor de- 
‘posits, he claims he wMl be able to, utilize 
tin the same: manner ag “in: thd-Groville 
; @ recovered ag 

t fast, in all anne 
k @ good proflé a! 
aia: P a : 
When endeavouring to r 
f : nouralgio .paing,: 

* to hy igcoveredthat ‘which’ tho 
‘disciples of Esculapins. have long sought" 
in vain—n ouro-for -neuralgia—indeed,. he 
als ig the Lalloviate all pains. This 


1, BE, JAMES, 



oe OF = OF ze, 

Dollaw Packet Silver ailnina iio. 

Bald Mel, Mbt. .osu. fom Lil Lt - C168) e 

= om ay 
Le wea lover ae 
Cae a we LLY 

LLP, = , ‘ 
4 ES CHC “gets A a, fee Coeertrer OC Che Cee loves 
Whee raft tt wa oe ees nde d/ rant KM tee cet bev ML 
By ig yy, aa 4 
ee: Yi te Garry Ete ea yh A fos fo ieee ater! AOR ee 

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het. bt lbin Wy r 7 Sia ay “tte ak Yee of pete De om ee ck 
soy il 

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Ap LUA Ack fou a ae . 

qe Sag Cf 4 CAS AM. eae CR E35 ce 
Spite es P77 a THO arias Vervcoter ed ch Pad ee ee 
ALE te’ aly CU, oF ay ane WA 
y- UaAML Cran . V7 2 CE CLE porte Lieve Ut 

Le Cx waren me ie v4 a- ony FF a ey O 

CG GLLLI a- a. dak ae ten ed Lge try, 
De ony A Zeer ens pf lo v 6 BLES were A | 
KL €. 7 ae 

Place ova rete fro al Cure 

XL POR Meee fy ay AZ (dary ae tae ae Magy 
feat jr a 


Cf DLA? fay 
oN eg Cry 

may. \™ . gecnal 

z 49a 
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— Peed < pane ‘ 

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Aik 42 Keates Dl <., 


he Pethew vein Amite gmc Aes 
Lo nth, cur Ore, Le. A led 

Lot. Pra Lie Ar AL. eer “ 
Apia ee Oe ra Dg r 
pi  eerk ee. ov a SO i ye 
- Can are Mes eeak. a ere - ee 
air AOD anh g tir wheeler eden 
Ly La. wae oa Ko. aeec tf « 
a ; epee. Porn Ase HK Zeke. 


years ~ = eee Pa a ay we ‘ee oe a andle © a 
"w e: ; vary oy as: ee Ss 
. oe os A rd toes SEE A a . 4% Trwoge 
as & wheth “thy can ORLA 
re et yah py gh moe 


car aes (Moet : 
a & beta ll CREA 

7 ee 


LAE LS... 1880. 

Ante Jie 
Ce oye EGLP 
ee Ges 

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s He vl: | LEP hana ae wae as no Cay 

Abny BEE 
iy aaiadl Cre 
ee az FE ores 

ole ain 

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ie RAR ARY “fe Muo~awe a ee te J 

Jorf—a j WWeelurce u-ill 

Rear; 68 

hier f 
Elve Os Lo LA a i : ok 0 ev ee ‘| t 

et iw, ‘ oh 
bus uh soul te : 

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ok ty 
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‘ Weg we 
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S re a i 
A oy is es 
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ang ble cle Sack, Caf sas forme gel 
via . tes Rene va 


OF — S 

Vellow Zachet Silwer Dining Gx. 

Lull Nill MebP Whoriris fr 

LA Sraim Brg 
PP CO PY fe 4 

TA tome las 

et a of 


Cite ’ letizcad mia 

ae Yon tis ~ 

Pan wf - —- 

\ «© 2723 CHESTNUT STREET. a.” a 
IGORPORATED 10765, | N Ve a 
saesehynsclictiaaa | EL Louis, LT fluke Mp rp 580. 

- Associ 
Fe Ca ea NS 

ee ar Snore op trig ts igen idig ok 
er ae ha. le ia Be Ke 


me am We ' 
woo io a Qd 600 J pote Can 
is fo ee op ee 

ithe. eet 

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| Whetidineans 
ely ae Meher 




reer CS ass Ss sured aunt bs RONG: De fi 
mas oe Soros wt ~~ bles ajelf sf Ubi, 
eS ~ Py Suis: rok eats Uf bon cw by 

Prprow ~ ws PY, SRY DE) 
Seventh Boon by diet le PR = 
ADAD ry Ss pheawsavr va mis pod 
TFaseats cota OD eres yu pe Saabs 17a eee 
op a ue mianhes S yey Rat Aya pe ip oe 
ey XS) rT OT N. SS e. 
RR AM raw 3 cae pass, DE 
6 ln at 

bak uroulel. nel anew mov uri, Ws lect para — 
ha pukicnlans of aay Cherbid beet 

warbaeryon oon, profermot & umpfiarh 

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ete ie OS, BS thes tanner nvberice 
6 oe Ay» He 91,2 ¢ ae 
pany & IS 5 YS Ye - 
wally ME Poco seu of Meelis ¢ Aber igi 

Gecuttinctols sled frased OO | 
rns-aak Sseepptie bit Rute dub eA eus = 

i boa eeu BS ie RGA Dhol 
ny ”V P a . 
2 at. 



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SN Ad abonooes Bd 


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sO rsp SAW YO Sag SsackAess y. Wha 

‘ ae ee Agee 28, a i ag 

Rese OVA or Ras ana! cannce EES OWS 


Ns reas Ye Senn od nk Me Sent Com ad) ee 
ek anew Sua rowh snarl baw sow ARAN. on ~hy 
gate: may tiokis a thet Wo 1 ater MOBS Suro Bas) 
Saeed Qusancahy pons yp tore nar > wes 
~ » a 
Kis dees Whos shun) Maven nrata aout 

%. \ “ aA owl, * a } 
“2 Voeaool ages, as) Fgh wero Sean’ 

Gara-vaesn Ny & Saneaen Nae \ PINAY aun 
a and WAS M aodutes dion on) aa & Sogwd 
tancdrdnsl Tan un ssh sorodroP Heh 
os VARIA Soapesost aS) WY devas ¥ RISAGANS ESN) 
. rasa hod Ghoaahus aes aud A ~3 KH Shooyo 
Yonadosh AY bao) SS yh dsdooge Avot 
USANA yvensy TRY hue Ril Carri 

or _ : 
: a cree rede srs met RETO Phe ner nna | 
Pann metas tenet SOMES RIN erecta Pentennenrnrn 

> LB ~ ; C 3 Cc Oa : 
dee i (Psa. PPORNEY AES Law, 
NEAL THE our WW Nt a C ) es [les LUer. @ 
(Goer gee A dey ey f “Gatpatte, Oegon, 7 AY sot 
ru cl ow alike cea CO A qe “S Catpeds hana ii rys, 
Morte Ak. ; @ LEAN EVE on eC, ase i 

; ee <j - 7 a 

Catnatles, Oregon, x ASE 

va fe ie oh . he. ut by Aaa 

a cell. peyg ye ‘ol en aes 
ey, ee ee Ea 
a Baise, : 

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Hb doy Mal Tw dulffhiurity, pe haledyy ple jpirg, Cott flung, 
veil wag naman dame amare abe tr Cure) Wh f- = 
Vane uipSumvatt heue Who Aufh, oS titin te dipeatty 
ane) Dively Wid Claw Tle, pnawe of Culp Aun had 
Aas. sbret had re fransed. wut I Carta Lae Cary ¢ forrnn 
le Df aE Key ae conan 

es aay ae aoldiet leuk fall, wrinkly 
Whuk Chan rv, Whud hil bho yeti of, 
hae laanc arated tre Dhurw 40. Dor ciate 
rte ah; Seaeoane= ae File 
hha fam ger whe Re dnvtater (frames 
lan flutiste Sho 7 Jiiviwg peteviany OU fiuth Ths malt 
we, ee AG rnglo A have pe nr. Myns Aeamiphtdrleriab barges 
Ss anae -Sae (ones gama 
—- daa, Oey aa 

ahd 2 fea fej . _ 

2 ies Caote. CHuSLy, Ge. 
a bt agian 

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7 a oe ae flere eae 
is . Doe AOE Oey 4 Gen. taal 
m fos p- hha & arth. maa as Lied ~ | | 
Pacer Bie ys Loves. Pte1- thom 
el ibe Moen wtn., O hans 
. Bee oii Yaa Fhe Ait He K henry it 
ea atin acid Some ALAA. 

Me ( flasn Sie ‘- 
yok | ah : ke Loe: on YS Ge - “Le. Abbr ug Your 
ee Z\e _ 2 4 a 4 2 Edge are aac 7 wt 

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Wid ve berth flay mactocng. tt 
fouop Hire forte bn Cacti 9 
“hae em PROCES ot he 

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Sour No Sie Kgs "\ Levee ww Suhr 2b 

WEL NGigeke \Qew ceuts Dow ho CAd ur Riaty Te am uae 

. Rancid Se Renae Sage \ Con ecutnton clecele Mell 
Liv. eer Yow Re PAS SNe bl Aves Coben what ae 

Di eects. rae hes grit «gh Acs ae” ie as Eis RG rs 

. eMus Nikolas. Seat wee ey On ruky Cou 

Xe oe ek, \ kanes Cid a Nae Ou 2 Ran We 
Xu ae XX ea ee 

r. Ans : 
; . AN at We wi, 

aS . ‘2 - % Vay aks 
a V2 ah FeO 

ox cls hens Se ee. 
een Gate RE Ween ow Crrceutirulory . 
woul an SS ow BY Shela us Wega ie. 
Nea a ieee Py pat Neve ) Rew 
Nicos at a OL Dark wore A eaten saad Weal Werks 



A, represents the Pan with water-pipo; G, screen-hopper, where the pulp is introduced; H, ad- 
justable discharge gato; FF, adjustable rods for supporting the Pan; E, the frame; D, adjustable 
stand and roller for regulating the grade to the pan; C, percussion; AB, is a section of lifting and 
grooved cam (A represents the lifting eam B, grooved eam; combined.) 

ST eee pean 




GT ENE HT a t 

“¢.-4,723 CHESTNUT STREET. aN” = 

| Dr. A. 

Dr. G. 


F.FOSTER, - - - - - 

RATED 1876. | 
urgeon in Charge, 
ssoctate Surgeon, 

ee) eee aoe OD 

WC -d1r0r¢. ba 


Bond oe a 

or e Cunt n a 

nice See newer) ysdhamiibane shies 

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tata Sree MEP roy 

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lpn Ph Bain eer ! 

go, Ceee het. 4 4} 
Lea ox oe 

ee 2 he aie four eget. Reger : 
ZZ. Le lhe. Calle wv Pees end: “Je Creed even ec, ! 
Tee Me "ip ope We ae 2 O eptaceceiis oie ieee oF A hier. 
Se Piper Behe. Ke Wes ee, . fetereees ¢ oe hep termed, : 
2 ecleuge,, Seared 0 tHe (> hetes Cet a » few Kecene Buel, 
Raa Pert. Metin, a “frcecent A Aecée. 2 ae, "Be (ded , ae w oe 
| Eetuertiaen. Bue. Bac. Aver. Titian , . arrint A e3 eaeren an 

Te Bled feergee Se Eee a Oey Ege . 

a Lacet-guac ett 2 Hes a) Bece Abecttd, (te 

Pelton, ee Came ee ei Zéeck7 

a2 Oa Mitel. ee ee aol, Bok. 2 PS PO a 
rr ih forme si MALLE 

7 Ones filth. ae. FA Miedlieee * 
; te, oe fs 2 eee. ees thie i x 
pe, ee [02 Shes - eeiclenee | ae. | Aeaceeteng.. pace ‘ 
eZ aed ee eed a abk:. 2 ipl. Ftc ree we. 
ale an ee oe oe hee tiie: ao 
lacehy wee S-Cane by, CLE; Phe aeficrt of ge 

LRrrt ‘eo ~AxEL ee ae oak pa eee. Bent 
pone Hh pooanc which Cee Aifacrt Carers = GE 
of Uy. en the leo ficial tet <i. ae Hoe eZ fad 

Tekaghien ope: “ete. Gee. hia A. ee aud 

‘e ate : 5 La : 
CECCtS. ecw | 

e< cae 246 ae - - 

Neen cect entra crema mea anes te nema en ttn erste 

2d orale eee arroniieeenay 

eee “Sapnie spo. ep aon, gre ee 
: Miyoa Ai Welch eat am afore 7 Hs tae, 
A whiek a en Bettiten ted pleewaciy yi 
: War eC! e) MK re pe. ee Meleviie 
Male ite Aine Aecerrerea oA Ak elreapthal oe 7 
| Coke, Bo eet accept? ek. aan pee wee | 

te Lilteege , deed grey Males Se ee Gor 
PiTeees y fa derfeorete « Be More. eat Malice ye Apes 
oe ocr teak ee for encceg Ge. BE Cicoceete—~ 
| Cagp (Lach Sacfoter Beet Jee petiny Capes) Wel. 
: fit tee Gea. - Mew. ore. ee lawer eh Za amet, 
feececend Mle bfkezrs. Lee Lee Crzuiernid 
LS. ib siceslaices: the re > aa Be ecee. ote 
7 Blepite. Aeewn, He eee (GEG 2 thereon HE Aigatay : Pai 
: fouch. Setepue cto, L0thd! Tem Zs Lon. mamas Goeee. Ke 


Be ee. septa wi hecig. Cerited. (heen Ale, a 

# ks nok cei eet, cas ae we Brkviedip ee 
2 tee iat Get Cadel be LELCER, 7 A HEN 


iat. fefeLrn, rege. Oererce , ; Pes Cert 
‘ Zef yo 2TK on KEN Spt oA ZB ic ay Aisi 
DE At Bole? me ae IS SELL. re Baer fads fa 
af At bes Shave Keon - Keccepiah eee hear liver 
se, Cle Wee Lil Be re Sons 7 
GA ea porte Soa eYece ls te. Gee cete. LL eel Ae eheceg 
Kur Bare Cee epery ene BE Pop eatttes ae Me a ae 
Sa Sos epee. Mee tegitiy, E Seern : ae Lomctixm, 
Seems: eee Cdl. <A dee ma Ai ME tc 
i fxn 2 Aek Seite” fiat LO LE ecccterccarneeeT> vena 


oe AA GAME < Puctwe ttl “Costes, _ aah HS e 
2-2. etl AOE Mage a Lice api Phe 
leds Mae. Sue eo eed rE de 

aon Bee Tera tee. (ed é ae ent, ee *| 

Bee ces aat nectar er ne tn p HEL esc maty stitial ae Wi tare iss Se prema tmert tat mae ene mene wetenneene teste atc 

i for CUD PC Hl eeccbttee ts. ee - oe Aa” = ac Ld a 

Les Leet ea eG oe Pore PEbees.. eee BEE  didntitnedn ae a 
eR. etna, OF io Ae aeKceug. een. - ee. fey file. : 
_ Eee EN ae CL pare fe red oo ae cetcaee - 
A HE PCC) 2 ont ty ape ye > =e 
Ghe ee Sap Leh ape Bort terete te ct ard 
Weck iy ae Bud ete. oo Se eee wpe 
ELC Be afer i tie fot Cz fictal tect Coelie oe tod 

hice es with CACO: Ss = TA 

beet Dosualina ce bbe - oe ‘ctl eee ge 
| Cte. Coveneclen. oe om Lower ee oA ee ee 
 hkowako,atucecd . BR wc ae oe 
oe Ys Bett el Ce Mazer aekle Paieiehes 2 
 hetiel 2. CEE trnat re, CG, | Pe Brort,. Beedl Ken) 
Crrtpet- Cd Beetle Jiiipisbdt: 6. Peat. Say 
a Cortce cate cohe? Corcicay. Se Cae tttge. : (a 2 
| Mite ey fewe 1, pps foo. LETPAD. oak 42 ference 
He Kare, we @ ae Ate z=. ees Pook Pheer 
GF gs ate 2, Pelee fern Snot 

Le ese mnemirnneninens tego ear ininnpeo tenon ern at re So aderap aati riaerg cual eneete cceraecmene eee 

ko z Oe CHL. Lihat bie ar’ ged: a7 bs 
prackik wut Cb¢ez1. Minto: uo Phe : aang: es 
BY aan, Me DL f& ae oe Soa aia ee Kf Gan. Lo a 0 
ey ela oer ereel ie Se HE (fet fAeG ed 
| pt Aioly in, Mle HE dae: ae en 
(a0 & Have Cul th 412 erg cle fe pee 
A LE ms Gr cer, 2 Ei SOI 
Lou tie Pe. of pigs eee he. : 
Mee “a <P. ae Ean BA ee ee Bie 
Hak Zo Welk. Aloe enn He La ZE ZH 


3 of we pile git Sara Uckien at i 
Bog : aes ; 

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Leta cmteheeaigery er eme tm aeeneh, cinseseh lmnarred 

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a0 Shecl’ 7 — a etiele e Aecrnpe! | nae heeeae aor’ ar bse0 sae, 
5 kel Af: ts ere a sag fe rete) 

ciglevll See ey Ko gh eerrrgy , t 

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fore ye Hove. a CGS Jor fe Cotas o eteelire on 
yr ae 2 
ee eg. creche “y pote hvevoce’ Spivarlo they ee oe 
pevvlhigh- A ASE Bee A spose orrneiet on: — A hip 
a jit? jovele- pa ee eed KE Boge Sader PEE” gertisosnge | 
foe bhi fee, ls Giese Ll pay ee 

y, SPourliinlar Lok - eg Zo afore coe fet, 
rie Le ahve el; & Eee egg fe see 

aS prboili _— A crvt fon a “fowe “Y “4 ae eo a 

vam foe iene Yer eH at Sete renee ey “ seme eee 4 
Mes yp Ds a ME pe, VA F 

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fOr? I 2G 4. OLISE. V/s cof : = 
2 Borne of l Aonaflle? Os, PBiviis imal IO ZI 
| Abi Torna 


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y HM Lady ‘boii } Ped Go 

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we Aebe. weElCeret’ —wececa £. 

Lerur et ‘ies 3 5 ice 
ol vague ee CL ee sen Poealvert ne, 
alt | as el ey er eee 
, | x tee Cebu by iain as- 


Que angtiewe Qs ee Be Petras 
hk Bs Oe Eee at er Se 
eet Sealer ane Selly ers Wie 
ca aaa, ae ae ON 

te -COV8 Dacre, lhrrigh Looter 



: cl z ) : _ New York, May se 1880. 


bean lw i. 
\ Weske Ca9and,_ us Guar Quroew si ey 

a Se Aes floss . & Lup wk fe Mert 
Plu Q® Bands’. \pres Se XVII (Qhoov fred 

Brant Winning Co? Vranng . Uwen Korn Wren . 

We. Orn trope Sw Oxy ses One An ann 2 
Crean 6 ae ORAM YW CAO umber 
One Cah, Qr WilinGs,. Cie VR 

Ooiromnac’. odares Orrns ala Aine Gper Ons 

Our ap (ares ern, OB Sane: Worked 

Wk 3 onuw Onno” Qe QLae wy re rwudkgolun 

Jy) One Borers + Canmuea Va dh God an 
| Cuualrernrucd, Sat Qi one, bere Cal ow runny 
Deer Nur ic able hye aqenw Ua 

Place, dua GF Arurcyenr Gig Te aexe, thas 

ku Luk wal. A For ea, SEOs PE By. 
: our OhNrtrurases Cu0 hy a few ene paliis 

af dhs Deer pa orkaeed | 
aaa ye MEER Wy Ong 
Rompe Com Kiva ‘Shr~y by eet, 
Drow far av as Jr Ur Opn Eee 
Drew Wphroawr Sau fen tow Noe Beas 
Ulu edt Ong GU~4 ee Dove Ly ae ae 
Laney “\ Or Rr on Gu Wired , 
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LUE , bobs 5: Sie oo ee ee yo Z 
Lie fang ee wth ae ote - f= 

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eerie : ipl Fate ae oat Matar Crh. pe lid). 
of Lf. a. 
a ble... ey en ad L004 Va t idegess: a 

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eee lieiies wetel cudthe, . , A Loe 
he ding Mn deen. 

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ies fee os, ie SDA tee. tee, 
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| BATED 1878. | as 

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Office near. Court House. 


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Phe Be A. JOHNS & Co, 

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Carl U/eimbere, 

Brags, ‘Ufedicines ayd Fancy Goods, Stationery, 

Matches, Glooks, Jerielry G Qrugglst's Sundries, 

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Pham, Eling, Koop” 

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wie Cth’ 

GOLD ousT - 

Office of 

Dealer in General Merchandise, 

Salver City, NV. M.... 

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ae eels”. i lOO LEO Ce mete te ghee 

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RR sorricz ore 
- A. WIENER & CO,, 
e Surervior Supplies, 
& g and Lubricating Oils, Stearine Mining Candles, &c., 

\ ae 136 & 138 RIVER STREET, 


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J. W. Mu: ‘a of i“ J. A. Ercuetnercer. | Gro, W. EIcHELpercERr. 
be MUMPER & CO, 

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. PAID. F ey as a 

>’ GOLD PURT. y . . 
aN Dealer in General Merchandise, 

Silver City, N. M. Cecege.9...18 9 

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Office esNo rth Side Public Squa 
Rei falda: o-We at Side Scho: ol Hot eo Square. 

ChM-othe:' Vo,,..... hag oy, 

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Ripstop CGr.a 1.02 
aa lar car aac ala 

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drt Leahy, Qoew 29 Beckhe) 


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SFrwt Cli. 
Mecctir County Mok 

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Say Bag of Bn ae 
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Maater, Mid of Ses 
Moifher'. PZ, clU 
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cme FRE 



M9 Park, N. Ju. tam 

are Ce. | ae Ago y. 

15H OLE ae Saree se 

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aries. ee. eri lO aa 

Depts elena ME hein 4 

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Rooms 8 AND 9, JABOR rock, . 

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fair Bove 3 fivexting aul Alining hompany, 

Organized under the Laws of the State of New York, 

Capital, ‘$2, 200, 200, 

ALBERT STORER, President, J.C, BARNES, Secretary, J. HOWARD LIVINGSTON, Treasurer, ’ 
JAMES MONROR, General sfanager, . VANDERPOEL, Atforney and Coun , 
de ign 4 
a OFFice, No. 4 Baas STREET, ates os 
Meant < Kime Onan. oe : : 
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wa pore Cermpetin A~ 



nlo Park, N. J.,. use 52. 1880. 
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1880. Mining - Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company (D-80-035) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
takeover of the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company by the United States Mining 
Investment Company. Included is a lengthy report on the Spring Valley mine, 
prepared by the United States Mining Investment Company. 

All the documents have been filmed. 

Blane No, 1 


x r 
rai ating a ine ralsiton tee aaron, aad ihe Come. 
pal aie noth ot el bi» far reurdeldya in tranal ve bailey mito Bex 

unlaaion mor de sngone 
named ease faa UNL PEATED MEGIAGE anjle dlive spent westur the ¢ the condition 
A, R. BREWER, Soo'y : ; * NORVIN GREEN, President, 

* Dated Le 

Reoeived at_ 

Vide 4p) y ye righ 
uit Gs hw wedge au Mbvin ling wYfuily da 
ee lp - ae Yee ie thet Mharbeed A, } A . sf 


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a 9 Orit ext: pee wh a oe as ferme ancd_ | | 
ee an ee LH. wea Koti AND Qercol Ab Ae Fared re ys 
fi aw. x hose cu Bae Bo ave: encierig ee ae . ‘ 

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: ne ne seen. Rk alll 

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, : gai. of het om a1 soap oS 4 

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Mee F) eT: cerca — hare coucdee 

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ce tech oe ko C9: Peck, Patek Ai Pre wafolde CLL o 

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: a eae, noon A ae a Levee: 
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’ teow 2Le eecore ere rcthclen sing Lo. Pree bevel ee oye oe ed | 
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Ack pace ok tar! Rae ci oO AY; ov, Cov... cu My eee, a ny Et aa a hy 
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gest, Ranke abe a a £./ ow fresotaws. | 

he eL Ble Coe hee O-cc ied i th -f.. 
One ok so See RLY ¢ FER EL Dey. ye : ” ite = 
swiies Biso es Vy oee mans 1) a ‘ : 
pee mee. be oa er : : fp Rew’. CoOL bik Aeien- 
abt, Cee. CO oer cat boron bo aaa lorie tet hh Page oes £. - 
Pre es JT, Ae ca tr oad « bp Ihe, aN eA mee 7 ke teal resay FS Corr 
a ee, ' fite oF : 
be eigen ; icy cad - mae ve 

Sus hire oe 


co ree 

EH, Fasde 

2 anf. 23200 po 

cad aa 

Bae ee 





ery a 
S94 3-4 


Tur Unrrep States MINING [NESE ene Company, 

61 BRospw ass 
‘New Yorx, Jan. 12, 1880. 

At a meeting of the Directors of this Company, held this day, it 
was unanimously resolved, that the Reports on the Cherokee Fiat Blue 
Gravel and Spring Valley Mining ‘properties should be accepted and en- 
dorsed by this Board, and ‘that ‘a Company be incorporated under the 
Laws of the State of New York, to be called the Sprina Vatiry 
HyprauLto Gop Company, with a Capital Stock of 200,000 Shares, at 

$1, par value, per share, or a total of $200,000. The subscription price 

remains at $10 per share. 

As it is axpested that this Stool will be held as a permanent divi- 

dend: paying investment, under the advice of counsel, we have adopted: 

this low capitalization, in order. to afford the ) Stockholders the n most ample _ 

Wa. Pere Sirtanstan, 

protection against any possible personal liability for debts that might be 

contracted hereafter. 
’ This in no way detracts from the value of the stocks, while it guaran- 

tees the Stockholders against any possible liability or future assessments. 




sesesevegeeeeDlining Engineer. 
Treasurer Adams Express Co. 

Of Willams & Guion’ 's Steamship Line. Wat. Le Janina, Jr. Pry 

- Late Receiver and Treas, Erie R, R. | Geo. B. Westeoes 
'Titosmas MANNING«. 

Hawrv W. Ford sees 

Epwarp Rates Dorsey. 
1, Cy Bascock+ee 
Wa, He Guton see 



Cas. Ms FR¥scscveeseos President National Bank of New York, 
svesseecresecscocssocssees Bankers 
5...0f-D, Appleton & Co., Publishers, 
a osenesrecerasssceveseeecnes LAWYERS 
veeePrest, St. Nicholas Natlonal-Bank. 
Jon, P, Roninsony. «Consulting Engineer, New Yorks | L, Bs GRERNLEAP..ss000es 
Guoxros W. WARREN. wee, Ys Life Ina, Cow Boston, } Mass, on 

on on AWiirrrinns of Lee, Higginson & Co., Bankers, Boston, Mass, 
aoePresident Marine National Denk. | Avriiun Smwatn. 

Unvssns S. Grant, Jie. 
Antiun Be GRavesse 

A. Foster Hicains. 
Citas, L. Perkins 

Boston, Mass. - 

J. Baicersss 


Janes D. Fiditescccoscees - 

He Havemnvan....+Of Havemeyer, Eastwick & Ca, Refiners._ 
Ac Fe WILLMARTH coe oesees Vice-President Home Fire Ina: Co. : 
Of Wm. S. Nichols & Co., Bankers. 
eesCommission Merchant. . 
ace senerecereee Brokers 
President Natlonal Bank of Republic. 
Eowarn A. FLINT.seeese .Consulting Engineer, Boston, Mass. 
Ue S, Lloyd's Marine Insurance, . 
senses OF Perkins & Choate, Bankers 4 
{ or Tower, Giddings & Co,, Bankers, 

lentes ani ‘of St. Louls & San 
Francisco R. R., St. Louls, Mo, 

~Prest. Bath National Bank, Bath, Maine, © eo 






anp ‘a ie uo ae a oo { 

_ By-R. H. STRETCH, M. Ey 
ae = . aM . 

AND . Eo ae ; (= ce “ Pee Be at . { 


se _ CALIFORNIA, of ee Vat aacs 








Mining and Irrigating Company's Property. 

By R. H. STRETCH, M. E, 
. AND 





ee JOHN J. CAULON, Painter, | 
Lae att nr "20 Vesey Street; N.Y. as : 


i oa 





a er, 
: [ 

1. The Property consists of 1,215 acres of deep, gold-bearing gravel, 
of which 893 belong to the ‘‘Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel Company,” and 
822 to the “‘ Spring Valley Company,’’ with water works which cost $500,- 
000, lands, flumes, buildings, and all necessary mining appliances. 

2. From certain natural features of the ground, the property can be 
worked better as a whole than can each parcel separately. 

3. The Title is perfect. 

4, The ground may be safely said to contain Sixty-eight Million Dol- 
lars ($68,000,000) in gold. . 

5. The ground worked, being about 100 acres, has yielded $5,336,061 40, 
or about $56,000 per acre, and’a large amount remains to be extracted 

. from this ground. . 

6. $2,272,534 28 has been produced in the last six years, of which 

$1,380,894 21 has been profit. 

7. By a consolidation of both properties (after the completion of the ' 

Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel deep tunnel, which will take less than oné 
year), one only now being worked, the income can be increased to from 
$600,000 to $800,000 nett, and these figures can be substantially maintained. 
for many years. The mining ground is, practically, inexhaustible, and 
the water is a saleable commodity for all time. 

8. The Spring Valley Company is to-day in a dividend-paying con- 
dition. The production for the last 70 days was $86,900, at a profit of 
$900 daily. ; 

9. Work at the mine is in active progress; in fact, has never been 
stopped, either summer or winter, since 1875, when the water-works were 
completed. : : 

10, The consolidation of these properties makes the finest gold gravel 
property extant, its steady productive ability being an absolute certainty. 

For facts on which these conclusions are based, see main report. 

Yours respectfully, 
To Epwarp Bares Dorsey, Esq., 
President United States Mining Investment Co. 

November 17th, 1879. 

Mento Park, N.J., - : 
: December Wth, 1879. : | 

: President, 

- Ihave read with care the report of R. H. Stretch, M. E., upon the 

properties of ‘‘ The Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel,” and ‘‘The Spring Valley 

Mining and Irrigating” Companies, the result of a most careful investiga- 

tion by him during a period when I was investigating the same properties, 

at the instance of and under instructions from Prof. T. A. Edison ; and can’ 
state, that not only all that is embraced in said Report (except perhaps 

platinum in the quantity named therein, which I consider too great) is jus- 

tified by the facts with which I am cognizant, but I am confident, that had 

the former proprietors of these properties been possessed of the inform- 

ation now obtained of the process applicable to the saving of ald the Gold, 

and other metals found in this auriferous deposit, much larger net returns 

would have been shown on the books of the Companies, than are indicated 

in the report ; and further, Iam persuaded that if the Cherokee Flat Blue 

Gravel Co. had been possessed of the water facilities hitherto afforded to 
the Spring Valley Mining and Irrigating Co., far greater net returns would 
have been shown from the same area of ground sluiced from their property, 

by reason of such being on the deeper and richer part of the channel of 
this auriferous deposit. In further assurance of my opinion of the great 
value of these properties as now consolidated, I may say that ‘The Edison 
Ore ‘Milling Co.,’? are willing to make a contract for-15 years, which I 
would willingly advise should be twenty-five, to take all the tailings from 
the properties (now being and all those that have hitherto been thrown 
away), and return to.the proprietors of these properties one-half of the 
gross yield of Gold and Platinum extracted therefrom. 

; : T am respectfully yours, 

: 5 President WU. S, Mining Investment Co. 
IR: . 

From my own investigation of the subject referred to in the letter 
to you from my agent, Mr. F. McLaughlin, covering a period of several 
weeks (receiving from him during that time large quantities of the sands 
and gravel for treatment at my laboratory), and from my knowledge of his 
ability and experience in such matters, I fully endorse him as worthy of 
the utmost confidence, 

Respectfully yours, : 
: NOTE. aS 

A contract for 15 years has been made with Thomas A. Edison agy 
representative of the “Edison Ore and Milling Company,”’ to work the tailg 
ings and debris, which has hitherto gone to waste, by which the Spring 
Vatiey Hyprav io Gotp Mrnine Company will receive one-half of all thay 
precious metals and minerals saved free of charge. 

age at S hither ante, by which the SPRING 

VaLLEy Hypraviic GoLp Minine Company will receive one-half of all the 
precious metuls and minerals saved free of charge. 

SERS EP EN Taree ta poss erunse ad Hee 


7 ; Percentage 

Names of Company. - Capital. } wins F Market neon jon Market 
H peceoa acme a ' Price, 
Ontario......---.-. $10,000,000 | $100 .} $40 00 500, 1} 
Standard .._. 10,000,000 100 i 80 00 50c. / 15% 
Horn Silver 10,000,000 25; 25 00 25c. 1 ¢ 
Little Pittsburg...-] 20,000,000 100 80 00 500. r y % 
Homestake..--..-- 10,000,000 100 40 00 80c. i as 
Leadville...-...... 2,000,000 | 10 4 75 100, 24 


i i 
Spring Valley.---. $200,000 $100 | 1000 | 100. 1% 
After first year..| -------. | ----- i 10 00 | 250. Qs 

P, S.—This is a very favorable showing for the Company, considering 
the character of the Mines when compared to the above properties, 

i. THE 

; —s“*-Wnited States Mining Investment Ca., 


Vice-Presidents : 




Secretary Treasurer Counsel 



This Company has been formed to meet a pressing and increasing 

want in-Financial Circles in the United States, which is to investigate, by 

the best Engineering Talent employed specially in the interest of this 
Company, the real merits and value of Mining Properties. The public 
can rely upon the assurance given by this Company, that every property 
which is offered to investors, bearing the Company’s endorsement, will 
have received the sanction of its Board, based upon reports of their own 
employed Engineers, from personal examination of the same; and invest- 
ment in such properties can be made with safety and a reasonable cer- 
tainty of success. The names of its Officers and Trustees guarantee that 
it will do what it undertakes in an honorable and trustworthy manner. 


Epward Bates DORSEY seesessees ssceseeccooeMining Engineer, 

1, Cy. BABCOCK+ecesseceeeeseeceee Treasurer Adams Express Co, 

Wu. H. Guton.........Of Williams & Guton’s Steamship Line. 

Wa. Perr Stimaraan......Late Receiver and Treas. Erie R. R. 

Cuas. M. Fry... President National Bank of New York. 

JonaTuan Operu 

: D. S. APPLETON.0. 

. u Utvssus S. Grant, Jr 

cave eeccscccceesccesccousseoe Bankers 
+oeeOf D. Appleton & Co., Publishers, 
Perereriet ecccsvessreeeLAWyety 
Artuur B. Gravas. -Prest. St. Nicholas National Bank, 
Jas, P. ROBInsonesseeeeeeeees«Consulting Engineer, New York. 
Grorce W. WARREN...0.....N. Y. Life Ins. Co., Boston, Mass, 
C.A.Wurrtize, of Lee, Higginson & Co., Bankers, Boston, Mass. 
Jamas D. Fisttecsssceceee .+President Marine National Bank. 



Epwarp Barszs Dorsry, Esq.: 

H. Havemever....».Of Havemeyer, Eastwick & Co., Refiners. 
A. F. WILL MARTH coe. os0.Vice-President Home Fire Ins. Co. 
Wat. L. Janxins, Jroeee.+s-Of Wm. S. Nichols & Co., Bankers. 
Geo. B, West....00 ««Commission Merchant. 
THostas MANNING.. 
Henry W. Forp... 
Epwaro A, FLInt.. 
A. Foster Hiccins.. eevee eUe S, Lioyd’s Marine Insurance, 
Cuas. L. Perkins, . Of Perkins & Choate, Bankers, 

{ Of Tower, Giddings & Co., Bankers, 
Boston, Mass, 

| Vieg: President of St. Louis & San 
a Francisco R. R., St. Louis, Mo, 

«Prest. Bath National Bank, Bath, Maine, 

seee sessecccovereee Brokers 
President National Bank of Republic. 
«Consulting Engincer, Boston, Mass. 

L. B. Greanuxar.. 

J. Baxer.. 

Artiur Sewatt 


Sis sie 

sieve ats ipa 

aa ae 

Epwarp Batss Dorsry, Esea.: 
San Franorsoo, October 10, 1879. 
Dear Sir: 

In accordance with your instructions, I have made a careful exami- 
nation of the property of the Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel Company, and 
of the Spring Valley Mining and Irrigating Company, situated north 
of Oroville, in Butte County, State of California, and have the honor to 

\ report as follows: My investigation has extended over a period of ten 

days; and the conclusions drawn are based, not upon speculation, but 
upon actual ascertained facts. I shall treat both properties as a unity 
in this report. 
Yours respectfully, 
R. H. STRETCH, 2. #. 






Having, in previous reports, given a very full and complete account 
of hydraulic mining operations in California, I shall not burden these 
pages with a repetition of the same. 

The relation of the mines to the gravel deposit, of which they - 

are a part, is shown in map No. 2 in which the yellow shading shows 
the known extent of the gold bearing gravel, the green line the 
Rimrock, or point where the, solid rook which underlies the gravel 
comes to the surface, and the grey shading the basalt or lava cap 
which overlies the gravel, leaving visible a portion of the gravel where 

ath d Clan Pe TED Ye i ea RL RW a ks Ri ae ih ore eA nee aden eta ots a 


8 Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 

it has been broken away. An examination of all the surroundings 
affords abundant evidence that the old river channels used to run 
through the Spring Valley, Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel and the Hen- 
dricks’ mines, with a grade of about one hundred feet to the mile, so that 
the deepest depression or main channel will be found in a position very 
nearly represented by map 8, which shows the ground under consideration 
on a still larger scale. 

Map 8 shows the ground of the Spring Valley Company (colored 
red), also the ground of the Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel Mine (colored 
green), with the local roads, reservoirs, &c. The Hendricks’ track of 
5 31-100 acres, is not included in the company’s property. The total 
area of the ground owned by the Spring Valley Company is 822 32-100 
acres; of this about 100 acres has had the top gravel removed, the shape ~ 
of this portion being indicated by the sinuous brown line, and about 40 
aores are unavailable fur hydraulic purposes on account of the heavy 
lava cap (marked sugar loaf), so that there is an availabe area for 
hydraulic purposes ,of about 180 acres of gravel which has not been 
touched, and 100 acres partially worked. , 

The Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel‘:Company owns about 893 acres 
of ground, of which about 200 acres js available for hydraulic pur- 
poses, and the balance can only be drifted on account of the heavy 
lava cap. : : 

A olear title can be given to the whole of this land, aggregating 
1,215 $2-100 acres. 


In 1856, the Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel Company started.a deep 
bedrock tunnel to open their ground as a drifting claim, and pushed the 
work ahead until June, 1863, when the tunnel was in a distance of 1,542 
feet, and work was stopped. When.resumed, in the spring of 1867, an 
incline was started almost directly above the end of the old tunnel, and 
in May, 1870, had penetrated the hill about 800 feet, following the bed- 
rock, and proving the existence of what is known as the blue lead under 
Table Mountain. ‘The incline was'very wet and suffered severely by 
the heavy blasts in the adjacent workings of the Spring Valley Company, 
so that it had to be abandoned, and from that time no work has been 
done on the claim. 

Before the consolidation of the Cherokee and Spring Valley claims, 

Reports on the Spring Valley -Hydraulie Gold Company. 
they had each been worked in o small wa 

with low pressures, y by smail streams of water 

but. after the consolidation, extensi 

LA i TG aa Pes MU nd TENE aT Seba RET enn aed La mela stent gett 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 9 

they had each been worked in a small way by small streams of water 
with low pressures, but after the consolidation, extensive water-works 
were planned and built, and since February, 1873, the daily supply of - 
water has been 2,210 inches, equal to nearly nine million cubic feet ; asa 
natural consequence, the company at once produced excellent results, a 
synopsis of which is given below. The Spring Valley ground was opened 
by the Welch and Eureka Tunnels, neither of which permit the working 
of the bedrock, so that there yet remains a stratum ‘of gravel, varying 
from 6 to 40 feet thick over the entire ground which has been worked, 
and as the bedrock pitches southwest into Table Mountain, the thickness 
of this untouched bottom gravel increases steadily. as work progresses 
south, up Saw Mill Ravine. 


" The total area of ground worked by the Cherokee and Spring Valley 
Companies, has been about 100 acres in a period of from 26 to 30 years, 
while the production of gold has been about as-follows: 

From 1849 to Fobruary 16, 1871, say twenty years, at $150,000.02. 0... voce cane eee $3,000,000 00 
February 15, 1871, to February 28, 1878.00. 22.0 cee coos coos coos eeeeeee 258,527 O1 
February 28, 1878, to August 9, 1879. (See statement).. ........ sees coescececeeree 2,185,684 80 

$5,489,161 40 
From which it results that the yield per acre has been $54,401 61. 

i Cena ce Seeman ied rE 

It is not easy to say, in the absence of definite data, what has been 
the variation in the quality of the gravel in the different portions of the 
mine, but an average value per cubic yard of the whole mass worked, is 
easily obtainable ; at the rate of 64,491 61-100 per acre, one square yard 
wonld yield $11 26, which for an average thickness of 40 yards (120 feet), 
is 28 cents per cubic yard. : 

Tt should, however, be remembered, that this result does not in- 
clude the dark green and blue gravel left in the pit, which, we have 
previously seen, have an average thickness, say of six yards. These 
are the richest gravels in the claim, and are worth on the average of $5 
per yard. . 

In the Hastern portion of the works, the coarse gravel is rich in 
gold ; so rich, in fact, that the Spring Valley Company keep quite a 
force of men employed upon it at a very heavy cost. Thirty-two 


10 ; Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 

pounds of the blue gravel, taken on the line between the Spring Valley 
and Cherokee Flat claims, gave me 64 cents, equal to two cents per pound, 
$40 a ton, or $70a yard. A long series of pannings on the same gravel, 
including also samples from the rotten boulder streak, and some of the 
top gravel which had caved down, gave me an average of 4 cents to the 
pan, which is equal to about $6 per ton, or $10 50 per yard. The estimate 
of $5 per yard for this lower gravel, is certainly very safe As it is about 
6 yards thick, its average value per square yard would be $80, which, 
added to $11 26, the actual value of the’ ground already washed, makes 
$41 26 as the value of one square yard from the surface to bedrock, which, 
for a thickness of 46 yards (188 feet), would give 89 cents as the approxi- 
mate value per cubic yard. 

From the above facts I deem the following-to be a fair estimate of the 
gold in the property : . 

++ $9,000,000 
«eee 14,600,000 
+++. 12,000,000 

180 acres of Spring Valley hydraulic ground, at $50,000 per acre... .... cee cece 
» 100 acres of bottom gravel, at 8145,000. 0... 0.0. wees cect weselesas ease 
200 acres of Cherokee F. B, Gravel hydraulic ground, at $60,000.... 

8,800 yards long by 500 wide by 2 high, for drifting ground on C. F.B. G., 8,800,000 s 
mu Towards 4 80. ee BAN AE 88,000,000 
* — $08,600,000 

74 iy is 1 . od 
In this estimate I place the hydraulic ground of Cherokee Flat Blue 

Gravel Company at a somewhat higher rate than that belonging to the ; 

Spring Valley Company, because it appears to be nearer to the main 

channel. : é 
The dimensions of the drifting channel were obtained by measure- 

ments on the ground. Result of the past operations of the Spring Valley 

Company. The following is an instructive table: 

YEAR, Gross Product’n| . Expenses. | Profits. Dividends. 

July, 1878. 0... cee cue coos cons $180,164 14 $80,718 07 - $99,450 17 $50,000 
"© 1874. ..... . © 476,112 28 125,877 70 850,284 44 100,000 
“ 18%6.. . 401,590 01 149,688 46 | 251,061 46 85,000 
£©  187B. oo00 sees coon cove case 406,801 74 147,057 20 | = 950,884 45 80,000 
September, 1877. 000 seen oe 885,876 00 158,648 00 181,828 00 50,000 
October; 1878. ......00 sees veee 814,208 85 187,420 25.4 176,774 10 100,000 
Five years nine months........{ $2,004,847 87 $744,264 76 ! $1,820,082 61 | $405,000 
| i ae |e | — 
Yearly average... 00. cece eas $850,016 98 $120,487 33 $229,579 43 


aes ai Sai ana acess EDEL ETI A STEPTOE RESTS PR 

Reports on. the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. Il 

This table requires some comment, The discre: 
: Some. coi . pancy between the 
amount of profits and dividends is accounted for by the fact. that the com- 
pany have purchased . land : to. the extent: of--ovar-8hN0-000 ana 2p 

isa ap ge Gents a2 ib BF ca OS aA Ss So oS OV EE 

Tasehink cates. 

iiss AR decd ay a ieee tli Re bein 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulie Gold Company. 11 

This table requires some comment. The discrepancy between the 
amount of profits and dividends is accounted for by the fact that the com- 
pany have purchased lands to the extent of over $500,000, and mining 
claims to the amount of $407,084 92, besides paying for the construction 
of the water works, a sum of over $428,000; nearly the whole of these 
large sums having been taken out of the mine. 

The decrease in the yearly production is due solely to the fact that 
year by year they have been working a larger and larger proportion of 
top gravel, on account of their inability to reach the bedrock. In the 
attempt to do this, the grade of the flumes has been diminished, thus les- 
sening their carrying capacity, and involving an increase in the labor 
account. This defect can be remedied by the construction of a deeper 
bedrock tunnel, which would have a length of 6,000 to 7,000 feet, and cost 
$200,000, but which is not necessary if the two claims are consolidated. 

_ As the claims stand to-day, they merely require the completion of the 
Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel deep tunnel to put them in first class condition. 
This tunnel is one hundred feet below bedrock, where it will strike the 
channel, and requires to be run six hundred feet, to the first upraise. The 
last eight hundred feet is constructed ona sluice grade of four feet to the 
one hundred feet, while the first seven hundred feet will have to be cut 
down five feet at the month to bring it to the same grade. The whole tun- 
nel will have to be enlarged from 5x7 feet to 9x9 feet square, so that the 
modification and enlargement will cost as follows: 

Change of Grade,. $24 cubic yards, at oe Sedeivieerssncaeseieo eeesidecen essay UTS 
Enlargement, 2,605 ae 7 965—8,037 00 
New work will cost: 
The excavation of G00 feet of new tunnel (full size) to first raise into gravel would 
cost, according to the actual figures of other similar works (sec experience of 
North Bloomfield Co., etc.), about $22 per running foot, or G00 feet at $22.. eee 00 
Preparation of track or flume in bed of tunnel, a feet at $2. 4,284 00 

Raise into gravel, say 90 fect at $10.. Sees 900 00- 
Side branch into main diggings, for hydraulic purpose, 5 faye ‘400 fect at «88h. 9,600 00 
Raise into hydraulic diggings. .. sexes eideee< week . 00 00 
Construction of flumes and under-currents NaGs/covi.cbdclense ueseidees, Sues suse-ise . 5,000 00 
Extension of Flea Valley Ditch, to work, say 2 miles, at about 75 cents a foot. 7,600 00 
Air pipes in tunnel ooo. coos cone seen cone cone see vaee cone rene sees cone nee cone nee 1,686 50 

$61,057 50 

This work would take twelve months, allowing a monthly progress of 
one hundred feet, and would make the tunnel available for hydraulic pur- 

nee ot ee ema t 

12° Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 

poses at the beginning of the second fiscal year. To prepare it for drifting 
purposes, two hundred feet more of bedrock tunnel can be pushed ahead 
at a cost of $4,800, and about one thousand feet of lateral openings made 
into the gravel at a cost of $1,500. With these data we are able to furnish 
an estimate of the results for the first year after consolidation : 

800,000 inches of water used, washing 4 yards of gravel, worth 10 cents 
MYA voee vvee vaee seve sone cee See L cees cece voee 69820, 000 
1,000 yards of drift gravel washed at 810. see. 10,000 —€830,000 
Cost of hydraulic mining, at 25 percent. . 80,000 
Cost of main tunnel for hydraulics. ..- -. 61,057 50 
Cost of main tunnel for drifting... coe. coos cere nese cree cere sess cere res 6,800 —9188,257 50 

$101,742 50 

‘This result will be obtained by washing the top dirt on the ground of 
the Cherokee Blue Gravel Company, which we know is worth from five to 
fifteen or twenty cents per yard, thus avoiding the great expense of hand- 
ling the bottom dirt by which expenses can certainly be reduced from 
thirty-three to twenty-five per cent., and all the necessary appliances are 
in place, as shown in thé plan of the flumes and‘air-pipes hereto attached. 
The results for the second year are such that I almost fear to state them, 
although I can find no reason to doubt their accuracy after canvassing 
them repeatedly. In this year the income would be from three sources, 
entirely independent of each other, and the working of which would in no 
manner clash, viz.: from drifting, from washing the high bank, and from 
working the bottom gravels left in the old works. Let us look in the first 
place at each proposition by itself. To estimate the drifting proposition, 
certain dead work must be done, viz.: ras 

The main tunnel should be run ahead 400 fcet, at a cost of $24 por foot, Say. -+-+ see+ seee $9,600 

Tho upraises into the gravel can be made at a COSt Of.eee sees cove sees once sees 1,800 
Lateral drifts in gravel, say 2,400, at BLGO. .0c0 cove cone cere cone anne sone soer core 8,600 
Total dead Work ..s.'soee coos cose cose suse tons cere cees cece caes cece eee sees oe 0816,000 

The mine could employ forty stopers during the year, which, with 
carmen, drifters, timbermen, etc., would make an average force of say 
eighty men at $3 per diem. These stopers can take out four yards daily 
to the man, or one hundred and sixty cubic yards daily. (I find that, on 
contract work, men have taken out as high as eight and one-third yards 

. Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. , - 18 
‘daily in this gravel, at seventy. five cents a yard, findi ig tier ows ented 

ay ¢ -five 3a, yard, finding their own carmen). 

fn aie ela would: be washed in’ the: main " lume, from’ the. hydrealie 

4 a chave, ,therefo: a result of drifting operations as follows, 

epee ne nae ce Se A em SS eR 

BITRE Mate BELTS LE ie alc 


bv oie ASE X ana 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 18 

daily in this gravel, at seventy-five cents a yard, finding their own carmen). 
All the gravel would be washed in the main flume, from the hydraulio 
works. We have, therefore, as a result of rifting operations as follows, 
using the minimum value of the gravel and the minimum result of the 
labor : 

100 gravel daily for 800 days, equals 48,000 yards, at 810.... .... 0.0. sseseee $480,000 

Note 1-70 of the drifting ground, 80 men at 88, $240, for 800 days, $72,000 

Timbering.... .... se0. secs cose sees cue: wees sees sees ceee cous coves +. 60,000 

General repairs of all kinds, .... 0.0. sees -» 10,000 

Candles, powder, steel, tools, lumber, etc +. 10,000 

Dead work, as above.... 6... ca0e ceee tt0e eee eee cane cove secs secseee 15,000—-$167,000 

For the hydraulic operations on the high bank there will be an oppor- 
tunity to reach bed rock, and treat the bottom gravels along with the top 
ones, and better results may be expected than have been previously 
* obtained. The average value of an inch of water for six years has been 
forty-two and one-half cents, while the average value of the gravel per 
cubic yard has been twenty-eight cents. With the bottom gravel included 
in the bank, it is very safe to say that the yield per inch will be increased 
and range fully up to seventy or seventy-five cents per inch, which is only 
one half of the theoretical figures. If we set aside 100,000 inches of water 
to be used on the unworked bottom, we shall have as the high bank 

700,000 inches of water at 70 cents per inch . .... ses. see ah tee eee cons cece eee cone $490,000 
Less expenses, 26 per cent..... Sate sete cece teen sees sees neee cone ceen sees seer cess voce 129,600 


By reference to page ten it will be seen that this was about the 
result in 1874, and with the additional facilities provided there can be no 
doubt of the ability of the mine to produce and maintain these figures, 
which represent a production for forty years. We have still left the un- 
worked bottom on the old ground, which has a value of some $145,000 per 
acre. The income from this depends solely on the number of men em- 
ployed. : : 

An acre per annum might be cleaned up at a cost of, say $45,000, or 
83 per cent., leaving a margin of $100,000. The total result would he as 
follows : 

Net income from drifting operations... 6... .... 
ae hydraulic “ seeeee . 
cleaning up ‘ eee cece coe 

« $818,000 
>" 867,600 

eos 100,000 
$780,600 ° 

. / 
Wee HS LESSEE SLE ANAT vee BRC ht le eh cites eine le hiidetb ated Ma ae 

Fo ee ee A 

14 Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulie Gold Company. 

And there is no element of uncertainty about any of these figures 
except the first. These figures are substantiated by the results of these 
claims in their actual returns, by the experience of other mining enter- 
prises of a similar character, and by very careful examination of the 
Sround, they can be substantiated and maintained for many years. 

Appended to this report you will find a statement of each “ clean-up” 
made by the Spring Valley Company since the water works were com- 
pleted : 2 complete schedule of the property included in the proposed 
transfer ; a sketch of the appearance of the.gravel bank along the line 
between the two claims, ete. 

As in all hydraulic enterprises. an abundant water supply is all im- 
portant, a glance at those constructed by the Spring Valley Company may 
not be out of place; as will be seen by the schedule of property, there 
are nearly 100 miles of ditch and pipes, all in-excellent repair, giving a 
steady supply of 2,210 inches at the discharge gate of the Concow Reser- 
voir, and the supply has been maintained without drawing upon the 
Round Valley Reservoir at the extreme northern end of the works, so 
that the capacity of the works may be safely set down at 800,000 inches 
per annum delivered by Concow Reservoir,. without reckoning the local 
winter supply. I have, therefore, assumed the capacity of the works at 
the above figures. The reservoirs near the mine are numerous, and so 
located as to be out of the way of future mining operations. For the use 
of the machinery for drifting purposes, the water of the Flea Valley ditch. 
can be brought in and had at 2 nominal cost, say $50 monthly. Ample 
allowance is made for this extension in the estimates. . 

As the so-called “debris”? question is one of vital importance to all 
hydraulic mines at the present ‘time, it is only right to state that ample 
provision has been made by. the. Spring Valley Company to avoid conflict 
with the farming interests from this source. About 8,680 acres of land 
lying along the bed of Dry Creek, and including the whole of the river 
bottom. to the bluffs on either side, go with the property, the whole of 
which is available as a dump for tailings, without risk or expense. I 
examined all. this ground which is shown on map. The track is large 
enough to accommodate the debris of 200 acres of deep hydraulic ground, 
and yet not be covered toa depth of 20 feet. The possession of this land, 

and also the right of way down to the main river, effectually disposes of 
the debris question, so far as the property under consideration is cone 
cerned, : ut : 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 16 

It may also be of interest to sta: i 
I a te that at the tim 
McLaughlin, on behalf of Professor Edison, the oelabaied 
aorctns his time to an investigation of the platinum a 
at. PA aytondod .... aa baad Sah 

my visit, Major 
electrician, was 
platinum Mnactian re 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 16 

: It may also be of interest to state that at the time of my visit, Major 
McLaughlin, on behalf of Professor Edison, the celebrated electrician, was 
devoting his time to an investigation of the platinum question. His stay 
at Cherokee extended over two weeks, and resulted in the discovery of this 
metal in abundance, so that it may be probably a source of revenue in the 
future, to the extent of $20,000 to $80,000. I have not, however, laid any 
stress on this point in my estimates. Incidentally his presence was of 
great importance to me, as the constant prospecting of platinum, in which 
alone he had an interest, resulted in the same show of gold in every pan 
which I had personally found, and many of his prospects greatly exceeded 
my own. : ; 

He also discovered the fine sands to contain innumerable small, 
microscopic diamonds, and it is not unlikely that the process through 
which the black sands would have to be passed to eliminate the platinum, 
would result in the discovery of many valuable stones ; no search is made 
for them, yet they are not unfrequently picked up; one was found while 
I was on the ground, which, if cut, would have a value of about $75 to 

In conclusion, I may say that the statements here made can be readily 
verified ; whatever argument may be used against each property separ- 
ately, there cannot be one urged against the consolidated interests. 

: ae A Yours respectfully, 
4 : R. H. STRETCH, Jf 2H. 

beth A a ae 
. eee’ SS sn ne ty eee 
i et naman a eran ncn ga 3 : 

ovpnnapiamnseacdenne see 


16 Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 


Since my arrival in New York, I have learned a few additional facts 
which may be of interest. ; 

Samples of the black sands which are collected in the flumes in large 
quantities, were sent to Mr. Edison for examination, to see if they con- 
tained platinum ; each of these samples consists of 25 lbs” One was the 
sand just taken from the flume after extracting the amalgam, the other the _ 
same material after it has been passed through a small pan and partially 
ground. The results were $1,750 and $840 per ton of 2,240 Ibs., in gold, 
respectively. These results show that the sands may probably be made a 
source of considerable profit. To secure them in quantity merely requires 
a little more labor in cleaning up, the additional cost being inconsiderable. 

Tam also in receipt of information from the Spring Valley Company, 
dated October 80th, that up to that time 800'lbs. of amalgam, worth about 
$80 a pound, had been sent up to the office, and that the men were then 

. engaged in cleaning up thé Eureka Tunnel. The amalgam to Oct. 20th 
being worth about $64,000 or upwards, itis probable that the total clean- 
up will aggregate $90,000, if not more, as the last clean-up was on Aug. 
9; this is the result of two months and ten days work, equal to about 
$1,286 daily, or at the rate of $460,000 per annum. ‘This result was largely 
due to the employment of a large force of men to wheel the bottom gravels 
into the flumes, and is good evidence in support of the position taken in | 
the main report. 

It will, of course, be understood that the company going into posses- 
sion will be making an intome immediately, everything being in complete 
running order. 

R. H. STRETCH, 2. 2. 
New York, October 80th, 1879. 




From the Consolidation of the Cherokee and Spring Valley 
‘ Mines in 1873 to date. 


Year. Date of Clean-up. Total Yield. Year. Date of Clean-up. Total Yield 
se 1878—February 20.... 0... 660... 20,080 GO | 1876—February 18.... 0.0. ween ue $11,984 08 
March Ql v.csiecvecevee 25,471 78 March B...ctisctescecues 60,505 11 
f April § .... 0... - 12,409 92 ADFil B.cce cece cece eeee ss 28,008 BE 
i May9 loss: “I 98/509 04 11.22 I “6650 28 
f une 4...... sae 29,045 05 MABE, oes 3 22,433 03 
B une 16..... teen oe 16,500 18 oe | ae at 27,001 10 
August 9...... + nee 8,800 49 28... as 28,098 77 
HI September 11.. 40,855 50 une 6... 57,788 15 
i October 20.... 71,278 16 [ul Ye 50,256 22 
i November 24,.... 60,201 71 eptember 28 .. 88,221 88 
: January 90... 000 soos cane 82,017 94 November 28..... 38,500 18 
| December 4.. se 15,148 08 
H $826,607 26 January 20.....eseeee0-. 21,003 97 
‘ I 
‘ $400,202 64 

F. 2) 
: 181A —Februaty 9... ooo: sees pee S877 —Fobruary Waves seesvevees 11/080 19 

March 18... 11,785 01 

April 10...... 22,150 87 

May 4 25,255 11 

une 18., 59,945 26 

july 81... eee 17,990 165 

: August 8... ‘ 82,810 41 

September 16. aes. 61,201 61 

December 8. eters 84,180 24 

November @. . January B..6. ceee eee eee 26,472 63 

December 23... 20. eeeee 80,616 19 202,080 21 

$420,882 68 | rgre—March 8... sce cscs veees 24,170 10 

March 25. .665 sees seen eons 22,489 20 

May 97... ... diieesees ce 18,2183 64 

Lae ra Bae ke eaidieves saise 00,486 oe JUN 'T bie dn teccers dene nex 39,261 a1 

March sees sess cece cree ce 9 87 August 91,858 87 

April 16.00, sees cess eevee 78,026 44 October Q..seseevseeeee. 49,803 05 

May 18... sec seeeseceese 47,804 59 January eee ceee ees 90,185 01 

By IB os wanes ab eanee Ves 68,200 64 86,701 40 

eptember Bo... wee. ween 14,054 48 — 
October 18. 19,842. 87 $200,251 88 . 

November 9 21,044 80 

December 10. 10,048 44 | 1879—Februaryi 12,000 00 

November 6. 2,488 80 May 9.. 61,728 62 

December 20 11,148 10 August &.. 87,525 80 

January 4.... 02+. 80,191 64 October 28 “86,900 00 

$858,775 82 Total........ sees oe 82,272,584 69 

ia iin Sy he ie Ae a ees ibs 


Belonging to the Spring Valley Mining & Icrigating Company. 

810 80-100 acres 
2 48-100 acres 
6 48-100 acres | 

828 75-100 acres 

e000 vene cone 

Land included in patont oo. csee Pee cone cece segues cecece sees 
Korr & Greon claim....... se cece veces soe 
MSAD Wid Yannkeoiess scence sivedes ce sieeoven send nues cass cede veces 

MOAN save pease ean enna wave hee Ad aA dears x beeen bas none 44d es weaS 

Large claim on Butte Creok (value uncertain); land purchased to provide dump for tail- 
ings, about 8,680 acres, 

Concow, which covers 210 acres, and cost $70,676 08 ; Reund Valley, area 160 acres, cost 
$8,870 65; also Grub Flat, Littlefield, Hutchinson, Tom Jones, Glass, Spring Valley, Camp- 

bollficld, and Table Mountain, 10 acres. ‘We 

Dewoy.& Miners, 6x5, 80 miles ; Butte Creek to Concow Rosorvoir, 26 miles ; with 1,080 
fect 80-inch pipe at Little Butte Creek, and 8,780 fect 80-inch pipe at the west branch of the 
North Fork, size 8x6x8; Fall Creek Ditch, 4x8, 8t miles ; Concow Reservoir, to Cherokeo, 
with 18,100 fect 80-inch pipe across west branch, and 8,839 fect of 40-inch pipe to Grub Flat 
Reservoir, 16 miles; Oregon and Table Mountain Ditch, 17 miles ; Lrish Ditch and Resor- 

voir, 6 miles, Total, 064 miles, 

Welch, Eureka and Chetokee equipment of claims, 80,480 fect of 4, 6, 6-fect flumes ; 20 
under currents ; 16 giants; 2 derricks; 12 gates and distributors; 6,000 feet 22-inch pipo; 
2,500 feet 15-inch pipe. 


Stono office; store; barn; blacksmith shop ; lumbe 
the pit. 

r shed, and sundry small buildings in 


Cherokco to Oroville, connecting with lines of the We: 
complete outfit. 

stern Union, say twelve miles, with 


Quicksilver, about 6 tons; 60 tons hay ; 500 sacks barley; 2 wagons; (horses; lumber ; 
iron ; steol ; powder; fuse; tools, and a full line or everything required in the works, 


iS] o fk n @ 
= Ss = 
f= ge oa he 
Bb eo 2X BB 
Ss 8 

“sajes Jaye pue UNoosIp sapmog he 

19.008 {ee 
00 007 
00 0898 [ez 

09 38 
0 82 

00 Té2'08S sea dn aval sfep g2 sel aq, 
wr reere****=0T"080'S19S—n8"102' 1918 Ses nasa : 

***-(saxe) Suypnjouy) Surayyy jo sasuodxg ss 
BGotrs teeter esse eee see nomporg worn 



From June 16th, 1873 to October 31st, 1879. 

RBECHIPTS. 7 Seer oe 

* Powder Dis- Product | Bills Payabl Expense | Water Pipes, PURCHASES, -Expense Bills Payabl 
Period. Bullion, countand Ranehes from “and. Torat, Of. |Reservoin & Ot . Interest Dividends. wand Toran. 
Water Sales. a Ranches. Accounts, Mining. | Quicksilver.|Mining Gr'nd.| Ranches. Ranches. : Accounts, 

iB. 10—Jul. 15) 
1b78 — 1874) $476,112 28] $680 00 

B74 —- 1875) 401,609 91 TB BO | ce veee| eens oe vee 
75 — 1876) 406,891 74) 82 60]...... $6,549 91 
B76 — 1877 885,876 00/ 200 00 | 11,696 00] 17,928 87 

vier ce cevs| sess on veee| 144,867 45] 621,600 68)j 6125,877 70] 987,807 10] 57,120 29 
80,000 69) 481,688 10|| 140,826 46] 24,876 80| 26,205 00 
124,767 88] 687,281 98|| 150,809 77] 4,261. 66] 109,621 05 
288,028 74) 649,024 61]| 168,548 00] 7,984 65) 182,609 70] 26,045 ea] 985,517 92] 48,014 081 60,000 00} 160,814 70] 649,024 61 

A onc] 714208 88) 4405 09 | 48,085 50) 12,006 28] 72,688 00). 440,828 08]] 186,018 88] 9,688 95) 5,658 80] 9,670 64] 19,686 43] 92,818 481 100,000 ool 181,788 47| 446,008 08 
Bis —isi9| 210,542 88] 900 81 6,864 82} 65,810 64] 282,408 a6|| 103,608 61 —si7'28| 14,414 01] 49,208 '06) 26,488 21] 24,680 72|.........-.| 68,704 75 282,408 36 
Torats, aioayen 1 ease BL ascasr lea $41,680 88! §761,707 86(88,018,280 80 ¢820,170 40|x84,284 80] ¢906,000_25|9608,488 09 $81,487 64] $120,810 18| ¢466,000 00| 672,080 10lta,018,285 80 

$247,480 00) 
78,879 83 
91,799 90 

$1,285 21) $150,000 00/ $2,079 28]  ge2t,e00 68 
a 8,688 46} 85,000 00) 119,256 47} 481,688 10 

- a ce a 
Improvement’ (water pipes, reservoirs, and quicksilver). .... ..++ +4 sees sees oaee | $84,884 89% 

Bullion Product, 00. ..0. cee ee cove oo0e$2,168,726,31 
“_6,881.61|2,160,057 62! 

Howder discount and water sales............ 

ae — 
ess Expenses of Mining (including taxes) 820,179 40/81,889,878 22)! “Ranches, Purchases, $608,484.09—Less Sales, $64,681.50—=.... 0. sss0.s0e0 ooee] 458,808 49 
Bobi, say $76),707.85—$572,680.10— 00. 6... sees mee cecatecee eee 189,177 25)| Expenses, $81,487.64—Less Product, $41,880,88m-.....600sssesseee sees] 89,648 214} 498,461 70 

Interest,’paid on current obligations... .... css. cece cease cece cece se sees sees seeeleedeces anes! 120,810 18 

; - Dividends, returned to Stockholders... ......00- sees seces cece cons coeses ace -| 465,000 00 
$1,529,055 47 ; - 181,620,065 47 
———ee ee sd eae 8 ISS EUOD SE 
* Probably $20, 000 of this sum should have been charged to expenses, 
The last 70 days clean up was $80,791 00, ¢ Some of the crop of 1879 remains unsold, which will be a future credit to 

this account, 

«| 14,078 22] 80,000 00} 86,886 48] 687,281 98 ; 

Mining Claims purchased. 0... .00. sees cess sees snc tens cone cece eves seve veer eves | 865,809 25 | $450,208 64 

a eins nas fi 

ht AAA min int 3 ore a ogoti a 


[This is the official report made eight years ago to the Board of Dircctors of the Cherokee 
Flat Blue Gravel Company for their personal use and guidance.] 

To the President of the Cherokee Flat Biue Gravel Co, 

. Sir: ; i < 
Having been requested’ by you'‘to make an ample and correct report 
of all matters pertaining to the property of the Company, I hereby submit 
the following, trusting it will have your approval. 

i ‘CHEROKEE, Butte Co., Cal., Oct. 3, 1871, r 

be v~ "' "Respectfully your ob’t serv't, i oad 

General Superintendent. 


Amongst the great gravel deposits of California, the “ BLuz Lean” has 
attracted the greatest attention. Not only its position, which is immediately 
upon, the “ bed rock,” but also its color, varying from‘a dark green to a bright 
indigo color, prove it to be the oldest gravel deposit on the Pacific coast. 

Its color evidently resulted from the substratum of “bed rock,” the grind- 
ing away of which afforded the Pigment to dye the quartz.and other debris, 
and the sulphurets of iron, by a chemical change, assisted in making this 
color “fast.” at : 

It is hardly reasonnble to ascribe the creation of the “ blue lead,” and the 
gravel deposits overlying it, merely to the action of water, and we must call 
to assistance the’ : a 

of Professor Agassiz, 
Before entering upon the above mentioned task, it will be necessary to 
inquire : : 
- How was the quartz, the matrix of almost all the gold found in California, 
supplied? Can ‘we really believe that enough quartz ledges were destroyed 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulie Gold Company. 21 

rising from unknown 

depths, even ten times higher than Mount Blanc, liave been sufficien 

furnish one tenethan; 


Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulie Gold Company. 21 

to cover from fifty to a hundred square miles with nothing but quartz gravel 
and quartz sand from two to three hundred feet deep? 

Would all the known quartz ledges of California, rising from unknown 
depths, even ten times higher than Mount Blanc, have been sufficient to 
furnish one ten-thousandth part of the quartz gravel deposits now found in 
this country? 

After considerations like the foregoing, it must become evident to the in: 
vestigator, that the quartz before ground into pebbles and sand, existed in 
huge masses, and in such a position that any great grinding force, or power 
of attrition, could be applied more or less directly to it. 

This point agreed upon, will it not be an easy task to account for the 
existence of quartz .in enormous masses, covering the hillside and filling the’ 
vale? Adopting the theory that the qnartz in a molton state was forced 
from the bowels of our globe, through fissures in its crust, to the surface, we 
must come to the conclusion that, as long as the expelling force lasted, the 
flow of molton quartz would continue, not only filling the fissures to the 
surface; but pouring in a broad sheet over the lips of the fissure, and seeking, 
like molton lava, or any other fluid matter, its level. 

Here then is a source for quartz, supplying all wants, for we have made the 
existing quartz ledges nothing but extinguislied craters, belching in bygone 
ages their golden streams in every direction, 

Any other theory about the creation of quartz ledges will do just as wellas 
the igneous, adopted above, for it must be presumed that, even if the fissures, 
now containing the quartz, were filled from the surface, then there is no 
reason to doubt that fmmensely more silictous matter was on hand than to Sill merely 
the comparatively few fissures, and we have again enormous deposits of quartz 
on the surface, waiting for nature’s great crushing process, ; 

The Glacial Motion Theory of Professor Agassiz accounts at once for the 
existence of the great deposits of drift, not only in and near the valleys of 
our State, but also on the highest mountain tops of the Sierra Nevada, 

According to the Professor's theory, immense ice-fields, thousands of feet 
deep, covered the continents, and commenced at a certain period their slow 
motion from north to south, crushing and grinding under their immense 
weight whatever might be subjected to their pressure, or ploughing deep and 
broad furrows in their onward march; which later, as far as California is 
concerned, must have formed the channel for those ancient streams, called by 
a certain writer the “dead rivers of California.” ; 

In support of this theory of Mr. Agassiz, who certainly formed it upon a 
broader basis than the evidences of the physical -geography of California, it 
must be stated that these ancient channels or “dead rivers” of California, now 

‘the depositories of the different “blue leads” and their overlying quartz 

sf SSS Mca SuRe Ni ANID RN 



ne ee ee 
ne Rang ne a nme 


22 Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 

gravel strata, run all in the same direction, to wit, from north to south, when 
all the modern rivers of California debouch into the Pacific Ocean to the west, 
It must be evident that this “Glacial Motion” was the beginning of the 
latest thermal change, and that, when the ice had disappearéd, immense floods 
succeeded, washing the crushed “pulp” into channels and streambeds, and i 
filling them to the depth of hundreds of fect, as evidenced by existing deposits, | 
Whether the views advanced in the foregoing lines are correct or not, will 
be immaterial ; however, they may illustrate that; - ‘ 
1. The great gravel deposits of California are only an accumulation of 
the same gold-bearing material which is now extracted from the quartz veins, 
2. That nature, though in a crude manner, performed the operation of 
crushing, and facilitated thus the extraction of gold, i 
8, That gravel mining, under the modern improvements, will be the most 
extensive, the most lasting, and the most remunerative mining operation 
carried on in the State. 
The great “blue lead” and gravel deposit in Butte County, claiming our 
particular attention, will be made the object of a careful description, 

“1... LOCATION OF, THE Leap. | 

This deposit: occurs under a “ Plateau,” known as the Zancow or Butte 
County Table Mountain, extending for a distance of about cight miles from 
Cherokee Flat, in the north, to Thompson's Flat, in the south, having a width 
of from two to four miles. It is bounded on its western side by the Sacra- 
mento Valley, and on the south, east and north by Feather River and its tri- 
butaries, the North Fork and West Branch, so that from all sides an ascent 
of nearly onc thousand feet has to be overcome, 

Geographically it is situated between 121 and 122 degrees western longi- 
tude and 87 and 88 degrees northern latitude, and, according to the United 
States Land Survey, is covered by Sections 28, 20, 81, 82, 88 of Township 21, 
north, Range 4, cast, by Sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 28, 20, 
80, 81, 82, 88, 84 of Township 20, north, Range 4, cast, and by Sections 8, 4, 6 
of Township 19, north, Range 4, enst, Mount Diablo Meridian, 

Ever since the carliest days of gold mining in California, the surround- 
ings of the above mentioned “plateau,” or table land, offered the richest 
harvest to the miner, ; 

Every ravine descending from this platenu,'or near it, became celebrated for 
its richness, Cherokee Flat, at its northern point, and Morris’ Ravine near 
its southern polnt, yielded their millions to the most primitive applications, 

The miner, In those days, was sntisfied to find the gold, and inquired not 
whence it might have come; but when these ravines and gullies, which were 
actually nothing but nature's “sluice boxes,” had been worked out, then thé 

roe t rea dbeah coc y ahies bast keen DLT Ren tin ankle asst tala can cicclanh 
Pa ARAL Gin aa Sao na AN RE aARU TN Rae oe aan inna ciate 


UBSARE AIA el ale aS 

SRLS PERSE ee Ma DE EN lp bate 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 28 

question arose: Where is the storchouse from which all this gold has been 
drawn ?—and every indication pointed towards the great Zancow or Table 


As the mode of mining improved, and particularly when hydrostatic pres- 
sure was employed, known in California as the Hydraulic Process, then the 
peculiar and isolated situation of Cherokee Flat, which justly can claim the 
richest and most extensive gravel deposit in the State, was seriously felt. 
It was congidered next to impossible to bring living water in sufficient quan- 
tities to that place. The only way to bring such water was either from the 
West Branch, or North Fork, both tributaries of Feather River, and in either 
way across the chasms formed by these streams, which flow nearly a thou- 
sand feet below the level of Cherokee Flat. 

Reservoirs and ditches, at the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of 
dollars, were constructed merely to catch and store away the rainwater during 
| : the winter season, and thus the means for two or three months’ mining were 
obtained. The splendid results of these short mining seasons challenged 
again and again the energies of enterprising men, and several unsuccessful 
attempts weré made to.enlist capital in the introduction of living water to 
these mines. The idea’to carry water by means of pipes across chasms of 
9,000 or 1,000 feet vertical depths, startled even mining engineers of note in 
the United States and England, and their estimates were either so enormous 
as to costs, or so doubtful as to success, that even the most daring abandoned 
the scheme. 2 Re 

And thus, up to the early summer of 1870, the mines depended alto- 
gether on rainwater, but yielded so largely that a party of San Francisco 
: capitalists, in connection with the Spring Valley Mining Co, of Cherokee 
f Flat, took the matter in hand, and after six months’ labor, a sheet-iron pipe, 

80 inches in diameter, discharged in a steady and even flow a thousand inches 
of water. 

This water was taken from some small tributaries of the North Fork, 
known as “ Flea Valley creek,” “ Camp creek,” and the unusual dry season 
of California lessened the supply of water to about a regular flow of 600 
inches for the whole 24 hours. Besides this rather small supply of water, the, ; 
Spring Valley Canal and Mining Co. had not only difficulties on account of .' : 
the insufficient depth of its tunnel—a lower tunnel not being finished—but 
also on account.of those constant improvements which an altogether new 
modus operand: gencrally necessitates ; but still this company produced a frac- 
tion of over one thousand dollars for every day’s washing, which yield will 
certainly be doubled in the future by the greater supply of water and other 
signal improvements now under hand, : 


JiBpuditiakewtieiA aie SD 

Sas VNR TH 9 ir SET 

9 OT aE LE IS ERE ag Y Lg 

24 Reports on the Spring Valloy Hydraulic Gold Company. 

The enterprise of the Spring Valley Canal and Mining Co., being the most 
important of the kind in this State, in fact being the first which has overcome 
n depression of between 800 and 1,000 feet (such a one being formed by the 
chasm through which the West Branch flows), deserves nearer description, 

The water is carried ina ditch past Yankee Hill to a point on the‘north , 
side of West Branch, said point being 080 vertical feet higher than the point 
where the West Branch is crossed, when a sheet-tron pipe receives the water, 
carrying it down the slope of the mountain to the crossing of the West 
Branch, and thence up Cherokee Hill to a vertical height of 880 feet, where 
the water is discharged again into a ditch and carried to the mines for use, 

The pipe has a diameter of 80 inches, is over two miles in length, and con- 
structed of the best boiler-iron—the heaviest being @ of aninch, As the 
diagram will show, the pipe on the Yankee Hill side is 160 vertical feet higher 
than the pipe on the Cherokee Hill side, where the water is discharged, so 
that there is a “head” of 160 feet, ‘The water, however, during its greatest 
supply and heaviest discharge, never rose inore than 60 fect on the Yankee 
Hill side over the point of its discharge on the Cherokee Flat Hill side, and 
was then estimated equal to 1,600 inches, miners’ measure * (i, ¢, water dis- 
charged under a “head” or pressure of six inches), 

' Limention this fact to show that a 80-inch pipe would be able to carry any 
desirable amount of water, provided a: similar. “head” is given, 

The Spring Valley Canal and Mining Co, estimates its expenditure for 
pipe, ditches, reservoirs, etc. nt $800,000, independent of the old works, 08 
tunnels, ete, 

The pipe alone is an item of between 366,000 and $60,000 (delivered at the 

The experience so far gained shOws that, under ordinary circumstances, 
and provided that even a moderate supply of water—say one thousand 
inches—is reccived for the whole year, one yenr would be sufficient to clear 
the whole expenditure of $800,000. 

However, the expectations of this company go far beyond the results of 
its practical experience,.for the reason that the gravel ddposits increase in 
richness as the deeper parts of the channel (or those parts farther removed 
from the rim rock or riverbank) are reached; when particularly the “bluc 
lead” develops finely, yielding from five to fifteen dollars per ton, 

Since the Spring Valley Co, lead the way in introducing water to Cherokee 
and the rich mines of Table Mountain, other companies have commenced 
similar operations, amongst them “ Hendricks & Co,," tuking the water from \ 
the upper part of West Branch, and carrying the same by ditch and pipe to 

Re et err em ee en ee oe AN a Ne epee Oe 2 er tne pre 2 erent 6: Sor errr ant evenerenee eevee een te 

*Nork—An Inch of water, about 2b cuble foot per intnute, the wator that will run out of 
an opening finch wquare, or woctlon undor head of Ginchus, 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 25 
. « Morris Ravine," Beh ad a Py snp be sites FEE sep 2 uate 

gravel: deposit—en: 

Bhs dekscas ti lsc eae ae la tesa ey Oe 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 25 

“ Morris’ Ravine,” a point where the same gravel deposit—entered here at 
Cherokee from the north-west—is entered from the south-east; proving 
equally rich and extensive, and proving thus, to the most skeptical, the un- 
broken continuation of the great “Gravel Lead” under Table Mountain. . 

Morris’ Ravine itself is about five miles below Cherokee Flat and between 
four and five hundred feet lower, counting from the bed rock exposed in the 
Spring Valley Co’s claims to the bed rock in Morris’ Ravine, thus showing 
a fall of. one hundred feet per mile to the channel under Table Mountain. 

It may here just as well be mentioned that the “rim rock" on the eastern 
side of Table Mountain is a great deal higher than the “rim rock” on the 
western or valley side, and that the plateau of Table Mountain itself has a 
double inclination—one from north to south, evidently duc to the naturla 
fall of the old channel, and the other from east to west, very likely due to the 
fact that after the Table Mountain was formed, the mountain chain of the 
Sierra Nevada rose slowly under the many volcanic disturbances to which 
this country has evidently been subjected, and tilted the Table Mountain 
from east to west. ’ 

The gold found in the deposits under and near Table Mountain is of un- 
usual fineness, averaging from 951-1000 990-1000 fine, and vary in size from 
the finest flower gold, generally contained,in the upper gravel deposits, to 
nuggets weighing many ounces, found on and near the:bed rock. 


In opening the great “ Lead” under Table Mountain by expensive tun- 

nels, without actually knowing the depth of the channel or basin in which 
the richest part of the deposit rests, great risks had to be taken, the more so 
as only very few places for such tunnels combined the desirable advantages, 
to wit: : 

1, Sufficient depth to drain and work the basin under all circumstances. 

2, Proximity to the mine, so that a tunnél of moderate length would 
suffice to operate ; and ; 

8. Ample room for all tailings or washings, after the gold was extracted, 

The wanting or overlooking of these three requisites, or any of them, has 
been a source of much unprofitable labor and great expenditure in mining 
operations on the Pacific coast; nevertheless the desire to travel the shortest 
road to fortune proved, again and again, stronger than all dearly-bought 
lessons, and so we have, here at Cherokee, after the expenditure of hundreds 
of thousands of dollars for tunnels and other “outlets,” only one tunnel 
which combines all the requisites mentioned before. The tunnel belongs to 


BONS Es ech i cn iA 4 i ina DRE SL Se TS 

sists FOE Ras go's 

a ee eg 

Reports on the Spring Valloy Hydraulic Gold Company. 


This company, originally called the “ Butte Table Mountain Consolidated 
Mining Co.,” has been since fifteen years in possession of its mining grourd, 
consisting of about one thousand acres, and expended about $160,000 on 
improvements, such as tunnels, inclines, shafts, reservoirs and machinery. 

To wind up the affairs of the Butte Table Mountain Consolidated Mining 
Co, a “ friendly lawsuit” was commenced in the year 1866, before the District 
Court of the Second Judicial District, at Oroville, Butte Co., Cal., judgment 
acknowledged, and the property was in consequence, and to satisfy judgment, 
sold at public auction, at the Court House, Oroville, by the sheriff of Butte 
Co., to the highest bidder, and was purchased by an agent of the former 
stockholders of the Butte Table Mountain Consolidaled Mining Co., who 
transferred the same property to the CHEROKEE Fiat BLue GRAVEL Co., 
‘the new style under which the old stockholders incorporated, said incorpo- 
ration taking place October 19th, ‘1866, and continuing up to this date, with 
a capital stock of 650 shares at $100 each, and ; 
ALEXANDER CasELLI, Esq., as President, 
Henry Picuorr, Esq., as Secretary. 


Thus the title is beyond dispute, as the present claimants and their prede-. 
cessors are the first occupiers of this ground, and have held it in undisturbed 
Possession for over fifteen years, when the laws of limitation of California 
make two years the period for a legal possession of mining ground. 

The improvements of this Company consist of a Tunnel 6 by 6 feet and 
1,642 feet long, an Incline some 800 fect long, and some Shafts, Drain Tun- 
nels, Reservoirs, Ditches, ete., of minor importance, 

.The mining ground, as the map will show, stretches in a south-easterly 
direction, for 10,000 feet across the Channel or Basin, from “rim to rim,” or 
shore to shore, and for 4,500 fect down the Channel, south, towards Morris’ 

-Ravine. ; 

The Spring Valley Canal and Mining Company, being the nearest neigh- 
bor claiming along the upper line, has worked within one hundred feet of 
said boundary line, as designated on the map, and developed in the progress 
of work richer gravel deposits than ever seen before at this place.. This same 
company bought a picce of ground, being about 200 x 400 feet, from a certain 
John Welch, paying for this ground $81,800 in United States gold coin, at 
which price an acre would be worth a fraction over $17,000, when the yield 
per acre, according to the statistics of more than fifteen years, would be from 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 

- 27 x 
$60,000 to $80;000. But consideri “ pais 
; 000. ering that all the minin,- o; : . Bai ie Siena 
s ; oo uaye been merely confined to the outskirts-o : ae Chero- Saas ‘ 
+ . ate nepaneee® : ine =e ee ey apie: PO aa ny oe 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 27 

$60,000 to $80,000. But considering that all the mining operations at Chero- 
kee Flat have been merely confined to the outskirts of the “ lead,” or what, 
in miner’s parlance, is termed the “outside wash,” and that, therefore, only 
the lighter particles of gold were reached ; that, furthermore, and in support 
of this view, heavier and larger gold is reached as the channel deepens, and 
that, therefore, the yield increases and will increase for thousands of feet 
ahead, we must come to the. conclusion that all the riches, so far developed, 
are nothing but a slight indication of what the future will disclose. 
Throughout California, Cherokee Flat and the Table Mountain Lead are 
justly considered the richest gravel deposits in the State, and the closest 
investigation will confirm every. statement made in this regard, and will 
show that the broad gravel stream enters, in its whole width, the boundary 
of the Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel Co’s mining claim, and emerges again 
visibly at Morris’ Ravine, directly south, Therefore, the existence of the 
“lead "undoubtedly the main point—must be considered established, the 
more so when this “lead” shows itself in a thickness of from 800 to 400 feet, 
and in width of from one to two miles ; and the next consideration must be: 
How and -by what means to work this “lead?” 


The answers to this question would be: : 

1, By a tunnel combining the three requisites mentioned, page 25, under 

: 1, 2, 8, 

t . 2, By the introduction of a steady and sufficient stream of water—say 2,000 

H inches—procuring thus the means for extensive hydraulic operations; and 

8. By drifting the richest part of the “blue lead”—the same way that 
stone-coal is extracted—and using in the drifts sluice boxes and water, | 

instead of tramways and cars, to dispose of the ore, which modus would save 
‘ _ the most expensive part of drift mining, the transportation of the ore, the 
the different gravel deposits in the channel or basin, as well as the different 
tunnels entering the channel or basin, shows at once that the tunnel of the 
e Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel Co, combines all the necessary requisites, and is 
destined to be the great outlet for the immense gravel deposit before us, 
This tunnel, when reaching point A of the incline (800 fect from its 
present terminus), must be connected with the incline, cither by a vertical 
shaft, or by a slope, interrupted here and there by terraces or benches, so 
that the gravel, rushing down this connection, receives the benefit of an 
additional crushing, which is so important that, in the most reputed gravel 
mines in this State, new tunnels are constructed with the single view to have 
them deep enough to admit of this crushing process, 

eee ee tn 
oe ne icy i 
denen et any et oy G 2 ! 
:, a nee errno : : \ 

= SSR aE co BS ee 7 5 PEPER Sere Oem eee rere ate SEM ES 

28 Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulie Gold Company, 

! The incline was constructed for the purpose of ascertaining the depth of 
; : " the basin, so as to be a sure guide in the continuation of the tunnel, and, at : ! 
: the same time, to test the different gravel formations, which had to be cut 
diagonally, and proved, from the lighter quartz gravel down to the “rotten 
boulders” and blue gravel, identical with the already exposed part of the 
great gravel deposit. : : 
This incline will be of the greatest advantage whenever a conncction with 
° the surface will have to be made for the purpose of commencing hydraulic 
, operations, as the water can be introduced by pipes to the bottom of the in- 
cline, and there, under the greatest pressure,*be used to wash the gravel 
through the then established connection between the incline and deep tunnel. , 
The upper quartz gravel, cut in the incline, and of which the main body 
of Table Mountain is composed, in a body of from 260 to 800 feet deep, con- 

particles of gold. The two lower Strata, however, the “ rotten boulders” and 
blue lead or gravel, are mixed, more or less, with different boulders, the for- ! 
mer of clay slate, the latter of talc-slate. Both strata are very rich in gold, 
and average each from five to twenty-five feet in thickness, eect 

i The “rotten boulders,” as they aré called on account of the softness of 
the boulders, have so far been the chief resources for gold at this place, as 
they were easily teached, lying above the “blue lead.” This stratum seems 
to be peculiar to the Table Mountain deposit, and is not found in any other 
mining locality, 

The Cherokee Mining Co. one of the oldest and most successful mining 
companies of this place, working, for want of a lower “outlet,” altogether 
the “rotten boulders ” and quartz gravel above them, and depending, so far, 
altogether on rainwater, collected in large reservoirs, produces from $80,000 
to $100,000 every year, during the few rainy months. This company is now 
engaged to construct a large ditch from Butte Creek to the north-west of 

H o 3 pa this place, and to carry it also by pipe-over a wide and deep depression to 
: Cherokee, = 

The Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel Co., with its advantages of an inexhaust- 
ible mine and an always sufficient tunnel, must now look to procure water 
from a source which will be adequate to the other favorable conditions ; and 
here the North Fork of Feather river offers the surest, and therefore cheapest 
supply, : ; ; 

The accompanying map gives a correct representation of the distances 
and elevations, ~ 

The projected ditch, though placed at random—that is, without special 
survey—may be estimated, approximately, as to distance and costs, 

¢ 858 ty 
@ = 0 ae) i 
@ a4 2 S 
2 BEE S ; 
r ~— sid a RS 
j Za ‘ 
: # B38 Ee _ @ 
g8 222 So 
: eee eee > par : . 
Ssh Ra ARH ana REA Cab ae ay 5 a E ge ° aos 

instances and costs. 

ns to dl 

ant wee eentens 



eaecssepels 3 

© estimated, 

iced <21teota, 



tYhe pre; 


sins is Ws A tnd SAS De tnt aie int en hat NaI 





Sf). ae ee 

a a ee ee ee 

[a eee 

500. 45 Now jro 

Profile of West Branch of Feather River, ahowiag Crossing of Gorge ay Pipe 
- to reach the Spring. Valley Hydraulic Gold aes Property. 



Pipe, 80 inch diameter. Circular seams single riveted, longitudinal seams double riveted. 
Manufactured by the Risdon Iron and Locomotive Works, San Francisco, Cal, 

At Cherokee there is an inverted siphon of wrought iron. 

62 cubic feet of water per second, 
English plate, of fair quality. 
an inch, 

The pipe has an approximate inner diameter of 80 inches, discharging 
It has been in continuous use for five years, and now in first-class order, 

The iron used was ordinary 
The greatest pressure it sustains is 887 feet, and the 

thickness of the iron at that point is three-eighths of 

The annexed plan, taken from the original survey, on file in the office of the company, shows the line of the pipe and different 

sizes of iron used in construction of the siphon, 


Size oF Iron. 

Thickness in deci- 
malsofan inch, 

- 187 





* 866 



| 2127 


Moximum tensite 
strain on iron per 
square inch in 


" 15,080 
15,420 . | 

———— — eee ooooeem 

The maximum strains on the several sizes of iron used are given in the following table. 

887 feet 

80 Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 

A former survey, the particulars of which are not at hand, placed the 
point to take the water from North Folk at Rock Creek, which, along the 
meanderings of the river to the point on the north side of West Branch, where 
a pipe would have to be used, makes a distance of 27 miles, From this point 
to the discharge of water in the reservoir would need about three miles of 

Timber for fluming, etc., is abundant 5 @ portable saw-mill would supply 
what is wanted. The ditch must be commenced all along the line, but 
rapidly finished from the head-dam downward, so that it can be made the 
conveyance for sawed lumber, where such is needed for fluming, ete. 

According to estimates of pretty reliable parties, who know the country © 
well, $250,000 would be sufficient to build a ditch anda pipe able to supply 
2,000 inches of running water, miner's measure, and one summer's time would 
suffice to do so, : 

Other expenses, as extension of tunnel and building of reservoir for 
hydraulic pipes, etc,, can be covered with $50,000. ; 


The new, tunneling machine—the diamond drill—as it is now used in this 
country, at Smartsville, Nevada Co., and other places, has worked the 
Steatest change in mining operations, This machine works in the hardest 
kind of trap rock from 8 to 5 feet, of a6 x7 tunnel, in 24 hours, 

The rock in the Blue Gravel Co’s tunnel can be worked at $20 per foot, 
by manual labor, and’ the diamond-drill machine would put the tunnel in 
readiness for operation in six months, . 


The very favorable location of ‘the Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel Co's mine’ 
would permit the washing of the upper gravel strata, without using a tunnel 
at all, by merely setting sluice boxes on the surface and washing the debris 
down into the valley below, a plan which will facilitate the mining operation 
beyond appreciation, not only by removing the danger arising from too high 
banks, but also by disposing of immense quantities of matter without over- 
charging the sluice boxes confined in the deeper tunnel, and reserving these 
latter for the more valuable material, 

The Reservoir located to’supply the hydraulic apparatus is 276 feet higher 
than the point of discharge, and the power thus created is immense, 

Here is, then, an operation of which the result might be calculated to a 
mathematical truth. All depends on the steady supply of water, and the 
yield of the mines can be doubled and even quadrupled. The gold-bearing 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 

material is here in inexhaustible and visible masses, and waits for the hand 
of energy to be turned to usefulness, 

Closing this report, I must remark that the views and opinions discussed 
in its beginning may be mpdified to each individual taste, but that the 
“facts” are stated under the firm impression of their unalterable truth, 

General Superintendent C.F. B. G. Co. 

County of Butte { BBs: . : 

On this third day of October, A. D, one thousand cight hundred and seventy-one, before 
me, Jas. C. Martin, a notary. public in and for said Butte county, duly commissioned and 
sworn, personally appeared Charles Waldeyer, of Cherokee Flat, Butte county, well known 
to me, who, first having been duly sworn upon his oath, declares, that the foregoing report 
made by him as the Superintendent of the Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel Company, is founded 
in fact and in all respects true, to the best of his knowledge and belief, 

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal, the day and 
year in this certificate first above written. 


: The above report has my entire approval, 


- se api arto nee tn ge tr gp ! 
acs ary me cre ce an ey ggg : 
TE em a pti 2m ee pay gc 

82 Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulie Gold Company. 

Mr, Charles Waldoyer, who has been Superintendent of the Cherokee Flat Blue Gravel 
Company (one of the Properties embraced in this consolidation) for the last twenty-five years, 
has, in addition to his Teport, written the following : 


EpwarpD Bares Dorsey, Esq,, 


President United States Mining Investment Company, 

Dear Str—The unworked bottom gravel in the Spring Valley Mine shows near the bed- 
rock much .coarse gold, and will pay well for systematic workings whenevera clean sweep 
can be made from the bare bedrock. Mr, Stretch's Statement as to the gold contents in this 
bottom gravel is evidently placed upon the rich development near the exposed bedrock—wit- 
nessed by him, when he was here—but can, in my opinion, not be maintained for the whole 
thickness of the unworked bottom gravel. : 

After reading Mr. Stretch's Report, on my arrival in San Francisco early in October last, 
I mentioned my impression to him in regard to said bottom Gravel, but found him an earnest 
advocate of his statements being correct, 
gravels had been neg rs as of little value, 
richness, ssen the estimated v: 

ny way from the real intrinsic 
and the Spring Valley Co.—as I honestly 
of said mines {s far greater than given in Report. 
T must refer to Mr, Stretch’s Report, which never takes in 
id bottom gravels in the Blue Gravel Co's claims, after the 
ves credit for the increasing richness of the general gravel 
o's - ground fs reached, of which the clean-up of October last 
evidence, proving the value per acre, independent of bottom gravel, 
to be §140,000, to wit r ‘ 

An area of 250 X 75 feet == to 18,750 [J fect produced 860,000 ; according to which an 

acre, containing 43,560 [] feet, will Produce $140,000, ' . : 
Furthermore, Mr, Stretch calculates only on 6 feet of drifting gravel, when, in the course 
of time, certainly 18 feet of such gravel can be removed by drifting, as the unworked gravel 

will settle down solidly in a number of years, and a second and third drifting operation can 
be excavated. we 

wash enough top gravel to 
such a position as to enable 
8 by main force, if force was 

Cuexoker, Butte Co., Cal., December 22d, 1879, 

BOS ST a eer a Nes ered an ae pais 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulie Gold Company. 38 



The Spring Valley Mine is well fitted up with all the machinery and supplies requisite 
in hydraulic mining—whose value aggregates many thousands of dollars—and no further 
expenditures for such purposes will be needed, except in making good the ordinary wear and 
tear of future mining, 


The present system of storage reservoirs, canals and pipes brings to Cherokee 50 cubic 
feet of water—about 2,000 miners’ inches per second through the enttre year: In additiun to 
this, during the Winter months, a considerable quantity of water is collected from local 
sources. The annual supply can be safely stated at 800,000 miners’ inches for 24 hours, 

These water-works are in good order, are maintained at slight expense, and, in certainty 
of supply and economy of operation, compare most favorably with other similar works in the 
State. It is not necessary to here give a detailed description of them, 


As the present fumes have light grades, and Cherokee flat gravel cannot be worked to 
advantage until the new tunnel js driven, I would not estimate over two hundred and fifty 
thousand dollars for maximum Products this year, Possibly less, When the new tunnel is 
completed, the yicld of bullion, and consequent net returns, should largely increase, as, 
owing to its steeper grade, much more Gravel’ can be washed per miners’ inch through the 
new sluice thin has-been the case in the past, and also because then the lower and richer 

If the deep and rich channel swings to the East, so that it can be washed through these 
new workings, the net results should be larger than they have ever been before. However, in 
any event, this large oxtent of ground will afford good Profits for very many years to come, 

In addition to the profits expected from hydraulic mining, it is most Probable that the 
tich strata of rotten bowlders and blue gravel can be drifted (where overlaid by lava) to 

At the time ofthe last visit of the writer to Cherokee, the lower face of the Bravel, 
where the channel enters the Cherokce Flat claim, was covered over by slides from the top, 
so that it could not be seen, Persons familiar with the mine state that the lower and rich 
Streak of gravel (the yellow rotten bowlders and overlying blue gravel), as exposed at this 
point, was exceptionally rich in gold, and estimate that it would yield from $2.00 to $2,50 
Per ton, 

Gravel of continuous extent can be drifted at a cost of about $1.25 per ton, Hence, if 
this Gravel in the Cherokee: Flat Mine yields as much as stated, it can be worked with a 
large profit, : 

Tt is most likely that the pay channel extends through the Cherokee Flat ground for a 
distance of say 10,000 fect, Estimating upon above Suppositions, drifting could be carried 
on for 20 years, with annual net returns of from $00,000 to $150,000, : 

Some little drifting has been done in years past in the Spring Valley Mines, especially in 
those places heretofore referred to, where the gravel was covered with pipe-clay, But this 
work was not extensive cnough to warrant a positive expression of opinion as to what Profits 
may in the future be expected from this source, 


Gren annie cae Ona i 

octet a aa aie eat 
een eee pang Se gene etm ane a ee ge TR za 1 
ce te ene ere rpm re oF ~ 

ee ee ae eR . we \ 

baa = = Laainpeptcnanamghcaech pamaaaicmaiaeawe Eh aarseacaeanten eres Sa aT eae 


Bt Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulie Gold Company. 


The Spring Valley Company has purchased many thousands of acres of farming lands 
along the course of the channel, down which flow the tailings washed from its mine, It has 
built levees on both sides of this channel, thus forming a canal over 20 miles (?) in length, and 
extending very nearly to the swamp or tule Jands on Butte Creek, and into which the tailings 
are finally discharged. i . 

It will be the duty of the purchaser of these mines to maintain these levees in good 
repair ; but it is not believed that this will be a heavy tax, : 

The Spring Valley Company Includes in its sale several thousand acres of land, situate 
just below its mining dump, and on which lands are several locations where retaining brush 
and earth dams can be built, which will hold back the future tailings ‘from the mines at a 
reasonable cost, 

Therefore, the purchasers of these properties need have no great fear of either adverse 

legislation or litigation to hydraulic miners, in regard to their tights in California to dump 
their gravel into running water-courses. : 

San Francisco, December 23d, 1879, | 


" There are 160 to 200 acres of ground that can be washed through the new i 
tunnel, as 100 acres previously washed yielded $4,500,000 or $45,000 per acre, of : ‘ 
which 3§, or say $30,000 is profit, 180 X 30,000 =m... cece voce sees cose cave sees $5,400,000 : \ 
- He furtlicr estimates’ the drifting ground under thé lava cap will yield net 
profit of from $100,000 @ $150,000 per annum for 20 years, or take the mean 
$128,000 20m sisiccess wales cand ashi aeasbien ae cdcids'ce'séve seuedeue.ceee teeeens 2,500,000 

TONS 65.05 5450 MEGS Ged FUNEAS NEARER Cede 4 ph eNa A aledad aus Hea ek ead $7,900,000 



‘ t 

Owing to the stormy weather which caved in the deepest workings, Mr, Smith could not ; 


examine the bottom ground that Mr, Stretch found so rich, and which is not estimated in the 
above, : 

The following telegram just received confirms Me, Stretch’s estimate : 
CHEROKEE, Jan, 8th, 1880, 
Epwarnp Bares Dorsry, oO 
Pres't United States Mining Investment Co. 
Partial clean-up of sixty by one hundred feet bottom gravel, yielded ten thousand dollars 
coarse gold CHARLES WALDEYER, 

This is less than one-seventh of an acre, which, at $10,000 ($70,000) in-coarse gold, caught 
In the head sluice—probably fifty per cent. more will be caught in the lower sluices and under. 
currents—this will make the yield over $100,000 per acre by actual work, In the one hundred 
acres previously worked by the Spring Valley Co., this has not been touched, owing to their 
tunnel being too high, All can be worked through the new tunnel, Of course, it also remains : } 
untouched in the onc hundred and sixty to two hundred acres (Mr, Smith's esttinate) remain. 
ing. Itall will yield like this, the above estimate will bo increased from $26,000,000 to 
$30,000,000 gross, The working expenses will be comparatlvely light, owing to the perfection ( 
of the plant and appliances now belonging to the mine, 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 86 

In order to ascertain the 

present condition of the property, the 
following telegram was sent: 

New York, January 2d, 1880. 
Charles Waldeyer, 

Cherokee, Cal. 

; Lelegraph exact amount of and days work in 
November, clean up. 


To this the following reply was received: 

Cherokee, January 8d, 1880, 
Edward Bates Dorsey, vs 

a Prest, United States Mining Investment Co., 
: New York. 

Seventy days run. Bighty thousand seven hundred 
ninety-one dollars. 


This is more than enough to pay 1% per cent. per month on 
$2,000,000, as owing to the thorough condition of ‘the plant the 
expenses are very light. It is expected this amount will be largely 
increased on the consolidation of the property after the purchase, 
and more than doubled after twelve months. . : 

ee esti Siskin Foe MSNA ase oOL ay La eas Lak tebe az nc geen eh 
EES S88 Ties Abd eh AS bal Nik SUSE S in Nt LSA kin a ISAK OLA aa, Lee ie 3 

cau ae Sciatic 0 tu. 

4 \ 

oi Cis unorssscNie| 

Reports on the Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company. 


The following is a letter just received. 

Cueroker, Butte Co,, Cat, 
Yanuary i1, 1880. 
Epwarp Bates Dorsey, Esq, | 
President United States Mining Investment Company, 
New York. 
Dear Str: : 
I enclose a letter from Mr, Abbey, who is a reliable man, in regard to yield of 
bottom gravel in Cherokee Mine. His estimate of yield is very good; in fact much better 
than I antictpated, and there should be a considerable profit in working it. 

Cuerokez, Jan, 10, 1880, 
Hamitton Satu, Esq, * 
“Dear, Sir, : . ae 
During your examination of tiié'property of the “* Spring Valley Mining and 
Irrigating Company,” I understood you to say that it was very unsatisfactory to you to under. 
take to make a correct report of a,mine where no measurement of the ground had been 
taken, nor séparate.accounts kept of the yield of the different strata, 

During my residence herd of five years our sluices have been too high to allow of working 
the lower strata on the ‘main land, until within a few days of your arrival, when you will 
doubtless recollect we had a branch cut which entered the bottom of the gravel, and that 
there we began to clean off the bedrock, erecting a derrick, with which to 
handle the larger boulders with greater facility; here Mr. Harris worked off a block of 
ground and washed it, separate from any other, down said branch-cut and sluice, and after 

“squarring up the bank so as to accurately measure, he cleaned up the product and handed 
me the following report: ‘1,166 cubic yards of blue gravel on bedrock yiclded $10,220, or 
$8.76 per cubic yard from 112 fect of flume.” : : 

The depth of the gravel at this point, you will remember, was about six feet and con- 
tained a large percentage of boulders, which, of course, were all measured with tho gravel. 

This is a part of and a little east of the centre of the ground mentioned by Mr, Stretch, 
as a dark-green and blue gravel left in tho pit. 

The cut which you saw and 112 feet of the branch sluice was all that could be cleaned up ; 
tho gold was of a coarse quality and a good deal corroded. . 

. Considerable of the rusty gold must have passed to the main sluices, and after being 
scoured as it passed down, was amalgamated and caught In the main sluices and under- 
currents, making the product of this lower rocky strata more than $ro per cubic yard. . 

Having felt a deep ‘interest in the value of this almost untried lower deposit, I thought 
that you might also be gratified on learning the result. 
: : 4 Yours truly, 


Tt will be noticed, by referring to Mr. Stretch’s report, that he gives the estimated yield at 
$5.00 per cubic yard, while by Mr, Abbey's actual working test the yield was $8.76 per cubic 
yard, : : 


. 0 : Gravel Co 
Flumes and Waterpipes. ———— i 19 ace 

i i 




AN NY - 
We J We Che PCE Flat . waa 


(et a 

oe 7 ie ma AnH sae di itt 


NOTH. — Owing to the Chesohee Flat Blue ; = i Hh He iy HH) Wy Ye 
Gravel Co. owing tes tractuf gruuna, abou yy 7 ' rt el Hi YZ 
1250 teres, itcoulinothe previously workea.. , e al ZA 

52 ly Za 
‘by the Spring Valley Walter Company, - a, d . , Zz 
who owned ald the waler. 
Thes property ts tnciuied tre the present Con- 
Solidacion and us seer.on this Plan. work. 
con be commenced on tt tmmedtaiely. Robert AWelcke 176 William St.N.Y, 

Map N22. | 

I a _ 
ee ee Vv 5 rey — TU 
_ _ LD _) 


North and South longitudinal Section of Gravel banks . 

( Scale + 250 feel per Tach.) 

Seon means St.M.Y. t 



Ground washed [5 
iN Oy Sprig Valley, 

ea rion'a 

Bast. ; 

: Wesz. 
East and West Cross section of Gravel banks. : 

( Scale* 500 Feet per [nch.) 

y) Robert AWelcke , (76 William St.N.Y. 

Nasmiahe chs ow iain kd 4 hi 

pb i oh St ek esas stab UE Cus the Seacmase tice ncion inci Bie a Ss seahch i aes LTT hi en 

pet iad SN Ab I A ti 

Sane ON ust Meare ag TLLUONES, Treasurer 
a m4 Tig ted 
= . 
’ f ? 
6S ST me Wend 
sh By 5, ae ste lkeo 
SS OY FRip wws= tn 
yy ~~ S AX en GS 
0 DDN yp eee exo PAM 
PBtrmng ano seuLinG OF DIVO! 

5 a tN 
Ai ohare GE dio. 

Fick py, baw Gor ct, fon 

to bey : Kees, (br. ye jfonasecdialiak, 
Luk ¢ Gri charg OD M2? mri Jon) 
Kir P roe? » Grasp Le Pacauke Fur 
Mea “CP Oe [uwrr Whar. Back 
Pree foesoce. Yaw VS veel Berdccrver lo Cte 

y, ae CLG <€ CLD? 
a “, 
kf pes VAL CM. ie Pee 
a a ee Mia Le; oar ae 

AP Je os toep eed, AO 
eee pee Cle € ame Ze é ier: bee. ee oes Cie Lage 

7 TEE | 
: | 4 Cr Coy), 
Se ae, 



_ RaRsreatcans. TCH: @ Low — 
tt , Se i 
cae = 


CA] fot. Law LO. By Z. 

Vice Presidents, uae OORSEY. H. 8. LAIDLAW, 


ARTHUR F.WILLMARTH. ee: ome OCH ¢ 2 Oa Ke eee mA ener, peas 
et eae . 


Swe may 
on ie wl ap DAW 9 eieuts ia 
= Laws or TestarcOrcOM Ly px 


yi Yode thes sd ipa 



ie oP vg m wy. AN ESS : a 
a Pan rs dn ABTRGDAND Mecerwee KEN 

i 0 ro 6: 906 8 Tae oe teh pate et OO pene? ” * y 
2 ‘ “ AMINE AND REG seen arioene . SS. 




pe oly 

a Bas 4 : wy A) 
SY Gf Ayn 9. , 

Se Nos OP Nes Gen eee SNe Nes 


Ve. i iy eey ie 9 

TEN, Noes “a 

N ; ’ 
Arts Coes lene kang 
: oy oo ~\ 

, cane ON Ne 
og eM NAD os Sn 
: « Ses 

Y an 


2 v 
Soe mm VOD Soe seed 
: ‘\ , eo \ 

“ ro a aN ee ~*~ AS 
ment AS ss tne mS De os TAG TN YK 

a 7 ’ XY. 
Deak 8d — ANTS Ua pea CDSN dsoeK S492, 
. Ny ; 




he De oN AS ~\. NOY — a 

ary bar 4 

. . \ 
ner. Se ae Daa, NPRAN By 

©. I Be 
ww aD wee ee ty 
ny : 
Sew Sd sates: we oes 

Ne ‘ 
Raat rors eh om Ses pe yy add 

‘ -_ 
i “A . a ‘ 
FBP ae | Te | ok twydtn sy : oo 
TONG Naas Avo ways Urs 
ee ‘ 


' 61 ‘Broadway, 

New York, July roth, 1880, 

To the Stockholders of the Spring Valley Ffydraulic Gold Company... 

A periodical statement of the condition of the mine will be furnished you from this 

time forward. 

We now heg to advise you that the first clean- “up under the new organization will commence 
about the middle of this month, and will occupy not less than ten days, so that a dividend will 

be declared about the end of July, notice of which will be duly furnished. 

When the property passed into the hands of the Company, it was hoped and expected that the 
clean-up would be made in the month of June; but the delay incident to the changes necessarily 
made under the new consolidation, have prevented us from realizing these expectations without 
detriment to the real interests of the stockholders. 

The change in the location of the hydraulic works, the ‘addition of new monitors, the, removal 
of and addition to the old flumes and sluices, and, more ‘than all, the condition in which the 
property was left by the former owners, involved so much dead work as to render it desirable to 
postpone the clean-up until the time indicated above. As the property is now in full working 
‘order, no further delay will occur, and we anticipate hertafter an improvement on the present 
clean-up, whatever that may be. What it way be we can only roughly estiniate, under advices from 
our engineers and Superintendent Waldeyer,-but presume it will not fall short of $90,000. gross, 
from which arc to be deducted the extraordinary expenses incident to the changes made and the 

_ addition of new machinery, as well as the opening of the tunnel for the purpose of reaching the 
rich deposit of blue gravel lying on the bed-rock, which tunnel has already been located, and will 

be vigorously pushed, so that we hope to inform you of its completion Girly next year. 

This brief statement will ' be followed by another, advising you of the result of the: ‘clean-up, 

about the end of the month, 




vena, . Se cen ok ce ata na 

Vice Prauidagts. a uO EQWARD BATES DORSEY. : H.B. LAID LAW, 
SU ty Benes 2B 
Wenoitante NO ~\, ey sande sky on aor »y 

mel } Pieces atl . 
A. FOSTER HIGGINS. ‘ adyyys . ty 0 

Bian, 287 Sie 4 aa) sew 
cits ” 

hy ea 

eu | es 
D pe a es 5 oh oe ae 
fi, : 
Aesfply AO 
aS: ee case 
y x 4 v eee 

a f > 
> ‘ L: 

NE py yo 

i . Cc ‘\ 
FS). »y Hey Sab) Ne vy NaN s\ aN 

~ Sos res y 

ee ae soent 

s an aoe 4 

| ee. 
gate \ pe By, IN 4 — y ; 

5 ae Sy. os = SN. ps, wn” 
Sy aK 
nD cae Nw a Sart ow oe 

25S, Us “> — Sy Sa. in Wy ee 
e + ; 
Tete w q Ne ny 
de Aga re 4 SSS SP. PE Se hack 
+>: 7 * Yo Sve DP. BY OS ae a ws SE ty ts So 
: » X ai % ‘ 
: ae 7 oy wy : ; ” 
mes se eT ee a 

Boos X Ss 

Siw iueit waliayeanhinat oat ima i” 

Wh Ncta ata Ars 

|ievoraviio GOLD, HINING, 




Flat, “Butts county, Cal,. have béen*iknown 
tl for inany .years, and ielded 8 large 
amount of gold. ~. “Dwo 

f Mining. 3 and- Hrdlgetiog phe icdiicae| 
| some twelve ‘Hundred acres of ;these lands; 
which, properties, however, have recently 
been ‘cousolidated 1 ‘the name: of;!"The 
‘| Spring Valley ‘Hydraulic: ‘Gold’ Company,” 
.| the stock of which las recently been placed 
“1 upon- the-eastern market, Learning that 
"| Mr, Charles Waldeyer, M. E., Superintend? 
ent of the Cherokee ;Company, 0 gentleman 
who has been connecfed” with ‘the’ develop: 
“I iment of these depobita for several, ‘yeare, ar: 
rived in Boston yesterday,’ ‘the. Herald waitea 
| upon him with‘a view of asking for informa- 
tion which might be of intereat to many Per- 
sons in this section.::: <-- 
“You are familiar with ‘the iiravel ‘deposit 
of: California, Mr. Waldey 
“Tam, but more especially ith those of 
*| Buttecounty, on Cherdkes’ Flat. I hava 
been: connected with the -hydraulio mining 
business of this:section for the last 21 years.’ 
“What ore the facts in egand to 
‘| posits in that section ?”” : 
“The area of : 
*| property; which’! ies above that of the Spring | e 
:| Valley, "is 893 acres, and that of the Spring 
:| Valley: 325°, acres, making in all over 

cor pany.” 


Spring Valley. The work. done" on ‘the 
claims was: In 1856 the Cherokee Company 
started : a deep 1 


‘work ahead until ine, "1863, when th ain? 
nel. was in} a . distance of 1,542 feet, and work 
‘was atopped. When Tesunied in tho spring 
‘of-1867, an. incline was atarted almost di- 

rectly.above the end of ths old tunnel, and 

:}in Stay, 1870; had penetrated the hill about 

eight hundred fpet, following.the bed-rock; 

-|and-proving the’existenca of what is known 

as tho blue lead under Table Mountain: 

pany, so that: it: bad. to sbe-. ‘abandoned, 

and from that.time no work. has been 
done‘on‘:the claim. Before the ‘cousoli- 
dation the two claims had each been worked 

with ‘low pressures, but a 
extensive; . water-works, | 

built, and, since February, 1873, the daily | 
supply of water has been 1.210 inches, equal |' 
to nearly nine. million: cubic feet. : As a con- 
sequeucé,. the company at once: ‘produced 

excellent results. : Tha Spring’ Valley gtound 

was: opened’ by the ” Welch.'and; Eureka 
tunnéls, rieither of which pétmit the working 
of the lower: or, bedrock, ‘atratdm of: blue 

down to Febranry; 1873-4 ‘gum of over '%, 250, 
00u yf gold, was ‘taken’ out;’ “at what: “expense 

Why’ ‘were not better dividends, aeclivea?’, 

The.:inclins was very. wet, and. sufferéd 
severely by the “heavy blasts in the ‘adj.- 
cent workings of: ‘the’ Spring. Valley Com: 

é titer it 

‘was $2, 064,347. 37, “the eee of extracting 
which was S744, 264, 76, leaving the pet : profits 

Th dseandine 
from this di rtonk or. near it became celebrated for 
its richness. Cherokee’ Flat, at its “northern 
point, Morris’ Ravine, hear, its southern point, 

yielded 11 i1llons te.the; most primitive ‘sp. 
plications: * The miner in those a days ¥ as natis- 

6 gold; and inquired ‘t not whence it 
might have come,-but when: these ravines and 
gullies, which were actually nothing but nature's 
sluice boxes, had been worked out, then the store- 
house from which all this gold bad been drawn’ 
was looked for, and, it- was found ‘at, the great. 
Tancow, or Table mountain, and comprises the: 
property of the consolidated Spring ‘Valiey By-! 
eraniio Gold ‘Company, Whose. auriferoun “quartz 

hias been criished by’ the huge ata ip: -mills of the, 
glaciers in, tha ‘age long. 8 ‘and thave been, 
atored in thai e 

ax gratifying to thestock- 
be surprising to. the World. et 

‘What i is the character ‘of these deposits 2 - “From the‘fact, that the companytin thay 
time purchased Jands to the extent ‘of over 
-| $500,000, and mining ‘claims :to.the’ amount 
of $407, 084:92, “beside: paying -! for: the con- 
struction of the water works, @ sum’ of over 

‘$423, 000, nearly: the ‘whole: of these large 

lower or blue gravel ‘Vead. which is from ‘ten 

to twenty feet in thickness, 18 tho richest of 
the deposits, and will yield from $5 to $16 
in gold to. the, ton.. Above‘ this is'a dal 

thickness; ‘ ‘known : “as ‘the “rotten-boulder 
stratum,’ which gives froma $2.50 to $5 in gold 
to the ton Above this -is a stratum of fine 
quartz gravel, from 75 to $00 feet in thickness, 
which contains 'considerable: fine gold.” Let 
me here explain to you that, while the 
Grass Valley :Company -has ~ washed 
away, a about,160 acres of its .. Property," ; Which! 
has yielded nearly '$55,000 to’- the dere! the 
lower or blue gravel stratum on this g area,; 
which contains far more than the two upper 
strata, . hos, not, as “Yet: been practically! 
‘touched. ¢ ‘They: ate making ‘a-deap' tunnel: 
to reach the lower, deposit, . and, from what’ 
has already been ‘agcertaitied i in'regard to its: 
richness, it promises an immense yield. Al 
shorttime’ago‘a branch was cut'which en-! 
tered the bottom of the gravel, and the work 
of clearing off the béd rock preparatory to |’ 
erecting a. derrick.waa Begun; This derrick 
was ititended: to handle“ the‘ larger. boulders 
so frequently. met with in hydraulic mining: 
At this place a block of. ground was worked 
off and washed, with ‘the following. result: 
1,166 cubic;yards of blue:gravel, Gn, thé:-béd. 
tock, yielded, :910,220, or $8.76 per cubic 
yard. The ‘depth of ‘gravel at this point was 
6 feet, ‘arid contained , a: large, -pecentage of 
boulders, which were all measured wit. tho. 
gravel, which would not, therefore, be likely 
| to give | an indication. 
‘of’ the’ stratem ‘in question, The gold 
found here was of a coarse: ‘guality® anda 
good deal .corroded). ‘and -it was. estimated 
that .so;-much of what is called rusty gold 
must have passed to the main slnices, where 
it “was” amalgamated, ‘that ‘ the actual yield 
wns ' fully $10" per cubic yard.”'* 

“With a knowledge -of these and other 
facts, connected, with, these deposits,; what 
lwouldityou: estim ite could:ba! obtained from 
each acre of the 1200?” 
fuel should say ‘that the’ yield: would be 
from’: $100,000: to "200, 000 ° ‘per acre ‘of! the 
whois property.” ' are 

“At the lowest of your figures that would 
give a’ ‘total ‘ét'$120, 000,000. : The company 
claim ayield of only. $68,000, gold:i 
i “The [compiiny is: ivery : greatly, within 
is és" .estimat . in‘my ‘opinion, but 
‘that is: its, ‘affair, not’ imine. Ispeat from, | an |: 
intimate knowledge of the results which have 

Pdtreday hee Tei isa magnificent | * 
property, needing only'a sufficiency. of water 
‘to develop it into an immensely paying en- 
terprise.! ''Vhis it now has, and, with the 100 
miles of ditches, 400. acres of reservoirs, “and 
a dumping ground of 3800 acres tor tailings,’ 
as well .ns, the advantage, of ;being able tol; 
have ite tailings ‘atilized by the Edison mill-: 
ing Process, . and. also , its surplus Water, it 
would seem as if the | prospeet for a very pro- 
fitable business was , much: -better than 
:|that of any other mining enterprise }- 
}|known to,our modern mining. indus— 
try. . By the ‘consolidation ‘ of the’ 
companies the. work which has been done by. 


Cherokee Fiat blue gravel tunnel, which will 
be™ completed’ in'léss ‘than a ‘year; snd’ by 
which the best paying gravel will be reached. 
Then the yield of gold, which is now large, 
will be immense. Ido not, care: to: estimate 
the total neb‘dmaunt’ of ‘gola'that may be 
realized from the working of these deposits. 
‘but it ought to be/brought up ‘to :a millions 
year, and generations will pass away ‘before, 

the maximum yiel? | ; 

sams hava been taken out of the mine.” _ 

of the mine since’1874. How is it agsounted 
for?” .! A . 
“Lagree with 3 
the fact that,- year; ry year, ‘they: ‘have! been 
working a larger and larger proportion o 

top, gravel, on account of their, ina ility, to, 

‘each tha bed, Fock, | In ‘the ‘alterap! to’ do 
this, the grade of the ‘flumes has been 

jcount. This detect. can now be remedied 
by ‘the completion of thé Che 
Gravel Deep Tunnel; ‘which is'100 feet below! 
bed-rock, whére-it ‘willstrike’ the: channel, | 

and requires 600.feet to the:firs, 

sluice grade. of4 feet to the 100 feet, “while 
the first 700 feet will have to e, cut down 

grade.” Thé “whole ‘tunnel; will, bave’ ‘to:be 
‘enlarged - from. 5x7. feet- to 9x9 feet: aquare, 
and the modification and’ enlargement, to- 
gether with-the work necessary: to complete 
fit, will cost, it is estimated, nearly $52,000.” 
You have abundance of water?? 
“Mr. Stretch estimates thatthe capacity 
of the water works may be ‘safely set down 
£800,000 inch erannum,’withotit reckon- 
ing the ‘best - supply, and, I fally’ agree with 
him. The reservoirs-near- the mine are 
numérous, * and so‘locatéd‘as to be ont of the 
way of,future mining. operations,” 

i «You ‘spoke of Edison’ 8. ‘milling prodds 
being likely, to be put up and-worked at the 
‘Spring Valley” Company's sailings dumps, 

. “Mr Edison's agent paid: a visit to the: 
-works,‘and discovered the existen'ce of plati- 
num in abundance:.. He ‘also ‘discovered’ in 

the fine black sands innumerable microscopic 
diamonds.” I may.add that small diamonds 
have been found on the ground. Two 
|| samples’ ofthe: black: sands.which are col. 
lected in ‘the’ ‘flumes in large quantities were’ 
sent to Mfr, “Edison to be tested: by: him for 
platinum, each 's sample being” 25 ‘pounds in 
weight’: Ono wad the sand, just ‘takeii from 
the finme after, extracting the amalgam’: 
the other the same material * after” it was 
passed ‘thiotgh' ao a. small’ ‘pan “and. ground. 
‘The results was at the rate of $1750.and $810 
:per.ton of 2240 pounds in gold, ‘respectively. 
These’ restil(s. show that the sands may ba 

made a source of profit, and to secure them 

in requires ‘only a-little more 

lobor in- ‘clearing up, the sdattional cost 

-being inconsiderable.") ». 

* What has been astonished in this mat. 

ter?” . - 
“7A fifteen-years’-contract has : been’ made 

with ‘Air, Edison, 'as. “represéntative of ‘the’ 
Edison. Ore ond Millirg Company. to work 
the tailings and debris 9 af the mine, which 
has hitherto been waste ‘matter, by which 
the ‘Spring ; Valley .Company ‘will .receivo 
‘one-half of all the precious metals‘and min- 
erals saved free ofcharge. This, if the pro- 
Ject‘of the Edison Company ‘is as feasible ns |" 
it is confidetitly claimed to be, m may yield the 
Spring Valley _Gompany-" a very handsome 
yearly i income,” 

“You aro really convinced, then, that the 

company.has ns-rich a deposit as it claims 

ertainly I é ao. I have: no doubt about 

it,-whatever. The past history of the district 
will j prove it? * Let: me tell you’ ‘about the 
location of ‘the: lead. ‘It’ occurs’ under a 

“T nota decrease in the yearly production 

bh BM Stretch, that itis ae to : 

thns lessening’ th carrying cupacity, - 
and involving an mmerease ‘in the labor ac-- 

8 Flat Blae 

they.can be exhausted 
ill you: ‘tell. me pomethiig 7 the oitory 
of this hopes . é 

‘plateau’ known::as the -‘Tancow (Indian 
name); or Butte County Table mountain, 
. 1 {extending fora distance of about eight miles 

n |. from_Cherokee Flat on thonorth, -to Thomp- 
son's « Flat’-on, the * south, »: + having - a 
width from’ ‘two to’ four. miles; It is 
bounded on ‘the west by the Sacremento 
Valley, ond on the south, east and 

is pe for-you, knowing it to ‘be correct, for 



both is made available. :: ‘Among these is the 
t. 7as gre igre of the Cherokee Com- 

vabinol \ gdweGguARDe" * By 

try geval 

int D, Be Liesl Hating 
‘street; R. M. Pulsifer, 
tou Hotald?' Jasnes WY 

126' Fro! 

, ' + Li coats arts rete pery 
a year’ "ho bod , ben, active tn pro. 
moting mining’ enterprises, “notably . the 
Lendvillé and the Chrysolite,, Mr.. Dorsey |. 
is. proctioal minor ag wellas an experianced 
business man, an \ well ag any 
in nt 6, mine jis 

the Unite 

sins pram Uber 4 c2 cate Sauces 

3 Wi 

on BEDS idee 
Sd TU Gat reg 

sepiniets, toate 
Uys Se at Oy 
ths aafoeuead 
investor, could, 
ioeiod ta nantes ae daild dGnoEn ertioe a. Sone een 



uy |A Splendid Lead Developing — Every= 

0, (thing, Working Well. |”. 

+) Cutnonee, Butte County, Cal., } |. 
i horn 4 vatoy 17,1086." : 
¢\Bdward. “Bates. Dorsey, “Esq.,. Presidont 
es , Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company, , 

i aed 'e 
iy ew Mork ry ea a 
; Dean Sm—A ‘splendid lead of pluo and : 
\ ery, pay gruvel develops ds we advance in 
‘our deep .cut’ up {Saw Mill ravine, giving a + 
now and “unexpéotad, ‘but all tho..moro 
.onoouraging’ “feature to ‘our. mins. We, 
tinvo * reached " now. tho: .: point, thank 
the Lord, whore: we can make money, every 
day, and-develop our mino at ‘the different, 
points to the sume capacity, and ‘get the bot- - 
tor of the dead work, of stripping, laying of 
not sluico ‘grmdos, ste. A-regular routine is . 
egtablished, . onnbling us to extract gold 
from our’flumes monthly, and‘ climaxed 
avery threo or four months by a general and 
sweeping clean, up. , Work in all bringhes 
progresses well, .Our shafts willbe ready in 
another day, and wo are delayed only by tho 
want, of powder, which’ has. not: arrived in, 
tho promised timo, st ay ey 
SA -new,. handy, cheap -.and . effective 
power. drill -haa been invented by’a German. 
named Richmonn. We will get more informa; 
tion about ils adoptability in'a few days. 
- “Dhe gravel léad in Saw Mill’ ravine prom:' bo continuous, running “from Sugar 
Loaf into-Main Yable Mountain, along: sido 
of the.old Blue-Gravel Load, Our new tun-. 
nol will Se deep enough for all emergencies. _ 
However I’ think we can work the new lead 
with our present grade, itp 20. 
--Tchope the- Now -York . Tribune, will learn. 
pretty. soon: that.“ Wild’ Cats’’ aro: dead and 
‘| gone in our mining ‘district. “ ° * ~~ 
wth 14. Very traly yours, / °° 
toes Oakes WaLDEYEn, ‘Sup'te ' 


The Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold-Oom- 
. + pany Completes’ its Organization—A 
Model Board of Dirootors: ” °- ; 
Tho Spring Valloy Hydraulic Gold Com- 
pany was incorporated this ‘week with ‘tho 
following trustees; Oharles MM. Fry, Presi- 
dent National Bank of New:York; A, Fostor 
Higgins, U. 8. Lloyd’s Marino Insurance; 
R. M. Pulsifer, propriotor Boston Herald ; 
James W. Simonton, Agent of | the 
Associated Presa; Edward Bates Doraoy, 
mining ongincer; Edward A. Pint, consult- 
ing engineer, Boston, Mass.;. W. 8. Nichols, 
of W. 8. Nichols & Co, New York; Benja. 
min G, Arnold, of B. @. Arnold & Co., and 
|Honry: M.:Fabor, of G. 0, & H. M.'Fabor, 
Tho Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company 
was placed in tho market under the endorso- 
mont and patronage of the United States 
‘Mining Investment Company, - The board 
of trustees. named above is certainly 
all that -could be desired. ~The mon aro 
Woa'thy and influntiol, and representative of 
the best elomonts of Now York's financial 
Strength. If expert reports on mining prop- 
orty can be depended upon, and if solid men 
in a directory guarantee safo ‘management, 
it would deum that’ the Spring Valloy Com. 
Pany-hod met'all the requirements called for 
by tho most conservative investors, It-is 
stated ‘that nearly all the stock’has boon sub- 
scribed for, and tho natural demand -will in 
a fow days absorb theromainder.. -..- 

‘Spring’ Valley''Hydraulic ‘Gold! Com. 
Sebo cp. a pamy. hy foes 
|. Cuznoree, Bitte Go., Cal; ‘May %8,—Ed- 
_ ward Bates Dorsey, ads President ‘Spring 
Valley Hydraulic. Gold Company: Dean ‘Sm 
=I sean’ only report to-day'that.we! work 
‘rapidly:ahead in Saw Mill Ravine in o'splen- 

(did-bed, which ,seems Bt 

prove as we go ahead... ‘The prog: 
‘other parts of‘our'mine is equal: ( 
tory, -and will’: count’. well ‘for’ 01 leanup. 
-If you -will..give: us ‘time; tilt. July..1et, to 
‘Work our mine, I am’ sure to make os, fine a 
‘show ‘ag ever’ was made. It would be a great 
pity juat now to disturb our profitable work, 
-and tear. up the paving of; our. sluice-boxes, 
Avhioh wore only. laid a few weeks BGO. Hold: 
on to your stook’ in tho; Spring: Valloy, and 
‘let notin share go.’ It'is the best investment 
int hydraulic’. mines. ‘T° know” of, °°" Mr 
Stretcher. will have.tolegraphed- you’ that,, :I 
wish you could bo hero. now and sco: how 
' promising everything ‘looks, “Your - confi- 
‘dence int the mide would. be stronger in spite 
of :malice ‘or: ignorance, :'I have been sober 
;in-my-statemeants, but strictly .correct, and 
,allT want 18, to get a decent show ili so. large 
‘an operation as‘our niine surely ig, Strictest 
‘Yale governs here,’ promptness to the second, 
like on 8 man-of-war; ‘hard ‘licks ‘ind honest 
industry, and if all this, “combined ‘ with .an 
-excollent mine, will not win, I ,will do pon-. 
ancé for tho balance of my life. Very truly 
yours, ©. - > --' OHARLES WALDEYER, ‘ 
. spol. a. vs Buperintendent... : 


\: Tiare Spring: Valley Hydraulic ' Gold. Com- 
‘pany"s nflajts aro progressing” satisfactorily, 
"anil the lottor of the paporintondent printed: 
to-day: will be intereating and pleasont read- 

" ing for the stockholders: § 2. | 

. Jd 
mw | ~ F / 
Ee BO, L Ge oe Cita: Sa tse sees 0 

o“N as oe 

CG Py. pal ct An, ined ‘ pe ee 
, Lf. Ct fi EEO, 
ct Gren a Mtl youn ae a {that 

Cw ri OWEN ee ae 



tS ee ek ee 
a Ge Kens, ee Ae 
Gir | ffir | 

Danae . Ae “af Ti Kon chug ; 
CaP ML til pe ie os ae 

a ’ 

JAMES O. FISH, Vice bre. “ ti ook JNO, TEAK R, Aast Sec 
Tbe He Trea aaurer, ' 

eG Ne Rey__D 


Seu tan rat Vice Press Pr ty oltre Or 
: ees : i r 

3 aes 
Mei Yor Desa? ThE, 

Et es Wee, 
Ce: Poe. Ato wee, 

| ee re a EE Leloa cd 

4 oy ae EE ae “st 7 thea. oe te Yoel. os Son A ge Mees oo phewasren Le 
ate ieee. ae foes Lae - a Ber 

oe ya Y ae Bes fee ON age oe Dae 

he for acicdercel 7 Le pbs oe: 
2. Lage. cep fone G, es a eae Lr Bw Ll 
ona one : Dee etn, teste pn eae : 
Ue loa glows on eect teteee< ef Skene ee | 
Ley veer wie Livncle ~ pip" a oe er ee a oe ee 
aad eee el pany ag Merete. See 
“ ae Y 1s pts ae” ‘wae webb rad te Pai cieteusces 
hag pecan ain Begs £ fe te tpl Eri teeth a ae te 
Bo BP Bin Ber ver2- aise wo i wt ea | 
Ge, A ahie Kawa tw STE SABA 
ae rere’ ee eee 

Aw ten Star Libre ee - ee7 » 

REO A wigh dwt § 
wre  tgheo z- AG wz ig oh 

ae de sar De Pr aiieme le Tee 

B99, COL. Block atubmin oe 

ade wore Me 3 cad y ters 
pag a searitedy Air 



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